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Perfect Automation Icon Pack

perfect automation icon pack

Software design is easy with perfect icons.

Save time on software graphics with perfect automation icons available in different sizes and a variety of formats. Ready made custom quality icons make software development easier without the use of a graphics editor.

perfect automation icon pack - automatic, automation, system, robotics, manipulator, artificial intelligence, robot, old robot, control, remote control, gauge, dashboard, control panel, battery, electric, energy, ups, generator, cable, wire, video cable, connect, disconnect, electrical plug, electrical outlet, sockets, socket, switch, light on, light off icon
perfect automation icon pack - lamps, fluorescent lamp, ceiling fixture, light diode lamp, desk lamp, wall fixture, brightness, electronics, graph, diode, boiler, execute, restart, start, go, pause, stop, terminate, abort, turn off, stop sign, start flag, start flags, ok, repeat, sleep, wake up, thermometer, low temperature, normal temperature icon
perfect automation icon pack - critical temperature, high temperature, bypass, normilized, volumetric, function x, warning, error, danger, problem, alerts, clock, stop watch, timer, digital clock, alarm clock, alarm, time, history, schedule, time management, scheduled, hourglass, tasks, flow block, scenario, call, event, microprocessor, computer icon
perfect automation icon pack - computers, workgroup, pc-web synchronization, environment, access, computer access, touch, hard disk, usb drive, keyboard, hub, ip address, network computer, home network, intranet, data warehouse, web, entire network, network, network connection, link, router, signal, wireless, wi-fi, radio transmitter, radio transmitting, radio receiving, satellite antenna, bluetooth icon
perfect automation icon pack - irda, usb, send fax, phone, cellphone, keypad, card terminal, answering machine, tape, sound, game controller, web camera, camcorder, video, camera, eye, video records, video monitor, cctv, focus far, focus near, zoom in, zoom out, monitor, display, notebook computer, local security policy, cable heating, radiator, burner icon
perfect automation icon pack - heat equipment, heater, water, water supply, water heater, tanks, refrigerator, pipe line, pipes and fittings, pump, window, home technics, kitchen tap, fuel, explosive, electric hazard, flame, dangerous, bomb, calculator, calendar, engineer, worker, serviceman, mechanic, staff, security guard, security control, unknown person, user account icon
perfect automation icon pack - repair, hammer, screwdriver, wrench, tools, working gloves, measure, under construction, maintenance, gear, configuration, modules, component, constructor, structure, infrastructure, position, filter, parental control, lock, access key, refresh key, protection, finger print, hand, access control, fingerprint reader, scan fingerprint, close barrier, open barrier icon
perfect automation icon pack - road, exit, home icon

Icon images:

Automatic, Automation, System, Robotics, Manipulator, Artificial intelligence, Robot, Old robot, Control, Remote control, Gauge, Dashboard, Control panel, Battery, Electric, Energy, UPS, Generator, Cable, Wire, Video cable, Connect, Disconnect, Electrical plug, Electrical outlet, Sockets, Socket, Switch, Light on, Light off, Lamps, Fluorescent lamp, Ceiling fixture, Light diode lamp, Desk lamp, Wall fixture, Brightness, Electronics, Graph, Diode, Boiler, Execute, Restart, Start, Go, Pause, Stop, Terminate, Abort, Turn off, Stop sign, Start flag, Start flags, OK, Repeat, Sleep, Wake up, Thermometer, Low temperature, Normal temperature, Critical temperature, High temperature, Bypass, Normilized, Volumetric, Function x, Warning, Error, Danger, Problem, Alerts, Clock, