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vista style icon pack

Creating small graphics, toolbar icons and menu pictograms has never been easy. Now you can instantly purchase and download attractive business icons and professionally crafted web png files to enhance menus and toolbars inside your websites and desktop applications. To help you find just the images you need all the graphics are sorted into themed sets and presented online.

Windows 7 Style

Vista Style Icons
Toolbar Windows 7 Icon Pack

XP Style

XP Style Menu Icons
Toolbar Icon Set

Perfect Style

Perfect Toolbar Icons
Perfect Toolbar Icons

Classic Style

Classic Style Icons
Classic Hardware Icons

Glossy Style

Bright Web Icons
Glossy Business Icons

3d Style

3D Style Icons
3d Glossy Icons the Best Source for Stock Icons

Bringing the perfect look to a an application, desktop, or work environment is easy with the icon options at

There are many distinct elements crucial for the creation of a successful application or other digital environment, and while icons may not first come to mind for developers and designers, these small graphics are an immensely important addition to interfaces and design schemes. Using an appropriate and alluring set of icons can instantly transform a digital product in to a more attractive and user-friendly one, and is sure to add considerable value to any project. Finding the right icons isn't always easy, however, which is why the offerings at are especially convenient. Without the need to search endlessly through collections of poorly-made, overpriced, or confusing icons, developers can count on to deliver beautiful and clear icons for nearly any function or theme. has created well over one hundred cohesive icon sets to provide project owners and developers with stock icons, toolbar icons, and other icon design pieces that present a neat and uniform look. Whether icon sets are needed for game-related topics, medical, mobile, network, blog, or security subjects, or for any number of themes in between, site visitors can find a set that's ideally matched with their icon needs. When single icons are preferable, easy individual ordering options allow for rapid deployment into any development project.

Boasting multiple file formats, sizes, and graphic states, the icons available at represent the quality and value of stock icons produced by true professionals. Smooth edges, understandable graphic content, and modern design are featured in every set that produces. From the eye-catching appeal of bright and shiny toolbar icons to impressive 3D styling and icon sets that blend perfectly with popular operating systems and environments, there are nearly endless options from which to choose. Ensure your projects are completed with a professional touch and take advantage of flawless icon design from a team that knows how to craft perfect small graphics.

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Why buy stock icon packs?

Your benefits

  • Get the images immediately after ordering
  • Save on custom icon design
  • Graphics recieved on time, guaranteed!
  • Pay once, use anywhere. All the presented icons are royalty-free.

    Our Advantages

  • We have 27303 images in 225 icon collections. (Those are unique images, file formats, sizes and states are not counted)

  • Offer various icon design styles, including Windows Vista, Mac style, Windows XP, Realistic, 3D, Classic, and more

  • Our designers work pixel by pixel in smaller sizes to get the perfect crispy edges for toolbar icons

  • Will release new images every week

    Selected Icon Sets:

    Basic Toolbar Icons
    Security Toolbar Icons
    Software Toolbar Icons
    Medical Toolbar Icons
    Plastic Toolbar Icons
    Science Toolbar Icons
    Navigation Toolbar Icons
    Multimedia Toolbar Icons
    Money Toolbar Icons
    People Toolbar Icons
    Application Toolbar Icons
    Download Toolbar Icons
    iPhone Style Toolbar Icons
    Accounting Toolbar Icons
    Database Toolbar Icons
    Program Toolbar Icons
    Phone Toolbar Icons
    Message Toolbar Icons
    Sport Icons
    Fire Toolbar Icons
    Job Icon Set
    Artistic Toolbar Icons
    Health Care Icons
    Design Icon Set
    Business Software Icons
    Stock Toolbar Icons
    Database Software Icons
    Space Icons
    Perfect Security Icons
    Perfect Warehouse Icons
    Perfect Medical Icons
    Perfect Mobile Icons
    Perfect Telecom Icons
    Perfect Bank Icons
    Perfect Blog Icons
    Perfect Network Icons
    Perfect People Icons
    Perfect City Icons
    Perfect Doctor Icons
    Perfect Database Icons
    Perfect Office Icons
    Perfect Download Icons
    Perfect Toolbar Icons
    Perfect Business Icons
    Perfect Multimedia Icons
    Perfect Science Icons
    Warehouse Icon Package