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Small PNG Icon Pack

small png icon pack

Small PNG icons and clipart for your website

Small PNG icon collection of professionally drawn clipart and basic toolbar icons. Suitable for any application, user interface (UI icons), png icons are ideal for web design (social networking and business use) and in the creation of templates.

small png icon pack - open file, up folder, folder, diskette, save, save all, save as, floppy disk, cut, copy, paste, rename, undo, redo, refresh, find, zoom, zoom in, zoom out, preview, print preview, print, full recycle bin, recycle bin, full dustbin, empty dustbin, burn dustbin, install, uninstall, graphic tools icon
small png icon pack - attention, warning, add, yes, remove, delete, ok, red ok, no, cancel, close, erase, problem, disaster, play, abort, stop, turn off, next, back, forward, down, up, go back, go forward, update, index, tip of the day, light bulb, help icon
small png icon pack - info, about, hint, question, questionnaire, pencil, pen, brush, feather, notes, case history, table, tables, report, frame, duplicate frame, eraser, address book, e-mail, attach, message, mail, write e-mail, envelope, new document, edit document, order form, form, list, reports icon
small png icon pack - burn document, properties, image document, download image, upload image, resize image, certification, roll, documents, hot documents, temporary folder, knowledge, calendar, newspaper, help book, book, library, brief case, card file, desktop, data transmission, data transfer, login, signature, web-camera, photo, camcorder, scanner, mobile phone, pda icon
small png icon pack - calculator, fax, telephone, phone, red phone, movie, music, volume, volume down, volume up, no sound, sound regulator, computer, workgroup, computer network, monitor, mouse, removable drive, chip, settings, options, tools, configuration, repair, registered problem, multiple problems, out of service, search, binoculars, view icon
small png icon pack - hide, compass, entire network, earth, square earth, internet application, recycling, people contact, people online, people contacts, online contacts, online, smile, visual communication, web site, tasks, alarm clock, clock, time, history, schedule, upload, download, 3d chart, chart, 3d graph, 3d bar chart, pie chart, pin, access key icon
small png icon pack - key, registration, lock, unlock, locked users, users folders, money, coins, dollar, money bag, price list, visa card, credit cards, account id, income, payment, handshake, basket, check out cart, trailer, delivery, car, beverage, scales, agent, boss, user, users, user group, add users icon
small png icon pack - remove user, engineer, staff, customers, spy, policeman, doctor, conference, large group, chat, voice chat, usa flag, britain flag, european flag, microsoft flag, favourites, games, game, game cards, objects, chess, filter, fast back, fast forward, burn cd, energy, battery, company, bank, building icon
small png icon pack - buildings, construction, warehouse, home, homepage, closed door, open door, exit, logout, questionnaire, alarm, timer, credit card, coin, cash, exchange, travel industry, tourist industry, credit, insurance, atm, casino, world, globe, web, place selection, zoom place, hotel stars, hotel, hotels icon
small png icon pack - industry, property, city, road, railway, airport, transport, air tickets, liner, flights, plane, airplane, satellite, helicopter, rocket, ship, boat, yacht, train, tank wagon, freight car, freight container, subway, bus, red bus, cargo, lorry, panel truck, tow truck, crane truck icon
small png icon pack - forklift truck, tank truck, wheeled tractor, catterpillar tractor, excavator, motorcycle, utility atv, ambulance car, taxi, cars, jeep, silver car, cabriolet, pick-up, laden pick-up, hummer, police car, automobile loan, rent a car, car buyer, car repair, find car, gauge, bulb, switch, gears, gear, database, statistics, data synchronization icon
small png icon pack - data transmission, printer, cash register, shopping cart, hand cart, box, laden pallet, loading, unloading, buyer bag, passport, phone support, office phone, voip, shield, medical insurance, first aid, baggage, food, shoes, furniture, equipment, web page, house, home page, product basket, full basket, hand truck, currency, bank notes icon
small png icon pack - green dollar, gold dollar, people, family, female, worker, postman, personal loan, marketer, publicity agent, realtor, secretary, king, army, judge, managers, pirate, security, financier, client, client list, prisoner, chief, red percent, tax, hand, earnings, trade, send money, piggy-bank icon
small png icon pack - safe, real estate, auction, abacus, forex trading, stock market, graph, gift, notebook, display, arts, electricity supply network, diamond, petroleum industry, gold-mine, news, van, restaurant, construction firm, midi, playback, pause, record, rewind, first, last, previous, eject, mute, sound icon
small png icon pack - head phones, bluetooth, usb, wi-fi, atomic, cd-disk, music disk, speaker, equalizer, sound file, somebody, terminal, device, gallery, picture, color palette, component, filmclapper, radio, color balance, gold star, performer, music note, piano, drum, head-phones, microphone, revert, go up, left icon
small png icon pack - right, top, green button, blue button, camera, power, forum, ear, red flag, christmas, santa claus, film, loud speaker, pinion, painter, karaoke, check user, user info, meeting, party, festival, female profile, clients, client group, official, captain, army officer, soldier, fireman, police officer icon
small png icon pack - themis, hacker, editor, copywriter, detective, einstein, scientist, professor, lecturer, teacher, student, workers, builder, motor mechanic, cleaner, driver, pilot, air traffic controller, astronaut, physician, stomatologist, dentist, surgeon, hospital nurse, optometrist, cardiologist, computer doctor, druggist, doctor info, doctor appointment icon
small png icon pack - psychoanalyst, receptionist, waitress, pizza man, geisha, appointment, auditor, accountant, businessman, book-keeper, notary, lawyer, global manager, hunter, farmer, electrician, decorator, singer, web designer, graphic designer, admin, programmer, network administrator, writer, fool, wizard, retiree, key keeper, ninja, unemployed icon
small png icon pack - thief, hitman, woman, blonde, man, girl, boy, children, green user, baby, tourist, hiker, coffee break, afro-american, linux penguin, freebsd, travel, real earth, map, internet, internet access, wind rose, shield and swords, traffic lights, bike, cyclist, courier, skiing, ring-buoy, wheel icon
small png icon pack - torch, tent, knapsack, peak cap, coconut tree, air forces, tank, wheelchair icon

