The effectiveness of a website is determined by its ability to communicate clearly with its visitors or users. If a website has a very complicated design, the users are left confused. Their experience with the brand would be hindered by such design and they’ll leave without any engagement. Among the elements of a site that play an important role in guiding visitors are icons. 

If used effectively, they can provide users with a clear direction with regards to navigating the website. They may look small and insignificant; but, they can be extremely powerful in creating a great user experience. For making this happen, the icons must be used on a website with thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Here are some tips on making a website visually appealing with icons:

1. Be absolutely clear about the approach

Planning the approach of your website to iconography is essential before using the icons. You must consider a few questions and try to answer them to get a better idea. Basically, icons are just one of the design tools that simplify communication with the site’s visitors. 

Think about the information you want to convey by using the icons. This must be done before creating the style of the icons or choosing an icon pack. Next, define how they’ll be used on your website along with other design elements. You may also need to decide whether the text must be used with them on the website or not.

2. Consider sticking to a certain style

When integrating icons into the design of your website, it’s absolutely necessary to maintain consistency and cohesiveness. Keeping the uniformity intact will avoid any unnecessary confusion in the minds of users when they visit your site. Whether you decide to design the icons or buy an icon pack, make sure that the style is consistent. 

The style of the icons must also conform to the visual identity of your brand. When incorporating the icons into the site design, follow the established guidelines on the brand’s color palette. This keeps the design cohesive and the site’s visitors delighted.

3. Simplify the website’s product pages with icons

Designers can avoid unnecessary clutter on the product pages with an effective use of iconography. The product pages are important for conversion. This is why the design must convey only the necessary information, which would influence a user’s purchasing decision. 

A long copy can be a big turn-off for some users. Instead, the icons can be combined with a brief, well-written copy. Here, this magical combination comes into play once again. The use of this highly effective combination gives the copy a more digestible format. It also clears up the clutter on the product pages.

4. Combine them with a well-written copy

Icons can undoubtedly be powerful when it comes to communicating with the website’s users. However, they rarely match the effectiveness of a well-written and highly creative copy. It is, therefore, essential that you try pairing your website’s icons with a relevant and high-quality copy. 

By using this combination of attractive icons and well-written copy, you’ll be able to create a wonderful user experience. This can also transcend any cultural and language barriers successfully. In this way, the content of the website would be useful for all visitors, regardless of their background.

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