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Perfect CMS Icon Pack

perfect cms icon pack

A professional set of high-quality CMS icons

A collection of 379 high-quality CMS icons ready to be used in the back end of any content management system or any complex user interface. Each icon comes in 8- and 32-bit color versions, as well as 4 major formats: ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP.

perfect cms icon pack - cms, content, web site, template, site map, login form, forms, message, comment, chat, quote, balloon, news, blogs, news source, rss button, rss, blogging, youtube, twitter, twitter bird, facebook, php, ssl, java, ftp, hosting, saas, cloud computing, provider icon
perfect cms icon pack - city map, maps, navigator, world, web, globe, internet, ftp account, www, podcast, web statistics, network traffic, new file, text file, list, lists, number list, task list, to do list, scroll list, dropdown list, client list, blank, blanks, pdf file, edit document, notes, accept changes, tasks, notepad icon
perfect cms icon pack - book of records, notebook, header, footer, page structure, script, logs, script code, macro, page, add page, remove page, export text, import text, report, reports, all reports, copywriting, article, picture file, picture, pictures, clip, gallery, design, note, new note, delete note, previous note, next note icon
perfect cms icon pack - open, up folder, close folder, closed folder, open folder, documents, publish folder, my pictures, open file, new folder, save, save as, save image, publish, download, upload, upload data, download data, save data, send data, backup, restore, image, download image, upload image, data synchronization, data transmission, server synchronization, clone, printer icon
perfect cms icon pack - print, laser printer, print preview, cut, copy, paste, clipboard, trash, empty recycle bin, full recycle bin, dustbin, undo, redo, user, users, user group, add user, remove user, add users, remove users, add user group, remove user group, create user, create users, create user group, apply user, accept user, valid user, user warning, reject user icon
perfect cms icon pack - delete user, edit user, find user, user message, user comment, user login, user logout, locked users, user stats, serviceman, admin, support, moderator, traffic protection, security control, coffee break, somebody, photo, user account, emotion icons, account, directory, catalog, archive, my computer, computer, computers, notebook computer, server, display icon
perfect cms icon pack - monitor, apple pc, windows pc, computer access, screen settings, find on computer, security policy, cellphone, iphone, mobile phone, phone, telephone, phones, phone support, telephone directory, phone number, filmclapper, movie, multimedia file, video, camera, reflex camera, web camera, microphone, head phones, database, database security, find data, sql, relations icon
perfect cms icon pack - export table, import table, insert row, filter, filters, email, mailbox, autoreply, autoresponder, letter, mail, write email, receive mail, send mail, get letter, send letter, open mail, sync e-mail, mail list, edit text, spell checking, red pencil, blue pencil, green pencil, black pencil, back, forward, previous, next, down icon
perfect cms icon pack - up, sync, synchronize, refresh, update, revert, rotate, close, cancel, error, warning, no, forbidden, add, remove, plus, minus, delete, erase, apply, accept, valid, question, hint, info, file properties, properties, buoy, umbrella, help book icon
perfect cms icon pack - faq, book, open book, address book, dictionary, reference books, bookmark, time, clock, date and time, tear-off calendar, calendar, dashboard, gauge, compass, tooling, settings, tools, tools v2, configuration, options, control, megaphone, lock, open lock, protection, keys, update password, access key, login icon
perfect cms icon pack - logout, antivirus, antifishing, antispam, spam, start, restart, turn off, play, pause, stop, hyperlink, link, briefcase, shopping cart, check out cart, product basket, full basket, products, delivery, dollar, price list, edit prices, money, credit card, credit cards, earnings, payments, stock, sales icon
perfect cms icon pack - ads, banner, target, free, under construction, maintenance, chart, diagram, 3dchart, 3d bar chart, statistics, 3d pie chart, pie chart, 2d pie chart, stock down, stock up, view charts, find, hourglass, enable, disable, hot topic, pin, coffee, red flag, yellow flag, green flag, start flag, start flags, favourites icon
perfect cms icon pack - star, component, modules, constructor, sections, structure, voting, office chair, xxx, love, house, home, homepage, empty red button, empty yellow button, empty green button, empty blue button, empty silver button, empty black button icon

