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Small Web Icon Pack

small web icon pack

Small Web icons and clipart for your website

Small Web icon collection of professionally drawn clipart and basic toolbar icons. Suitable for any website, both business and personal. The icons will impress your visitors with their high quality and unique style.

small web icon pack - folder, documents, open, open file, save as, cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, refresh, preview, printer, print, print preview, add, apply, remove, delete, cancel, no, close, erase, start, go, warning, error, stop, turn off, previous icon
small web icon pack - next, pointer, update, revert, go back, go forward, first, back, forward, top, up, down, sync, synchronize, left arrow, in, join, out, switch, import, export, help, info, about, hint, modify, notes, notebook, new document, blank icon
small web icon pack - blanks, form, list, report, edit document, import text, export text, properties, table, address book, attach, mail, web site, image, upload image, download image, certification, script, copyright, calendar, book, books, first aid, camera, pda, telephone, phone, server, phone support, find on computer icon
small web icon pack - find, keyboard, calculator, options, tools, search, view, clock, history, schedule, time, archive, unpack, pack, upload, download, data transmission, text, question, support, 3d bar chart, chart, pie chart, pin, money, payment, handshake, signature, hand, basket icon
small web icon pack - delivery, boss, people, user, users, user group, conference, police officer, spy, security, user login, key keeper, user logout, admin, doctor, client list, add user, remove user, customer, client, clients, appointment, police-officer, edit user, locked users, user comment, add users, remove users, female, accountant icon
small web icon pack - web designer, hacker, computer doctor, einstein, engineer, tourist, pirate, security guard, thief, buddy, cd, usb drive, lock, open lock, computer access, key, internet access, umbrella, database, data, filter, navigator, globe, earth, new, message, exit, internet, pc-web synchronization, logout icon
small web icon pack - house, home, dollar, coin, credit, price list, credit cards, sum, percent, save, computer, cash register, cart, hand cart, full basket, login, fax, mobile phone, financier, keys, web, help book, zip archive, settings, box, upload button, download button, restore, backup, install icon
small web icon pack - uninstall, folder sharing, torrent, downloads, download now, save data, iso image, library, edit, order, pocket book, letter, e-mail, shield, client group, fast delivery, credit card, clipboard, query, lists, scroll list, reports, card, cards, pc-pda synchronization, product basket, first-aid, internet application, internet firewall, virus icon
small web icon pack - antivirus, link icon

Icon images:

Folder, Documents, Open, Open file, Save as, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo, Refresh, Preview, Printer, Print, Print preview, Add, Apply, Remove, Delete, Cancel, No, Close, Erase, Start, Go, Warning, Error, Stop, Turn off, Previous, Next, Pointer, Update, Revert, Go back, Go forward, First, Back, Forward, Top, Up, Down, Sync, Synchronize, Left arrow, In, Join, Out, Switch, Import, Export, Help, Info, About, Hint, Modify, Notes, Notebook, New document, Blank, Blanks, Form, List, Report, Edit document, Import text, Export text, Properties, Table, Address book, Attach, Mail, Web site, Image, Upload image, Download image, Certification, Script, Copyright, Calendar, Book, Books, First aid, Camera, PDA, Telephone, Phone, Server, Phone support, Find on computer, Find, Keyboard, Calculator, Options, Tools, Search, View, Clock, History, Schedule, Time, Archive, Unpack, Pack, Upload, Download, Data transmission, Text, Question, Support, 3d bar chart, Chart, Pie chart, Pin, Money, Payment, Handshake, Signature, Hand, Basket, Delivery, Boss, People, User, Users, User group, Conference, Police officer, Spy, Security, User login, Key keeper, User logout, Admin, Doctor, Client list, Add user, Remove user, Customer, Client, Clients, Appointment, Police-officer, Edit user, Locked users, User comment, Add users, Remove users, Female, Accountant, Web designer, Hacker, Computer doctor, Einstein, Engineer, Tourist, Pirate, Security guard, Thief, Buddy, CD, USB drive, Lock, Open lock, Computer access, Key, Internet access, Umbrella, Database, Data, Filter, Navigator, Globe, Earth, New, Message, Exit, Internet, PC-Web synchronization, Logout, House, Home, Dollar, Coin, Credit, Price list, Credit cards, Sum, Percent, Save, Computer, Cash register, Cart, Hand cart, Full basket, Login, Fax, Mobile phone, Financier, Keys, Web, Help book, Zip archive, Settings, Box, Upload button, Download button, Restore, Backup, Install, Uninstall, Folder sharing, Torrent, Downloads, Download now, Save data, ISO image, Library, Edit, Order, Pocket book, Letter, E-mail, Shield, Client group, Fast delivery, Credit card, Clipboard, Query, Lists, Scroll list, Reports, Card, Cards, PC-PDA synchronization, Product basket, First-aid, Internet application, Internet firewall, Virus, Antivirus, Link

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, BMP, GIF
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 242
  • Price: 49.95

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    About Small Web Icon Pack

    Small Web icons collection is a great icon set that will help you with creating a toolbar or user menu of your Web-site or portal. All the icons in this set picture highest possible quality and unique style. The colors are bright, the edges are smooth, and the price surprisingly low. The set of Small Web Icon Pack is available for immediate online purchase for only $49.95.

    Aha-Soft has developed a wide range of interface icons, of which the Small Web Icon Pack collection is one example. All icon collections are developed with the end user in mind, so website, mobile and application developers have a ready-to-use solution to enhance site functionality with a mouse click.

    This collection of icons will work "right out of the box" for virtually any UI element; each and every icon comes in a number of popular graphic formats (ICO, BMP, GIF and PNG) and an assortment of sizes (16x16, 20x 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48 pixels). All icons have a transparent background for fast and hassle-free integration into existing designs. Aha-Soft are recognized experts in the area of creating interface graphics and thematic icon sets, this collection of small icon clipart will be a perfect choice for any web designer wishing to save time but insisting on high quality.

    If you want to create a more efficient navigation system or user interface that users will enjoy using, Small Web Icon Pack is the icon clipart tool for you. With dozens of small icons available, in different sizes and colors to choose from, it will help you create a user interface that will really stand out of the crowd! Make the Small Web Icon collection part of your web toolkit today!