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Ribbon Bar Icon Pack

ribbon bar icon pack

758 high-quality ribbon bar icons

Design professional looking ribbon-based interfaces with Ribbon Bar Icon Pack! This huge collection includes 758 unique royalty-free images in countless variations to accommodate the many sizes, color resolutions and activities of the ribbon bar.

ribbon bar icon pack - folder, documents, open, save, cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, refresh, zoom, zoom in, zoom out, preview, printer, print, empty dustbin, full dustbin, trash, add, ok, apply, remove, delete, cancel, no, close, erase, problem, multiple problems icon
ribbon bar icon pack - danger, road sign, start, play, warning, stop, no entry, forbidden, info, about, hourglass, update, go back, go forward, back, up, down, left, right, repeat, renew, sync, plus, minus, error, turn off, turn on, hint, pencil, notes icon
ribbon bar icon pack - search printer, search text, text file, list, report, reports, properties, chart, address book, e-mail, mail, contact, image, knowledge, copyright, text, calendar, book, books, book library, bookmark, brief case, case, first aid, webcam, camera, photo, pda, mobile phone, telephone icon
ribbon bar icon pack - cell phones, phone, tv, music notes, music, volume, megaphone, forum, computer, server, phone support, find on computer, find in folder, find, keyboard, calculator, options, tools, gear, search, search previous, search next, view, eye, clock, history, schedule, alarm, time, archive icon
ribbon bar icon pack - upload, download, data transmission, lookup, repair, percent, question, support, graph, d chart, pin, tasks, price list, wedding, credit, money, income, coins, payment, insurance, yellow folder, gift, product, handshake, signature, login, good mark, basket, delivery, airplane icon
ribbon bar icon pack - boss, staff, people, user, users, user group, conference, spy, security, black list, user logout, admin, doctor, client list, receptionist, customers, chat, message, games, gamepad, cd, usb drive, wizard, retort, lock, unlock, key, umbrella, database, filter icon
ribbon bar icon pack - usa flag, navigator, gauge, compass, globe, earth, traffic lights, winner, objects, free, smile, closed door, open door, exit, location, pc-web synchronization, home page, house, home, book-keeping, credit card, credit cards, gold dollar, dollar, euro, pound, yen, sale, coin, one coin icon
ribbon bar icon pack - dollar coin, euro coin, pound coin, yen coin, purchase, exchange, bank, bank service, investment, safe, invoice, visa card, sum, math, real estate, abacus, calc, barcode, auction, economics, market, bill to, ship to, remote access, accounts, lists, to do list, cardfile, atm, cash register icon
ribbon bar icon pack - hand cart, shopping cart, full basket, store, medical store, loading, freight container, bulldozer, taxi, courier, earnings, fax, phone number, write e-mail, agent, financier, bookkeeper, businessman, lawyer, visual communication, chemistry, secrecy, web, airport, ecology, chemical plant, coal power plant, factory, industry, city icon
ribbon bar icon pack - company, construction, thermometer, alarm clock, week, access, hard disk, radio transmitter, satellite antenna, sound, camcorder, video, water, window, engineer, worker, mechanic, scanner, data server, microphone, social network, meeting, locked users, secretary, girl, boy, family, pirate, logout, function icon
ribbon bar icon pack - edit, man, men, woman, women, children, baby, female, blonde, client, clients, client group, unemployed, student, tourist, add user, add users, remove user, remove users, palm, cash, handbag, product basket, sound tooth, tooth brush, tooth paste, pill, pills, tablets, phial icon
ribbon bar icon pack - drugs, natural drug, empty folder, certificate, hit parade, music cd, music collection, movie, shoes, t-shirt, sun glasses, mp player, radio, hotel, tourist business, airtickets, building, motocourier, pie chart, storehouse, warehouse, marketer, driver, office, smart phone, new file, certificate seal, note, love, sports icon
ribbon bar icon pack - travel, boat, ship, pick-up, cargo, hangar, fast delivery, cow wagon, ambulance car, jeep, baby goods, bicycle, excavator, helmet, advertising, buildings, box, cloudy day, clouds, rain, thunder, snow, blizzard, cloudy night, snowflake, dew, rainbow, day, night, moon icon
