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Web Icon Pack

web icon pack

Icon library for web site construction

Your web pages will look more modern and attractive with Web Icon Pack. Color formats include Windows XP and 8-bit formats. Available sizes are 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48. This icon library includes standard web icons.

web icon pack - icq online, icq offline, invisible, invisible for all, not available, smile, pleasure, girl, love, joy, site map v1, site map v2, site map v3, site map v4, site map v5, site map v6, site map v7, site map v8, site map v9, site map v10, home page v1, home page v2, home page v3, home page v4, home page v5 icon
web icon pack - home page v6, home page v7, home page v8, home page v9, home page v10, web page v1, web page v2, web page v3, web page v4, web page v5, web page v6, web page v7, web page v8, web page v9, web page v10, favourites v1, favourites v2, favourites v3, favourites v4, favourites v5, favourites v6, favourites v7, favourites v8, favourites v9, favourites v10 icon
web icon pack - print v1, print v2, print v3, print v4, print v5, search page v1, search page v2, search page v3, search page v4, search page v5, edit page v1, edit page v2, edit page v3, edit page v5, edit page v4, add page v1, add page v2, add page v3, add page v4, add page v5, delete page v1, delete page v2, delete page v3, delete page v4, delete page v5 icon
web icon pack - check page v1, check page v2, check page v3, check page v4, check page v5, remove page v1, remove page v2, remove page v3, remove page v4, remove page v5, lock page v1, lock page v2, lock page v3, lock page v4, lock page v5, restricted page v1, restricted page v2, restricted page v3, restricted page v4, restricted page v5, letter v1, letter v2, letter v3, letter v4, letter v5 icon
web icon pack - mail v1, mail v2, mail v3, mail v4, mail v5, read mail v1, read mail v2, read mail v3, read mail v4, read mail v5, search v1, search v2, search v3, search v4, search v5, edit v1, edit v2, edit v3, edit v4, edit v5, add folder v1, add folder v2, add folder v3, add folder v5, add folder v4 icon
web icon pack - delete folder v1, delete folder v2, delete folder v3, delete folder v4, delete folder v5, folder v1, folder v2, folder v3, folder v4, folder v5, search folder v1, search folder v2, search folder v3, search folder v4, search folder v5, user comment v1, user comment v2, user comment v3, user comment v4, user comment v5, edit comment v1, edit comment v2, edit comment v3, edit comment v4, edit comment v5 icon
web icon pack - add comment v1, add comment v2, add comment v3, add comment v4, add comment v5, delete comment v1, delete comment v2, delete comment v3, delete comment v4, delete comment v5, music v1, music v2, music v3, music v4, music v5, sound v1, sound v2, sound v3, sound v4, sound v5, no sound v1, no sound v2, no sound v3, no sound v4, no sound v5 icon
web icon pack - download music v1, download music v2, download music v3, download music v4, download music v5, download v1, download v2, download v3, download v4, download v5, upload v1, upload v2, upload v3, upload v4, upload v5, remove item v1, remove item v2, remove item v3, remove item v4, remove item v5, buy item v1, buy item v2, buy item v3, buy item v4, buy item v5 icon
web icon pack - bag v1, bag v2, bag v3, bag v4, bag v5, home v1, home v2, home v3, home v4, home v5 icon

Icon images:

ICQ online, ICQ offline, Invisible, Invisible for all, Not available, Smile, Pleasure, Girl, Love, Joy, Site map v1, Site map v2, Site map v3, Site map v4, Site map v5, Site map v6, Site map v7, Site map v8, Site map v9, Site map v10, Home page v1, Home page v2, Home page v3, Home page v4, Home page v5, Home page v6, Home page v7, Home page v8, Home page v9, Home page v10, Web page v1, Web page v2, Web page v3, Web page v4, Web page v5, Web page v6, Web page v7, Web page v8, Web page v9, Web page v10, Favourites v1, Favourites v2, Favourites v3, Favourites v4, Favourites v5, Favourites v6, Favourites v7, Favourites v8, Favourites v9, Favourites v10, Print v1, Print v2, Print v3, Print v4, Print v5, Search page v1, Search page v2, Search page v3, Search page v4, Search page v5, Edit page v1, Edit page v2, Edit page v3, Edit page v5, Edit page v4, Add page v1, Add page v2, Add page v3, Add page v4, Add page v5, Delete page v1, Delete page v2, Delete page v3, Delete page v4, Delete page v5, Check page v1, Check page v2, Check page v3, Check page v4, Check page v5, Remove page v1, Remove page v2, Remove page v3, Remove page v4, Remove page v5, Lock page v1, Lock page v2, Lock page v3, Lock page v4, Lock page v5, Restricted page v1, Restricted page v2, Restricted page v3, Restricted page v4, Restricted page v5, Letter v1, Letter v2, Letter v3, Letter v4, Letter v5, Mail v1, Mail v2, Mail v3, Mail v4, Mail v5, Read mail v1, Read mail v2, Read mail v3, Read mail v4, Read mail v5, Search v1, Search v2, Search v3, Search v4, Search v5, Edit v1, Edit v2, Edit v3, Edit v4, Edit v5, Add folder v1, Add folder v2, Add folder v3, Add folder v5, Add folder v4, Delete folder v1, Delete folder v2, Delete folder v3, Delete folder v4, Delete folder v5, Folder v1, Folder v2, Folder v3, Folder v4, Folder v5, Search folder v1, Search folder v2, Search folder v3, Search folder v4, Search folder v5, User comment v1, User comment v2, User comment v3, User comment v4, User comment v5, Edit comment v1, Edit comment v2, Edit comment v3, Edit comment v4, Edit comment v5, Add comment v1, Add comment v2, Add comment v3, Add comment v4, Add comment v5, Delete comment v1, Delete comment v2, Delete comment v3, Delete comment v4, Delete comment v5, Music v1, Music v2, Music v3, Music v4, Music v5, Sound v1, Sound v2, Sound v3, Sound v4, Sound v5, No sound v1, No sound v2, No sound v3, No sound v4, No sound v5, Download music v1, Download music v2, Download music v3, Download music v4, Download music v5, Download v1, Download v2, Download v3, Download v4, Download v5, Upload v1, Upload v2, Upload v3, Upload v4, Upload v5, Remove item v1, Remove item v2, Remove item v3, Remove item v4, Remove item v5, Buy item v1, Buy item v2, Buy item v3, Buy item v4, Buy item v5, Bag v1, Bag v2, Bag v3, Bag v4, Bag v5, Home v1, Home v2, Home v3, Home v4, Home v5