Icon images:

Open file, Up folder, Folder, Diskette, Save, Save all, Save as, Floppy disk, Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, Undo, Redo, Refresh, Find, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out, Preview, Print preview, Print, Full recycle bin, Recycle bin, Full dustbin, Empty dustbin, Burn dustbin, Install, Uninstall, Graphic tools, Attention, Warning, Add, Yes, Remove, Delete, OK, Red OK, No, Cancel, Close, Erase, Problem, Disaster, Play, Abort, Stop, Turn off, Next, Back, Forward, Down, Up, Go back, Go forward, Update, Index, Tip of the day, Light bulb, Help, Info, About, Hint, Question, Questionnaire, Pencil, Pen, Brush, Feather, Notes, Case history, Table, Tables, Report, Frame, Duplicate frame, Eraser, Address book, E-mail, Attach, Message, Mail, Write e-mail, Envelope, New document, Edit document, Order form, Form, List, Reports, Burn document, Properties, Image document, Download image, Upload image, Resize image, Certification, Roll, Documents, Hot documents, Temporary folder, Knowledge, Calendar, Newspaper, Help book, Book, Library, Brief case, Card file, Desktop, Data transmission, Data transfer, Login, Signature, Web-camera, Photo, Camcorder, Scanner, Mobile phone, PDA, Calculator, Fax, Telephone, Phone, Red phone, Movie, Music, Volume, Volume down, Volume up, No sound, Sound regulator, Computer, Workgroup, Computer network, Monitor, Mouse, Removable drive, Chip, Settings, Options, Tools, Configuration, Repair, Registered problem, Multiple problems, Out of service, Search, Binoculars, View, Hide, Compass, Entire network, Earth, Square Earth, Internet application, Recycling, People contact, People online, People contacts, Online contacts, Online, Smile, Visual communication, Web site, Tasks, Alarm clock, Clock, Time, History, Schedule, Upload, Download, 3d chart, Chart, 3d graph, 3d bar chart, Pie chart, Pin, Access key, Key, Registration, Lock, Unlock, Locked users, Users folders, Money, Coins, Dollar, Money bag, Price list, VISA card, Credit cards, Account ID, Income, Payment, Handshake, Basket, Check out cart, Trailer, Delivery, Car, Beverage, Scales, Agent, Boss, User, Users, User group, Add users, Remove user, Engineer, Staff, Customers, Spy, Policeman, Doctor, Conference, Large group, Chat, Voice chat, USA flag, Britain flag, European flag, Microsoft flag, Favourites, Games, Game, Game cards, Objects, Chess, Filter, Fast back, Fast forward, Burn CD, Energy, Battery, Company, Bank, Building, Buildings, Construction, Warehouse, Home, Homepage, Closed door, Open door, Exit, Logout, Questionnaire, Alarm, Timer, Credit card, Coin, Cash, Exchange, Travel industry, Tourist industry, Credit, Insurance, ATM, Casino, World, Globe, Web, Place selection, Zoom place, Hotel stars, Hotel, Hotels, Industry, Property, City, Road, Railway, Airport, Transport, Air tickets, Liner, Flights, Plane, Airplane, Satellite, Helicopter, Rocket, Ship, Boat, Yacht, Train, Tank wagon, Freight car, Freight