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Perfect Web Icon Pack

perfect web icon pack

A set of web icons for your projects

Perfect Web Icon Pack provides you with an extensive package of beautifully designed icons for your websites and applications. With over 330 to choose from, they come in a variety of different sizes, formats and color definitions as well.

perfect web icon pack - web, globe, navigator, navigation, web design, rss, blog, blogging, twitter, twitter bird, seo, index, boss, user, users, user group, add users, social network, meeting, large group, people online, visual contact, online contact, user comment, user login, user logout, people contact, people contacts, search people, police officer icon
perfect web icon pack - security guard, uncle sam, pirate, hacker, spy, thief, agent, locked users, admin, forum moderator, web designer, copywriter, computer doctor, receptionist, live support, black list, postman, worker, engineer, mad scientist, appointment, blonde, female, male, pair, girl friend, boy friend, girl, boy, client icon
perfect web icon pack - clients, client group, conference, people, somebody, demography, usage stats, email, address book, mail, receive email, send email, send mail, get mail, open mail, write email, letter, envelope, news posting, attach file, balloon, message, messages, quote, support, info, question, hint, about, comment icon
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perfect web icon pack - weather, rain, temperature, retort, zoom place, home network, home, blue button, green button, red button, yellow button, black button icon

Icon images:

Web, Globe, Navigator, Navigation, Web design, RSS, Blog, Blogging, Twitter, Twitter bird, SEO, Index, Boss, User, Users, User group, Add users, Social Network, Meeting, Large group, People Online, Visual contact, Online contact, User comment, User login, User logout, People contact, People contacts, Search people, Police officer, Security guard, Uncle Sam, Pirate, Hacker, Spy, Thief, Agent, Locked users, Admin, Forum moderator, Web Designer, Copywriter, Computer doctor, Receptionist, Live support, Black list, Postman, Worker, Engineer, Mad scientist, Appointment, Blonde, Female, Male, Pair, Girl friend, Boy friend, Girl, Boy, Client, Clients, Client group, Conference, People, Somebody, Demography, Usage stats, Email, Address book, Mail, Receive email, Send email, Send mail, Get mail, Open mail, Write email, Letter, Envelope, News posting, Attach file, Balloon, Message, Messages, Quote, Support, Info, Question, Hint, About, Comment, Chat, HTML message, Blog text, News, Website, Web form, Forms, Site map, Categories, Workspace, Article file, Certificate, Certification, How to, Preview, Notes, List, Items, Reports, World, Entire network, Internet, Hyperlink, Remote database, Link, Relations, Web document, Internet Application, Homepage, Internet explorer, Data transmission, PC-Web synchronization, Data synchronization, Remote access, Server synchronization, PC-PDA synchronization, Data transfer, Computer, Computers, Workgroup, Server, My computer, Matrix, Monitor, Lock computer, Network group, Intranet, Notebook computer, Computer access, Environment, Router, Network, Hub, XML data, Switch, Database, Data server, Search data, Data warehouse, Save Data, Send data, Install, Uninstall, Sync changes, Refresh, Sync, Synchronize, Update, Go back, Go forward, Pointer, Commerce, Price list, Prices, Edit prices, Order, Order tracking, Payment, Trade, Earnings, Tax, Money, Coin, Coins, Money bag, Credit card, Credit cards, Cash register, Insurance, Advertising, Bank service, Payments, Bank, Bank properties, Internet bank, Stock, Sales, 3d pie chart, Online shop, Shopping, Hand truck, Empty basket, Full basket, Product, Products, Shopping cart, Check out cart, Delivery, Delivery 3d, Courier service, Turtle, Snail, Auction, Handshake, Phone number, Telephone, Phone, Mobile Phone, Cellphone, Phones, Phone Support, Contact, VOIP, Fax, Printer, Print, Laser printer, Print preview, Mouse, USB, Online references, Online library, Login form, Access, Key, Keys, Login, Enter, Logout, Access key, Lock, Registration, Update password, Internet access, Database security, Database access, Shield, Skull, Parental Control, Adult content, Dating, Umbrella, Star, Firewall, Fire, Power, Alerts, Protection, Forbidden, No, Copyright, Gateway, Exit, My pictures, Configuration, Settings, History, Schedule, Gauge, Time machine, Filter, Filters, Delete, Component, Microsoft flag, New, Free, Gift, Bomb, First aid, Medical, Sport, Drum, Megaphone, Card file, Account, Briefcase, House, Company, Hotel booking, Pin, Bookmark, Target, Calendar, Period end, Sign document, Signature, Card, Gallery, Portfolio, Photo, Clipart, Upload image, Download image, Search, Find, View, Back, Forward, Previous, Next, Go, Reject, Accept, Mark, Travels, Hotel, Smile, Buddy, Web camera, CCTV camera, Bell, Music notes, Sound, Music, No sound, Forum, Head phones, Microphone, Podcast, CD, Music disk, DVD, Converter, Convert sound, Audio conversion, Music conversion, Music converter, Audio converter, Cloud, Weather, Rain, Temperature, Retort, Zoom place, Home network, Home, Blue button, Green button, Red button, Yellow button, Black button