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Maximize the user interface feel along with aero tool bar symbols

The most innovative of software packages often will lose out on popular community appeal they justify caused by a average interface, ensure you stay clear of that small barrier by using the out of this world aero tool bar symbols.

Creating the appropriate gui isn't a super easy undertaking, enormous quantity of work generally switches into planning as well as employing the actual interface to suit the basic specifications along with operation the app fulfils and look after a level of synchronization with all the customer base. Youngsters might find a monotonous and easy screen for being unexciting even while if you find yourself making a web page that will serves top end company men tomfoolery by using a lot of hues and also flash visuals may jepardize. It is rather vital that you hit the particular suitable equilibrium, these aero tool bar symbols make an effort to make your venture that much less complicated.

All of these eye-catching designs are great for application creation and are appropriate for virtually any app you might be making for ms windows, mac pc OS, iOS or even Android operating systems. It's simple to illustrate all the usual functions for instance update, undo, back, forward, restore, zoom in, zoom out and other things you may possibly fathom by using all of these colourful and classy symbols. More importantly you obtain numerous cool symbols similar to ones for web-cam, scanning device, music features, cell phone, calendar, knowledge and so forth., it can be virtually just as if the creative designers sat right down to look into everything else you might just require in the foreseeable future and spent the time off and away to manufacture them.

The complete selection has 281 icons in total and are avalable in numerous platforms in addition to ICO, PNG, BMP in addition to GIF. You do not need to have to wait with regard to many weeks along the way of deploying your own software package because they illustrations or photos are all around in few days and that on top of that in fully deployable state. Coming in five different sizes, they come in 256 x 256, forty-eight x forty-eight, thirty-two x 32, 24 x twenty-four as well as sixteen x sixteen pixels.

These types of symbols have an added positive working in their own favour, which is their own illustrative as well as look and feel. Placing all of these in tactical situation during your own application lends a quite methodical plus in depth look. Buying these ready made icons permit you to give full attention to creating the particular back end of the software program, and thus likewise saves you the long hours you will usually need to commit in producing these artwork piecemeal. The images are found in two variants of colour depth, 256 colours along with 32 bit coloring.

The years have proven that the better of softwares have a straightforward design and style and are also very easy to travel through; needless to say uses perform a crucial role within itself. Avoid problems belonging to the monotonous formulation of all the so-called photos, purchase them right here and additionally save immense amount of time to concentrate on creating the actual back-end. This is a mix of colors in addition to very descriptive photos are their own most significant Unique selling position, with such increases the app a smooth and chic appearance, helping to make the actual app look professional.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 210
  • Price: $64.00

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    About Web Icon Pack

    Web Icon Pack is a collection of royalty-free stock icons for use in commercial and personal products, including software applications, websites, blogs, and presentations.

    Icons are carefully created pixel by pixel by the hand of amateurs. They shine with a bright palette of colors, smooth and well-rounded edges. Icons will help a developer to place a truly professional feel to his project's interfaces without the need to hire a designer or spend days and even weeks on designing icons on his own.

    Web Icon Pack is delivered in a variety of formats and sizes, including ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP and such sizes as 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48. Icons are available in 256 colors and in True Color with semi-transparency.

    Your web products and software will look more modern and attractive with Web Icon Pack. This icon library includes the next icons: home page, site map, web page, favourites, add page, delete page, remove page, restricted page, letter, add folder, search folder, user comment, delete comment, sound and others.

    Icon Impire plans to release the next icon packages also: Standard Cool Icons, Standard Developer Icons, Standard Small Icons, Standard Sport Icons, Standard Website Icons, Standard Development Icons, Standard Education Icons, Standard Game Icons, Standard Music Icons.