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Toolbar Windows 7 Icon Pack

toolbar windows 7 icon pack

Fine-looking stock icons in Windows 7 style

A collection of modern stock icons for application developers and Web designers. These modern-looking icons will add credibility to your application and make its interface more user-friendly. The set includes over 300 icons designed in one style.

toolbar windows 7 icon pack - folder, folder xp, open file, up folder, diskette, save, save all, save as, floppy disk, cut, copy, paste, rename, undo, redo, refresh, undo v2, redo v2, refresh v2, find, zoom, zoom in, zoom out, preview, print preview icon
toolbar windows 7 icon pack - print, full recycle bin, recycle bin, full dustbin, empty dustbin, burn dustbin, install, uninstall, graphic tools, attention, warning, add, yes, remove, delete, check mark, ok, red ok, no, cancel, close, erase, problem, disaster, ignore icon
toolbar windows 7 icon pack - play, abort, stop, turn off, next, back, forward, down, up, go back, go forward, update, index, tip of the day, light bulb, help, info, about, hint, question, questionnaire, pencil, pen, brush, feather icon
toolbar windows 7 icon pack - notes, case history, table, tables, report, frame, duplicate frame, eraser, address book, e-mail, attach, message, mail, write e-mail, envelope, smile image, new document, edit document, order form, form, list, reports, burn document, burn sheet, properties icon
toolbar windows 7 icon pack - image document, download image, upload image, resize image, certification, roll, documents, hot documents, temporary folder, knowledge, calendar, loose-leaf calendar, newspaper, help book, book, library, brief case, card file, desktop, data transmission, data transfer, login, signature, web-camera, photo icon
toolbar windows 7 icon pack - camcorder, scanner, mobile phone, pda, calculator, fax, telephone, phone, red phone, movie, music, volume, volume down, volume up, no sound, sound regulator, computer, workgroup, computer network, monitor, mouse, hard drive, removable drive, chip, settings icon
toolbar windows 7 icon pack - options, tools, configuration, repair, registered problem, single problem, multiple problems, out of service, search, binoculars, view, hide, compass, entire network, earth, square earth, internet application, recycling, people contact, people online, people contacts, online contacts, online, offline, smile icon
toolbar windows 7 icon pack - depression, visual communication, web site, tasks, alarm, alarm clock, timer, clock, time, history, schedule, clock face, history v2, schedule v2, upload, download, 3d chart, chart, charts, 3d graph, 3d bar chart, pie chart, pin, blue pin, green pin icon
toolbar windows 7 icon pack - purple pin, pink pin, red pin, orange pin, yellow pin, access key, key, registration, lock, unlock, locked users, users folders, wedding, money, coins, dollar, money bag, price list, visa card, credit cards, account id, income, payment, handshake, basket icon
toolbar windows 7 icon pack - check out cart, trailer, delivery, car, beverage, coffee cup, scales, chair, agent, boss, user, users, user group, add users, remove user, engineer, staff, customers, spy, policeman, doctor, conference, large group, chat, voice chat icon
toolbar windows 7 icon pack - usa flag, britain flag, european flag, microsoft flag, favourites, games, game, game cards, objects, chess, filter, fast back, play back, play forward, fast forward, burn cd, start java, energy, battery, company, bank, building, buildings, construction, warehouse icon
toolbar windows 7 icon pack - home, homepage, closed door, open door, exit, logout icon

Icon images:

Folder, Folder XP, Open file, Up folder, Diskette, Save, Save all, Save as, Floppy disk, Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, Undo, Redo, Refresh, Undo v2, Redo v2, Refresh v2, Find, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out, Preview, Print preview, Print, Full recycle bin, Recycle bin, Full dustbin, Empty dustbin, Burn dustbin, Install, Uninstall, Graphic tools, Attention, Warning, Add, Yes, Remove, Delete, Check mark, OK, Red OK, No, Cancel, Close, Erase, Problem, Disaster, Ignore, Play, Abort, Stop, Turn off, Next, Back, Forward, Down, Up, Go back, Go forward, Update, Index, Tip of the day, Light bulb, Help, Info, About, Hint, Question, Questionnaire, Pencil, Pen, Brush, Feather, Notes, Case history, Table, Tables, Report, Frame, Duplicate frame, Eraser, Address book, E-mail, Attach, Message, Mail, Write e-mail, Envelope, Smile image, New document, Edit document, Order form, Form, List, Reports, Burn document, Burn sheet, Properties, Image document, Download image, Upload image, Resize image, Certification, Roll, Documents, Hot documents, Temporary folder, Knowledge, Calendar, Loose-leaf calendar, Newspaper, Help book, Book, Library, Brief case, Card file, Desktop, Data transmission, Data transfer, Login, Signature, Web-camera, Photo, Camcorder, Scanner, Mobile phone, PDA, Calculator, Fax, Telephone, Phone, Red phone, Movie, Music, Volume, Volume down, Volume up, No sound, Sound regulator, Computer, Workgroup, Computer network, Monitor, Mouse, Hard drive, Removable drive, Chip, Settings, Options, Tools, Configuration, Repair, Registered problem, Single problem, Multiple problems, Out of service, Search, Binoculars, View, Hide, Compass, Entire network, Earth, Square Earth, Internet application, Recycling, People contact, People online, People contacts, Online contacts, Online, Offline, Smile, Depression, Visual communication, Web site, Tasks, Alarm, Alarm clock, Timer, Clock, Time, History, Schedule, Clock face, History v2, Schedule v2, Upload, Download, 3d chart, Chart, Charts, 3d graph, 3d bar chart, Pie chart, Pin, Blue pin, Green pin, Purple pin, Pink pin, Red pin, Orange pin, Yellow pin, Access key, Key, Registration, Lock, Unlock, Locked users, Users folders, Wedding, Money, Coins, Dollar, Money bag, Price list, VISA card, Credit cards, Account ID, Income, Payment, Handshake, Basket, Check out cart, Trailer, Delivery, Car, Beverage, Coffee cup, Scales, Chair, Agent, Boss, User, Users, User group, Add users, Remove user, Engineer, Staff, Customers, Spy, Policeman, Doctor, Conference, Large group, Chat, Voice chat, USA flag, Britain flag, European flag, Microsoft flag, Favourites, Games, Game, Game cards, Objects, Chess, Filter, Fast back, Play back, Play forward, Fast forward, Burn CD, Start Java, Energy, Battery, Company, Bank, Building, Buildings, Construction, Warehouse, Home, Homepage, Closed door, Open door, Exit, Logout

