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Perfect Web 2.0 Icon Pack

perfect web 2.0 icon pack

A set of 246 Web 2.0 icons for your projects

Design interactive Web 2.0 applications with professional graphics! The collection of 246 ready-made Web 2.0 icons covers a wide range of popular subjects, control elements, actions and entities you're likely to use in your Web 2.0 portal.

perfect web 2.0 icon pack - rss, social network, green rss reader, orange rss reader, twitter bird, follow me, orange twitter, blue twitter, blog, orange forum, online cube, forum, stumbleupon, online writing, myspace, facebook, favourites, technorati, flickr, youtube, netvibes, blinklist, delicious, digg, reddit, duckling, twitter, retweet, feedburner, picasa icon
perfect web 2.0 icon pack - drupal, black wordpress, blue wordpress, bing, ebay, paypal, icq, skype, google talk, google buzz, yahoo buzz, podcast, deviant art, linkedin, google, yahoo, msn, aol, microsoft, apple, app store, amazon, blogger, share this, globe, web, community, user, star, heart icon
perfect web 2.0 icon pack - quote, mail, smile, phone number, xml, blogging, send mail, permalink, tag, home, chat, message, people, black button, dark blue button, light blue button, red button, silver button, orange button, yellow button, green button, btorrent, copyleft, copyright, donkey, download, emule, free, linux, open torrent folder icon
perfect web 2.0 icon pack - peer to peer, pirate, torrent, torrent file, torrent folder, utorrent, virus, pirate bay, adult content, super twitter, round button, tweet, twt, video, audio, about, twitter button, business, dollar, investment, coins, cash, income, dollar coin, bank service, bank, earnings, invoice, purchase, credit icon
perfect web 2.0 icon pack - atm, brief case, calculator, card file, calendar, tasks, cash register, safe, insurance, chemical industry, research, delivery, taxi, cargo, ship, boat, airplane, freight carrier, ecology, travel, vat, contact, mobile phone, phone, weight, product, gun, weapon, mission, advertising icon
perfect web 2.0 icon pack - medicine, first aid, fire, thermometer, satellite tv, recycle bin, full recycle bin, undo, redo, refresh, add, remove, delete, erase, apply, accept, check boxes, clear, cancel, no, close, start, go, warning, error, back, forward, question, notes, blank icon
perfect web 2.0 icon pack - report, reports, all reports, inventory, properties, list, attach, cellphone, options, application, gear, measuring, find, view, certification, horse, exit, database, cloud computing, city, hotel, buildings, commercial building, printer, print, soccer, space exploration, recycling, online contacts, voip icon
perfect web 2.0 icon pack - place selection, tourist industry, real earth, world, zoom place, zoom, compass, knowledge, conference, clouds, metal-barrels, government, apartment, castle, pagoda, mosque, museum, church, megapolis, factory, industry, warehouse, business building, building, company, wooden house, stone house, igloo, room, fortress icon
perfect web 2.0 icon pack - facade, hospital, coconut tree, travel1, tree icon

Icon images:

RSS, Social network, Green RSS reader, Orange RSS reader, Twitter bird, Follow me, Orange twitter, Blue twitter, Blog, Orange forum, Online cube, Forum, StumbleUpon, Online writing, MySpace, Facebook, Favourites, Technorati, Flickr, Youtube, Netvibes, Blinklist, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Duckling, Twitter, Retweet, Feedburner, Picasa, Drupal, Black WordPress, Blue WordPress, Bing, Ebay, Paypal, ICQ, Skype, Google Talk, Google Buzz, Yahoo Buzz, Podcast, Deviant Art, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Microsoft, Apple, App Store, Amazon, Blogger, Share This, Globe, Web, Community, User, Star, Heart, Quote, Mail, Smile, Phone number, XML, Blogging, Send mail, Permalink, Tag, Home, Chat, Message, People, Black button, Dark blue button, Light blue button, Red button, Silver button, Orange button, Yellow button, Green button, Btorrent, Copyleft, Copyright, Donkey, Download, Emule, Free, Linux, Open torrent folder, Peer to peer, Pirate, Torrent, Torrent file, Torrent folder, Utorrent, Virus, Pirate bay, Adult content, Super Twitter, Round button, Tweet, Twt, Video, Audio, About, Twitter button, Business, Dollar, Investment, Coins, Cash, Income, Dollar coin, Bank service, Bank, Earnings, Invoice, Purchase, Credit, ATM, Brief case, Calculator, Card file, Calendar, Tasks, Cash register, Safe, Insurance, Chemical industry, Research, Delivery, Taxi, Cargo, Ship, Boat, Airplane, Freight carrier, Ecology, Travel, VAT, Contact, Mobile phone, Phone, Weight, Product, Gun, Weapon, Mission, Advertising, Medicine, First aid, Fire, Thermometer, Satellite TV, Recycle bin, Full recycle bin, Undo, Redo, Refresh, Add, Remove, Delete, Erase, Apply, Accept, Check boxes, Clear, Cancel, No, Close, Start, Go, Warning, Error, Back, Forward, Question, Notes, Blank, Report, Reports, All reports, Inventory, Properties, List, Attach, Cellphone, Options, Application, Gear, Measuring, Find, View, Certification, Horse, Exit, Database, Cloud computing, City, Hotel, Buildings, Commercial building, Printer, Print, Soccer, Space exploration, Recycling, Online contacts, Voip, Place selection, Tourist industry, Real Earth, World, Zoom place, Zoom, Compass, Knowledge, Conference, Clouds, Metal-barrels, Government, Apartment, Castle, Pagoda, Mosque, Museum, Church, Megapolis, Factory, Industry, Warehouse, Business building, Building, Company, Wooden house, Stone house, Igloo, Room, Fortress, Facade, Hospital, Coconut tree, Travel1, Tree

