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Professional Toolbar Icon Pack

professional toolbar icon pack

Professional Toolbar Icon Pack for a sleek look!

Professional Toolbar Icon Pack toolkit delivers a wide choice of professionally designed icons, suitable for use in any application, document, presentation or website. Just $99.95 for a complete set of 271 icons suitable for any website design.

professional toolbar icon pack - zoom, zoom in, zoom out, actual size, ok, apply, accept, cancel, no, close, add, remove, erase, delete, plus, minus, create, warning, error, turn on, turn off, run, stop, stop sign, refresh, sync, revert, undo, redo, previous icon
professional toolbar icon pack - next, up, down, raise, fall, play backward, play forward, info, about, confirmation, question, find, search, save, save all, save as, save picture, save key, print, printer, folder, open folder, closed folder, open, documents, folder tree, check boxes, check box, modify, black pencil icon
professional toolbar icon pack - grey pencil, yellow pencil, red pencil, pink pencil, orange pencil, green pencil, brown pencil, blue pencil, new file, document, form, list, lists, logs, report, knowledge, book library, book, edit document, notes, order form, order, blank, calendar, inventory, to do list, edit tasks, pad, items, sorting a-z icon
professional toolbar icon pack - sorting z-a, sorting 1-9, sorting 9-1, web form, pc-web synchronization, email, mail, envelope, attach, note, previous note, next note, new note, delete note, problem note, gray grid, chart xy, graph, graphs, stock information, gantt chart, 3d graph, 3d chart, 3d bar chart, bar graph, pie chart, 3d pie chart, view charts, flow block, table icon
professional toolbar icon pack - tables, export stakes, handshake, login, logout, exit, open door, user, users, user group, add user, remove user, add users, remove users, man, female, woman, people, client list, clients, customers, conference, large group, boss, receptionist, agent, police officer, admin, people online, worker icon
professional toolbar icon pack - student, head physician, doctor, computer doctor, physician, patient, alarm, clock, time, timer, history, schedule, timetable, date and time, compass, gauge, castle, bank, company, hotel, apartment, factory, oil derrick, radio transmitter, green light, traffic lights off, red light, traffic lights, yellow light, metal barrel icon
professional toolbar icon pack - metal barrels, tropics, city, building, buildings, government, pagoda, church, mosque, museum, fortress, home, wooden house, stone house, igloo, room, hospital, facade, commercial building, commercial buildings, treasury, plant, industry, warehouse, works, multi-storey buildings, megalopolis, tree, travel, coconut tree icon
professional toolbar icon pack - butterfly, cow, cheque, invoice, one coin, dollar coin, pound coin, euro coin, yen coin, coins, green dollar, money turnover, money, cash, bundle, fire damage, tax, credit card, credit cards, piggy bank, payment, safe, lock, unlock, open lock, key, keys, briefcase, barcode, barcode scanner icon
professional toolbar icon pack - calculator, cart, product, box, goods, laden pallet, loading, unloading, delivery, order tracking, cars, options, system, settings, gear, configuration, database, open card index, card index, cd, clouds, cloud computing, android, robot, robotics, manipulator, artificial intelligence, objects, tornado, star icon
professional toolbar icon pack - sound, retort, academy hat, measuring, radiation, map, gallery, food icon

Icon images:

Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out, Actual size, OK, Apply, Accept, Cancel, No, Close, Add, Remove, Erase, Delete, Plus, Minus, Create, Warning, Error, Turn on, Turn off, Run, Stop, Stop sign, Refresh, Sync, Revert, Undo, Redo, Previous, Next, Up, Down, Raise, Fall, Play backward, Play forward, Info, About, Confirmation, Question, Find, Search, Save, Save all, Save as, Save picture, Save key, Print, Printer, Folder, Open folder, Closed folder, Open, Documents, Folder tree, Check boxes, Check box, Modify, Black pencil, Grey pencil, Yellow pencil, Red pencil, Pink pencil, Orange pencil, Green pencil, Brown pencil, Blue pencil, New file, Document, Form, List, Lists, Logs, Report, Knowledge, Book library, Book, Edit document, Notes, Order form, Order, Blank, Calendar, Inventory, To do list, Edit tasks, Pad, Items, Sorting A-Z, Sorting Z-A, Sorting 1-9, Sorting 9-1, Web form, PC-Web synchronization, Email, Mail, Envelope, Attach, Note, Previous note, Next note, New note, Delete note, Problem note, Gray grid, Chart xy, Graph, Graphs, Stock information, Gantt chart, 3d graph, 3d chart, 3d bar chart, Bar graph, Pie chart, 3d pie chart, View charts, Flow block, Table, Tables, Export stakes, Handshake, Login, Logout, Exit, Open Door, User, Users, User group, Add user, Remove user, Add users, Remove users, Man, Female, Woman, People, Client list, Clients, Customers, Conference, Large group, Boss, Receptionist, Agent, Police officer, Admin, People online, Worker, Student, Head physician, Doctor, Computer doctor, Physician, Patient, Alarm, Clock, Time, Timer, History, Schedule, Timetable, Date and time, Compass, Gauge, Castle, Bank, Company, Hotel, Apartment, Factory, Oil derrick, Radio transmitter, Green light, Traffic lights off, Red light, Traffic lights, Yellow light, Metal barrel, Metal barrels, Tropics, City, Building, Buildings, Government, Pagoda, Church, Mosque, Museum, Fortress, Home, Wooden house, Stone house, Igloo, Room, Hospital, Facade, Commercial building, Commercial buildings, Treasury, Plant, Industry, Warehouse, Works, Multi-storey buildings, Megalopolis, Tree, Travel, Coconut tree, Butterfly, Cow, Cheque, Invoice, One coin, Dollar coin, Pound coin, Euro coin, Yen coin, Coins, Green dollar, Money turnover, Money, Cash, Bundle, Fire damage, Tax, Credit card, Credit cards, Piggy bank, Payment, Safe, Lock, Unlock, Open lock, Key, Keys, Briefcase, Barcode, Barcode scanner, Calculator, Cart, Product, Box, Goods, Laden pallet, Loading, Unloading, Delivery, Order tracking, Cars, Options, System, Settings, Gear, Configuration, Database, Open card index, Card index, CD, Clouds, Cloud computing, Android, Robot, Robotics, Manipulator, Artificial intelligence, Objects, Tornado, Star, Sound, Retort, Academy hat, Measuring, Radiation, Map, Gallery, Food

