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Medical Icon Pack

medical icon pack

The SibCode Medical Icon Library for you!

The SibCode Medical Icon Library is a comprehensive set of icons that covers most of the possible medicine-related application's needs. All icons in have been handcrafted by professional artists. The choice of professionals at an affordable price!

medical icon pack - health care, health care v2, snake cup, red cross and crescent, medical bag, first-aid, ambulance car, casualty helicopter, green cross 3d, hospital, chief medical officer, doctor, physician, oculist, surgeon, anaesthetist, stomatologist, cardiologist, immunologist, veterinary, hospital nurse, druggist, optometrist, receptionist, sanitarian icon
medical icon pack - appointment, doctor info, search doctor, patient-man, patient-woman, patient-boy, patient-girl, baby-boy, baby-girl, pregnancy, baby, search patient-man, add patient-man, remove patient-man, delete patient-man, edit patient-man, patient-man info, check patient-man, patient-man warning, search patient-woman, add patient-woman, remove patient-woman, delete patient-woman, edit patient-woman, patient-woman info icon
medical icon pack - check patient-woman, patient-woman warning, deseased, basket, drug, pill, pills, tablet, viagra, viagra st, sama, xanax, cialis, cialis st, propecia, ativan, valium, ambien, phentermine, nexium, meridia, tablets, ampoules, phial, natural drug icon
medical icon pack - natural drug v2, plant reference book, spray, stethoscope, pacifier, baby bottle, tooth-paste, tooth, bad tooth, tooth status, check tooth, delete tooth, remove tooth, temporary tooth, sound tooth, tooth-brush, baby carriage, wheelchair, crutches, retort, retort v2, test-tube, test tubes, blood test, measuring glass icon
medical icon pack - spirit-lamp, water drop, filter, thermometer, syringe, disinfection, spectacles, sun glasses, eye-chart, microscope, scales, balance, insurance, medical invoice, paid medical invoice, medical invoice info, price list, bar-code, card file, cheque, case history, list v2, cardiogram, certificate, report icon
medical icon pack - reports, blanks, label, books, book, knowledge, box, medical store, respirator, poison, bones, death, grave, coffin, gloved hand, palm, good mark, bad mark, ear, false tooth, teeth, brain, brain probe, tomography, eye icon
medical icon pack - heart, anatomy, favorites, bell-push, emergency on, emergency off, x-ray picture, radiation, radiation 3d, no smoking, no smoking 3d, insecticide, mosquito spray, bio hazard, bug, tick, fly, dead fly, african cockroach, cockroach, mosquito, virus, bacteria, dna, genetics icon
medical icon pack - water molecule, nh3 molecule, genealogy, hierarchy, clover leaf, four-leafed clover, hemp leaf, pets, health, dumb-bells icon

Icon images:

Health care, Health care v2, Snake cup, Red Cross and Crescent, Medical bag, First-aid, Ambulance car, Casualty helicopter, Green cross 3d, Hospital, Chief medical officer, Doctor, Physician, Oculist, Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Stomatologist, Cardiologist, Immunologist, Veterinary, Hospital nurse, Druggist, Optometrist, Receptionist, Sanitarian, Appointment, Doctor info, Search doctor, Patient-man, Patient-woman, Patient-boy, Patient-girl, Baby-boy, Baby-girl, Pregnancy, Baby, Search patient-man, Add patient-man, Remove patient-man, Delete patient-man, Edit patient-man, Patient-man info, Check patient-man, Patient-man warning, Search patient-woman, Add patient-woman, Remove patient-woman, Delete patient-woman, Edit patient-woman, Patient-woman info, Check patient-woman, Patient-woman warning, Deseased, Basket, Drug, Pill, Pills, Tablet, Viagra, Viagra ST, Sama, Xanax, Cialis, Cialis ST, Propecia, Ativan, Valium, Ambien, Phentermine, Nexium, Meridia, Tablets, Ampoules, Phial, Natural drug, Natural drug v2, Plant reference book, Spray, Stethoscope, Pacifier, Baby bottle, Tooth-paste, Tooth, Bad tooth, Tooth status, Check tooth, Delete tooth, Remove tooth, Temporary tooth, Sound tooth, Tooth-brush, Baby carriage, Wheelchair, Crutches, Retort, Retort v2, Test-tube, Test tubes, Blood test, Measuring glass, Spirit-lamp, Water drop, Filter, Thermometer, Syringe, Disinfection, Spectacles, Sun glasses, Eye-chart, Microscope, Scales, Balance, Insurance, Medical invoice, Paid medical invoice, Medical invoice info, Price list, Bar-code, Card file, Cheque, Case history, List v2, Cardiogram, Certificate, Report, Reports, Blanks, Label, Books, Book, Knowledge, Box, Medical store, Respirator, Poison, Bones, Death, Grave, Coffin, Gloved hand, Palm, Good mark, Bad mark, Ear, False tooth, Teeth, Brain, Brain probe, Tomography, Eye, Heart, Anatomy, Favorites, Bell-push, Emergency on, Emergency off, X-ray picture, Radiation, Radiation 3d, No smoking, No smoking 3d, Insecticide, Mosquito spray, Bio hazard, Bug, Tick, Fly, Dead fly, African cockroach, Cockroach, Mosquito, Virus, Bacteria, DNA, Genetics, Water molecule, NH3 molecule, Genealogy, Hierarchy, Clover leaf, Four-leafed clover, Hemp leaf, Pets, Health, Dumb-bells

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 185
  • Price: $129.00

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    About Medical Icon Pack

    The SibCode Medical Icon Library is a comprehensive set of icons that covers most of the possible medicine-related application's needs. This collection is intended for both commercial and personal use, which includes software applications, websites, blog pages and presentations of all sorts.

    The icons are divided into several categories, and namely Medicine, Chemistry, Tools, Symbols, Procedures, People, Objects and Reports. Medical interfaces require that all iconic images should be clear and well-readable, to allow medical personnel to quickly access all the necessary functions. All icons in the Medical Icon set have been carefully handcrafted pixel by pixel by professional artists. Their superb quality speaks for itself: icons boast vivid colors, smooth and well-rounded edges and an amazing level of detail. Their fresh look and superb quality will enable developers to attach a genuinely professional feel to their project interfaces. You will not have to search classifieds for ad-hoc designers or spend nights to design your visual components on your own.

    This fantastic set covers a variety of commonly recognized medical symbols: an ambulance car, a pill, a tablet, a tooth, a phial, a syringe, a test-tube, a skull, bones, a molecule, a water drop, scales, a brain, teeth, bio hazard, a hospital, a no smoking sign and other important images. There is everything you can think of!

    Medical Icon Pack is delivered in a variety of formats and sizes, including ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP and such sizes as 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48. Icons are available in 256 colors and in True Color with semi-transparency. In addition, icon formats for Windows Vista are also available with such sizes as 128x128 and 256x256.

    With Medical Icon Library, your competitors will envy you, your clients will be happy and you will be sure that the interfaces and the files of your future projects are safe with the team of professionals who do not simply design icons, but do it the way you want!