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Perfect Hardware Icon Pack

perfect hardware icon pack

An extensive selection of hardware icons

A large selection of hardware icons, Perfect Hardware Icon Pack provides developers of applications or websites the opportunity to dramatically improve the user interfaces of their projects. The icons also come in different sizes, states and formats.

perfect hardware icon pack - microchip, hardware, hardware selection, chip, processor, video card, sound card, motherboard, network card, ethernet card, memory card, memory chip, printing, print, printer, bubble jet, dot-matrix printer, laser printer, scanner, shredder, device, hard disk, cd drive, dvd drive, hd dvd drive, blue-ray drive, projector, secure device, floppy drive, flash drive icon
perfect hardware icon pack - removable drive, card rider, router, wireless modem, pcmcia, pcmcia device, computer, my computer, monitor, screen, display, windows pc, apple pc, white noise, laptop, computer network, server, data server, host, com-plug, lpt-plug, audio-plug, usb-plug, phone plug, plug, socket, usb, bluetooth, wi-fi, firewire icon
perfect hardware icon pack - wire, cable, connect, disconnect, battery, energy, full battery, high battery, medium battery, low battery, empty battery, electric power, electricity, light on, light off, torch, ups, cooler, keyboard, keypad, joystick, gamepad, mouse, mouse pad, kid-track, game steering wheel, scan fingerprint, fingerprint scanner, gps navigator, palm icon
perfect hardware icon pack - cellphone, mp3 player, pda, mobile phone, iphone, ipod, android, robot, telephone, phone, fax, phones, audio, loud speaker, head-phones, microphone, karaoke, juke box, cd, dvd, burn cd, floppy, usb drive, network connection, port, internet, smartcard, sim-card, barcode, scan barcode icon
perfect hardware icon pack - bar-code scanner, barcode scanner, card terminal, card reader terminal, cash register, atm, calculator, counter, camcorder, photo, camera, reflex camera, web camera, webcam, tv, tv tuner, remote-control, radio transmitter, portable radio transmiter, radio set, signal test, oscillograph, object, logical unit, objects, structure, registry, bug, reset button, clock icon
perfect hardware icon pack - timer, alarm, gauge, configuration, system, gear, gears, red gear, blue gear, green gear, screw, female screw, bolt, tools, options, wrench, spanner, monkey-wrench, equipment, hammer, tooling, repair, repair computer, download driver, inventory, find on computer, desktop, admin, user icon

Icon images:

Microchip, Hardware, Hardware selection, Chip, Processor, Video card, Sound card, Motherboard, Network card, Ethernet card, Memory card, Memory chip, Printing, Print, Printer, Bubble jet, Dot-matrix printer, Laser printer, Scanner, Shredder, Device, Hard disk, CD drive, DVD drive, HD DVD drive, Blue-ray drive, Projector, Secure device, Floppy drive, Flash drive, Removable drive, Card rider, Router, Wireless modem, PCMCIA, PCMCIA device, Computer, My computer, Monitor, Screen, Display, Windows PC, Apple PC, White noise, Laptop, Computer network, Server, Data server, Host, COM-plug, LPT-plug, Audio-plug, USB-plug, Phone plug, Plug, Socket, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Firewire, Wire, Cable, Connect, Disconnect, Battery, Energy, Full battery, High battery, Medium battery, Low battery, Empty battery, Electric power, Electricity, Light on, Light off, Torch, UPS, Cooler, Keyboard, Keypad, Joystick, Gamepad, Mouse, Mouse pad, Kid-track, Game steering wheel, Scan fingerprint, Fingerprint scanner, GPS navigator, Palm, Cellphone, Mp3 player, PDA, Mobile phone, IPhone, IPod, Android, Robot, Telephone, Phone, Fax, Phones, Audio, Loud speaker, Head-phones, Microphone, Karaoke, Juke box, CD, DVD, Burn CD, Floppy, USB drive, Network connection, Port, Internet, Smartcard, SIM-card, Barcode, Scan barcode, Bar-code scanner, Barcode scanner, Card terminal, Card reader terminal, Cash register, ATM, Calculator, Counter, Camcorder, Photo, Camera, Reflex camera, Web camera, Webcam, TV, TV tuner, Remote-control, Radio transmitter, Portable radio transmiter, Radio set, Signal test, Oscillograph, Object, Logical unit, Objects, Structure, Registry, Bug, Reset button, Clock, Timer, Alarm, Gauge, Configuration, System, Gear, Gears, Red gear, Blue gear, Green gear, Screw, Female screw, Bolt, Tools, Options, Wrench, Spanner, Monkey-wrench, Equipment, Hammer, Tooling, Repair, Repair computer, Download driver, Inventory, Find on computer, Desktop, Admin, User

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Accentuate your own softwares using the snazziest of designs

Get your hands on a set of super cool icons designed by experts. Using the perfect combination of color mixture along with graphic content, these kinds of designs are capable to give any supplement edge in your application considering Windows Phone 7 main system.

If you find yourself styling an app on the list of most standard conditions that you will come across is that of obtaining the correct type of artwork to provide a cloak of appearance with it. For this reason you require perfect images along with icons which can be synchronized with all the back end as well as the graphical user interface, which in turn because you very well know is difficult to accomplish.

It requires time of accurate work to draw plus finalise one photo, then when you need numerous this sort of artwork the absolute time necessary to deliver the results is huge, so much in fact that the time you complete these and therefore are willing to include all of them, the actual software package would've misplaced a bit of if not completely of their overall appeal. That's precisely why the best of programmers now are looking at these types of pre-developed equipped to deploy icons you can simply include through the app.

Now you can safely focus on the back-end on the computer software with these convenient to use icons. For sale in the PNG data format, the size of these types of icons tend to be forty-eight by forty eight pixels coupled with internal visuals that happen to be set in the centre of a 26 by twenty six pixels sq. The actual snazzy method of the portrayal for these causes them to be pretty entertaining and straightforward to figure out, whilst making the application convenient it provides the person an understanding of coziness. Most of these symbols are specially suitable for your own MS Windows 8 os and WP7 and are available inside of a list of 823 one of a kind artwork which may be, as said before, prepared to be contributed to the software. The simplest aspect will have to function as the broad amounts of colours they come in, you will get all these wonderful icons in as many as fourteen colorings together with red, blue, green plus the more uncommon silver along with grey, along with the common monochrome.

Whatever you may want for any mobile Phone coordinator is definitely on this page. Through this set you will find designs for any typical device you'll find on your own pc, just like folder, open message, hyperlink and many others., a lot more than all of these you can find several previously un-conceived as well as seldom used illustrations or photos, such as a turtle image or perhaps a bird symbol. Among the best is a photo of the compact front door with the arrow directed inwards which often can be utilized to imply a sign in, together with a similar graphic along with the arrow directing in an outward direction hinting a logout. 823 of such basic and illustrative graphics are ready to be used, all you need to do will be to is to buy them over here, download and you really are ready to use those to your advantage. Always keeping this straightforward even while edging in direction of that extra little bit of niftiness could be the call of the day, why recommend a lusterless and complex application when you can actually have it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 179
  • Price: $49.95

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    About Perfect Hardware Icon Pack

    Perfect Hardware Icon Pack is an extensive selection of professionally designed icons for use in your applications and websites. This large selection of icons will help to give your projects the interfaces and professional appearance that they deserve while also greatly improving usability. What's more is that all of the icons in this package also come in a number of different sizes and states, so they should be suitable for a wide array of purposes. All of the icons come in sizes from 16x16 to 48x48 with true-color support as well. Depending on what you want to use the icons for, they are also supplied in the appropriate formats including the standard Windows ICO format as well as Bitmap, PNG and GIF. Each icon also has three states that change whether the icon is normal, highlighted or disabled. The Perfect Hardware Icon Pack set provides you with icons of a hardware theme, such as icons for printers, drives and many other types of computer hardware. With all of these icons at your disposal, you can enjoy guaranteed high quality results.

    Perfect Icons also plans to release the following icon sets: Circle Dock Icons, Windows 7 Dock Icons, Social Icons, Black And White Social Media Icons, Round Flag Icons and more.

    The quality of application icons plays a vital role for application development. The more informative and eye-catching an icon is, the faster users can find it on the desktop or access the necessary function on the toolbar. The initial impression is based not only on the program's functionality, but on its visual appeal as well.

    You can download a lot of icons at www.perfect-icons.com.