ribbon bar icon pack - weather, heat, wind vane, weathercock, barometer, enstein, policeman, detective, physician, stomatologist, cow head, cow, calf, bull, cattle, horse, ram, sheep, lamb, embryo, bullmate, agriculture, camel, biology, donkey, emule, linux, dog head, pets, dog icon
ribbon bar icon pack - cat, rat, mouse, bug, tick, farmer, agronomist, workers, test-tube, test-tubes, chemical analysis, syringe, vaccinations, drug, empty phial, measuring glass, poison, microscope, respirator, bio hazard, virus, genetics, measure units, knife, bones, gloved hand, plant reference book, money exchange, pc-pda, web-pc icon
ribbon bar icon pack - carrot, clover leaf, four-leafed clover, tree, flower, farm fence, farm, heart, dating, couple, valentines day, broken heart, kiss, present, gift boxes, receive present, sex, ignore user, no photo, happy, wink, sad, settings, cell phone, private folder, rose, arrow, romance, party, bridge icon
ribbon bar icon pack - post office, tunnel, missed calls, sim card, search number, view group, view account, more information, quick quote, telephone number, tapi, mute, record, recording, call log, fm radio, lens, paint, presentation, flag, quote, view file, news, professor, lecturer, large group, soldier, twitter, twitter bird, follow me icon
ribbon bar icon pack - facebook, favourites, blog, rss, digg, blinklist, blue twitter, flickr, delicious, myspace, netvibes, technorati, stumbleupon, reddit, green rss reader, orange rss reader, online cube, business, pc-pda synchronization, gps, subway, portfolio, seo, wind rose, brick wall, search data, binocularis, motorcyclist, mad scientist, official icon
ribbon bar icon pack - search doctor, soldiers, patient, zombie, teacher, scientist, customer group, community, search contacts, hospital building, house building, college, commercial, commercial building, datacenter, government, multistorey building, multistorey buildings, municipal hospital, railway, retail shop, telecom, university, school, brick buildings, brick house, church, bedroom community, property, crossroad icon
ribbon bar icon pack - shop, small house, stadium, megalopolis, labs, law court, grave, fire patrol, drugstore, billboard, football stadium, garden, tall house, tangent tower, tumbledown building, zoo, visa, phone receiver, pinion, library, ok smile, upload adult content, download adult content, load, free download, torrent, network connections, virus warning, secure connection, view license icon
ribbon bar icon pack - secured, pos terminal, science, physics, health, windows, d graph, activity, alert off, alert on, attention, arithmetic, arts, atomic plant, auto, awards, bar chart, bar code scanner, baseball, utorrent, btorrent, google, star, xml, yahoo, bing, share this, paypal, skype, linkedin icon
ribbon bar icon pack - podcast, picasa, tag, ebay, permalink, google buzz, microsoft, msn, feedburner, blogging, youtube, google talk, icq, retweet, aol, app store, botany, green ribbon, adult content, new year party, new year tree, building construction, cafe, camping site, careers, check, christmas, christmas ornaments, computing, condominium icon
ribbon bar icon pack - copyleft, date, diploma, education, fuel expenses, gas, fuel, gasoline can, orienteering, road cone, road signs, roadmap, route, route id, open barrier, closed barrier, road, geography, geology, geometry, graph window, hand truck, justice, language, laws, lightning, look, machinery, molecular biology, no signature icon
ribbon bar icon pack - numbered list, oil pack, oil tank, optics, orders, passport, peer to peer, pentagon, pirate bay, place selection, police, police station, run blue, safety, santa claus, schoolbag, screen, search address, search computer, search message, search on computer, search patient, search people, search photo, signal window, skyscrapers, slideshow, small business, snowman, soccer icon
ribbon bar icon pack - technology, television, tent, terminal window, theater, thumbs up, tire, toilet, tower, tram, usa map, view records, view report, waypoints, wheel, wheelchair, motor mechanic, mission, guard, medicine, online writing, chemical industry, duckling, fire, freight carrier, competitor, gun, weapon, research, small aircraft icon
ribbon bar icon pack - space exploration, vat, weight, wow effect, chess-board, chess, black queen, chess-clock icon

Icon images:

