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Perfect Business Icon Pack

perfect business icon pack

High quality business icons for GUI design

Enhance your accounting or business-oriented software with readily available professional Perfect Business Icon Pack. 424 professionally designed and carefully crafted icons representing various financial and business objects and symbols are included.

perfect business icon pack - accounting, book-keeping, green dollar, dollar, euro, pound, yen, coin, dollar coin, euro coin, pound coin, yen coin, coins, dollar coins, euro coins, pound coins, yen coins, coin column, coin columns, money, money bag, dollar banknote, dollars, banknotes, dollar bundle, income, money turnover, trade, sell, purchase icon
perfect business icon pack - exchange, conversion of currency, pay, get payment, spend money, buy, purchase goods, credit, capital gains, insurance, gold bullion, piggy bank, empty piggy bank, purse, bank, in-home banking, bank service, finance, investment, safe, open safe, empty safe, broken safe, break safe, price list, invoice, price, personal smartcard, visa card, bank cards icon
perfect business icon pack - credit cards, cheque, diamond, sum, math, percent, gold percent, red percent, tax, real estate, abacus, calculator, calc, barcode, scan barcode, bar-code scanner, barcode scanner, sale, auction, stock market, stock information, economics, market, raise, fall, growth, recession, economic crisis, fire damage, breakages icon
perfect business icon pack - debt, refund, refunds, chargeback, bad debts, housebreaking, bankruptcy, bankrupt, undo, redo, refresh, save, cut, copy, paste, paste - blue, laser printer, printer, print, print preview, go, go forward, go back, back, forward, up, down, update, repeat, put away icon
perfect business icon pack - pick, transfer, item, bill to, ship to, product, sell product, product trade, award, new, calendar, appointment calendar, timetable, camera, reflex camera, camcoder, computer, notebook computer, display, monitor, server, remote access, phone support, monitor and phone, burn cd, cd, open folder, folder, documents, document folder icon
perfect business icon pack - hot documents, notes, person details, accounts, list, new file, text file, report, reports, all reports, document wizard, tasks, purchase order, lists, to do list, gantt chart, gantt charts, telephone directory, card file, cardfile, car data file, card index, open card index, empty card index, card terminal, atm, atm 3d, cash register, cart, hand cart icon
perfect business icon pack - shopping cart, check out cart, products, basket, empty basket, full basket, pallet, get, send, goods, store, medical products, medical store, open box, closed box, package, law, location, empty pallet, laden pallet, loading, unloading, container, elevator, order tracking, cars, delivery, freight charges, tank wagon, freight container icon
perfect business icon pack - freight car, bulldozer, taxi, airplane, plane, courier, very slow speed, slow speed, average speed, rocket speed, advertising, briefcase, gift, holidays, scales, trading, payment, earnings, service, handshake, signature, hand, login, friendship, keyboard, fax, fax machine, mobile phone, cellphone, phones icon
perfect business icon pack - phone, call, contact, contacts, phone search, phone number, e-mail, mail, write e-mail, tv, person, postman, boss, agent, staff, client, clients, customers, remove client, remove clients, add client, add clients, client list, users, user group, meeting, personal loan, financier, book-keeper, businessman icon
perfect business icon pack - investor, buyer, publicity agent, notary, realtor, police officer, security, spy, lawyer, admin, visual communication, receptionist, user login, user logout, event manager, look up, conference, users folders, logistics, genealogy, electric power, battery, games, beverage, food, chemistry, fuel, first aid, certification, certificate icon
perfect business icon pack - certified, protection, secrecy, key, keys, key copy, car key, access key, lock, unlock, open lock, registration, investigation, barrier, close barier, internet access, earth, globe, terrestrial globe, web, world, navigation, maps, airport, voip, internet, intranet, pc-web synchronization, recycling, compass icon
perfect business icon pack - britain flag, european flag, usa flag, translation, microsoft flag, inquiry, bar graph, graph, 3d chart, 3d bar chart, graphs, 2d pie chart, 3d pie chart, chart, chart xy, apply, ok, create, add, delete, erase, cancel, abort, stop, no entry sign, turn off, warning, info, about, copyright icon
perfect business icon pack - confirmation, question, how to, what is it, pointer, help book, book, book of records, inventory, case history, newspaper, free, downward pointer, wedding, favourites, winner, target, search, find, find on computer, find in folder, search contact, view, hourglass, hint, hints, smile, operator smile, music notes, music icon
perfect business icon pack - options, tools, tooling, chip, robotics, metal products, database, attach, id, alarm, time, timer, clock, hystory, schedule, umbrella, coffee, ecology, resources, equipment, flowchart, flow block, oil derrick, oil platform, chemical plant, coal power plant, factory, industry, bank building, city icon
perfect business icon pack - company, construction, construction firm, home icon