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Supplement the software packages considering the snazziest of icons

Get hold of a few out of this world icons produced by specialists. When using the suitable combined coloration blend as well as pictorial content, these kinds of designs have the capability to lend another benefit for a app based upon Windows Phone 7 operating system.

While you are styling an software one of many most basic conditions that you might come across is the one about acquiring the right type of visuals to lend a cloak of appearance with it. For this specific purpose you require perfect illustrations or photos together with symbols which are in sync while using back end together with the user interface, which usually as you nicely realize is difficult to realize.

It requires several hours of detail work to draw and complete I shot, and when you may need a huge selection of these kinds of illustrations or photos the actual sheer period necessary to accomplish the task could be large, so much so that the moment anyone complete these and so are ready to add these, the application can have lost a bit of if not all of its appeal. That is the reason the reason why the very best of computer programmers are actually embracing these kinds of pre-developed equipped to deploy symbols that you can easily combine in the software.

It's easy to safely focus on the back end on the computer software with these ease-of-use symbols. Available in the actual PNG formatting, the size of all these icons tend to be 48 by 48 pixels together with interior images that happen to be set in the middle of the twenty-six by twenty-six pixels sq .. The particular snazzy manner of the particular portrayal of such means they are really entertaining and straightforward to figure out, while creating the software package convenient to use it provides the buyer a feel of comfort and ease. All these designs are particularly compatible with the Windows 8 operating system and also WP7 and come in the pair of 823 particular design that are, as said before, ready to be added to the software. The simplest characteristic will have to be the huge ranges of colours they are available in, you can receive all of these amazing designs in approximately fourteen colorings along with red, blue, green plus the a lot more uncommon silver and grey, along with the traditional white or black.

Something that you may want for the cellular coordinator is on this page. Through this set you will find icons for just about any normal instrument you will probably find upon the desktop computer, just like folder, open message, link etc., over all of these you have access to a lot of previously un-conceived and also unused photos, for example a turtle symbol as well as a bird symbol. Certainly one of my favourite is a photograph of the small entrance with an arrow directing inwards that may be used to indicate a login, along with a comparable graphic with the arrow directed in an outward direction implying a logout. 823 of those simple and illustrative images will be ready to be utilized, everything you need to do is always to is to buy them right here, download and you really are ready to make use of these to your benefit. Always keeping this easy even while edging in the direction of that additional amount of niftiness could be the call of the day, exactly why submit a lusterless and complicated software package when you are able have it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 281
  • Price: $129.00

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    About Toolbar Windows 7 Icon Pack

    Toolbar Windows 7 Icon Pack is a remarkable collection of stock icons designed in Windows 7 style. The fine-looking icon set will reshape your interface by giving it a modern and sleek view. You will feel the difference of your new interface right away as it will start looking respectable and shine with wonderfully-crafted icons, which will add credibility to your application.

    Toolbar Windows 7 Icon Pack will benefit anyone who wants to stand out from the pack of standard interfaces but prefer not to spend too much time effort and money on a thorough organization of the workspace. With this marvelous set of stock icons you can be sure that your interface is up-to-date and stylish, which will certainly underline the trustworthiness of any of your activities. The icons are inspiring as they look really modern showing that you keep in touch with the course of latest trends.

    You will appreciate that the icons are delivered in a variety of sizes, such as 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48 and in two color depth variants; they are 256 colors and 32 bit. You won't have to use any additional programs to change the parameters of icons after you purchase them, you can simply order the desirable size and color depth right away, it's convenient!

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