container, Subway, Bus, Red bus, Cargo, Lorry, Panel truck, Tow truck, Crane truck, Forklift truck, Tank truck, Wheeled tractor, Catterpillar tractor, Excavator, Motorcycle, Utility ATV, Ambulance car, Taxi, Cars, Jeep, Silver car, Cabriolet, Pick-up, Laden pick-up, Hummer, Police car, Automobile loan, Rent a car, Car buyer, Car repair, Find car, Gauge, Bulb, Switch, Gears, Gear, Database, Statistics, Data synchronization, Data transmission, Printer, Cash register, Shopping cart, Hand cart, Box, Laden pallet, Loading, Unloading, Buyer bag, Passport, Phone support, Office phone, VOIP, Shield, Medical insurance, First aid, Baggage, Food, Shoes, Furniture, Equipment, Web page, House, Home page, Product basket, Full basket, Hand truck, Currency, Bank notes, Green Dollar, Gold Dollar, People, Family, Female, Worker, Postman, Personal loan, Marketer, Publicity agent, Realtor, Secretary, King, Army, Judge, Managers, Pirate, Security, Financier, Client, Client list, Prisoner, Chief, Red percent, Tax, Hand, Earnings, Trade, Send money, Piggy-bank, Safe, Real estate, Auction, Abacus, Forex trading, Stock market, Graph, Gift, Notebook, Display, Arts, Electricity supply network, Diamond, Petroleum industry, Gold-mine, News, Van, Restaurant, Construction firm, Midi, Playback, Pause, Record, Rewind, First, Last, Previous, Eject, Mute, Sound, Head phones, Bluetooth, USB, Wi-fi, Atomic, CD-disk, Music disk, Speaker, Equalizer, Sound file, Somebody, Terminal, Device, Gallery, Picture, Color palette, Component, Filmclapper, Radio, Color balance, Gold star, Performer, Music note, Piano, Drum, Head-phones, Microphone, Revert, Go up, Left, Right, Top, Green button, Blue button, Camera, Power, Forum, Ear, Red flag, Christmas, Santa Claus, Film, Loud speaker, Pinion, Painter, Karaoke, Check user, User info, Meeting, Party, Festival, Female profile, Clients, Client group, Official, Captain, Army officer, Soldier, Fireman, Police officer, Themis, Hacker, Editor, Copywriter, Detective, Einstein, Scientist, Professor, Lecturer, Teacher, Student, Workers, Builder, Motor mechanic, Cleaner, Driver, Pilot, Air traffic controller, Astronaut, Physician, Stomatologist, Dentist, Surgeon, Hospital nurse, Optometrist, Cardiologist, Computer doctor, Druggist, Doctor info, Doctor appointment, Psychoanalyst, Receptionist, Waitress, Pizza man, Geisha, Appointment, Auditor, Accountant, Businessman, Book-keeper, Notary, Lawyer, Global manager, Hunter, Farmer, Electrician, Decorator, Singer, Web designer, Graphic designer, Admin, Programmer, Network administrator, Writer, Fool, Wizard, Retiree, Key keeper, Ninja, Unemployed, Thief, Hitman, Woman, Blonde, Man, Girl, Boy, Children, Green user, Baby, Tourist, Hiker, Coffee break, Afro-American, Linux penguin, FreeBSD, Travel, Real Earth, Map, Internet, Internet access, Wind rose, Shield and swords, Traffic lights, Bike, Cyclist, Courier, Skiing, Ring-buoy, Wheel, Torch, Tent, Knapsack, Peak cap, Coconut tree, Air forces, Tank, Wheelchair

