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Small Business Icon Pack

small business icon pack

225 stock icons for business solutions

225 royalty-free stock icons for developers of small business solutions available for instant download! Small Business Icon Pack represent a wide range of business items, concepts and actions from billing to shipping, insurance, and customer support.

small business icon pack - business, basket, full basket, add to basket, remove from basket, payment, money, exchange, dollar, euro, pound, yen, rouble, baht, shekel, yuan, currency, currency exchange, price list, sale, percent, insurance, credit, date, time, timer, clock, alarm, free, safe icon
small business icon pack - wallet, handbag, visa card, maestro card, credit card, credit cards, piggy, piggy bank, coin, coins, gift, cash register, calculator, accounting, price, economics, report, reports, pie chart, bar chart, best, telephone, phone, phone number, call, hangup, mobile phone, fax, billboard, diploma icon
small business icon pack - certificate, inventory, contacts, address book, letter, mail, open folder, folder, folder v2, open file, open file v2, documents, documents v2, card file, brief case, contact list, client list, conference, unknown person, user, users, user group, boy, girl, boss, worker, policeman, engineer, manager, clients icon
small business icon pack - postman, courier, signature, friends, handshake, properties, login, smile, sad, funny, happy, buddy, dog, cat, pets, print, printer, print preview, save, save as, edit, pencil, pen, hierarchy, genealogy, flow block, rss, favourites, heart, red star icon
small business icon pack - monitor, computer, mouse, desktop, control panel, notes, new file, text file, text, copy, cut, paste, list, lists, numbered list, unordered list, task list, todo list, scroll list, calendar, application form, open book, clipboard, software, comment, comments, bubble, book, help, info icon
small business icon pack - accept, create, add, delete, cancel, close, no, stop, error, problem, warning, tick, down, left, right, up, refresh, search, zoom, zoom in, zoom out, download, upload, hard disk, camera, flash drive, wireless, bluetooth, cable, construction icon
small business icon pack - dice, microsoft, resources, shield, game controller, connect, disconnect, gear, database, wizard, weather, rain, peace, new, music, anchor, exit button, exit, closed door, open door, brick house, home, company, industry, hotel, hotel stars, advertisement, goods, online, globe icon
small business icon pack - e-mail, navigator, wheight, compass, component, sum, global business, pills, delivery, airplane, taxi, forklift truck, steering wheel, food, coffee break icon

Icon images:

Business, Basket, Full basket, Add to basket, Remove from basket, Payment, Money, Exchange, Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, Rouble, Baht, Shekel, Yuan, Currency, Currency exchange, Price list, Sale, Percent, Insurance, Credit, Date, Time, Timer, Clock, Alarm, Free, Safe, Wallet, Handbag, Visa card, Maestro card, Credit card, Credit cards, Piggy, Piggy bank, Coin, Coins, Gift, Cash register, Calculator, Accounting, Price, Economics, Report, Reports, Pie chart, Bar chart, Best, Telephone, Phone, Phone number, Call, Hangup, Mobile phone, Fax, Billboard, Diploma, Certificate, Inventory, Contacts, Address book, Letter, Mail, Open folder, Folder, Folder v2, Open file, Open file v2, Documents, Documents v2, Card file, Brief case, Contact list, Client list, Conference, Unknown person, User, Users, User group, Boy, Girl, Boss, Worker, Policeman, Engineer, Manager, Clients, Postman, Courier, Signature, Friends, Handshake, Properties, Login, Smile, Sad, Funny, Happy, Buddy, Dog, Cat, Pets, Print, Printer, Print preview, Save, Save as, Edit, Pencil, Pen, Hierarchy, Genealogy, Flow block, RSS, Favourites, Heart, Red star, Monitor, Computer, Mouse, Desktop, Control panel, Notes, New file, Text file, Text, Copy, Cut, Paste, List, Lists, Numbered list, Unordered list, Task list, Todo list, Scroll list, Calendar, Application form, Open book, Clipboard, Software, Comment, Comments, Bubble, Book, Help, Info, Accept, Create, Add, Delete, Cancel, Close, No, Stop, Error, Problem, Warning, Tick, Down, Left, Right, Up, Refresh, Search, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out, Download, Upload, Hard disk, Camera, Flash drive, Wireless, Bluetooth, Cable, Construction, Dice, Microsoft, Resources, Shield, Game controller, Connect, Disconnect, Gear, Database, Wizard, Weather, Rain, Peace, New, Music, Anchor, Exit button, Exit, Closed door, Open door, Brick house, Home, Company, Industry, Hotel, Hotel stars, Advertisement, Goods, Online, Globe, E-mail, Navigator, Wheight, Compass, Component, Sum, Global business, Pills, Delivery, Airplane, Taxi, Forklift truck, Steering wheel, Food, Coffee break

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 225
  • Price: $129.95

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    About Small Business Icon Pack

    225 royalty-free stock icons for developing small business solutions available for instant download! Small Business Icon Pack represent a wide range of business items, notions, and actions from billing to shipping, from insurance to customer support, and from computer hardware to information security. Drawn in uniform colors and sharing a common gamut, Small Business Icon Pack look strict, modern, and slick at the same time. The images are easy to recognize and a joy to see.

    Small Business Icon Pack include images for Empty and Full Baskets, Add to and Remove From Basket, Friends and Handshake, Properties, Login, Payment, a variety of currencies such as Dollar, Euro and Pound, Wallet, Price List, Gift, Cash Register, Calculator, Phone, Fax, Billboard, Conference, Print and Print Preview, as well as many other symbols, notions, and actions used in a typical small business project. Full-size previews are available online.

    Small Business Icon Pack allow software and Web developers cut down the costs of designing custom images for developing products, services and solutions for small businesses. Small Business Icon Pack are instantly available and ready to download in just a moment after placing an order. No need to wait for graphics designers to draw icons to your specs! All Small Business Icon Pack are royalty-free, and can be used in multiple products and services without any additional licensing fees.

    Technically, your order will get you more than a hundred images in a variety of sizes, color resolutions, file formats, and states. All icons are available in resolutions of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels. 8-bit (256-color) and 32-bit True Color versions with alpha-channel are available. All images come in ICO, BMP, GIF, and PNG file formats, and are available in three states: normal, disabled, and highlighted.

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