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Search Icon Pack

search icon pack

Search Icons you have been looking for

All the icons from Search Icon Pack are carefully created pixel by pixel by the hand of a professional artist. Each icon has 6 sizes (16x16 to 256x256), 2 color depths (256 colors and 16.7 million colors) and 4 file formats (ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP).

search icon pack - search, find, search icons, search photo, search people, phone lookup, phone search, phone directory, search address, search e-mail, ip lookup, reverse lookup, locate, search engine, finding, finder, lookup, server, internet icon

Icon images:

Search, Find, Search icons, Search photo, Search people, Phone lookup, Phone search, Phone directory, Search address, Search e-mail, IP lookup, Reverse lookup, Locate, Search engine, Finding, Finder, Lookup, Server, Internet

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Even an most state-of-the-art of software packages at times will lose out on widespread open public attractiveness they justify caused by a below average graphical user interface, ensure that you steer clear of that minor hurdle with the help of the out of this world aero tool bar symbols.

Producing the best graphical user interface isn't a super easy undertaking, enormous level of hard work usually goes into organizing and even employing the actual interface to fit the standard requires and also operation your software package fulfils and maintain a level of synchronization together with the customer base. Young people should find a monotonous and straightforward screen to generally be monotonous even while when you find yourself building a website that will suits top range enterprise men being silly by using way too many hues and also flash graphics could backfire. It is very vital that you reach the actual appropriate equilibrium, all of these aero tool bar icons strive to make your challenge very much simpler.

A lot of these eye-catching designs are best for app development and so are suitable for just about any application you may be creating windows, macintosh OS, iOS as well as Android systems. Now you can illustrate the many common attributes such as update, undo-options, back, forward, refresh, zoom in, zoom out together with anything else you may potentially comprehend by using these colourful and stylish icons. More importantly you receive several hip designs for example ones for web-cam, scanner, music functions, mobile, diary, know-how or anything else., it truly is practically just as if the developers lay down to look into what you might actually desire when you need it and then took the time off and away to make them.

The entire selection offers 281 symbols in whole and are avalable in many forms in addition to ICO, PNG, BMP and GIF. You no longer need to have to wait for many months along the way of deploying the application as these design are all around in few days and that on top of that in fully deployable condition. Coming in five different sizes, you can use them in 256 x 256, forty-eight x 48, thirty-two x thirty two, twenty four x twenty-four and also sixteen x sixteen pixels.

All these symbols offer an additional positive operating in their favour, that's their own detailed and overall look. Getting these in ideal place in the course of ones application loans you a quite systematic plus complete look. Purchasing all these ready made icons enable you to aim for creating the back end of the application, as well as in addition helps you save the particular extended stays you'd probably usually really have to devote in creating all of these illustrations or photos one after the other. The images can be found in two alternatives of coloring degree, 256 colours and 32 bit colour.

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 19
  • Price: $49.00

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    About Search Icon Pack

    All the icons from Search Icon Pack are carefully created pixel by pixel by the hand of a professional artist. They shine with a bright palette of colors, smooth and well-rounded edges. Superb in their quality, icons will help a developer to place a truly professional feel to his project's interfaces without the need to hire a designer or spend days and even weeks on designing icons on his own.

    Each icon is available in 6 sizes (16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256), 2 color depths including 256 colors and 32-bit True Color (16.7 million colors with transparency) and 4 file formats (ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP).