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Perfect Phone Icon Pack

perfect phone icon pack

A collection of royalty-free phone icons

Enhance communication applications with ready-made, royalty-free phone icons. Designed by professional artists, Perfect Phone Icon Pack are both stylish and easily recognizable. There are 61 icons in the set, all sharing common style, colors and gamma.

perfect phone icon pack - phone, mobile phone, cell phone, smart phone, office phone, telephone, phones, telephone receiver, ipad, iphone, android, dial, hangup, call up, busy, dialing, get from phone, upload to phone, server synchronization, pc-pda synchronization, phone and monitor, monitor and phone, phone support, telephone directory, address book, contact addresses, sim-card, contact, contacts, create contact icon
perfect phone icon pack - remove contact, delete contact, edit contact, find contact, black list, visual contact, contact data, people contact, people contacts, somebody, meeting, family, secretary, support, answering machine, records, radio transmitter, radio transmitting, radio receiving, wi-fi, signal, vibration ring, midi, music notes, music, sound regulator, sound, mute, head phones, call icon
perfect phone icon pack - irda, bluetooth, bell, megaphone, drum, date and time, calendar, clock, time, alarm clock, alarm, birthday, configuration, options, system, mail, start flag, weather, umbrella, navigation, star, dating, bank service, conversion of currency, payments, tax, target, orienteering, notebook computer, calculator icon
perfect phone icon pack - keypad, card terminal, battery, energy, gamepad, games, forbidden, home, world icon

Icon images:

Phone, Mobile phone, Cell phone, Smart phone, Office phone, Telephone, Phones, Telephone receiver, IPad, IPhone, Android, Dial, Hangup, Call up, Busy, Dialing, Get from phone, Upload to phone, Server synchronization, PC-PDA synchronization, Phone and monitor, Monitor and phone, Phone support, Telephone directory, Address book, Contact addresses, SIM-card, Contact, Contacts, Create contact, Remove contact, Delete contact, Edit contact, Find contact, Black list, Visual contact, Contact data, People contact, People contacts, Somebody, Meeting, Family, Secretary, Support, Answering machine, Records, Radio transmitter, Radio transmitting, Radio receiving, Wi-Fi, Signal, Vibration ring, Midi, Music notes, Music, Sound regulator, Sound, Mute, Head phones, Call, IRDA, Bluetooth, Bell, Megaphone, Drum, Date and time, Calendar, Clock, Time, Alarm clock, Alarm, Birthday, Configuration, Options, System, Mail, Start flag, Weather, Umbrella, Navigation, Star, Dating, Bank service, Conversion of currency, Payments, Tax, Target, Orienteering, Notebook computer, Calculator, Keypad, Card terminal, Battery, Energy, Gamepad, Games, Forbidden, Home, World

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Complement your apps considering the snazziest of symbols

Get hold of some out of this world symbols made by gurus. Using the right mix of coloration combination plus pictorial content, these types of designs have the capability to loan an extra benefit in your software in relation to Windows Phone 7 operating system.

When you find yourself designing an software package on the list of most common problems that you may bump into is the one about obtaining the right type of visuals to lend an aura of appearance for it. For this function you might need best visuals plus symbols that happen to be in sync while using the back-end as well as the ui, which in turn as you may properly know is challenging to attain.

It will take hrs of accurate work to draw and finalise 1 picture, when you would like countless this sort of images the particular absolute period forced to deliver the results would be massive, so much in fact which when a person finalise them and so are ready to include all of them, your app could have misplaced a handful of if not completely of their appeal. That's the reason exactly why the very best of web programmers now are embracing these pre-developed in a position to utilize designs you could conveniently integrate in the app.

Now you can safely focus on the back-end of your software program with one of these simple to use designs. Available in the actual PNG formatting, the figures on these types of designs tend to be forty-eight by forty-eight pixels along with inside images which have been set in the particular center of the twenty six by twenty-six pixels square. The particular snazzy manner of the particular rendering of such means they are very fun and simple to decipher, while making the software simple to use it provides the end user a feel of relaxation. Most of these symbols are specifically compatible with the Windows 8 main system and WP7 and come inside of a list of 823 completely unique images which may be, as mentioned previously, ready to be included in the app. The simplest feature must function as the extensive amounts of colors these come in, you obtain these wonderful icons in approximately fourteen shades together with red, blue, green plus the far more unusual silver and also grey, along with the traditional white and black.

Anything that you might need for just a cellular coordinator is definitely on this site. Through this set up you could find icons for almost any common instrument you'll find upon your own desktop computer, for instance folder, open message, link and so on., greater than a lot of these you can find a lot of formerly un-conceived in addition to unused images, say for example a turtle symbol or a bird symbol. Among my favourite is a picture of the tiny entry with an arrow directed inwards that could be utilized to mean a login, along with a very similar picture with the arrow directed outwards implying a logout. 823 of those easy and detailed graphics are ready to be utilized, all that you should do is to is to purchase these right here, down load and you are therefore ready to utilize these to your benefit. Always keeping this uncomplicated whilst edging in direction of that further little bit of niftiness may be the call for the day, why submit a dull and complicated software whenever you can get this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 99
  • Price: $49.95

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    About Perfect Phone Icon Pack

    Enhance communication applications with ready-made, royalty-free phone icons. Designed by professional artists, Perfect Phone Icon Pack are both stylish and easily recognizable. There are 61 icons in the set, all sharing common style, colors and gamma to make perfect layout in your communication project.

    Designed to speed up the development of online communication portals, phone tools, mobile applications and call centers, Perfect Phone Icon Pack include images representing office and home phones, mobile phones, smart phone, disc telephone, receiver, and other telephony-related hardware. Common actions such as hangup, answer, busy, on-hold, upload and download are also included. The collection of phone icons supplies a variety of characters such as contact, people, contact data, multiple contacts, and so on. A variety of organizer symbols and events is included, such as alarm, timer, clock, calendar, date and time.

    Technically, the entire collection of 99 icons is supplied in four major formats including ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP, making it easy to integrate into any online or offline development platform. 8-bit and 32-bit versions are provided for each icon. The true-color variety includes semi-transparent alpha channel mask for jag-free rendering. There are four different sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48 pixels. Three states (normal, disabled, highlighted) are provided for every icon.

    Perfect Phone Icon Pack are royalty-free. The license permits the original purchaser to use Perfect Phone Icon Pack in as many online and off-line projects as needed. Download page: http://www.perfect-icons.com/stock-icons/perfect-phone-icons.htm

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