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Plastic Toolbar Icon Pack

plastic toolbar icon pack

100 stock icons for your application toolbar

Give your software, database or Web application a unique, stylish appearance with a shiny new collection of stock icons. Plastic Toolbar Icon Pack are professionally designed and hand-crafted in each of the available sizes from 16x16 to 48x48 pixels.

plastic toolbar icon pack - folder, new folder, open, documents, save, save all, cut, copy, paste, clipboard, printer, print, printing, print preview, up, down, left, right, undo, redo, back, forward, find, search, bin, full bin, bell, book, book v2, books icon
plastic toolbar icon pack - bar-code, price list, dollar, credit card, bank cards, credit cards, money, payment, edit, add, delete, ok, apply, cancel, error, secured, lock, unlock, file, report, text file, about, export, import, list, preview, close, reports, notes, mail icon
plastic toolbar icon pack - support, picture, pictures, slide show, image protection, road, bus, pallet, chart, e-mail, function, database, login, card file, computer, refresh, replace objects, replace text, play, wizard, user, users, user group, customers, meeting, security, heart, help, what, info icon
plastic toolbar icon pack - hint, zoom in, zoom out, calendar, time, compass, globe, earth, exit, home icon

Icon images:

Folder, New folder, Open, Documents, Save, Save all, Cut, Copy, Paste, Clipboard, Printer, Print, Printing, Print preview, Up, Down, Left, Right, Undo, Redo, Back, Forward, Find, Search, Bin, Full bin, Bell, Book, Book v2, Books, Bar-code, Price list, Dollar, Credit card, Bank cards, Credit cards, Money, Payment, Edit, Add, Delete, OK, Apply, Cancel, Error, Secured, Lock, Unlock, File, Report, Text file, About, Export, Import, List, Preview, Close, Reports, Notes, Mail, Support, Picture, Pictures, Slide show, Image protection, Road, Bus, Pallet, Chart, E-mail, Function, Database, Login, Card file, Computer, Refresh, Replace objects, Replace text, Play, Wizard, User, Users, User group, Customers, Meeting, Security, Heart, Help, What, Info, Hint, Zoom in, Zoom out, Calendar, Time, Compass, Globe, Earth, Exit, Home

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Jazz up Your Own Applications Using These Free of Charge Microsoft Windows Metro Icons

Grab the ideal symbols for the Windows mobile and enhance your applications which has a assortment of these fantastic designs to create your components seem all the more snazzy. The best part is, that every one of them one hundred thirty five icons come totally free, presently there ain’t far more you are able to ask for right now, is it possible to. Stay with me to be aware of a lot more.

Having your own systems appear awesome plus stylish was not ever it effortless. Most people turn out giving up the navigation and also overall performance while planning to bring that supplementary amount of niftiness, nevertheless that most shifts any time you operate the brand-new MS Windows Metro icons.

A number of details of those to start off along with- the icons have a dimensions of forty-eight by forty-eight pixels, which includes a circle in conjunction with a picture of size 26 by twenty-six pixels centred within. All these PNG data files have a very translucent back ground, and may also be uploaded with or without the circles. Accessible in white and black colours, they're suitable for Microsoft Windows mobile in addition to Windows 8 operating-system.

Through the use of these types of designs inside your assignments you will be able to confirm some sort of enhanced degree of interaction for any software. Straightforward, getting illustrative yet effective to see, they may have certainly every little thing going for by themselves. You'll be able to nicely position them in precisely the suitable areas and then escape the hassle of composing many many lines of code whilst keeping away from the actual clutter it may in any other case bring about, the best of this is that you can get and utilize them without spending a dime.

Whether it be for your music player, or perhaps a new photo to the recycle bin, a fresh folder image, or perhaps something totally new to replace the great old clear tab, this can be packed full of one of a kind icons for anything you maybe think of. The one hundred thirty five icons taken care of through this set, include each fathomable demand you will have with regards to images for apps may very well be involved. It is time to go back to to be a local as well as turning to using of images once more, because they’ll help to make using your application so much enjoyable that you might under no circumstances want to retreat to all those dull interfaces ever again. Other than getting all these symbols for require, they are built from to the absolute wish to be inventive. Much more than anything you might need, like for example , designs you might have to create any excuses for.

Most of these symbols, as mentioned previously, are compatible with the Windows 8 os's plus your Microsoft Windows phone. Make it simple, maintain it to remain neat, maintain it snazzy and then make tools and also interfaces active. Research says that people comprehend one shot better than one thousand text, and everything is based on the actual outline. By utilizing all of these you’ll in no way miss criteria, astonish users by getting them to take a look at things in a brand-new approach, everything that and much more may be accomplished easily while you are employing the favorite icons. Take a look, less costly than repairing, you wouldn’t have to lookup long for sites which you could fit all of them this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 100
  • Price: $99.95

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    About Plastic Toolbar Icon Pack

    Give your new product a unique new look! Give your software, database or Web application a unique, stylish appearance with a shiny new collection of 100 stock icons. Plastic Toolbar Icon Pack are professionally designed and hand-crafted in each of the available sizes. Design attractive products with slick appearance and a perfectly usable user interface by using Plastic Toolbar Icon Pack!

    Designing your own icons takes a while of your time and a lot of efforts, while ordering them to a third party is not just expensive, but can jeopardize your entire project with all sorts of delays. Secure your deadline by ordering ready-made icons right away! Plastic Toolbar Icon Pack are available right here, right now, and can save your project at the last moment. Use Plastic Toolbar Icon Pack in one or many projects - there are no royalties and no restrictions on the number of products!

    Plastic Toolbar Icon Pack depict objects and symbols that you are likely to meet in many products. Open, Print, Dollar, Cut, Copy and Paste, Up and Down, Back and Forward, About, Import and Export, Undo and Redo, Find, Close, and Info are just a few icons to name among dozens of others. Make your products look great on screenshots and on users' computers and increase your sales dramatically by simply choosing the right icons!

    Each icon is available in Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF, and PNG formats, and ships in 16 and 256 colors as well as semi-transparent True Color formats. All icons come in sizes of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels, and are supplied in normal, disabled (grayed-out) and highlighted states.

    Toolbar Icons also plans to release the next icon sets: Desktop Icons for Vista, Flag Icons for Vista, Aero Icons for Vista, Web Icons for Vista, Office Icons for Vista, Weather Icons for Vista, Computer Icons for Vista, Folder Icons for Vista.

    pngicons.info presents a list of stock icons available in the popular format of PNG.