Icon images:

Cms, Content, Web site, Template, Site map, Login form, Forms, Message, Comment, Chat, Quote, Balloon, News, Blogs, News source, RSS button, RSS, Blogging, Youtube, Twitter, Twitter bird, Facebook, PHP, SSL, Java, FTP, Hosting, SAAS, Cloud computing, Provider, City map, Maps, Navigator, World, Web, Globe, Internet, FTP account, Www, Podcast, Web statistics, Network traffic, New file, Text file, List, Lists, Number list, Task list, To do list, Scroll list, Dropdown list, Client list, Blank, Blanks, PDF file, Edit document, Notes, Accept changes, Tasks, Notepad, Book of records, Notebook, Header, Footer, Page structure, Script, Logs, Script code, Macro, Page, Add page, Remove page, Export text, Import text, Report, Reports, All reports, Copywriting, Article, Picture file, Picture, Pictures, Clip, Gallery, Design, Note, New note, Delete note, Previous note, Next note, Open, Up folder, Close folder, Closed folder, Open folder, Documents, Publish folder, My pictures, Open file, New folder, Save, Save as, Save image, Publish, Download, Upload, Upload data, Download data, Save data, Send data, Backup, Restore, Image, Download image, Upload image, Data synchronization, Data transmission, Server synchronization, Clone, Printer, Print, Laser printer, Print Preview, Cut, Copy, Paste, Clipboard, Trash, Empty recycle bin, Full recycle bin, Dustbin, Undo, Redo, User, Users, User group, Add user, Remove user, Add users, Remove users, Add user group, Remove user group, Create user, Create users, Create user group, Apply user, Accept user, Valid user, User warning, Reject user, Delete user, Edit user, Find user, User message, User comment, User login, User logout, Locked users, User stats, Serviceman, Admin, Support, Moderator, Traffic protection, Security control, Coffee break, Somebody, Photo, User account, Emotion icons, Account, Directory, Catalog, Archive, My computer, Computer, Computers, Notebook computer, Server, Display, Monitor, Apple PC, Windows PC, Computer Access, Screen settings, Find on computer, Security policy, Cellphone, IPhone, Mobile Phone, Phone, Telephone, Phones, Phone Support, Telephone directory, Phone Number, Filmclapper, Movie, Multimedia file, Video, Camera, Reflex camera, Web camera, Microphone, Head phones, Database, Database security, Find data, SQL, Relations, Export table, Import table, Insert row, Filter, Filters, Email, Mailbox, Autoreply, Autoresponder, Letter, Mail, Write email, Receive mail, Send mail, Get letter, Send letter, Open mail, Sync e-mail, Mail list, Edit text, Spell checking, Red pencil, Blue pencil, Green pencil, Black pencil, Back, Forward, Previous, Next, Down, Up, Sync, Synchronize, Refresh, Update, Revert, Rotate, Close, Cancel, Error, Warning, No, Forbidden, Add, Remove, Plus, Minus, Delete, Erase, Apply, Accept, Valid, Question, Hint, Info, File properties, Properties, Buoy, Umbrella, Help book, FAQ, Book, Open Book, Address book, Dictionary, Reference books, Bookmark, Time, Clock, Date and time, Tear-off calendar, Calendar, Dashboard, Gauge, Compass, Tooling, Settings, Tools, Tools v2, Configuration, Options, Control, Megaphone, Lock, Open lock, Protection, Keys, Update password, Access key, Login, Logout, Antivirus, Antifishing, Antispam, Spam, Start, Restart, Turn off, Play, Pause, Stop, Hyperlink, Link, Briefcase, Shopping cart, Check out cart, Product basket, Full basket, Products, Delivery, Dollar, Price list, Edit prices, Money, Credit card, Credit cards, Earnings, Payments, Stock, Sales, Ads, Banner, Target, Free, Under construction, Maintenance, Chart, Diagram, 3Dchart, 3D bar chart, Statistics, 3d pie chart, Pie chart, 2d pie chart, Stock down, Stock up, View charts, Find, Hourglass, Enable, Disable, Hot topic, Pin, Coffee, Red flag, Yellow flag, Green flag, Start flag, Start flags, Favourites, Star, Component, Modules, Constructor, Sections, Structure, Voting, Office chair, XXX, Love, House, Home, Homepage, Empty red button, Empty yellow button, Empty green button, Empty blue button, Empty silver button, Empty black button

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Accentuate your software packages while using snazziest of icons

Get hold of some super cool symbols created by experts. While using right combination of colour combination and pictorial information, these icons have the capability to provide extra benefit in your application based on Windows Phone 7 main system.

