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Standard Transport Icon Pack

standard transport icon pack

Transport icons drawn in four angles

Create online and printed matters of transport infrastructure. Standard Transport Icon Pack are drawn in four angles, come in a variety of sizes and resolutions, and are available as 3D vector models for clear high-resolution printing.

standard transport icon pack - car v1, car v2, car v3, car v4, cabriolet v1, cabriolet v2, cabriolet v3, cabrioletv4, limousine v1, limousine v2, limosine v3, limosine v4, black car v1, black car v2, black car v3, black car v4, muv v1, muv v2, muvblue v3, muvblue v4, suv v1, suv v2, suv v3, suv v4, minicar v1 icon
standard transport icon pack - minicar v2, minicar v3, minicar v4, minibus v1, minibus v2, minibus v3, minibus v4, bus v1, bus v2, bus v3, bus v4, tram v1, tram v2, tram v3, tram v4, hummer v1, hummer v2, hummer v3, hummer v4, jeep v1, jeep v2, jeep v3, jeep v4, taxi v1, taxi v2 icon
standard transport icon pack - taxi v3, taxi v4, ambulance v1, ambulance v2, ambulance v3, ambulance v4, fire engine v1, fire engine v2, fire engine v3, fire engine v4, police car v1, police car v2, police car v3, police car v4, pick-up v1, pick-up v2, pick-up v3, pick-up v4, mail delivery v1, mail delivery v2, mail-delivery v3, mail-delivery v4, service van v1, service van v2, service van v3 icon
standard transport icon pack - service van v4, minitruck v1, minitruck v2, minitruck v3, minitruck v4, panel truck v1, panel truck v2, panel truck v3, panel truck v4, tractor unit v1, tractor unit v2, tractor unit v3, tractor unit v4, lorry v1, lorry v2, lorry v3, lorry v4, trailer v1, trailer v2, trailer v3, trailer v4, van v1, van v2, van v3, van v4 icon
standard transport icon pack - wheeled tractor v1, wheeled tractor v2, wheeled tractor v3, wheeled tractor v4, tow truck v1, tow truck v2, towtruck v3, tow truck v4, truck v1, truck v2, truck red v3, truck red v4, tank truck v1, tank truck v2, tank truck v3, tank truck v4, crane truck v1, crane truck v2, crane truck v3, crane truck v4, bulldozer v1, bulldozer v2, buldozer v3, buldozer v4, excavator v1 icon
standard transport icon pack - excavator v2, excavator v3, excavator v4, catterpillar tractor v1, catterpillar tractor v2, catterpilar traktor v3, catterpilar traktor v4, fork-lift truck v1, fork-lift truck v2, fork-lift truck v3, fork-lift truck v4, road roler v1, road roler v2, road roler v3, road roler v4, tank wagon v1, tank wagon v2, utility atv v1, utility atv v2, utility atv v3, utility atv v4, motocycle v1, motocycle v2, motocycle v3, motocycle v4 icon
standard transport icon pack - helicopter v1, helicopter v2, helicopter v3, helicopter v4, plane v1, plane v2, plane v3, plane v4, ship v1, ship v2, ship v3, ship v4, yacht v1, yacht v2, jacht v3, jacht v4 icon

Icon images:

Car v1, Car v2, Car v3, Car v4, Cabriolet v1, Cabriolet v2, Cabriolet v3, Cabrioletv4, Limousine v1, Limousine v2, Limosine v3, Limosine v4, Black car v1, Black car v2, Black car v3, Black car v4, MUV v1, MUV v2, MUVBlue v3, MUVBlue v4, SUV v1, SUV v2, SUV v3, SUV v4, Minicar v1, Minicar v2, Minicar v3, Minicar v4, Minibus v1, Minibus v2, Minibus v3, Minibus v4, Bus v1, Bus v2, Bus v3, Bus v4, Tram v1, Tram v2, Tram v3, Tram v4, Hummer v1, Hummer v2, Hummer v3, Hummer v4, Jeep v1, Jeep v2, Jeep v3, Jeep v4, Taxi v1, Taxi v2, Taxi v3, Taxi v4, Ambulance v1, Ambulance v2, Ambulance v3, Ambulance v4, Fire engine v1, Fire engine v2, Fire engine v3, Fire engine v4, Police car v1, Police car v2, Police car v3, Police car v4, Pick-up v1, Pick-up v2, Pick-up v3, Pick-up v4, Mail delivery v1, Mail delivery v2, Mail-delivery v3, Mail-delivery v4, Service van v1, Service van v2, Service van v3, Service van v4, Minitruck v1, Minitruck v2, Minitruck v3, Minitruck v4, Panel truck v1, Panel truck v2, Panel truck v3, Panel truck v4, Tractor unit v1, Tractor unit v2, Tractor unit v3, Tractor unit v4, Lorry v1, Lorry v2, Lorry v3, Lorry v4, Trailer v1, Trailer v2, Trailer v3, Trailer v4, Van v1, Van v2, Van v3, Van v4, Wheeled tractor v1, Wheeled tractor v2, Wheeled tractor v3, Wheeled tractor v4, Tow truck v1, Tow truck v2, Towtruck v3, Tow truck v4, Truck v1, Truck v2, Truck red v3, Truck red v4, Tank truck v1, Tank truck v2, Tank truck v3, Tank truck v4, Crane truck v1, Crane truck v2, Crane truck v3, Crane truck v4, Bulldozer v1, Bulldozer v2, Buldozer v3, Buldozer v4, Excavator v1, Excavator v2, Excavator v3, Excavator v4, Catterpillar tractor v1, Catterpillar tractor v2, Catterpilar traktor v3, Catterpilar traktor v4, Fork-lift truck v1, Fork-lift truck v2, Fork-lift truck v3, Fork-lift truck v4, Road roler v1, Road roler v2, Road roler v3, Road roler v4, Tank wagon v1, Tank wagon v2, Utility ATV v1, Utility ATV v2, Utility ATV v3, Utility ATV v4, Motocycle v1, Motocycle v2, Motocycle v3, Motocycle v4, Helicopter v1, Helicopter v2, Helicopter v3, Helicopter v4, Plane v1, Plane v2, Plane v3, Plane v4, Ship v1, Ship v2, Ship v3, Ship v4, Yacht v1, Yacht v2, Jacht v3, Jacht v4

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP, 3DS
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 166
  • Price: $99.95

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    About Standard Transport Icon Pack

    Create online and printed matters of transport infrastructure. Standard Transport Icon Pack are drawn in four angles, come in a variety of sizes and resolutions, and are available as 3D vector models for clear high-resolution printing. Standard Transport Icon Pack are perfect to illustrate Web sites, brochures and presentations of any transport, logistics or shipping company, and can be used to lay out maps of transport infrastructure.

    The smallest size of 16x16 pixels allows for cool PDA and mobile maps, while the highest resolution of 256x256 pixels looks great on paper. The available 3D vector models make it possible to render images of any size and resolution, and allow for poster-size prints and presentations. The various means of transportation are depicted in isometric projection and at four angles, allowing for legible three-dimensional presentation without using the 3D models.

    Standard Transport Icon Pack help marketing specialists, designers and city planners illustrate Web sites, brochures and handouts, create presentations and lay out plans of city transport network. Making a great transport map becomes simple with Standard Transport Icon Pack. Plans created with Standard Transport Icon Pack are easy to rotate, and can be looked at from four different angles thanks to the many angles available in the Standard Transport Icon Pack set.

    All Standard Transport Icon Pack are carefully matched to each other, and are designed to look great on screen and on paper. Small-resolution versions will fit PDA and computer displays, while larger sizes will look great on paper. Poster-size images are easy with the available 3d Vector models. All icons come in True Color and 256-color variants, and are available in isometric projection at four angles in sizes of 256x256, 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, and 16x16 pixels. The icons are available in ICO, PNG, GIF, and BMP formats. The available 3D vector images are supplied in Autodesk 3DS Max format.