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Perfect Computer Icon Pack

perfect computer icon pack

A great set of high quality interface icons!

Perfect Computer Icon Pack is a collection of high-quality handmade "all-about-computer" icons that will suit any type of application or website. The set covers a very broad range of topics, notions and objects that we all deal with on a daily basis.

perfect computer icon pack - computer, computers, workgroup, my computer, server, windows pc, apple pc, ipad, ipod, iphone, gps navigator, android, matrix, battery, ups, gateway, free, environment, dll, system file, dashboard, gauge, rollback, scheduled, timetable, category, folder tree, balloon, chat, twitter icon
perfect computer icon pack - twit, floppy, save, save as, save all, usb, phone support, find on computer, network computer, pc-web synchronization, data synchronization, data transmission, save data, send data, data transfer, remote access, restore, backup, refresh backup, server synchronization, desktop, display, monitor, local security policy, broken display, screen settings, notebook computer, print, printer, laser printer icon
perfect computer icon pack - print preview, shredder, fax, scanner, computer frame, file server, data server, storage, database access, clone data, data cube, cloud computing, archive, filter, execute, script, network connection, network group, home network, intranet, entire network, network, hub, router, web camera, head phones, microphone, pcmcia device, chip, microprocessor icon
perfect computer icon pack - memory, hard drive, keyboard, mouse, telephone, phone and monitor, phone, mobile phone, cell phone, phones, cash register, atm, keypad, card terminal, smile, run, user, users, user group, social network, meeting, locked users, black list, admin, user login, user logout, user statistics, serviceman, secretary, publicity agent icon
perfect computer icon pack - visual contact, people online, online contact, people contacts, idle, girlfriend, boyfriend, girl, boy, family, audience, computer doctor, hacker, pirate, thief, spy, mail manager, security guard, computer access, computer access v2, access, forms, login form, access key, login, enter, logout, exit, turn on, turn off icon
perfect computer icon pack - secrecy, protection, unknown user, death, clock, alarm clock, timer, income, credit, function, function x, configuration, config, system, options, repair computer, energy, measure, plus, minus, recycle bin, full recycle bin, burn recycle bin, target, support, install, uninstall, registry, modules, dustbin icon
perfect computer icon pack - delete, web, email, write email, edit, search, find, zoom, pan, microsoft flag, start flag, gradation, event, call, birthday, podcast, forum, music notes, sound, no sound, music, sound regulator, midi, game controller, gamepad, play, pause, stop, cd-disk, music disk icon
perfect computer icon pack - cd, dvd, convert sound, audio converter, midi converter, multimedia converter, music converter, recycle, converter, company, robot, home, city icon

Icon images:

Computer, Computers, Workgroup, My computer, Server, Windows PC, Apple PC, IPad, IPod, IPhone, GPS navigator, Android, Matrix, Battery, UPS, Gateway, Free, Environment, DLL, System file, Dashboard, Gauge, Rollback, Scheduled, Timetable, Category, Folder tree, Balloon, Chat, Twitter, Twit, Floppy, Save, Save as, Save all, USB, Phone support, Find on computer, Network computer, PC-Web synchronization, Data synchronization, Data transmission, Save data, Send data, Data transfer, Remote access, Restore, Backup, Refresh backup, Server synchronization, Desktop, Display, Monitor, Local security policy, Broken display, Screen settings, Notebook computer, Print, Printer, Laser printer, Print preview, Shredder, Fax, Scanner, Computer frame, File server, Data server, Storage, Database access, Clone data, Data cube, Cloud computing, Archive, Filter, Execute, Script, Network connection, Network group, Home network, Intranet, Entire network, Network, Hub, Router, Web camera, Head phones, Microphone, PCMCIA device, Chip, Microprocessor, Memory, Hard drive, Keyboard, Mouse, Telephone, Phone and monitor, Phone, Mobile Phone, Cell phone, Phones, Cash register, ATM, Keypad, Card terminal, Smile, Run, User, Users, User group, Social network, Meeting, Locked users, Black list, Admin, User login, User logout, User statistics, Serviceman, Secretary, Publicity agent, Visual contact, People Online, Online contact, People contacts, Idle, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Girl, Boy, Family, Audience, Computer doctor, Hacker, Pirate, Thief, Spy, Mail manager, Security guard, Computer Access, Computer access v2, Access, Forms, Login form, Access key, Login, Enter, Logout, Exit, Turn on, Turn off, Secrecy, Protection, Unknown user, Death, Clock, Alarm clock, Timer, Income, Credit, Function, Function x, Configuration, Config, System, Options, Repair computer, Energy, Measure, Plus, Minus, Recycle bin, Full recycle bin, Burn recycle bin, Target, Support, Install, Uninstall, Registry, Modules, Dustbin, Delete, Web, Email, Write email, Edit, Search, Find, Zoom, Pan, Microsoft flag, Start flag, Gradation, Event, Call, Birthday, Podcast, Forum, Music notes, Sound, No sound, Music, Sound regulator, Midi, Game controller, Gamepad, Play, Pause, Stop, CD-disk, Music disk, CD, DVD, Convert sound, Audio converter, Midi converter, Multimedia converter, Music converter, Recycle, Converter, Company, Robot, Home, City

