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Standard Admin Icon Pack

standard admin icon pack

Icons for system administration software

Releasing a tool for system administrators, making a network utility or developing a Web-based log file analyzer? Enhance your software or on-line navigation with a set of 82 professionally crafted, easily recognizable Standard Admin Icon Pack!

standard admin icon pack - www, web, ftp account, php, ssl, java, about, info, error, add, remove, modify, page, add account, edit account, remove account, error page, calendar, print, documents, empty folder, folder, save file, dollar, price list icon
standard admin icon pack - money, credit card, credit cards, basket, maintenance, delivery, delivery 3d, domain, edit, subscriber, sender, e-mail software, sync e-mail, mail, mail lists, envelope, letter, mailbox, purge mailbox, auto reply, refresh, full dustbin, empty dustbin, enable, disable icon
standard admin icon pack - filter, help, hint, list, table view, logs, properties, notes, reports, texts, lock, unlock, logout, computer, server, host, account, database, settings, tools, statistics, web statistics, user, user group, customers icon
standard admin icon pack - provider, hosting, antivirus, no spam, spam, earth, home icon

Icon images:

Www, Web, FTP account, PHP, SSL, Java, About, Info, Error, Add, Remove, Modify, Page, Add account, Edit account, Remove account, Error page, Calendar, Print, Documents, Empty folder, Folder, Save file, Dollar, Price list, Money, Credit card, Credit cards, Basket, Maintenance, Delivery, Delivery 3d, Domain, Edit, Subscriber, Sender, E-mail software, Sync e-mail, Mail, Mail lists, Envelope, Letter, Mailbox, Purge mailbox, Auto reply, Refresh, Full dustbin, Empty dustbin, Enable, Disable, Filter, Help, Hint, List, Table view, Logs, Properties, Notes, Reports, Texts, Lock, Unlock, Logout, Computer, Server, Host, Account, Database, Settings, Tools, Statistics, Web statistics, User, User group, Customers, Provider, Hosting, Antivirus, No spam, Spam, Earth, Home

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Perk up Your Software with one of These Free MS Windows Metro Icons

Get the perfect symbols for your Microsoft Windows mobile along with accentuate the utilities having a range of these kinds of wonderful symbols to help make your system look even more snazzy. The actual best part is, that all these one hundred thirty five icons come totally free, right now there ain’t more greatly you can ask for right now, are you able to. Continue reading to know alot more.

Getting your own systems look great as well as stylish never was this straightforward. Most of the people finish up compromising navigation and performance although wishing to add that supplemental volume of niftiness, but that all shifts if you take advantage of the new Windows Metro icons.

A few details of these to start with- the actual designs have got a size of 48 by forty eight pixels, along with a group together with an image of dimensions twenty-six by twenty six pixels centred inside. These kinds of PNG files use a translucent background, and can be uploaded with or without the particular circles. Accessible in black or white colorings, these are appropriate for Windows mobile and Microsoft Windows 8 operating-system.

By using these kinds of icons inside your tasks you can guarantee the improved a higher level effectiveness for your application. Straightforward, staying descriptive nevertheless beneficial to consider, they may have certainly anything looking for themselves. You could creatively position them in just the proper spots and thus save yourself the trouble of producing several lines of code while also keeping away from the actual litter it may otherwise lead to, the best of this is you can attain and make use of them without cost.

Whether it is for the mp3 player, or maybe a fresh shot to the trash can, a new file image, or just something totally new to switch the nice old clear tab, this can be packed full of unique icons for everything you potentially look into. The particular 135 symbols included during this set, cover all fathomable requirement you may have with regards to images for tools is likely to be concerned. It is time to go back to being a local along with relying on using of design another time, mainly because they’ll help to make making use of your software so much fun that you'd never desire to revisit all those tedious interfaces anymore. Rather then developing these types of icons for need, they are built from for that utter desire to be inventive. A lot more than that which you may require, like for example , designs you might need to develop any excuses for.

All these icons, as mentioned earlier, are compatible with your own Windows 8 os's plus your MS Windows phone. Keep it uncomplicated, keep it neat, maintain it snazzy and make tools as well as interfaces fun. Knowledge says that folks realize 1 shot a lot better than 1,000 words, and also everything lies in the particular information. Through the use of all of these you’ll in no way miss profile, amaze folks by permitting them to have a look at items in a brand new method, all that and a lot more can be achieved effortlessly when you are working with our favourite icons. Have a look, less costly than repairing, a person wouldn’t ought to search long for spots where one can fit all of them this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP, EPS, AI
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 82
  • Price: $49.95

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    About Standard Admin Icon Pack

    Releasing a tool for system administrators, designing a network utility or developing a Web-based log file analyzer? Enhance your software or on-line navigation with professionally crafted, easily recognizable Standard Admin Icon Pack! Available in a variety of sizes, colors and resolutions, Standard Admin Icon Pack can be used anywhere. The available vector sources make Standard Admin Icon Pack look crisp and clear on presentation screens or poster-size prints.

    The Standard Admin Icon Pack set consists of 82 images, and includes icons representing objects, actions and symbols typical for many system administrator tools, log analyzers and network utilities. The set includes icons representing World Wide Web, PHP, SSL, About, Add Account, Auto Reply, Calendar, Customers, Database, Enable and Disable, Documents, Domain Name, Edit Account, E-mail Software, Error Page, Filter, FTP Accounts, Help, Info, Lock and Unlock, Logout, Logs, Mail, Maintenance, PC, Print, Properties, Remove Account, Reports, Server, Settings, Statistics, Tools, User and User Group, Web, Web Statistics, Error, Host, and many more.

    Standard Admin Icon Pack are ideal for designing communication terminals, network configuration and diagnostic tools, off-line and Web-based statistics and log analyzers, and control panels of Web management suites. The icons are instantly available - no need to explain your vision to a graphic designer and wait for completion!

    All 82 icons are available in a variety of sizes, resolutions, color and file formats. Each image comes in resolutions of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, and 256x256 pixels. Color depths include True Color and 256-color variants. All images are supplied in ICO, PNG, GIF, and BMP formats. If you need higher resolution, source graphics in vector format are also available in the form of Adobe Illustrator (AI, EPS) files.

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