Icon images:

Accounting, Book-keeping, Green dollar, Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, Coin, Dollar coin, Euro coin, Pound coin, Yen coin, Coins, Dollar coins, Euro coins, Pound coins, Yen coins, Coin column, Coin columns, Money, Money bag, Dollar banknote, Dollars, Banknotes, Dollar bundle, Income, Money turnover, Trade, Sell, Purchase, Exchange, Conversion of currency, Pay, Get payment, Spend money, Buy, Purchase goods, Credit, Capital gains, Insurance, Gold bullion, Piggy bank, Empty piggy bank, Purse, Bank, In-home banking, Bank service, Finance, Investment, Safe, Open safe, Empty safe, Broken safe, Break safe, Price list, Invoice, Price, Personal smartcard, VISA card, Bank cards, Credit cards, Cheque, Diamond, Sum, Math, Percent, Gold percent, Red percent, Tax, Real estate, Abacus, Calculator, Calc, Barcode, Scan barcode, Bar-code scanner, Barcode scanner, Sale, Auction, Stock market, Stock information, Economics, Market, Raise, Fall, Growth, Recession, Economic crisis, Fire damage, Breakages, Debt, Refund, Refunds, Chargeback, Bad debts, Housebreaking, Bankruptcy, Bankrupt, Undo, Redo, Refresh, Save, Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste - blue, Laser printer, Printer, Print, Print preview, Go, Go forward, Go back, Back, Forward, Up, Down, Update, Repeat, Put away, Pick, Transfer, Item, Bill to, Ship to, Product, Sell product, Product trade, Award, New, Calendar, Appointment calendar, Timetable, Camera, Reflex camera, Camcoder, Computer, Notebook computer, Display, Monitor, Server, Remote access, Phone support, Monitor and phone, Burn CD, CD, Open folder, Folder, Documents, Document folder, Hot documents, Notes, Person details, Accounts, List, New file, Text file, Report, Reports, All reports, Document wizard, Tasks, Purchase order, Lists, To do list, Gantt chart, Gantt charts, Telephone directory, Card file, Cardfile, Car data file, Card index, Open card index, Empty card index, Card terminal, ATM, ATM 3d, Cash register, Cart, Hand cart, Shopping cart, Check out cart, Products, Basket, Empty basket, Full basket, Pallet, Get, Send, Goods, Store, Medical products, Medical store, Open box, Closed box, Package, Law, Location, Empty pallet, Laden pallet, Loading, Unloading, Container, Elevator, Order tracking, Cars, Delivery, Freight charges, Tank wagon, Freight container, Freight car, Bulldozer, Taxi, Airplane, Plane, Courier, Very slow speed, Slow speed, Average speed, Rocket speed, Advertising, Briefcase, Gift, Holidays, Scales, Trading, Payment, Earnings, Service, Handshake, Signature, Hand, Login, Friendship, Keyboard, Fax, Fax machine, Mobile phone, Cellphone, Phones, Phone, Call, Contact, Contacts, Phone search, Phone number, E-mail, Mail, Write e-mail, TV, Person, Postman, Boss, Agent, Staff, Client, Clients, Customers, Remove client, Remove clients, Add client, Add clients, Client list, Users, User group, Meeting, Personal loan, Financier, Book-keeper, Businessman, Investor, Buyer, Publicity agent, Notary, Realtor, Police officer, Security, Spy, Lawyer, Admin, Visual communication, Receptionist, User login, User logout, Event manager, Look up, Conference, Users folders, Logistics, Genealogy, Electric power, Battery, Games, Beverage, Food, Chemistry, Fuel, First aid, Certification, Certificate, Certified, Protection, Secrecy, Key, Keys, Key copy, Car key, Access key, Lock, Unlock, Open lock, Registration, Investigation, Barrier, Close barier, Internet access, Earth, Globe, Terrestrial globe, Web, World, Navigation, Maps, Airport, VOIP, Internet, Intranet, PC-Web synchronization, Recycling, Compass, Britain flag, European flag, USA flag, Translation, Microsoft flag, Inquiry, Bar graph, Graph, 3d chart, 3d bar chart, Graphs, 2d pie chart, 3d pie chart, Chart, Chart xy, Apply, OK, Create, Add, Delete, Erase, Cancel, Abort, Stop, No entry sign, Turn off, Warning, Info, About, Copyright, Confirmation, Question, How to, What is it, Pointer, Help book, Book, Book of records, Inventory, Case history, Newspaper, Free, Downward pointer, Wedding, Favourites, Winner, Target, Search, Find, Find on computer, Find in folder, Search contact, View, Hourglass, Hint, Hints, Smile, Operator smile, Music notes, Music, Options, Tools, Tooling, Chip, Robotics, Metal products, Database, Attach, ID, Alarm, Time, Timer, Clock, Hystory, Schedule, Umbrella, Coffee, Ecology, Resources, Equipment, Flowchart, Flow block, Oil derrick, Oil platform, Chemical plant, Coal power plant, Factory, Industry, Bank building, City, Company, Construction, Construction firm, Home