Folder, Documents, Open, Save, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo, Refresh, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out, Preview, Printer, Print, Empty dustbin, Full dustbin, Trash, Add, OK, Apply, Remove, Delete, Cancel, No, Close, Erase, Problem, Multiple problems, Danger, Road sign, Start, Play, Warning, Stop, No entry, Forbidden, Info, About, Hourglass, Update, Go back, Go forward, Back, Up, Down, Left, Right, Repeat, Renew, Sync, Plus, Minus, Error, Turn off, Turn on, Hint, Pencil, Notes, Search printer, Search text, Text file, List, Report, Reports, Properties, Chart, Address book, E-mail, Mail, Contact, Image, Knowledge, Copyright, Text, Calendar, Book, Books, Book library, Bookmark, Brief case, Case, First aid, Webcam, Camera, Photo, PDA, Mobile phone, Telephone, Cell phones, Phone, TV, Music notes, Music, Volume, Megaphone, Forum, Computer, Server, Phone support, Find on computer, Find in folder, Find, Keyboard, Calculator, Options, Tools, Gear, Search, Search previous, Search next, View, Eye, Clock, History, Schedule, Alarm, Time, Archive, Upload, Download, Data transmission, Lookup, Repair, Percent, Question, Support, Graph, D chart, Pin, Tasks, Price list, Wedding, Credit, Money, Income, Coins, Payment, Insurance, Yellow folder, Gift, Product, Handshake, Signature, Login, Good mark, Basket, Delivery, Airplane, Boss, Staff, People, User, Users, User group, Conference, Spy, Security, Black list, User logout, Admin, Doctor, Client list, Receptionist, Customers, Chat, Message, Games, Gamepad, CD, USB drive, Wizard, Retort, Lock, Unlock, Key, Umbrella, Database, Filter, USA flag, Navigator, Gauge, Compass, Globe, Earth, Traffic lights, Winner, Objects, Free, Smile, Closed door, Open door, Exit, Location, PC-Web synchronization, Home page, House, Home, Book-keeping, Credit card, Credit cards, Gold dollar, Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, Sale, Coin, One coin, Dollar coin, Euro coin, Pound coin, Yen coin, Purchase, Exchange, Bank, Bank service, Investment, Safe, Invoice, Visa card, Sum, Math, Real estate, Abacus, Calc, Barcode, Auction, Economics, Market, Bill to, Ship to, Remote access, Accounts, Lists, To do list, Cardfile, ATM, Cash register, Hand cart, Shopping cart, Full basket, Store, Medical store, Loading, Freight container, Bulldozer, Taxi, Courier, Earnings, Fax, Phone number, Write e-mail, Agent, Financier, Bookkeeper, Businessman, Lawyer, Visual communication, Chemistry, Secrecy, Web, Airport, Ecology, Chemical plant, Coal power plant, Factory, Industry, City, Company, Construction, Thermometer, Alarm clock, Week, Access, Hard disk, Radio transmitter, Satellite antenna, Sound, Camcorder, Video, Water, Window, Engineer, Worker, Mechanic, Scanner, Data server, Microphone, Social network, Meeting, Locked users, Secretary, Girl, Boy, Family, Pirate, Logout, Function, Edit, Man, Men, Woman, Women, Children, Baby, Female, Blonde, Client, Clients, Client group, Unemployed, Student, Tourist, Add user, Add users, Remove user, Remove users, Palm, Cash, Handbag, Product basket, Sound tooth, Tooth brush, Tooth paste, Pill, Pills, Tablets, Phial, Drugs, Natural drug, Empty folder, Certificate, Hit parade, Music CD, Music collection, Movie, Shoes, T-shirt, Sun glasses, Mp player, Radio, Hotel, Tourist business, Airtickets, Building, Motocourier, Pie chart, Storehouse, Warehouse, Marketer, Driver, Office, Smart phone, New file, Certificate seal, Note, Love, Sports, Travel, Boat, Ship, Pick-up, Cargo, Hangar, Fast delivery, Cow wagon, Ambulance car, Jeep, Baby goods, Bicycle, Excavator, Helmet, Advertising, Buildings, Box, Cloudy day, Clouds, Rain, Thunder, Snow, Blizzard, Cloudy night, Snowflake, Dew, Rainbow, Day, Night, Moon, Weather, Heat, Wind vane, Weathercock, Barometer, Enstein, Policeman, Detective, Physician, Stomatologist, Cow