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Perfect File Icon Pack

perfect file icon pack

90 professional file icons with modern appeal

Getting file icons just right for use in a program isn't always easy, but our file icons collection will make the job a breeze with sleek lines, intuitive meaning, and a visual consistency your users will appreciate with every program functionality.

perfect file icon pack - open file, save file, new file, add, create, remove, delete, erase, discard, denied access, warning, error, approve, check, next, previous, settings, text file, import text, export text, check file, corrupt text, text file error, properties, rename document, file attribute, clear document, edit document, burn document, burn sheet icon
perfect file icon pack - graphic file, picture file, drawing, music, audio, sound file, mp3, video file, blank, report, binary data, site map, structure, certificate document, event manager, form, price list, filights, personal, staff, profile, locked, lock, menu, media, iso image, multy-language, charts, in progress, resources icon
perfect file icon pack - property, financial, commertial, contract, index, info, help, free, plan, schedule, favourites, exchange, awards, database, table, tables, archive, letter, contacts, web, figures, archive file, multimedia, file transfer, folder, documents, hot documents, folder sharing, closed folder, card file icon

Icon images:

Open file, Save file, New file, Add, Create, Remove, Delete, Erase, Discard, Denied access, Warning, Error, Approve, Check, Next, Previous, Settings, Text file, Import text, Export text, Check file, Corrupt text, Text file error, Properties, Rename document, File attribute, Clear document, Edit document, Burn document, Burn sheet, Graphic file, Picture file, Drawing, Music, Audio, Sound file, Mp3, Video file, Blank, Report, Binary data, Site map, Structure, Certificate document, Event manager, Form, Price list, Filights, Personal, Staff, Profile, Locked, Lock, Menu, Media, ISO image, Multy-language, Charts, In progress, Resources, Property, Financial, Commertial, Contract, Index, Info, Help, Free, Plan, Schedule, Favourites, Exchange, Awards, Database, Table, Tables, Archive, Letter, Contacts, Web, Figures, Archive file, Multimedia, File transfer, Folder, Documents, Hot documents, Folder sharing, Closed folder, Card file

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Accentuate your own applications when using the snazziest of symbols

Get your hands on a collection of super cool symbols made by gurus. Considering the perfect mixture of colour blend plus graphic information, most of these symbols are capable to lend another benefit to the application considering MS Windows Phone 7 operating system.

If you are designing an app one of the most basic problems that you may stumble upon is that of receiving the right type of illustrations or photos to give an aura of visual appeal with it. For this specific purpose you might need ideal visuals along with designs that are synchronized with all the business logic in addition to the user interface, that because you effectively recognize is hard to attain.

It will take several hours of detail work to sketch and also complete a picture, when you require a huge selection of this kind of images the actual sheer period needed to accomplish the task can be big, so much in fact which when anyone finalise them and so are willing to add these, the actual application might have misplaced a handful of if not completely of its appeal. That's the reason why the very best of computer programmers are now looking towards these kinds of pre-developed in a position to set up symbols that you could readily include through the software.

You can now safely focus on the back-end on the software package with these simple to use designs. Accessible in the PNG data format, the figures on these symbols are forty eight by forty eight pixels together with interior illustrations or photos that happen to be set in the particular center of an twenty-six by twenty-six pixels sq.. The particular snazzy means of the actual portrayal of these causes them to be pretty entertaining and easy to discover, when creating the software easy to use it provides the buyer a sense of relaxation. These types of symbols are especially works with the Microsoft Windows 8 os in addition to WP7 and come in a pair of 823 particular visuals which are, as mentioned earlier, prepared to be included to the software. The best element must function as the wide amounts of shades they come in, you may get these wonderful icons in up to 14 colours together with red, blue, green along with the a lot more unique silver plus grey, and the typical black and white.

Whatever you might need for the cell Phone organizer is actually right here. In this particular set you can find designs for just about any typical instrument you may find on the desktop, which include folder, open message, hyperlink and many others., over all these you have access to numerous previously un-conceived along with unused photos, say for example a turtle symbol or maybe a bird icon. Among my favourite is really a picture of a tiny entry with an arrow pointing inwards which may be utilized to mean a sign in, together with a very similar image with the arrow directed outwards implying a logout. 823 of those simple and descriptive graphics will be ready to be used, all you need to do would be to is to buy these over here, download and you are therefore ready to work with them to your benefit. Keeping this easy whilst edging in the direction of that extra bit of niftiness could be the call of your day, exactly why put forward a drab and complex software package when it's possible to have this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 90
  • Price: $39.95

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    About Perfect File Icon Pack

    File icons are a crucial component of nearly every application developed today, and impressing users with something fresh and new can say a lot about the application's style and quality. Choosing professionally-designed file icons like those found in our large collection can help make any program or project take on an appealing look without sacrificing important issues of usability.

    Our file icon set includes graphics for many basic functions, such as saving, opening, creating, and deleting files, and also features several icons for conveying information to users precisely and clearly. From text importation and exportation icons to various reports and lists, this set will keep you covered as you assign icons to your application's toolbar options. The availability of three specific transparency modes for each article, including normal, highlighted, and gray scale, will help make your menu look more organized.

    Each toolbar icon in this set features an easy-to-understand graphic that lets your users easily associate them with the unique functions and options of your program. The icons' uniformly smooth edges offer a polished look that will add a great sense of style to any project. Perfect looks are matched by perfect usability in this collection, and you can count on having the right graphic every time you add a new option to your menu.

    All of our file icons are available in a range of sizes. Choose from 16 by 16, 20 by 20, 24 by 24, 32 by 32, or 48 by 48 to achieve the best look possible in any visual environment. The icons' beautiful, eye-catching colors support both 256 and 32-bit True Color, and every piece in the set can be found in regular, hot, and disabled modes. These distinct transparencies let you visually define the status of any option while keeping the same great looks. Icons also come in ICO, PNG, and BMP formats.

    Your project can greatly benefit from the stylish looks and clear symbology of these professional file icons.