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Perfect Design Icon Pack

perfect design icon pack

Design icons for graphic software

User interface is a vital part of software produced by graphic designers. They are truly the people who can value great design at it's full. We have produced a comprehensive set of 274 new design icons just for that purpose!

perfect design icon pack - graphic design, design, web design, icon design, pixels, 3d design, ads design, painter, designer, graphic designer, artist, web designer, software designer, decorator, copywriter, find expert, palette, color palette, gallery, portfolio, paint tools, graphic tools, paint, painting tools, green pencil, red pencil, blue pencil, black pencil, narrow brush, brush icon
perfect design icon pack - wide brush, dropper, clear, feather, pen, roller, flood  fill, pulverizer, eraser, color, color space, color balance, color filter, color layers, color profile, color test, cut, copy, paste, paste document, clipboard, pad, open folder, open, open file, new folder, documents, my pictures, find in folder, folder tree icon
perfect design icon pack - save, save as, save image, save all, recycle bin, full recycle bin, burn recycle bin, empty dustbin, full dustbin, trashcan, trash, mouse, undo, redo, refresh, flip, synchronize, revert, rotation, rotate, rotate cw, rotate ccw, rotate left, rotate right, flip horizontally, flip vertically, move diagonally, move, position, left icon
perfect design icon pack - right, go back, go forward, go down, go up, first, last, top, bottom, back, forward, fast back, fast forward, up-down, left-right, pointer, downward pointer, select, cursor, update, convert, pan, search, view, zoom, zoom in, zoom out, actual size, find, find text icon
perfect design icon pack - find on computer, spectacles, fax, print, printer, laser printer, print preview, preview, portrait, landscape, paper, no paper, camera, reflex camera, camcorder, scanner, desktop, monitor, notebook computer, apply, valid, ok, accept, create, add, remove, delete, cancel, no, close icon
perfect design icon pack - stop, warning, question, info, quote, about, how to, support, help book, diagram, 3d bar chart, 3d chart, statistics, pie chart, 2d pie chart, chart, center, curve points, objects, figures, new file, blank, document, article, multimedia file, price list, client list, sign, write, contact icon
perfect design icon pack - todo, page, page width, page structure, page caption, workspace, multiple dialogs, image, picture file, picture, pictures, photo, clip, article file, video file, frame, frames, closed film clapper, film clapper, movie, table, grid, tables, form, import text, export text, object, object manager, file properties, properties icon
perfect design icon pack - text file error, view file, page options, site map, list, items, move row, script, comment, reports, all reports, notes, clear document, check file, abc, number, numbers, function, formula, symbol, bold, italic, underlined, special symbols, enlarge size, reduce size, superscript, subscript, sum, percent icon
perfect design icon pack - email, copyright, new, text, font style, select font, wordart, edit text, justify, align left, align center, align right, align text left, align text center, align text right, justify text, spell checking, text replace, sorting a-z, sorting z-a, sorting 1-9, sorting 9-1, set square, rulers, rule, units, screen settings, size, width, check boxes icon
perfect design icon pack - checkbox, settings, tools, configuration, filter, filters, umbrella, rings, component, modules, constructor, microsoft flag, lock, download, upload, upload image, download image, flow block, pin, touch, hourglass, wizard, hide, eye, red eye removing, smooth, sharpness, colors, brightness, contrast icon
perfect design icon pack - gradation, transparency, water drop, house, home, exit, open door, client, clients, client group, client base, favourites, star, free, book, internet, hyperlink, web document, web site, template, web form, html message, news, blog, floristics, tree, interior design, ceramics, world icon

Icon images:

Graphic design, Design, Web design, Icon design, Pixels, 3d design, Ads design, Painter, Designer, Graphic designer, Artist, Web Designer, Software designer, Decorator, Copywriter, Find expert, Palette, Color palette, Gallery, Portfolio, Paint tools, Graphic tools, Paint, Painting tools, Green pencil, Red pencil, Blue pencil, Black pencil, Narrow brush, Brush, Wide brush, Dropper, Clear, Feather, Pen, Roller, Flood fill, Pulverizer, Eraser, Color, Color space, Color balance, Color filter, Color layers, Color profile, Color test, Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste document, Clipboard, Pad, Open folder, Open, Open file, New folder, Documents, My pictures, Find in folder, Folder tree, Save, Save as, Save image, Save all, Recycle bin, Full recycle bin, Burn recycle bin, Empty dustbin, Full dustbin, Trashcan, Trash, Mouse, Undo, Redo, Refresh, Flip, Synchronize, Revert, Rotation, Rotate, Rotate CW, Rotate CCW, Rotate left, Rotate right, Flip horizontally, Flip vertically, Move diagonally, Move, Position, Left, Right, Go back, Go forward, Go down, Go up, First, Last, Top, Bottom, Back, Forward, Fast back, Fast forward, Up-down, Left-right, Pointer, Downward pointer, Select, Cursor, Update, Convert, Pan, Search, View, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out, Actual size, Find, Find text, Find on computer, Spectacles, Fax, Print, Printer, Laser printer, Print preview, Preview, Portrait, Landscape, Paper, No paper, Camera, Reflex camera, Camcorder, Scanner, Desktop, Monitor, Notebook computer, Apply, Valid, OK, Accept, Create, Add, Remove, Delete, Cancel, No, Close, Stop, Warning, Question, Info, Quote, About, How to, Support, Help book, Diagram, 3d bar chart, 3d chart, Statistics, Pie chart, 2d pie chart, Chart, Center, Curve points, Objects, Figures, New file, Blank, Document, Article, Multimedia file, Price list, Client list, Sign, Write, Contact, Todo, Page, Page width, Page structure, Page caption, Workspace, Multiple dialogs, Image, Picture file, Picture, Pictures, Photo, Clip, Article file, Video file, Frame, Frames, Closed film clapper, Film clapper, Movie, Table, Grid, Tables, Form, Import text, Export text, Object, Object manager, File properties, Properties, Text file error, View file, Page options, Site map, List, Items, Move row, Script, Comment, Reports, All reports, Notes, Clear Document, Check file, ABC, Number, Numbers, Function, Formula, Symbol, Bold, Italic, Underlined, Special symbols, Enlarge size, Reduce size, Superscript, Subscript, Sum, Percent, Email, Copyright, New, Text, Font style, Select font, WordArt, Edit text, Justify, Align left, Align center, Align right, Align text left, Align text center, Align text right, Justify text, Spell checking, Text replace, Sorting A-Z, Sorting Z-A, Sorting 1-9, Sorting 9-1, Set square, Rulers, Rule, Units, Screen settings, Size, Width, Check boxes, Checkbox, Settings, Tools, Configuration, Filter, Filters, Umbrella, Rings, Component, Modules, Constructor, Microsoft flag, Lock, Download, Upload, Upload image, Download image, Flow block, Pin, Touch, Hourglass, Wizard, Hide, Eye, Red eye removing, Smooth, Sharpness, Colors, Brightness, Contrast, Gradation, Transparency, Water drop, House, Home, Exit, Open door, Client, Clients, Client group, Client base, Favourites, Star, Free, Book, Internet, Hyperlink, Web document, Web site, Template, Web form, Html message, News, Blog, Floristics, Tree, Interior design, Ceramics, World

