Among all the games offered in online casinos, slots are immensely popular among the players. Even in the land-based casinos, slot machines take up much of the floor space. In a live casino environment, the sounds of slots spinning excite many of the gamblers. It’s a wonderful experience to hear the deadman arm, the sound of alarms, and the winning of jackpots. 

One of the other attractive features of slot machines are their stylish icons or symbols. The theme of fruits has become a favorite of many gaming software providers. The icons of fruits have been used in slot machines of land-based casinos since long. In recent times, they are also used in the fruit-themed online slots.

History of fruit icons in slot machines

During the early days of slot machines in land-based casinos, the icons were numbers. Some casinos manipulated the slot machines to prevent players from winning. This caused lots of people to lose their hard-earned money. Soon, these unethical practices by some casinos were discovered by the authorities. A ban on gaming and slot machines followed in the early 20th century. 

The slots appeared once again when the casinos in Nevada opened their doors to gamblers. This time, the manufacturers of slot machines decided to include icons in them that didn’t have numbers. As a result, more design-friendly options were used, such as fruit and bubblegum. With the ban still on, the casinos got slot machines designed in a different manner. 

Now, the gamblers were paid in gum instead of cash upon winning. In this way, the casino owners were able to avoid suspicion from the law enforcement authorities. They convinced the law enforcement officials that the machines were nothing more than vending machines.

The popularity of fruit icons in today’s online slots

In recent times, online casinos have become immensely popular across the world. They have slot games with various themes and icons to make the gaming experience more exciting. Despite so many varieties in symbols, fruit icons have still maintained their popularity. 

Even today, there are hundreds of online casinos that provide fruit-themed slot games. Their popularity is not restricted to the online casinos. The fruit icons have retained their popularity in land-based casinos as well. Be it Las Vegas or Atlantic city, thousands of slot machines still use fruit icons in them. 

There are some online casinos that have fruit-themed slots offering free spins for new players who sign-up on them. One can know more about online casinos that provide free spins and other attractive bonuses on casino review sites. 

Casino review sites such as Casinos Jungle are full of valuable information for new as well as experienced players. Some of the best online casinos are reviewed and rated on these sites by experts. They also guide players on how to play the slots and other games responsibly. Players find such information extremely useful in choosing the best online casinos for placing their bets. You can also try some online slots on the site for free.

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