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Perfect Blog Icon Pack

perfect blog icon pack

Perfect Blog Icon Pack for blogs and forums

Perfect Blog Icon Pack will add a stylish touch to your blog or forum with professionally-made, hand-crafted icons representing popular social networks and actions (navigating, posting, sharing, commenting etc.).

perfect blog icon pack - blog, blogging, rss, feed, xml, word, clock, community, community part, submit story, previous, next, download, upload, up-left arrow, trackback, save page, folder, modify, edit, new file, text, comment, opinion button, hint button, comments, join, paper-clip button, permalink, key icon
perfect blog icon pack - pocketbook, question, tag, send letter, share, smile, star button, favourites button, opml, globe, home, blogs, xml button, go forward, go back, paper-clip, send message, up-left, query, cancel, close, book, pocket-book, new document, text file, opinion, hint, save, open folder, open file icon
perfect blog icon pack - chat, displeasure, pleasure, star, favourites, bomb, earth, house icon

Icon images:

Blog, Blogging, RSS, Feed, XML, Word, Clock, Community, Community part, Submit story, Previous, Next, Download, Upload, Up-left arrow, Trackback, Save page, Folder, Modify, Edit, New file, Text, Comment, Opinion button, Hint button, Comments, Join, Paper-clip button, Permalink, Key, Pocketbook, Question, Tag, Send letter, Share, Smile, Star button, Favourites button, OPML, Globe, Home, Blogs, XML button, Go forward, Go back, Paper-clip, Send message, Up-left, Query, Cancel, Close, Book, Pocket-book, New document, Text file, Opinion, Hint, Save, Open folder, Open file, Chat, Displeasure, Pleasure, Star, Favourites, Bomb, Earth, House

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If you are developing an software on the list of most general problems that you could possibly come across is the one about receiving the correct type of images to provide an aura of overall look to it. For this purpose you may want ideal images along with icons which can be in sync while using the back end together with the graphical user interface, which in turn as you may perfectly understand is challenging to obtain.

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 68
  • Price: $39.95

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    About Perfect Blog Icon Pack

    Whether fine-tuning an existing blog or forum or developing a new engine for one of those, one needs more than coding to produce a usable communication portal. Perfect Blog Icon Pack will add a stylish touch to your blog or forum with professionally-made, hand-crafted icons representing popular social networks and actions (navigating, posting, sharing, commenting etc.). Create a new skin and make it a new standard with Perfect Blog Icon Pack!

    Perfect Blog Icon Pack are designed to share common style, colors and gamma to make your Web site look consistently professional. Various navigation, communication, text editing and posting icons are provided. Perfect Blog Icon Pack include over 70 icons typical for communication portals, blogs and online forums. There are icons depicting Blog and Blogging, Comment and Comments, Community and Community Part, RSS and XML, Close and Cancel, Tag and Share, Smile and Star, Trackback and Paperclip, Edit and Modify, Download and Upload, and many other icons that are common for communication portals.

    Perfect Blog Icon Pack are created to look and feel as standard and easy to recognize as possible. Employing common symbols such as pen, text bubble, folder or loupe, Perfect Blog Icon Pack are immediately recognizable by the bloggers. Careful consideration has been taken in order to create and include all icons you are likely to need for a blog or forum skin. There has never been a more perfect blogger skin than one made with Perfect Blog Icon Pack!

    A single picture says more than a thousand words. Visit Perfect-icons.com and see the Perfect Blog Icon Pack collection with your own eyes.

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