head, Cow, Calf, Bull, Cattle, Horse, Ram, Sheep, Lamb, Embryo, Bullmate, Agriculture, Camel, Biology, Donkey, Emule, Linux, Dog head, Pets, Dog, Cat, Rat, Mouse, Bug, Tick, Farmer, Agronomist, Workers, Test-tube, Test-tubes, Chemical analysis, Syringe, Vaccinations, Drug, Empty phial, Measuring glass, Poison, Microscope, Respirator, Bio hazard, Virus, Genetics, Measure units, Knife, Bones, Gloved hand, Plant reference book, Money exchange, PC-PDA, Web-PC, Carrot, Clover leaf, Four-leafed clover, Tree, Flower, Farm fence, Farm, Heart, Dating, Couple, Valentines Day, Broken heart, Kiss, Present, Gift boxes, Receive present, Sex, Ignore user, No photo, Happy, Wink, Sad, Settings, Cell phone, Private folder, Rose, Arrow, Romance, Party, Bridge, Post office, Tunnel, Missed calls, SIM card, Search number, View group, View account, More information, Quick quote, Telephone number, TAPI, Mute, Record, Recording, Call log, FM radio, Lens, Paint, Presentation, Flag, Quote, View file, News, Professor, Lecturer, Large group, Soldier, Twitter, Twitter bird, Follow me, Facebook, Favourites, Blog, RSS, Digg, Blinklist, Blue twitter, Flickr, Delicious, MySpace, Netvibes, Technorati, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Green RSS reader, Orange RSS reader, Online cube, Business, PC-PDA synchronization, GPS, Subway, Portfolio, SEO, Wind rose, Brick wall, Search data, Binocularis, Motorcyclist, Mad scientist, Official, Search doctor, Soldiers, Patient, Zombie, Teacher, Scientist, Customer group, Community, Search contacts, Hospital building, House building, College, Commercial, Commercial building, Datacenter, Government, Multistorey building, Multistorey buildings, Municipal hospital, Railway, Retail shop, Telecom, University, School, Brick buildings, Brick house, Church, Bedroom community, Property, Crossroad, Shop, Small house, Stadium, Megalopolis, Labs, Law court, Grave, Fire patrol, Drugstore, Billboard, Football stadium, Garden, Tall house, Tangent tower, Tumbledown building, Zoo, Visa, Phone receiver, Pinion, Library, OK smile, Upload adult content, Download adult content, Load, Free download, Torrent, Network connections, Virus warning, Secure connection, View license, Secured, POS terminal, Science, Physics, Health, Windows, D graph, Activity, Alert off, Alert on, Attention, Arithmetic, Arts, Atomic plant, Auto, Awards, Bar chart, Bar code scanner, Baseball, Utorrent, Btorrent, Google, Star, XML, Yahoo, Bing, Share This, Paypal, Skype, LinkedIn, Podcast, Picasa, Tag, Ebay, Permalink, Google Buzz, Microsoft, MSN, Feedburner, Blogging, Youtube, Google Talk, ICQ, Retweet, AOL, App Store, Botany, Green ribbon, Adult content, New Year Party, New Year Tree, Building construction, Cafe, Camping site, Careers, Check, Christmas, Christmas ornaments, Computing, Condominium, Copyleft, Date, Diploma, Education, Fuel expenses, Gas, Fuel, Gasoline can, Orienteering, Road cone, Road signs, Roadmap, Route, Route ID, Open barrier, Closed barrier, Road, Geography, Geology, Geometry, Graph window, Hand truck, Justice, Language, Laws, Lightning, Look, Machinery, Molecular biology, No signature, Numbered list, Oil pack, Oil tank, Optics, Orders, Passport, Peer to peer, Pentagon, Pirate bay, Place selection, Police, Police station, Run blue, Safety, Santa Claus, Schoolbag, Screen, Search address, Search computer, Search message, Search on computer, Search patient, Search people, Search photo, Signal window, Skyscrapers, Slideshow, Small business, Snowman, Soccer, Technology, Television, Tent, Terminal window, Theater, Thumbs up, Tire, Toilet, Tower, Tram, USA map, View records, View report, Waypoints, Wheel, Wheelchair, Motor mechanic, Mission, Guard, Medicine, Online writing, Chemical industry, Duckling, Fire, Freight carrier, Competitor, Gun, Weapon, Research, Small aircraft, Space exploration, VAT, Weight, Wow effect, Chess-board, Chess, Black queen, Chess-clock

