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Small Toolbar Icon Pack

small toolbar icon pack

239 attractive icons for toolbar and menu

Small Toolbar Icon Pack will breathe new life into your interfaces and add great value to your product or website. This stylish icon set is affordable, versatile and so complete that you will hardly need anything else to get the job done right in time!

small toolbar icon pack - save file, save as, save, save all, save picture, open file, open, folder, cut, copy, paste, printer, print, print preview, preview, landscape, portrait, undo, redo, refresh, refresh document, info, about, warning, error, problem, delete, erase, remove, add icon
small toolbar icon pack - install, uninstall, hourglass, stop, empty dustbin, full dustbin, empty trash can, full trash can, burning trash can, clockwise, counter clockwise, back, forward, down, left, right, up, no entry, no, cancel, close, turn off, yes, tick, ok, create, good mark, bad mark, hand, blue magnifier icon
small toolbar icon pack - view, zoom, zoom in, zoom out, auto zoom, find on computer, find in folder, search text, find, search, search previous, search next, graphic tools, edit, red pencil, brush, clear, eraser, download, upload, update, eye, lookup, object manager, work area, new file, text file, graphic file, sound document, midi document icon
small toolbar icon pack - video file, multimedia file, film, secrecy, registration, keys, lock, unlock, trinket, usb drive, flash drive, compact disk, mouse, computer, monitor, monitors, scanner, scan, camera, telephone, check boxes, check options, options, settings, tools, gear, wrench, repair, repair computer, units icon
small toolbar icon pack - measure, properties, 3d bar chart, 3d graph, bar graph, pie chart, chart, graph, objects, component, filter, sorting a-z, sorting z-a, sorting 1-9, sorting 9-1, spell checking, abc, text replace, grid, screen settings, rulers, horizontal ruler, vertical ruler, ruler, set square, green set square, table, tables, datasheet, detasheets icon
small toolbar icon pack - music, music notes, yellow submarine, question, how to, help, anchor, pin, ring-buoy, steering wheel, sum, percent, dollar, money, visa card, maestro card, credit cards, certificate, roll, card file, list, lists, text, report, reports, blanks, calendar, notepad, notes, newspaper icon
small toolbar icon pack - knowledge, mail, e-mail, attach, book, books, book library, umbrella, shield, voice identification, firewall, internet access, access, login, keyboard, signature, stamp, database, calculator, brief case, user, user group, green user, users folder, user profile, clients, boss, engineer, manager, time icon
small toolbar icon pack - timer, clock, history, schedule, coffee, dumb-bells, tree, weather, genealogy, hierarchy, flow block, bluetooth, wireless, cable, earth, rss, bug, heart, star, red star, wizard, dice, construction, home, red house, microsoft flag, exit, open door, closed door icon

Icon images:

Save file, Save as, Save, Save all, Save picture, Open file, Open, Folder, Cut, Copy, Paste, Printer, Print, Print preview, Preview, Landscape, Portrait, Undo, Redo, Refresh, Refresh document, Info, About, Warning, Error, Problem, Delete, Erase, Remove, Add, Install, Uninstall, Hourglass, Stop, Empty dustbin, Full dustbin, Empty trash can, Full trash can, Burning trash can, Clockwise, Counter clockwise, Back, Forward, Down, Left, Right, Up, No entry, No, Cancel, Close, Turn off, Yes, Tick, OK, Create, Good mark, Bad mark, Hand, Blue magnifier, View, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out, Auto zoom, Find on computer, Find in folder, Search text, Find, Search, Search previous, Search next, Graphic tools, Edit, Red pencil, Brush, Clear, Eraser, Download, Upload, Update, Eye, Lookup, Object manager, Work area, New file, Text file, Graphic file, Sound document, Midi document, Video file, Multimedia file, Film, Secrecy, Registration, Keys, Lock, Unlock, Trinket, USB drive, Flash drive, Compact disk, Mouse, Computer, Monitor, Monitors, Scanner, Scan, Camera, Telephone, Check boxes, Check options, Options, Settings, Tools, Gear, Wrench, Repair, Repair computer, Units, Measure, Properties, 3d bar chart, 3d graph, Bar graph, Pie chart, Chart, Graph, Objects, Component, Filter, Sorting A-Z, Sorting Z-A, Sorting 1-9, Sorting 9-1, Spell checking, ABC, Text replace, Grid, Screen settings, Rulers, Horizontal ruler, Vertical ruler, Ruler, Set square, Green set square, Table, Tables, Datasheet, Detasheets, Music, Music notes, Yellow submarine, Question, How to, Help, Anchor, Pin, Ring-buoy, Steering wheel, Sum, Percent, Dollar, Money, Visa card, Maestro card, Credit cards, Certificate, Roll, Card file, List, Lists, Text, Report, Reports, Blanks, Calendar, Notepad, Notes, Newspaper, Knowledge, Mail, E-mail, Attach, Book, Books, Book library, Umbrella, Shield, Voice identification, Firewall, Internet access, Access, Login, Keyboard, Signature, Stamp, Database, Calculator, Brief case, User, User group, Green user, Users folder, User profile, Clients, Boss, Engineer, Manager, Time, Timer, Clock, History, Schedule, Coffee, Dumb-bells, Tree, Weather, Genealogy, Hierarchy, Flow block, Bluetooth, Wireless, Cable, Earth, RSS, Bug, Heart, Star, Red star, Wizard, Dice, Construction, Home, Red house, Microsoft flag, Exit, Open door, Closed door

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Jazz up the Software with Such Cost-Free Windows Metro Icons

Have the excellent designs for your MS Windows mobile along with accentuate the apps that has a collection of these types of stunning symbols to help make your components seem even more snazzy. The actual good thing is, that every one of them 135 icons can come without cost, right now there ain’t a lot more you possibly can look for now, are you able to. Please read on to be aware of alot more.

Making the applications seem cool and also cool was never that easy. Plenty of people finish up giving up navigation and operation while planning to add that supplementary level of niftiness, nevertheless that all changes whenever you use the brand-new MS Windows Metro icons.

A number of details of these to start off with- your icons have got a measurements of 48 by forty eight pixels, which includes a group alongside a picture of size twenty six by twenty-six pixels centred within. These types of PNG data files use a see-thorugh back ground, and might be published without or with the actual circles. Accessible in monochrome colours, they are suitable for Microsoft Windows mobile and MS Windows 8 os.

By using these kinds of symbols in your tasks you might guarantee some sort of boosted level of effectiveness for your app. Straightforward, getting descriptive but effective to look at, they've already positively every little thing going for by themselves. You are able to artistically position them in just the best areas and then stay away from the problem of composing several lines of program code whilst avoiding the clutter this could in any other case end in, the best of this is that you can get and employ them at no cost.

Whether it's for your mp3 music player, or simply a new image for the bin, a whole new directory image, or simply something totally new to replace the nice old clear tabs, this really is filled with one of a kind icons for all you probably want to be. The particular a hundred thirty five icons protected in this particular set, include every fathomable need you may have as far as images for utilities could possibly be troubled. It's about time to revisit being a native and also resorting to utilizing of design over again, due to the fact they’ll help make utilizing your system much fun that you'd certainly not desire to retreat to all those dull interfaces anymore. Rather then acquiring these kinds of designs for need, they have been built from with the sheer plan to be creative. Even more than that which you might require, these include symbols you might want to create a need for.

These types of symbols, as I have said earlier, are works with the MS Windows 8 os's as well as your Microsoft Windows phone. Keep it uncomplicated, keep it cool, ensure that is stays snazzy to make applications and interfaces active. Research states that folks fully grasp one photo much better than one thousand text, and anything lies in the actual outline. By using these you’ll under no circumstances fall short of outline, amaze individuals by allowing these to look at areas in a brand new approach, all that and a lot more may be accomplished without difficulty when you're applying the favourite icons. Have a look, trust me, you wouldn’t have to searches long for sites where you can fit them this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 239
  • Price: $49.95

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    About Small Toolbar Icon Pack

    The level of competition on today's software market is so high that flexibility and the ability to adjust to rapidly changing requirements are the factors that define the success of any software product. It often happens that an application loses a significant fraction of its potential user base just because the author focuses on core functionality only and aims for an early release while forgetting about the user interface and front-end graphics. If you would like to safeguard your products from these problems, would like to be able to quickly create eye-catching user interfaces and meet deadlines without compromising any aspect of your applications, try Small Toolbar Icon Pack!

    Small Toolbar Icon Pack is a comprehensive set of high-quality interface icons that will decorate any software product and make navigation as easy and intuitive as possible. The range of topics covered by this set is really broad - from typical file operations to warning and confirmation signs, from search functions to charts, from sorting options to billing and a whole lot more! All these icons were created by professional artists, have a vivid color palette and are very self-explanatory, so your customers won't need to determine the value of every button in an experimental way. The icons come in a variety of resolutions (16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48), color depths (True Color and 256-color versions available) and states - normal, disabled and highlighted, which allows you to easily animate your interfaces without using any specialized software. Apparently, these icons can be used in all kinds of presentations, websites, offline application, so the authors took care of it and provided the set in Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF and PNG formats.

    Small Toolbar Icon Pack will breathe new life into your interfaces and will add great value to your product. This icon set is affordable, versatile and so complete that you will hardly need anything else to get the job done right in time!