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Standard Software Icon Pack

standard software icon pack

High-quality hand-made software icons

Standard Software Icon Pack is large set of eye-caching software-related icons meticulously created by professional artists that come in a variety of sizes, formats and states. The set is an ideal choice for navigation panels and toolbars of all sorts.

standard software icon pack - folder, open, documents, save, cut, copy, paste, print, view, preview, view file, find, search, lookup, search printer, redo, undo, renew, refresh, go back, go forward, full dustbin, empty dustbin, add, remove icon
standard software icon pack - apply, delete, erase, cancel, no, info, warning, problem, query, help, hint, help book, about, close button, close, new file, text file, list, numbered list, lists, data sheet, datasheets, report, reports, book icon
standard software icon pack - books, library, calendar, date, week, card file, mail, e-mail, address book, note, write e-mail, no signature, signature, pencil, computer, server, screen, web, data transmission, hard disk, upload, download, database, cd, calculator icon
standard software icon pack - telephone, phone receiver, fax, chart, graph, 3d graph, pie chart, bar chart, lock, unlock, secrecy, key, police-officer, user, users, user group, brief case, first aid, ambulance car, delivery, visa card, credit cards, pos terminal, cash register, money icon
standard software icon pack - dollar, price list, credit, bar code, bar code scanner, basket, full basket, login, filter, gear, settings, options, properties, access, handshake, zoom, zoom in, zoom out, wizard, objects, history, schedule, clock, alarm clock, timer icon
standard software icon pack - compass, sound, eye, ok smile, earth, globe, home, exit icon

Icon images:

Folder, Open, Documents, Save, Cut, Copy, Paste, Print, View, Preview, View file, Find, Search, Lookup, Search printer, Redo, Undo, Renew, Refresh, Go back, Go forward, Full dustbin, Empty dustbin, Add, Remove, Apply, Delete, Erase, Cancel, No, Info, Warning, Problem, Query, Help, Hint, Help book, About, Close button, Close, New file, Text file, List, Numbered list, Lists, Data sheet, Datasheets, Report, Reports, Book, Books, Library, Calendar, Date, Week, Card file, Mail, E-mail, Address book, Note, Write e-mail, No signature, Signature, Pencil, Computer, Server, Screen, Web, Data transmission, Hard disk, Upload, Download, Database, CD, Calculator, Telephone, Phone receiver, Fax, Chart, Graph, 3d graph, Pie chart, Bar chart, Lock, Unlock, Secrecy, Key, Police-officer, User, Users, User group, Brief case, First aid, Ambulance car, Delivery, Visa card, Credit cards, POS terminal, Cash register, Money, Dollar, Price list, Credit, Bar code, Bar code scanner, Basket, Full basket, Login, Filter, Gear, Settings, Options, Properties, Access, Handshake, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out, Wizard, Objects, History, Schedule, Clock, Alarm clock, Timer, Compass, Sound, Eye, OK smile, Earth, Globe, Home, Exit

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Jazz up Your Apps Using These Absolutely Free Windows Metro Icons

Get the great designs for the MS Windows mobile and also accentuate your utilities which has a range of these kind of wonderful designs to build your components look increasingly snazzy. The particular good thing is, that everyone of these a hundred thirty five symbols come without cost, generally there ain’t significantly more you are able to ask for at this point, is it possible to. Read on to learn much more.

Making your own applications look cool and hip never was it uncomplicated. Most people wind up compromising navigation and also efficiency although attempting to add that extra amount of niftiness, but that most shifts when you utilize the new Microsoft Windows Metro icons.

A few facts about those to begin with- your designs have a size of forty-eight by forty eight pixels, that features a circle together with a graphic of dimension 26 by twenty six pixels centred within. These PNG data files possess a see-thorugh back ground, and can be uploaded without or with the particular circles. Accessible in white or black colorings, they can be works with MS Windows mobile and also Microsoft Windows 8 main system.

By using these kinds of designs on your projects you are able to confirm the superior amount of interactivity for any app. Easy to understand, staying descriptive nevertheless effective to percieve, they have got completely every thing going for on their own. It is possible to nicely put them in precisely the suitable spots and then save yourself the hassle of producing many many lines of computer code as well as steering clear of the actual clutter it could otherwise cause, the best of this is that you could acquire and employ all of them without cost.

Whether it's for ones mp3 player, or maybe a fresh shot for any trash can, a whole new file image, or merely something new to exchange the great old clear tabs, that is filled with completely unique icons for all you presumably think of. The actual one hundred thirty five symbols covered during this set, include all fathomable need you'll have with regards to design for utilities may be concerned. It is time to revisit being a local and turning to making use of of design once more, simply because they’ll help make making use of your system so much exciting that you'd by no means wish to revisit all of those dull interfaces again. Other than developing these types of symbols for require, they are constructed for that absolute plan to be artistic. More than anything you may need, such as designs you may have to create any excuses for.

These designs, as I have said formerly, are works with your own Microsoft Windows 8 operating systems plus your MS Windows phone. Keep it uncomplicated, ensure that it stays great, ensure that it stays snazzy and then make utilities and interfaces active. Experience states that folks comprehend a single shot much better than one thousand words, as well as every little thing lies in the particular explanation. By using these you’ll in no way miss profile, surprise individuals by permitting them to have a look at items in a brand new way, everything and a lot more can be carried out easily if you are utilizing the favorite icons. Take a peek, less costly than repairing, an individual wouldn’t have to searches long for locations which you could fit these it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 133
  • Price: $99.95

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    About Standard Software Icon Pack

    An application without graphics and icons is akin to an art museum without paintings - everything is working, tickets are being sold and visitors are coming in, but something seems to be wrong, as there is simply nothing to see. Today's highly competitive market makes every single aspect of an application extremely important - and, of course, interface design and usability that form the general appeal of a program are crucial for its success. A well-organized interface coupled with unambiguous and clear icons is an excellent incentive for users to prefer your product over another one even if functionalities largely overlap. Every time you replace a certain frequently used command with an icon, you save several second's of your user's time, which results in minutes each weak and possibly hours each month! If you are creating a Windows application and haven't yet decided on the icons to use for your interface, just take a closer look at Standard Software Icon Pack!

    Standard Software Icon Pack is large set of eye-caching software-related icons meticulously created by professional artists. This icon collection covers a wide range of objects, actions and notions commonly used in all kinds of applications - from basic user dialogs to web browsing, from scheduling to group policies, from database management to taking notes and more. The set is an ideal choice for navigation panels and toolbars of all sorts. Standard Software Icon Pack come in a variety of sizes - 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 - and three basic states - normal, disabled and hot. The large maximum size of the icons (256x256) allows you to use them for offline publishing purposes. Finally, the icons are provided in a number of file formats - BMP, ICO, PNG, GIF - which makes manual conversion unnecessary.

    If all you need to finish you programming masterpiece is a set of cool-looking, vivid and crystal-clear icons of the general software-related profile, look no further than Standard Software Icon Pack!