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Transport Windows 7 Icon Pack

transport windows 7 icon pack

Icons for traveling, tourism and transport

Transport Windows 7 Icon Pack is a fine icon set depicting traveling, tourism, the globe and all types of transport. It's a perfect visual enhancement for a traveling agency or cars website. Icons come in various sizes and formats in 256 / 32-bit colors.

transport windows 7 icon pack - transport, air tickets, air tickets v2, travel, liner, flights, air forces, add flight, plane, airline, airplane, helicopter, parachute, rocket, satellite, yellow submarine, sail, yacht, boat, ship, train, freight container, freight car, tank wagon, subway icon
transport windows 7 icon pack - bus, red bus, delivery, cargo, lorry, crane truck, tow truck, tank truck, panel truck, forklift truck, excavator, wheeled tractor, catterpillar tractor, mail delivery, tank, wheelchair, baby carriage, bike, cyclist, motorcycle, coach, utility atv, taxi, car, cars icon
transport windows 7 icon pack - silver car, cabriolet, pick-up, laden pick-up, jeep, hummer, police car, ambulance car, fire engine, automobile loan, rent a car, car guard, car buyer, find car, automobile loan interest payment, car repair, auto insurance, car utilization, car key, car keys, hiker, tourist, customers, check out cart, shopping cart icon
transport windows 7 icon pack - hand cart, box, laden pallet, empty pallet, loading, unloading, ring-buoy, tent, knapsack, shoes, baggage, peak cap, pinion, gear, red gear, female screw, options, settings, equipment, tourist industry, earth, globe, real earth, square earth, map icon
transport windows 7 icon pack - place selection, zoom place, zoom, recycling, compass, compass needle, wind rose, wheel, traffic lights, road, railway, airport, open door, closed door, exit, home icon

Icon images:

Transport, Air tickets, Air tickets v2, Travel, Liner, Flights, Air forces, Add flight, Plane, Airline, Airplane, Helicopter, Parachute, Rocket, Satellite, Yellow submarine, Sail, Yacht, Boat, Ship, Train, Freight container, Freight car, Tank wagon, Subway, Bus, Red bus, Delivery, Cargo, Lorry, Crane truck, Tow truck, Tank truck, Panel truck, Forklift truck, Excavator, Wheeled tractor, Catterpillar tractor, Mail delivery, Tank, Wheelchair, Baby carriage, Bike, Cyclist, Motorcycle, Coach, Utility ATV, Taxi, Car, Cars, Silver car, Cabriolet, Pick-up, Laden pick-up, Jeep, Hummer, Police car, Ambulance car, Fire engine, Automobile loan, Rent a car, Car guard, Car buyer, Find car, Automobile loan interest payment, Car repair, Auto insurance, Car utilization, Car key, Car keys, Hiker, Tourist, Customers, Check out cart, Shopping cart, Hand cart, Box, Laden pallet, Empty pallet, Loading, Unloading, Ring-buoy, Tent, Knapsack, Shoes, Baggage, Peak cap, Pinion, Gear, Red gear, Female screw, Options, Settings, Equipment, Tourist industry, Earth, Globe, Real Earth, Square Earth, Map, Place selection, Zoom place, Zoom, Recycling, Compass, Compass needle, Wind rose, Wheel, Traffic lights, Road, Railway, Airport, Open door, Closed door, Exit, Home

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 116
  • Price: $99.00

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    About Transport Windows 7 Icon Pack

    Transport Windows 7 Icon Pack is a set of first-grade icons dedicated to traveling, the globe and different types of vehicles. In this collection, you will find plenty of fine icons related to tourism, as well as icons for all sorts of transport, including big and small cars, bikes, buses, trucks, ships, trains, planes and even space crafts and tanks. Crafted in the modern Vista-like style, icons look really neat with their bright palette of colors and well-rounded edges. They will make any interface look very intuitive and thus more engaging. Transport Windows 7 Icon Pack is what you need to turn your traveling agency or cars website into an eye-candy.

    You won't have to fork out money to hiring design artists as you can purchase this set of ready-made icons right now. Besides, splendid quality of these icons comes from dedicated work of professional artists, so you can be sure that they will attract attention. Turn design process into a breeze and reach spectacular results with Transport Windows 7 Icon Pack. There are the following icon sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256. The set has two color solutions: 256 colors and 32-bit with semi-transparency. For your convenience, the icons can be provided in ICO, PNG, GIF or BMP format. Use Transport Windows 7 Icon Pack to decorate your project with superb icons and boost customers' confidence in your products and services.

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