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Perfect Office Icon Pack

perfect office icon pack

Perfect Office Icon Pack for you

Perfect Office Icon Pack collection is a set of royalty-free icons which has been specially designed to breathe a new life into all of your office applications.

perfect office icon pack - open, up folder, close folder, closed folder, open folder, documents, publish, my pictures, open file, new folder, save, save as, save data, printer, print, print preview, fast print, send fax, shredder, fax, scanner, portrait, landscape, paper, no paper, search, search previous, search next, cut, copy icon
perfect office icon pack - copy document, paste, clipboard, pad, preview, inspector, compare files, view, zoom in, zoom out, actual size, find, find text, find on computer, find in folder, seo, spectacles, back, forward, undo, redo, sync, synchronize, refresh, update, revert, flip, rotation, rotate, rotate right icon
perfect office icon pack - rotate left, flip horizontally, flip vertically, previous, next, go, reject, accept, check boxes, ok, no, cancel, close, turn on, turn off, terminate, stop, new, restart, info, hint, support, about, comment, message, balloon, quote, warning, error, danger icon
perfect office icon pack - problem, forbidden, create, add, delete, remove, apply, clear, eraser, empty dustbin, full dustbin, new file, text file, file properties, export text, import text, word 97 file, word file, word sample, check compatibility, title page, drop cap, caption, header, footer, marginal notes, page number, current position, side page number, top page number icon
perfect office icon pack - bottom page number, page number format, delete page number, cross reference, checking area, edit text, edit document, overpatching, accept changes, reject changes, flip changes, show changes, next correction, previuos correction, page, add page, remove page, page marking, page width, page break, scale 100, two files, two pages, read mode, prepare, draft, final document, restrictions, properties, file info icon
perfect office icon pack - lock file, encipher, signature, structure, express block, digital signature, file server, workspace, how to, script, scenario, macro, form, blank, blanks, items, list, lists, list page, list pages, number list, scroll list, to do list, to do list page, task list, task list page, report, reports, report page, report pages icon
perfect office icon pack - market report, market report page, all reports, certification, certificate, cheque, invoice, price list, price list page, edit prices, order, tasks, inventory, client list, blog, object, object manager, web document, web site, html message, site map, news, article file, sound file, multimedia file, binary file, burn text, page options, replace text, translation icon
perfect office icon pack - spell checking, sort a-z, sort z-a, sort 1-9, sort 9-1, letters and digits, digits, abc, chinese, korean, japanese, number, numbers, text, font style, select font, question, function, function x, symbol, formula, sum, percent, email, copyright, bold, italic, special symbols, underlined, superscript icon
perfect office icon pack - subscript, enlarge size, reduce size, align text left, align text center, align text right, justify text, align left, align right, align center, justify, table, tables, export table, import table, datasheet, grid, account, card, cards, card file, card index, open card index, briefcase, window, windows, new window, divide window, move to other window, normalize windows icon
perfect office icon pack - split window, multiple windows, wordart, brush, feather, pen, red pencil, green pencil, blue pencil, black pencil, picture, images, clip, gallery, palette, paint, graphic tools, camera, movie, chart, diagram, 3dchart, 3d bar chart, statistics, pie chart, 2d pie chart, figures, objects, smartart, thesaurus icon
perfect office icon pack - book, help book, address book, case history, book of records, open book, notebook, notes, notepad, diary, book library, reference books, open references, online references, hyperlink, internet, globe, rss, upload, download, hard drive, data transmission, restore, backup, computer, desktop, database, keyboard, calculator, phone icon
perfect office icon pack - mobile phone, phones, phone support, telephone directory, phone number, contact, letter, mail, write email, open mail, receive, send, get mail, send mail, envelope, select recipients, start merging, stickers, attach, note, new note, delete note, previous note, next note, bookmark, pin, select, cursor, hierarchy, flow block icon
perfect office icon pack - calendar, date and time, alarm, time, history, schedule, time management, dollar, money, credit card, credit cards, login form, login, lock, key, keys, shield, filter, rule, rulers, measure, units, screen settings, configuration, repair, settings, favourites, wizard, user, users icon
perfect office icon pack - user group, people, appointment, conference, computer users, chief editor, editor, writer, blogger, interpreter, event manager, professor, lecturer, student, class board, monkey, knowledge, publisher, office, room, desk, coffee, handshake, index, exit, home icon