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Complement your software packages considering the snazziest of designs

Get hold of some out of this world symbols created by pros. Using the suitable mixture of coloring blend plus graphic information, these kinds of designs are capable to provide a supplementary advantage for a application based on MS Windows Phone 7 operating-system.

When you are making an app among the most general conditions that you could possibly come upon is that of obtaining the right type of artwork to provide an air of visual appeal with it. For this function you might need excellent illustrations or photos in addition to symbols which have been in sync while using the back end in addition to the gui, that as you may nicely recognize is hard to attain.

It will take several hours of accurate work to draw and also complete 1 photo, and when you would like hundreds of this kind of design the absolute time necessary to deliver the results will be enormous, so much in fact which the time you actually finalise them and so are ready to put these, the particular software would have misplaced a bit of if not completely of its appeal. That's the reason why the best of computer programmers are generally looking towards all these pre-developed in a position to utilize icons that you could conveniently incorporate from your app.

It's easy to safely concentrate on the back-end of the program with such user-friendly and uncomplicated designs. Accessible in the actual PNG format, the figures on these symbols are 48 by forty eight pixels together with inside visuals which are set in the middle of an 26 by twenty-six pixels sq .. The particular snazzy style of the actual portrayal for these makes them incredibly entertaining and easy to understand, when making the software convenient to use it gives the user a feel of relaxation. All these symbols are especially compatible with your MS Windows 8 operating-system along with WP7 are available in a group of 823 particular images that are, as mentioned previously, ready to be contributed to the application. The most effective function would have to be the vast ranges of colours they come in, you can get all these astounding icons in approximately fourteen hues including red, blue, green also, the more extraordinary silver along with grey, and also the common grayscale.

Something that you need for just a mobile coordinator is definitely on this page. In this particular set up you will find designs for any normal device you might find at your own desktop, for instance folder, open message, hyperlink etcetera., a lot more than a lot of these you can find a lot of previously un-conceived in addition to seldom used pictures, such as a turtle symbol or simply a bird icon. One of the best is a photograph of an small entrance having an arrow directing inwards that could be utilized to suggest a logon, as well as a similar graphic along with the arrow directing outwards implying a logout. 823 of these basic and detailed pictures are ready to be taken, everything you need to do is always to is to buy them right here, download and install and you are ready to make use of those to your advantage. Attempting to keep this straightforward whilst edging on the way to that additional bit of niftiness could be the call of your day, so why put forward a unexciting and complicated software when you might get this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 223
  • Price: $59.95

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    About Perfect Computer Icon Pack

    All applications, even the most specialized ones, have much to do with the operating systems and computers they work on. While there may be quite a lot of program-specific features, user interfaces have a multitude of common elements. If you are a developer of computer-related applications - be it file managers, media players or personal finance tools - you definitely need quality interface icons for existing and upcoming products. Creating them on your own requires corresponding skills and a great deal of time, which you may not necessarily have, especially when trying to meet a rapidly approaching release deadline. In this case, using a set of third-party custom icons from professional developers may be the ideal solution of this delicate problem. If you are looking for a universal set of icons for applications of all types, make sure to check out Perfect Computer Icon Pack!

    Perfect Computer Icon Pack is a collection of "all-about-computer" icons that will suit any type of application or website. The set covers a very broad range of topics, concepts and objects that we all deal with on a daily basis - from browsing controls to reporting, from program configuration to user authentication and much, much more! Each icon was made by a professional artist and is amazingly detailed and self-explanatory. The icons are supplied in a number of resolutions (16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48 pixels), color depths (32- and 8-bit versions available), formats (ICO, BMP, GIF and PNG) and states (normal, disabled and highlighted), which makes the process of adjusting them to your interface as easy as 1-2-3.

    The Perfect Computer Icon Pack set is an indispensable asset in your software development arsenal. With these icons, you can fully devote yourself to perfecting the core functionality of your product and be absolutely sure that the interface can be built almost in no time. Do what you do best and let the Perfect Computer Icon Pack collection take care of the appearance of your products!