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Supplement your apps while using snazziest of icons

Get your hands on a collection of out of this world designs made by pros. When using the perfect combination of coloring collaboration and graphic content, all these icons have the capability to loan a supplementary edge for your software considering Windows Phone 7 operating-system.

When you're developing an app one of several most basic conditions that you will encounter is that of receiving the right kind of images to provide an air of visual appeal to it. For this specific purpose you may want ideal illustrations or photos as well as designs which might be synchronized while using the back-end as well as the ui, which in turn as you perfectly know is challenging to obtain.

It takes time of detail work to sketch and finalise 1 photo, when you require 100s of such visuals the absolute time needed to deliver the results will be massive, so much so which when you actually finalise them and therefore are ready to add them, the actual software package might have misplaced a handful of if not completely of the charm. That's the reason precisely why the best of web programmers are currently checking out these kinds of pre-developed in a position to use symbols that you could simply incorporate within the app.

Now you can safely focus on the back-end of your software with these ease-of-use symbols. Accessible in the PNG data formatting, the figures on all of these designs are 48 by 48 pixels coupled with inside visuals which are placed in the particular heart of your twenty-six by twenty-six pixels sq. The particular snazzy means of the actual rendering of these ensures they are extremely fun as well as simple to understand, even while helping to make the software package ease-of-use it gives the user a sense of ease. All these designs are specifically works with your Windows 8 main system as well as WP7 are available inside of a list of 823 one of a kind images that are, as mentioned previously, all set to be included in the software package. The ideal function would need to function as the vast amounts of colours these come in, you obtain all of these remarkable designs in up to a whopping fourteen colorings including red, blue, green and also the much more uncommon silver and also grey, also, the common white and black.

Whatever you need for the mobile organizer is definitely on this site. Through this set up you could find icons for just about any common instrument you might find on the desktop, such as folder, open message, link etc., greater than these you can get many previously un-conceived and also seldom used images, for example a turtle image as well as a bird image. Certainly one of my favourite is really a picture of a tiny front door with the arrow directed inwards which often can be used to mean a sign in, and also a related graphic using the arrow directed outwards implying a logout. 823 of these simple and detailed images are ready to be used, all you have to do is to is to purchase them over here, down load and you're simply ready to use these to your benefit. Keeping it straightforward even though edging in the direction of that extra little bit of niftiness will be the call of the day, so why submit a lusterless and complicated app when you are able get it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 342
  • Price: $49.95

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    About Perfect Web Icon Pack

    Designing a usable application or attractive Web site is not an easy task. Drawing or ordering a matching set of toolbar icons is neither easy nor cheap. Save time on making specifications and drawing icons! Save money by ordering icons that are readily available! Get a set of matching stock icons, and empower your new product with modern, sleek design!

    Perfect Web Icon Pack is a professionally crafted set of icons for web developers and software developers. A large selection of 337 beautifully designed icons, these will help to give the interfaces of your projects the professional look that they deserve while also improving usability. All of the icons included in this package come in three different forms. Each icon has a normal version, a highlighted one and a ghosted / disabled one. Additionally, the icons also come in different sizes allowing for maximum versatility. Different formats and color definitions are also included, including full True Color versions. At a very modest price, this set of icons will save you a great deal of time and money. No longer do you have to worry about painstakingly designing your own icons or paying an artist to create each icon individually. Instead, you can obtain an entire set including a wide variety of icons suited to various applications and website interfaces. You can find out more information at the site as well as see a complete preview of all the icons included in the package.

    Perfect Web Icon Pack can be previewed online at http://www.perfect-icons.com

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