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Accentuate the softwares with the snazziest of symbols

Get your hands on a collection of super cool symbols designed by experts. With the correct combination of coloration mix and graphic information, all these icons are capable to lend any supplement edge for your app based upon Microsoft Windows Phone 7 main system.

While you are styling an app one of several most basic issues that you could possibly stumble upon is the one about receiving the appropriate artwork to lend an aura of visual appeal with it. For this specific purpose you may want great artwork as well as symbols which can be in sync together with the back-end along with the ui, that as you may very well understand is challenging to obtain.

It requires hrs of accurate work to draw and also complete 1 shot, so when you'll need 100s of these types of images the particular pure moment necessary to get the job done would be massive, so much in fact which by the point a person complete these and they are wanting to include all of them, the particular application would have dropped a bit of if not all of the overall appeal. That's the key reason why the best of website developers now are embracing these pre-developed ready to deploy designs that you could readily include within the software.

It's easy to safely concentrate on the back-end of your software package with one of these ease-of-use symbols. For sale in the PNG data formatting, the figures on all these symbols tend to be 48 by forty eight pixels along with inner design that happen to be placed in the heart of an twenty-six by twenty six pixels sq .. The snazzy manner of the particular rendering of them makes them quite interactive and easy to discover, while creating the software ease-of-use it gives the person an understanding of comfort and ease. These icons are specially compatible with the Microsoft Windows 8 operating-system along with WP7 and come inside of a list of 823 completely unique illustrations or photos which may be, as mentioned previously, prepared to be contributed to the software package. The most effective element have to be the vast degrees of shades these come in, you can get all of these astounding designs in up to fourteen colorations including red, blue, green also, the far more extraordinary silver plus grey, additionally, the common white or black.

Whatever you might want for a mobile Phone organizer is actually right here. Through this set up you will find icons for almost any common device you'll find on your pc, like folder, open message, hyperlink and so on., more than all these you can get several previously un-conceived and unused photos, such as a turtle icon or even a bird icon. One of the best is actually a picture of a tiny front door with the arrow pointing inwards that could be utilized to suggest a login, as well as a similar graphic along with the arrow directing outwards hinting a logout. 823 of those simple and detailed graphics will be ready to be taken, all that you should do should be to is to purchase these right here, download and then you're ready to work with those to your advantage. Keeping it uncomplicated whilst edging in direction of that added little bit of niftiness is the call of the day, so why submit a dull and complex software when you might have this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 245
  • Price: 49.95

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    About Perfect Web 2.0 Icon Pack

    Design interactive Web 2.0 applications with professional graphics! The collection of 246 ready-made Web 2.0 icons covers a wide range of popular subjects, control elements, actions and entities you're likely to use in your Web 2.0 portal. Perfect Web 2.0 Icon Pack offers Web developers a perfect chance to save when designing enhance e-commerce sites, online stores, Web portals, blogs, forums and social Web sites.

    Perfect Web 2.0 Icon Pack offer a large collection of images depicting a variety of controls you're likely to use in your Web 2.0 site. The Online and Offline icons, HTML, User, Facebook, Customer, RSS, Twitter, Blog, Myspace, Bing, Tag, Web, Community, and hundreds of other images are provided in a number of sizes and file formats.

    Perfect Web 2.0 Icon Pack are instantly available. Get them just a moment after placing your order! The collection of Web 2.0 icons is completely royalty-free, allowing you to re-use the images in as many applications and Web sites as needed. You can even re-distribute them with your apps for no extra charge.

    Each order supplies 246 unique images, each available in three states: normal, disabled and highlighted. Resolutions of 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels are provided. All images come in 32-bit True Color with semi-transparent alpha-channel and smooth, jaggy-free edges. The alpha channel allows Perfect Web 2.0 Icon Pack to blend smoothly with complex backgrounds. All of the following file formats are supplied with each order: Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), and PNG.