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Enhance your apps with the snazziest of symbols

Get a hold of a set of out of this world symbols created by pros. Considering the proper combined color mix as well as pictorial content, these symbols are capable to give an additional benefit for a software based upon Windows Phone 7 operating system.

If you are making an software one of the most basic problems that you could possibly come upon is that of acquiring the right kind of design to give a cloak of visual appeal for it. For this function you might need ideal design in addition to designs which might be synchronized while using the business logic as well as the gui, that as you may effectively recognize is tough to obtain.

It takes hours of precision work to draw and complete I image, and when you would like many hundreds of this sort of images the actual pure time needed to deliver the results can be massive, so much so which when anyone complete these and so are prepared to add all of them, the actual software package would've shed some if not all of its appeal. That's the reason precisely why the very best of software engineers now are checking out these kinds of pre-developed equipped to set up symbols that you may readily include through the app.

Now you can safely and securely focus on the back-end of the application using these ease-of-use designs. Accessible in the PNG format, the figures on all these icons are 48 by forty eight pixels alongside inner design which have been set in the particular middle of a twenty six by twenty six pixels sq .. The particular snazzy style of the particular representation for these causes them to be incredibly interactive and easy to discover, while making the software package user-friendly and uncomplicated it provides the person a sense of ease. These icons are especially appropriate for your own MS Windows 8 operating-system and WP7 and come in a set of 823 particular illustrations or photos that are, as mentioned previously, ready to be added to the software package. The simplest function will have to be the vast amounts of colours they are available in, you obtain all of these wonderful symbols in approximately 14 colorings including red, blue, green also, the much more unusual silver and also grey, and the standard grayscale.

Anything that you might want for any mobile Phone coordinator is definitely on this page. Through this set up you can get icons for virtually every usual device you might find upon your own computer's desktop, just like file, open message, link etcetera., a lot more than these you can get many previously un-conceived and unused images, like a turtle symbol or even a bird image. One of my favourite is actually a picture of the tiny entry with the arrow directing inwards that may be used to suggest a logon, and also a related graphic together with the arrow directing in an outward direction implying a logout. 823 of such basic and illustrative graphics will be ready to be taken, all you need to do is to is to buy these right here, down load and you are therefore ready to make use of those to your benefit. Attempting to keep this uncomplicated even though edging in the direction of that extra amount of niftiness would be the call for the day, so why put forward a unexciting and complicated app when you might get it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 329
  • Price: $49.95

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    About Perfect Design Icon Pack

    If you are developing a product aimed at graphic designers, you cannot afford missing your target audience with ugly graphics. Your graphic software has to convey a message to your clients. You absolutely must use high-quality images throughout your product in order to convince your audience to use your product.

    To obtain quality images for your product, you can either order your icons to make or get a set of stock designer icons. With stock design icons as an option, why would you pay extra just for the long wait while you can have all images that you need right away?

    Perfect Design Icon Pack collection is drawn by professional icon designers, and hand-painted by experienced artists. The set of design icons will enhance any graphic editor or image editing product.

    Including images such as Designer icon, Portfolio icon, Website icon, Image icon, Color Palette icon, Color icon, 3d Design icons, Software Designer icon, Web Design icon, Find icon, View icon, Clear icon, Photo and Pictures icon, the set of attractive icons has everything to enhance many graphic editors, web sites and artistic suites. With images such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Gallery, Graphic Tools, Flip, Rotate, Move, and a variety of Pencils, Pens and Brushes, the royalty-free collection of design icons is ready to empower many desktop applications and Web sites to come.

    To speed up integration with Windows software and Web sites altogether, Perfect Design Icon Pack is available in multiple file formats, including BMP, PNG, GIF, and ICO. Every designer icon is supplied in all sizes of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 40x40, and 48x48.

    Perfect Design Icon Pack is immediately available and can be used in multiple projects without any additional licensing fees. All artistic icons from the collection are royalty-free. Preview and purchase this icon package at http://www.perfect-icons.com.

    If you wish to order custom icon design, please visit http://www.aha-soft.com/icon-design.htm