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Perfect Table Icon Pack

perfect table icon pack

Attractive table icons for database software

Perfect Table Icon Pack is a package of attractive hand-made icons for use in various database products, including desktop software applications, online web sites and mobile projects. The icons have bright color palette, smooth and well-rounded edges.

perfect table icon pack - table, tables, grid, datasheet, desk, office, database table, nested table, sql query, update sql, db, data source, data set, merge tables, stock table, datasheets, batch move, query results, previous table, next table, export table, import table, send table, refresh table, revert table, update table, attach table, mark table, pin table, point table icon
perfect table icon pack - choose table, view table, find table, look table, cut table, create table, add table, table wizard, new table, edit table, correct table, save table, delete table, erase table, clear table, table eraser, check table, accept table, repair table, remove table, forbidden table, table exclamation, table problem, table errort, table warning, ok table, table info, about table, print table, trash table icon
perfect table icon pack - no table, favourites table, money table, credit card table, lock table, table key, filter table, table options, table settings, system table, copyright table, calculate table, email field, letter table, table letter, phone field, phone table, call table, pie chart table, pie chart grid, 3d diagram, 3d chart, table figures, table query, query table, table comment, table hint, table question, table meter, rss table icon
perfect table icon pack - global table, web table, fast table, table events, table bomb, table glossary, table navigation, table objects, todo table, credit table, income table, table phone, music table, sound table, percent value, calculated field, table font, function, table user, user table, timetable, gantt chart, gantt charts, excel, table 4x4, table 3x3, table 2x2, table cell, database, copy database icon
perfect table icon pack - new database, edit data, add database, apply database, delete database, destroy database, connect database, disconnect database, lock database, unlock database, search data, repair database, restore data, backup data, backup database, restore database, remote database, database access, database configuration, dataset provider, session, db relations, run sql, stored proc, add record, remove record, delete record, first record, last record, previous record icon
perfect table icon pack - next record, data storage, data, data warehouse, raw data, xml data icon

Icon images:

Table, Tables, Grid, Datasheet, Desk, Office, Database table, Nested table, SQL query, Update SQL, DB, Data source, Data set, Merge tables, Stock table, Datasheets, Batch move, Query results, Previous table, Next table, Export table, Import table, Send Table, Refresh table, Revert table, Update table, Attach table, Mark table, Pin table, Point table, Choose table, View table, Find table, Look table, Cut table, Create table, Add table, Table wizard, New table, Edit table, Correct table, Save table, Delete table, Erase table, Clear table, Table eraser, Check table, Accept table, Repair table, Remove table, Forbidden table, Table exclamation, Table problem, Table errort, Table warning, OK table, Table info, About table, Print table, Trash table, No table, Favourites table, Money table, Credit card table, Lock table, Table key, Filter table, Table options, Table settings, System table, Copyright table, Calculate table, Email field, Letter table, Table letter, Phone field, Phone table, Call table, Pie chart table, Pie chart grid, 3d diagram, 3d chart, Table figures, Table query, Query table, Table comment, Table hint, Table question, Table meter, RSS table, Global table, Web table, Fast table, Table events, Table bomb, Table glossary, Table navigation, Table objects, Todo table, Credit table, Income table, Table phone, Music table, Sound table, Percent value, Calculated field, Table font, Function, Table user, User table, Timetable, Gantt chart, Gantt charts, Excel, Table 4x4, Table 3x3, Table 2x2, Table cell, Database, Copy database, New database, Edit data, Add database, Apply database, Delete database, Destroy database, Connect database, Disconnect database, Lock database, Unlock database, Search data, Repair database, Restore data, Backup data, Backup database, Restore database, Remote database, Database access, Database configuration, Dataset provider, Session, Db relations, Run SQL, Stored proc, Add record, Remove record, Delete record, First record, Last record, Previous record, Next record, Data storage, Data, Data warehouse, Raw data, XML data

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Enhance your own apps while using snazziest of symbols

Get hold of some of super cool designs designed by professionals. With the appropriate combined color mix and graphic information, these icons have the capability to loan an extra edge to the software based on MS Windows Phone 7 operating system.

If you find yourself making an software on the list of most general conditions that you will come across is that of receiving the right kind of illustrations or photos to provide an air of visual appeal with it. For this purpose you may want perfect images and icons which are in sync with all the business logic as well as the graphical user interface, which usually as you nicely recognize is difficult to attain.

It will take hours of finely-detailed work to sketch and also complete a picture, and when you will need countless such design the sheer period necessary to accomplish the task could be big, so much so that when anyone complete them and so are ready to include these, your software can have dropped a bit of if not all of its appeal. That's why the best of programmers are currently looking at these kinds of pre-developed ready to set up designs that one could readily combine from your software.

Now you can safely and securely concentrate on the back end of your program with such ease-of-use icons. Available in the PNG format, the size of these types of symbols are forty-eight by forty eight pixels coupled with internal images that are placed in the actual center of your 26 by twenty six pixels sq. The actual snazzy method of the actual portrayal of these ensures they are incredibly fun as well as simple to discover, even while creating the software convenient it provides customer a feel of comfort and ease. These types of icons are especially appropriate for your own Windows 8 operating system and WP7 and are available inside a set of 823 particular images which can be, as said before, prepared to be included in the software. The most effective element will have to function as the huge ranges of shades these come in, you can receive these amazing designs in as many as 14 colorings including red, blue, green plus the much more extraordinary silver and grey, and also the conventional monochrome.

Something that you may want for any cell Phone coordinator is definitely on this site. Through this set you could find icons for virtually any normal device you'll find at the computer's desktop, for example folder, open message, link etcetera., over all these you can get many previously un-conceived and also untouched illustrations or photos, like a turtle symbol as well as a bird image. Among the best is a photograph of the compact entry with an arrow directed inwards which often can be utilized to mean a logon, together with a related graphic along with the arrow pointing outwards hinting a logout. 823 of those basic and detailed images will be ready to be utilized, all you need to do is always to is to purchase all of them over here, download and install and you are therefore ready to utilize these to your advantage. Always keeping this straightforward whilst edging in direction of that further bit of niftiness is the call for the day, so why put forward a lusterless and complex software when you can actually have it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 156
  • Price: $49.95

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    About Perfect Table Icon Pack

    Designing a usable application or attractive Web site is not an easy task. Drawing or ordering a matching set of toolbar icons is neither easy nor cheap. Save time on making specifications and drawing icons! Save money by ordering icons that are readily available! Get a set of matching toolbar icons, and empower your new product with modern, sleek design!

    Perfect Table Icon Pack is a library of royalty-free ready-made icons for use in various database products, including mobile and desktop software applications, online websites and presentations.

    The icon images have been carefully designed pixel by pixel by professional artists. They shine with a bright color palette, smooth and good-rounded edges. These stock icons will help a software developer to place a truly professional feel to his project's GUI interfaces without the need to hire a designer or spend hours and even weeks on designing icons on his own.

    Your web portals and database programs will look more modern and attractive with Perfect Table Icon Pack. Color formats include Windows 7 and 8-bit formats. Available sizes are 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48. This icon set includes database related icons: new table, erase table, view table, data set, table problem, database, database table, and others.

    Product page: http://www.perfect-icons.com/stock-icons/perfect-table-icons.htm

    Aha-Soft plans to release the following icon sets also: Huge Icon Library, Lumina Icon Library, Gold Icon Library, Kit Icon Library, Portfolio Icon Library, New Icon Library, Mac Icon Library, Nokia Icon Library, Windows Icon Library, Stock Icon Library.

    More info about stock icons: http://www.pngicons.org