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Complement your own apps considering the snazziest of symbols

Get your hands on some of out of this world designs produced by professionals. While using right combined coloration collaboration in addition to graphic information, these types of symbols have the capability to loan any more edge to your app based upon MS Windows Phone 7 os.

If you find yourself making an application among the most basic problems that you might encounter is that of obtaining the right kind of images to lend an air of overall look for it. For this purpose you're looking for perfect visuals in addition to icons which have been in sync with all the back-end as well as the screen, which usually as you nicely understand is difficult to realize.

It requires several hours of accurate work to sketch and also finalise 1 photo, then when you may need countless these kinds of illustrations or photos the utter period forced to deliver the results would be massive, a case in point that the time an individual finalise them and so are wanting to include all of them, the particular application would have dropped some if not all of its overall appeal. That's why the very best of web developers are currently looking at these types of pre-developed equipped to set up designs that you could easily include on the app.

Anyone can securely focus on the back-end of the application with these convenient to use icons. Accessible in the PNG format, the figures on all these designs tend to be forty-eight by forty eight pixels alongside interior artwork that are set in the particular centre of the 26 by twenty six pixels sq. The particular snazzy means of the actual rendering of them means they are really fun and simple to figure out, whilst helping to make the software package ease-of-use it provides person an understanding of relaxation. These designs are especially compatible with your own Microsoft Windows 8 os along with WP7 and are available in a group of 823 one of a kind images which are, as mentioned previously, prepared to be added to the software package. The simplest function would need to be the huge degrees of colours these come in, you obtain all of these awesome symbols in as much as fourteen colorings including red, blue, green along with the more unusual silver as well as grey, also, the standard black and white.

Something that you may want for your cell Phone organizer is definitely right here. In this particular set you will find designs for virtually every usual tool you might find upon the pc, for instance file, open message, link and many others., over these you can get many formerly un-conceived as well as unused images, for instance a turtle image or simply a bird image. Among the best is actually a photo of the tiny entrance having an arrow pointing inwards that could be utilized to mean a login, and also a very similar image together with the arrow pointing in an outward direction hinting a logout. 823 of such basic and detailed pictures are ready to be used, all you need to do is to is to purchase them over here, download and install and you really are ready to utilize these to your benefit. Keeping this straightforward even though edging towards that extra bit of niftiness would be the call of the day, exactly why recommend a uninteresting and complex app when you can get this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 424
  • Price: $99.95

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    About Perfect Business Icon Pack

    Enhance your accounting or business-oriented software with readily available professional Perfect Business Icon Pack. 424 professionally designed and carefully crafted icons representing various financial objects, symbols and actions are included in a variety of small and large formats.

    Developing software for stock market or currency exchange professionals? Perfect Business Icon Pack come with icons to represent various stock and currency symbols. All major currencies are drawn professionally, including the Yen icon, Dollar icon, Pound and Euro icons. Growth and Recession are easily and immediately recognizable, making the trading process faster and less stressful.

    Making an insurance product? The Insurance icon as well as Calculator icon will be right in place. Piggy Bank and Income, Card File and ATM icons are depicted carefully and professionally.

    Financial, trading and cash register applications will benefit from symbols representing Cash, Currency, Cash Register, Auction and Capital Gain.

    Each icon in the set is carefully matched with all other images in the collection, making your application look slick and visually consistent. The easily recognizable symbols make user interface cleaner and less cluttered, while the available XP icons give your project modern looks.

    Perfect Business Icon Pack set contains 366 icons in various resolutions and file formats. Semi-transparent icons with alpha-channel are great for using with Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers, while 256-color 8-bit formats are perfect for a business terminal or a server. The icons come in all standard sizes including 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels. Each icon is delivered in three states: normal, disabled, and highlighted. Perfect Business Icon Pack come in all of the following file formats: Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF, and PNG.

    More business icons at http://www.business-icons.com/