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Perfect Warehouse Icon Pack

perfect warehouse icon pack

Warehousing topic in a set of cool icons!

If you are working on a sophisticated warehouse application or a website and cannot figure out how to solve the UI problem under a fixed deadline, try one of the most comprehensive and professionally-looking icon sets - Perfect Warehouse Icon Pack!

perfect warehouse icon pack - furniture, round table, sofa, armchair, kitchen, desk, chair, office chair, chest of drawers, brush, instrument, roller, pulverizer, paint, hammer, screwdriver, wrench, tools, knife, nippers, tool, rock hammer, driil, ironware, working gloves, work, home technics, water heater, tanks, tank icon
perfect warehouse icon pack - boiler, burner, stove, refrigerator, radiator, pipes and fittings, pipe line, horizontal pipe, vertical pipe, pipes, pump, cable heating, plumbing, kitchen tap, heater, heat equipment, generator, machinery, electric, lamps, fixture, cable, wire, fuel, explosive, lock, keys, measuring, cookware, food icon
perfect warehouse icon pack - vegetables, fruits, beverage, bottle, bottles, drugs, cosmetics, musical instruments, electronics, sporting goods, sports, clothes, t-shirt, new, dustbin, trash, objects, pad, directory, archive, inventory, certification, certificate, invoice, calc stakes, stake calculation, client list, client base, customers, appointment icon
perfect warehouse icon pack - storekeeper, security guard, cctv, sign, sale, buy, trade, payment, order tracking, sales, stock, tax, insurance, gift, toy, barcode scanner, barcode, barcode scanning, cash register, card terminal, calculator, abacus, calendar, period end, fax, telephone, call, internet bank, bank properties, close barrier icon
perfect warehouse icon pack - open barrier, control, thermometer, chemistry, gps, air cargo, cargo ship, electric train, train, freight car, tank truck, cargo, lorry, panel truck, trailer, taxi-lorry, delivery, transportation, wheelbarrow, forklift truck, wheeled tractor, bulldozer, tow truck, elevator, loading, unloading, laden pallet, empty pallet, pallet, freight container icon
perfect warehouse icon pack - product, closed package, open package, box, pack, extract, store, medical store, goods, medical goods, first aid, medical, scales, market, hand truck, product basket, empty basket, full basket, medical supplies, products, shopping cart, check out cart, buyer bag, cask, casks, pick, put away, transfer, baggage, back pack icon
perfect warehouse icon pack - sack, warehouse, storehouse, hangar, hoisting crane, crawler crane, excavator, crane truck, construction, sandbag, bricks, brick wall, stairs, levels, window, flowers, house goods, interior, ceramics, landscape, tree, door, open door, exit, office, room, house, home, company icon

Icon images:

Furniture, Round table, Sofa, Armchair, Kitchen, Desk, Chair, Office chair, Chest of drawers, Brush, Instrument, Roller, Pulverizer, Paint, Hammer, Screwdriver, Wrench, Tools, Knife, Nippers, Tool, Rock hammer, Driil, Ironware, Working gloves, Work, Home technics, Water heater, Tanks, Tank, Boiler, Burner, Stove, Refrigerator, Radiator, Pipes and fittings, Pipe line, Horizontal pipe, Vertical pipe, Pipes, Pump, Cable heating, Plumbing, Kitchen tap, Heater, Heat equipment, Generator, Machinery, Electric, Lamps, Fixture, Cable, Wire, Fuel, Explosive, Lock, Keys, Measuring, Cookware, Food, Vegetables, Fruits, Beverage, Bottle, Bottles, Drugs, Cosmetics, Musical instruments, Electronics, Sporting goods, Sports, Clothes, T-shirt, New, Dustbin, Trash, Objects, Pad, Directory, Archive, Inventory, Certification, Certificate, Invoice, Calc stakes, Stake calculation, Client list, Client base, Customers, Appointment, Storekeeper, Security guard, CCTV, Sign, Sale, Buy, Trade, Payment, Order tracking, Sales, Stock, Tax, Insurance, Gift, Toy, Barcode scanner, Barcode, Barcode scanning, Cash register, Card terminal, Calculator, Abacus, Calendar, Period end, Fax, Telephone, Call, Internet bank, Bank properties, Close barrier, Open barrier, Control, Thermometer, Chemistry, GPS, Air cargo, Cargo ship, Electric train, Train, Freight car, Tank truck, Cargo, Lorry, Panel Truck, Trailer, Taxi-lorry, Delivery, Transportation, Wheelbarrow, Forklift truck, Wheeled tractor, Bulldozer, Tow truck, Elevator, Loading, Unloading, Laden pallet, Empty pallet, Pallet, Freight Container, Product, Closed package, Open package, Box, Pack, Extract, Store, Medical Store, Goods, Medical goods, First aid, Medical, Scales, Market, Hand truck, Product basket, Empty basket, Full basket, Medical supplies, Products, Shopping cart, Check out cart, Buyer bag, Cask, Casks, Pick, Put away, Transfer, Baggage, Back pack, Sack, Warehouse, Storehouse, Hangar, Hoisting crane, Crawler crane, Excavator, Crane truck, Construction, Sandbag, Bricks, Brick wall, Stairs, Levels, Window, Flowers, House goods, Interior, Ceramics, Landscape, Tree, Door, Open door, Exit, Office, Room, House, Home, Company

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 209
  • Price: $99.95

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    About Perfect Warehouse Icon Pack

    These days, a great number of applications are created for inventory management and monitoring purposes. Warehouse workers, managers and sales personnel use them on a daily basis, which requires the highest possible level of usability and comfort. A well-readable interface is one of the most important elements of an efficient application, as it gives users a good idea about the way functions and commands are grouped and enables them to find the right ones without spending too much time browsing through numerous menus. Increased efficiency of a single warehouse worker or salesperson means increased efficiency of the whole company, which is hard to overestimate.

    If you are working on a warehousing application and cannot figure out how to solve the UI problem under a fixed deadline, try one of the most comprehensive and professionally-looking icon sets - Perfect Warehouse Icon Pack! Each of these images was handcrafted by professional artists, which really makes a difference and adds to the professionalism of your own solution. Perfect Warehouse Icon Pack are provided in a number of resolutions - 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48 pixels - and three states: normal, disabled, and highlighted. True Color and 256-color variants are available for different development purposes. Normal, disabled and highlighted states allow you to create additional functionality in your application just by swapping images and assigning corresponding functions to them. This great set contains a wide range of topics - from flowers and plants to kitchen appliances, tools, house goods, construction materials, furniture, plumbing and heating equipment and much more. You will never be disappointed by the level of quality these icons offer and their excellent symbolism! If you are looking for a set of icons related to warehouse and merchandise, Perfect Warehouse Icon Pack will be just what the doctor ordered! Great-looking and affordable, they will be a great addition to your applications and websites.