Icon images:

Open, Up folder, Close folder, Closed folder, Open folder, Documents, Publish, My pictures, Open file, New folder, Save, Save as, Save data, Printer, Print, Print preview, Fast print, Send fax, Shredder, Fax, Scanner, Portrait, Landscape, Paper, No paper, Search, Search previous, Search next, Cut, Copy, Copy document, Paste, Clipboard, Pad, Preview, Inspector, Compare files, View, Zoom in, Zoom out, Actual size, Find, Find text, Find on computer, Find in folder, SEO, Spectacles, Back, Forward, Undo, Redo, Sync, Synchronize, Refresh, Update, Revert, Flip, Rotation, Rotate, Rotate right, Rotate left, Flip horizontally, Flip vertically, Previous, Next, Go, Reject, Accept, Check boxes, OK, No, Cancel, Close, Turn on, Turn off, Terminate, Stop, New, Restart, Info, Hint, Support, About, Comment, Message, Balloon, Quote, Warning, Error, Danger, Problem, Forbidden, Create, Add, Delete, Remove, Apply, Clear, Eraser, Empty dustbin, Full dustbin, New file, Text file, File properties, Export text, Import text, Word 97 file, Word file, Word sample, Check compatibility, Title page, Drop cap, Caption, Header, Footer, Marginal notes, Page number, Current position, Side page number, Top page number, Bottom page number, Page number format, Delete page number, Cross reference, Checking area, Edit text, Edit document, Overpatching, Accept changes, Reject changes, Flip changes, Show changes, Next correction, Previuos correction, Page, Add page, Remove page, Page marking, Page width, Page break, Scale 100, Two files, Two pages, Read mode, Prepare, Draft, Final document, Restrictions, Properties, File info, Lock file, Encipher, Signature, Structure, Express block, Digital signature, File server, Workspace, How to, Script, Scenario, Macro, Form, Blank, Blanks, Items, List, Lists, List page, List pages, Number list, Scroll list, To do list, To do list page, Task list, Task list page, Report, Reports, Report page, Report pages, Market report, Market report page, All reports, Certification, Certificate, Cheque, Invoice, Price list, Price list page, Edit prices, Order, Tasks, Inventory, Client list, Blog, Object, Object manager, Web document, Web site, Html message, Site map, News, Article file, Sound file, Multimedia file, Binary file, Burn text, Page options, Replace text, Translation, Spell checking, Sort A-Z, Sort Z-A, Sort 1-9, Sort 9-1, Letters and digits, Digits, ABC, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Number, Numbers, Text, Font style, Select font, Question, Function, Function x, Symbol, Formula, Sum, Percent, Email, Copyright, Bold, Italic, Special symbols, Underlined, Superscript, Subscript, Enlarge size, Reduce size, Align text left, Align text center, Align text right, Justify text, Align left, Align right, Align center, Justify, Table, Tables, Export table, Import table, Datasheet, Grid, Account, Card, Cards, Card file, Card index, Open card index, Briefcase, Window, Windows, New window, Divide window, Move to other window, Normalize windows, Split window, Multiple windows, WordArt, Brush, Feather, Pen, Red pencil, Green pencil, Blue pencil, Black pencil, Picture, Images, Clip, Gallery, Palette, Paint, Graphic tools, Camera, Movie, Chart, Diagram, 3Dchart, 3D bar chart, Statistics, Pie chart, 2d pie chart, Figures, Objects, SmartArt, Thesaurus, Book, Help book, Address book, Case history, Book of records, Open Book, Notebook, Notes, Notepad, Diary, Book library, Reference books, Open references, Online references, Hyperlink, Internet, Globe, RSS, Upload, Download, Hard drive, Data transmission, Restore, Backup, Computer, Desktop, Database, Keyboard, Calculator, Phone, Mobile phone, Phones, Phone support, Telephone directory, Phone number, Contact, Letter, Mail, Write email, Open mail, Receive, Send, Get mail, Send mail, Envelope, Select recipients, Start merging, Stickers, Attach, Note, New note, Delete note, Previous note, Next note, Bookmark, Pin, Select, Cursor, Hierarchy, Flow block, Calendar, Date and time, Alarm, Time, History, Schedule, Time management, Dollar, Money, Credit card, Credit cards, Login form, Login, Lock, Key, Keys, Shield, Filter, Rule, Rulers, Measure, Units, Screen settings, Configuration, Repair, Settings, Favourites, Wizard, User, Users, User group, People, Appointment, Conference, Computer users, Chief editor, Editor, Writer, Blogger, Interpreter, Event manager, Professor, Lecturer, Student, Class board, Monkey, Knowledge, Publisher, Office, Room, Desk, Coffee, Handshake, Index, Exit, Home