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Complement your own apps with the snazziest of icons

Get a hold of a set of super cool designs produced by professionals. Using the proper mix of color collaboration as well as graphic information, most of these designs are capable to give any supplement advantage for your software package based upon MS Windows Phone 7 main system.

When you are creating an software on the list of most common conditions that you may bump into is the one about acquiring the correct type of images to bring an aura of looks with it. For this specific purpose you're looking for great images as well as icons which might be synchronized while using business logic together with the screen, that as you may nicely know is difficult to accomplish.

It takes several hours of detail work to draw and also complete I photo, when you may need many hundreds of such visuals the utter period forced to deliver the results is large, a case in point that the time you finalise these and are prepared to add all of them, the software package can have dropped a handful of if not all of the appeal. That's why the very best of website developers are currently embracing these kinds of pre-developed equipped to use icons that you could effortlessly add from your software.

Now you can safely and securely concentrate on the back-end on the program with one of these convenient icons. For sale in the actual PNG format, the figures on all these designs are usually 48 by 48 pixels alongside internal artwork which are placed in the particular middle of a 26 by twenty six pixels square. The snazzy manner of the portrayal of them ensures they are incredibly entertaining as well as simple to decipher, while helping to make the software package user-friendly and uncomplicated it gives the end user a sense of ease. These types of symbols are specially appropriate for your Windows 8 operating system and also WP7 and come in a set of 823 particular images which may be, as mentioned previously, all set to be included in the software. The best function would need to function as the wide ranges of hues these come in, you can get all of these awesome icons in as much as 14 hues together with red, blue, green additionally, the alot more unique silver and grey, along with the typical white and black.

Anything that you need for just a cell Phone manager is definitely right here. In this particular set you could find icons for virtually every typical instrument you'll find upon your pc, for instance file, open message, hyperlink and so on., over these you have access to several previously un-conceived in addition to untouched graphics, such as a turtle image or maybe a bird icon. Certainly one of my favourite is a image of the small entry having an arrow directing inwards which may be utilized to indicate a logon, and also a related image using the arrow pointing in an outward direction hinting a logout. 823 of those simple and descriptive photos are ready to be taken, all that you should do is to is to purchase all of them right here, download and then you're ready to work with those to your advantage. Attempting to keep it simple whilst edging towards that further amount of niftiness will be the call of your day, so why recommend a lusterless and complicated application when you can get it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 278
  • Price: $99.95

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    About Professional Toolbar Icon Pack

    Professional Toolbar Icon Pack toolkit provides 271 professionally designed icons which are ideal for use on websites or applications. They deliver a great look and feel to any site, but they are ready out of the box for busy web designers looking for icons but don't want to waste time and effort on reinventing the wheel.

    For just $99.95 you get 271 professionally designed icons in a wide range of styles, sizes and formats. Deliver normal, hot and disabled image state functionality to your website icons with file formats including Windows Icons (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), Portable Network Graphics (PNG) and Graphics Interchange Format (GIF).

    In addition, Professional Toolbar Icon Pack come in a range of sizes from 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 64x64 and designed with a transparent background. These premium toolbar icons are perfect for any site you are looking to make as professional and user-friendly as possible, but they are also ready to use without any need for redesign or time-consuming development work on your part - easy to use and easy to integrate into any website design. Now you can get a great looking set of icons for use in minutes on your web project! What's more, you can use Professional Toolbar Icon Pack over and over again - you never have to worry about re-use licensing issues on any new website projects - just make a one-time purchase of Professional Toolbar Icon Pack and you have a toolbar icon library ready to go whenever you or your development team need great looking icons to enhance the user experience.

    Created by professional designers, you don't need to worry about a great looking site with Professional Toolbar Icon Pack toolkit - save yourself days of icon design and development work with our fantastic looking icons and integrate them into a website, Office application such as Excel or Word as well as applications (including mobile apps). Download Professional Toolbar Icon Pack today and create a great professional look of your website or application!