Whenever a visitor lands up on your website, the very first page that appears would be scanned by him or her. The visitor will begin reading the content only if something has caught his or her attention. It doesn’t matter, therefore, how important or exciting the information presented on the web page is. If the content fails to hook your visitors, the whole presentation of the web page would be worthless. 

A simple and effective way of drawing users to the content of your website is the use of icons. Icons serve a psychological purpose quite similar to a headline. A headline is mostly a preview of what the accompanying content would be all about. Similarly, content that’s combined with icons makes a web page visually appealing.

Using icons with great copy 

The main goal of using icons must be to help the visitor grasp the information provided on the website. Usually, this is done by using plenty of white space and including icons that don’t distract from the content. The use of icons gives even minimal content more substance and enriches it to a great extent. 

As a result, effective communication takes place without wordiness. It must also be kept in mind that icons must not replace copy. Their purpose is to draw attention to the copy and not replace it. If the services or products are listed, the use of icons will make the list more engaging.

Placement of the icons

Your website appears inviting, friendly, and professional with the use of icons. The visitors get the impression that you care about even the smallest details. You can get the icons placed creatively on the site’s header, sidebar, title, or feature lists. 

It must cover the point that you’re trying to get across in the paragraph. This will create an interest in readers to go through the text. However, the icons must be easily recognizable and closely related to the content. The placement and size of icons can be changed to make the content more interesting and dynamic.

Choosing the style of icons

When it comes to choosing the style of icons, you must look for ways to be more effective. Original icons would be great if the intention of the design is to be unique. The style of icons must match the overall theme of your website. It must be kept in mind that icons are used for enhancing the design and content. Simply purchasing a good-looking icon pack from a leading stock photo website won’t help. 

You must take into account the overall style of your website. Another crucial aspect to be considered while choosing icons is consistency. It is necessary that the icons match while grouping them on the website. Grouping mismatched icons would be a major design mistake and will make the site look unprofessional.

Keep it simple

Using simple icons along with a well-written copy makes the overall content look attractive and practical. This also makes it easier for the site’s visitors to understand the message being conveyed. Only then can it influence the website’s visitors to buy the product or service being offered.

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