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Complement the softwares when using the snazziest of designs

Get hold of some of out of this world designs developed by professionals. Considering the right combination of color collaboration along with graphic information, these kinds of icons are capable to loan extra advantage for your application considering Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system.

While you are making an software package one of several most basic problems that you may come upon is the one about receiving the correct type of visuals to provide an air of appearance to it. For this specific purpose you may want best artwork as well as icons that are synchronized while using back-end along with the user interface, that because you perfectly know is challenging to accomplish.

You will need several hours of finely-detailed work to sketch and finalise one shot, then when you may need 100s of these types of design the actual sheer moment needed to get the job done will be massive, so much in fact which the moment you finalise these and are wanting to include these, the particular app can have lost a bit of if not completely of the charm. That's the reason why the very best of website developers are currently checking out these kinds of pre-developed in a position to set up symbols that you may conveniently integrate from your app.

It's easy to securely focus on the back end on the software package with these convenient to use icons. Available in the PNG data format, the size of these types of designs are forty eight by forty-eight pixels coupled with inner artwork which are set in the actual centre of your twenty-six by twenty six pixels sq.. The snazzy method of the portrayal for these ensures they are extremely interactive and straightforward to decipher, when helping to make the software ease-of-use it provides buyer a sense of ease and comfort. These symbols are particularly works with the Windows 8 main system and also WP7 and come in a very set of 823 completely unique images that are, as mentioned earlier, ready to be included to the software. The right attribute must function as the vast amounts of colours these come in, you may get these remarkable designs in as much as 14 colorations together with red, blue, green along with the far more unique silver as well as grey, and the common grayscale.

Anything that you might want for the mobile manager is on this site. In this particular set up you can find designs for virtually any normal tool you'll find at your pc, for example file, open message, hyperlink etc., much more than a lot of these you can find many formerly un-conceived and untouched illustrations or photos, say for example a turtle icon as well as a bird icon. One among my favourite is actually a photograph of a small entry with an arrow pointing inwards which often can be used to signify a login, together with a related picture using the arrow pointing outwards hinting a logout. 823 of those easy and detailed pictures will be ready to be used, all you need to do is to is to buy these over here, download and you will be ready to use those to your advantage. Always keeping this simple whilst edging in the direction of that further amount of niftiness will be the call of the day, so why recommend a boring and complicated software package when you are able have this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 416
  • Price: $99.95

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    About Perfect Office Icon Pack

    Perfect Office Icon Pack collection is a set of royalty-free icons which has been specially designed to breathe a new life into all of your office applications. Whether a text editor, a graphic editor, information manager or visual-presentation creator, you will find it easy and convenient to spice up the GUI of your software with our new set of Perfect Office Icon Pack.

    Thanks to the long experience of our designers, all the icons have been creatively developed and carefully crafted, to make their look as appealing and intuitive as possible. All the icons have bright and well-matched colors; their edges are smooth and well-rounded.

    Even if you are not a software developer, you may still want to customize your personal space and change the appearance of the PC desktop that you see every day. Perfect Office Icon Pack is the icon pack for you. It contains all the symbols that are commonly used in Microsoft Office and other major software packs.

    This fresh and stylish icon set contains icons for Word, Preview, Restrictions, Digital signature, Cross reference, Page break, Clipart and many more. Purchasing this fantastic product will save you lots of time and money, which you would have spent on custom icon design. Color formats include 32 bits and 256 color schemes. Available sizes are 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48.