 Download sample icons and catalogue

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Complement your own apps when using the snazziest of symbols

Get your hands on a collection of super cool designs designed by specialists. With the correct combination of colour mixture along with pictorial content, these types of designs are capable to give another advantage to the software based upon MS Windows Phone 7 operating system.

When you find yourself making an application one of the most common problems that you might encounter is the one about getting the appropriate design to lend an air of appearance for it. For this purpose you might need great visuals together with icons which can be in sync with all the back end in addition to the screen, which because you effectively realize is tough to accomplish.

You will need hrs of accurate work to sketch and also finalise I shot, when you need hundreds of these artwork the particular absolute time required to deliver the results is substantial, a case in point that when an individual finalise them and so are willing to include all of them, the particular application might have misplaced some if not all of their charm. That's exactly why the very best of web developers are actually looking at these kinds of pre-developed in a position to set up symbols you can readily combine within the software.

You can now safely focus on the back-end of your software program with these ease-of-use symbols. Accessible in the PNG data formatting, the size of all of these symbols tend to be 48 by 48 pixels alongside interior images which are placed in the middle of your twenty-six by twenty six pixels sq. The actual snazzy manner of the actual representation for these makes them quite entertaining as well as simple to decipher, whilst making the application ease-of-use it provides end user a feel of comfort and ease. These symbols are particularly works with your own Microsoft Windows 8 operating system and also WP7 and are available inside of a list of 823 one of a kind images that are, as said before, all set to be included in the application. The simplest attribute would need to be the vast degrees of hues they are available in, you obtain all these astounding icons in up to a whopping fourteen shades together with red, blue, green plus the alot more unique silver and also grey, and also the common monochrome.

Anything that you need for just a mobile Phone organizer is on this page. In this particular set up you'll find icons for any normal tool you might find at your desktop computer, just like folder, open message, hyperlink and many others., more than these you can find quite a few previously un-conceived in addition to untouched graphics, for example a turtle icon or simply a bird image. One among my favourite is really a picture of an compact entry having an arrow directing inwards which often can be used to suggest a sign in, in addition to a related graphic together with the arrow pointing outwards hinting a logout. 823 of these basic and illustrative graphics are ready to be applied, all you have to do will be to is to purchase them right here, download and you will be ready to work with these to your advantage. Attempting to keep it simple even though edging towards that additional amount of niftiness is the call for the day, why put forward a boring and complicated app whenever you can get this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 758
  • Price: $99.95

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    About Ribbon Bar Icon Pack

    Design professional looking ribbon-based interfaces with Ribbon Bar Icon Pack! This huge collection of ready-made icons includes 758 unique stock images in countless variations to accommodate the many sizes, color resolutions, and activities of the ribbon bar. Ribbon Bar Icon Pack are royalty-free, allowing developers to distribute and re-use images in as many projects as needed without paying extra licensing fees.

    Ribbon Bar Icon Pack represent the most common objects, activities and symbols typically displayed in applications ribbon bars. Icons representing folders, documents, file and document operations, editing actions, basic navigation and database controls are supplied. A variety of multimedia objects and playback controls, digital imaging, communication and social icons are also provided. Each image is individually crafted and rendered into a semi-transparent, alpha-channel enabled shape with smooth, sharp edges with no jaggies.

    Technically, your order includes 758 unique images supplied in a wide range of activity states, resolutions and file formats. All images are drawn in semi 32-bit True Color with alpha channel. A 256-color copy is supplied for each image to support legacy systems.

    Ribbon Bar Icon Pack comes in sizes and color resolutions that are standard for ribbon-based interfaces. Pixel sizes of 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, and 64x64 pixels are included. Each icon is provided in three activity states: normal, disabled, and highlighted. All icons are supplied in Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF, and PNG formats for easy integration with most operating systems and development environments.

    Product page: http://www.toolbar-icons.com/stock-icons/ribbon-bar-icons.htm

    And Aha-Soft prepares the following icon sets: Web Ribbon Icons, Ribbon and Toolbar Stock Icons, Professional Taskbar Icons, Menu Bar Icons, Leopard Icon Set, iPhone Menu Bar Icons, Status Bar Icons, Free Tab Bar Icons, Button Bar Icons, Application Bar Icons, Glass Dock Icons.