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Jazz up Your Software with Such Free MS Windows Metro Icons

Find the perfect icons for one's MS Windows mobile and also complement the applications which has a selection of these kind of spectacular symbols to build your components appear even more snazzy. The particular best benefit is, that these 135 symbols can come free of charge, generally there ain’t much more you possibly can demand right now, are you able to. Continue reading to learn a lot more.

Getting your software applications seem trendy along with cool never was it effortless. Many people turn out sacrificing the navigation and operation while trying to bring that supplemental amount of niftiness, yet that all alters when you make use of the brand-new Windows Metro icons.

Just a few information about those to begin with- your symbols have got a proportions of forty-eight by forty eight pixels, that features a circle along with a graphic of dimensions 26 by twenty-six pixels centred within. All of these PNG data files possess a translucent back ground, and might be transferred with or without the particular circles. Obtainable in white and black colorations, they are compatible with MS Windows mobile and MS Windows 8 operating system.

By utilizing these kinds of icons on your projects you are able to make sure the enhanced level of interaction for your app. Straightforward, being illustrative yet good to consider, they may have completely every thing going for by themselves. You may creatively place them in just the right areas and thus escape the effort of creating several lines of computer code while also avoiding the clutter it may in any other case result in, and the best part is you can get and make use of them totally free.

Whether it is for ones music player, or maybe a fresh photo for any trash can, a new file icon, or just new things to interchange the good old clear tabs, it is packed full of unique icons for all you potentially want to be. The actual one hundred thirty five icons protected during this set, cover each fathomable need you could have so far as visuals for tools could possibly be concerned. It's about time to revisit being a local along with turning to utilizing of design all over again, since they’ll make utilizing your application so much exciting that you would never wish to revisit all those uninteresting interfaces again. Rather than getting all these designs for require, they are built from for any sheer strive to be artistic. More than anything you might require, such as icons you might have to create a need for.

These kinds of designs, as mentioned previously, are appropriate for your own MS Windows 8 systems along with your Microsoft Windows phone. Keep it uncomplicated, maintain it to remain neat, keep it snazzy to make tools and also interfaces interactive. Research says that people recognize a single shot much better than 1000 words, and everything is based on the description. Through the use of these you’ll certainly not miss criteria, surprise consumers by getting these to have a look at items in a new way, all of that and much more is possible easily when you are utilizing our much-loved icons. Take a peek, believe me, a person wouldn’t should investigation long for places where you can fit all of them this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 578
  • Price: 49.95

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    About Small PNG Icon Pack

    Small PNG Icon Pack collection is the perfect choice for any web designer looking to maintain high quality UI graphical representation but looking to save time. Developed by Aha-Soft, an expert in icon graphical rendering, the small PNG icon collection is perfectly suitable for basic toolbars, User Interfaces, website template customization, business and social media use.

    The small icon collection is a must-have tool for developing an efficient and user-friendly interface for a website or mobile application. It is best practice for web designers to have a an icon collection toolset available before developing an application or website to save time and money.

    Aha-Soft has developed a wide range of interface icons, of which the small PNG icon collection is one example. All icon collections are developed with the end user in mind, so website, mobile and application developers have a ready-to-use solution to enhance site functionality with a mouse click.

    This collection of icons will work "right out of the box" for virtually any UI element; each and every icon comes in a number of popular graphic formats (ICO, BMP and PNG) and an assortment of sizes (16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48 pixels). All icons have a transparent background for fast and hassle-free integration into existing designs. Aha-Soft are recognized experts in the area of creating interface graphics and thematic icon sets, this collection of small icon clipart will be a perfect choice for any web designer wishing to save time but insisting on high quality. If you want to create a more efficient navigation system or user interface that users will enjoy using, Small PNG Icon Pack is the icon clipart tool for you. With dozens of small icons available, in different sizes and colors to choose from, it will help you create a user interface that will really stand out of the crowd! Make the Small PNG Icon collection part of your web toolkit today!

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