When you're developing an software package one of many most common issues that you could possibly encounter is that of obtaining the right kind of images to bring an air of looks for it. For this specific purpose you may want best artwork along with symbols which can be synchronized together with the back end as well as the interface, which as you may very well realize is hard to obtain.

It will take time of finely-detailed work to draw and also complete I photo, then when you'll need numerous these kinds of illustrations or photos the particular utter period necessary to get the job done will be substantial, so much so that by the time you actually complete these and therefore are willing to add them, the actual app could have dropped a handful of if not all of their charm. That's the reason precisely why the very best of website developers are currently looking at these pre-developed ready to set up symbols that one could simply integrate through the app.

It's easy to safely and securely concentrate on the back end of your application with these simple to use symbols. For sale in the PNG data format, the size of these types of symbols are usually 48 by forty-eight pixels along with internal visuals which can be set in the particular centre of the twenty six by twenty six pixels sq. The actual snazzy method of the actual portrayal for these causes them to be really interactive and straightforward to discover, while helping to make the application simple to use it provides the individual a sense of comfort. Most of these symbols are specifically compatible with your Microsoft Windows 8 main system in addition to WP7 are available in a set of 823 specific images which can be, as said before, prepared to be added to the app. The simplest aspect would need to function as the huge ranges of colours these come in, you obtain these awesome designs in as much as 14 shades together with red, blue, green additionally, the a lot more uncommon silver as well as grey, along with the conventional black and white.

Anything that you might need for the cellular organizer is definitely on this site. Through this set you will find icons for any typical instrument you might find upon your pc, for instance file, open message, link and so on., greater than all of these you can get numerous formerly un-conceived and unused images, like a turtle icon or even a bird image. One of my favourite is really a picture of the small entrance with an arrow directed inwards which could be used to imply a logon, along with a similar image with the arrow directing in an outward direction hinting a logout. 823 of these simple and illustrative graphics are ready to be applied, all you need to do should be to is to purchase these right here, down load and you really are ready to work with these to your advantage. Keeping it simple even though edging in the direction of that further bit of niftiness may be the call of the day, exactly why submit a lusterless and complicated software package when you can actually have it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 379
  • Price: $49.95

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    About Perfect CMS Icon Pack

    Every application consists of several layers, one of them being its user interface and all the graphics it contains. And if you are a software developer involved in the development of a brand new content management system or implementation of custom design into an existing solution, you know how much time and resources it takes to design icons for hundreds of backend functions. Few projects can afford spending weeks on interface icons, and if yours is one of them, the most economical and time-saving solution would be to use a third-party set of icons that might actually save your time and exceed your expectations in terms of quality and level of artistic expression.

    Perfect CMS Icon Pack is a collection of high-quality interface icons that were specifically designed for quick implementation in the back ends of content management systems of all kinds and other applications with complex user interfaces. No matter what kind of CMS-based site you are working on - a typical business site, a corporate portal or a site with a special focus, - the Perfect CMS Icon Pack set will be an excellent choice for it. Each icon in this collection was created by a professional artist with great precision and attention to detail and each of them is available in a number of formats: ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP. Even more, each icon comes in 256-color and 32-bit color (with an alpha channel) versions. The overall number of icons in Perfect CMS Icon Pack reaches 379, so you will have plenty of variants to choose from! The collection covers virtually every conceivable aspect of interaction between a user and a program and allows you to quickly create good-looking and user-friendly interfaces of any type.

    Don't waste time trying to do what professionals have already done - if you need a comprehensive collection of interface icons that can be used in the back end of your content management system or another application you are working on, Perfect CMS Icon Pack will be exactly what you need and even more.