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Perfect Download Icon Pack

perfect download icon pack

Stock icons related to Web and downloading

Perfect Download Icon Pack is a royalty-free collection of quality icons representing various concepts and technologies related to uploading and downloading. Includes 70 quality icons with 5 sizes, 2 color depths, 4 file formats and 3 states for each one

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Icon images:

Torrent, Downloads, Download now, Free download, Upload button, Download button, Download updates, Update, Upload symbol, Download symbol, Upload, Download, Send image, Get image, Upload image, Download image, Upload database, Download database, Upload prices, Download prices, Upload 3d, Download 3d, Upload folder, Download folder, Download ISO image, Upload ISO image, Unpack, Pack, Archive, Zip archive, Adult content, Download adult content, Upload adult content, Traffic, Game download, DVD downloads, Driver downloads, Load, Movie downloads, Music download, Antivirus download, MP3 download, Software download, Sync, Data transmission, PC-PDA synchronization, PC-Web synchronization, Internet, Home network, Folder sharing, Network connection, Fast internet, Internet firewall, Virus warming, Secure connection, Data server, View license, Certificate, Hourglass, Loading, Repeat, Audio converter, Convert sound, Free, Very slow speed, Slow speed, Usual speed, Average speed, Fast speed, Rocket speed

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Supplement your applications using the snazziest of icons

Get your hands on a collection of super cool icons designed by experts. While using correct mixture of coloration mixture plus pictorial information, most of these icons have the capability to lend an extra advantage to your software package in relation to MS Windows Phone 7 os.

If you find yourself developing an application one of several most standard problems that you might bump into is the one about obtaining the correct type of design to provide an aura of looks with it. For this function you require fantastic images plus symbols which can be in sync together with the back-end in addition to the user interface, that as you properly understand is challenging to obtain.

It requires several hours of precision work to draw plus complete 1 picture, then when you may need hundreds of these types of visuals the actual sheer period forced to deliver the results could be massive, a case in point that by the time anyone complete all of them and they are wanting to add these, your software package could have lost some if not completely of the charm. That is the reason the key reason why the very best of web developers are now embracing these types of pre-developed ready to use icons that you can simply integrate from your app.

Anyone can safely concentrate on the back-end of your software with one of these convenient icons. Obtainable in the actual PNG format, the size of all of these icons are generally forty-eight by forty eight pixels along with interior design which might be placed in the particular centre of a twenty-six by twenty six pixels square. The snazzy manner of the actual portrayal for these means they are incredibly entertaining as well as simple to discover, even while helping to make the software package easy to use it gives the buyer a feel of ease. These types of designs are particularly works with your MS Windows 8 operating-system and WP7 are available in a group of 823 unique artwork which may be, as said before, ready to be added to the software package. The simplest aspect must function as the huge amounts of colors they are available in, you can get all these remarkable symbols in as many as 14 shades along with red, blue, green and the alot more extraordinary silver as well as grey, also, the traditional black and white.

Anything that you might want for just a mobile Phone organizer is definitely right here. Through this set up you can find icons for almost any usual device you will probably find at the desktop computer, for example folder, open message, hyperlink etc., a lot more than all these you can find numerous hitherto un-conceived and unused photos, say for example a turtle image or even a bird icon. One of my favourite is a photo of the small entrance with an arrow pointing inwards which often can be utilized to suggest a login, in addition to a similar picture using the arrow directing outwards hinting a logout. 823 of such simple and illustrative graphics will be ready to be used, everything you need to do is always to is to purchase all of them right here, download and you really are ready to use these to your benefit. Always keeping this uncomplicated even though edging in direction of that added amount of niftiness would be the call of the day, why recommend a uninteresting and complicated software package whenever you can get it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 70
  • Price: $29.95

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    About Perfect Download Icon Pack

    Perfect Download Icon Pack offers web site designers and software developers a collection of affordable and high quality icons that can be used without a restricted license on a multiple of different projects. These collections of download icons were created by talented and experienced graphic designers but are being made available to consumers at a fraction of the price at which these would cost if they were custom-made. Another benefit of using Perfect Download Icon Pack is that the icons are available to use immediately upon purchase. There is no waiting for the designs to be created. Additionally, designers and developers can pick from a significant selection of icons, primarily ones that would be great choices for transferring, downloading, or uploading files. Editing and modifying the icons is also possible with the stock icons so consumers can be sure they fit their needs completely. After all, the whole idea of these download icons is to create a professional quality finished project.

    The collection contains 70 icons representing various concepts, technologies and actions related to uploading and downloading content on the Internet. Each icon is represented in 3 states (normal, selected and disabled) and ships in a variety of sizes (16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels), 2 color depths (256 and 16.7 million colors) and 4 file formats (ICO, GIF, BMP and PNG).

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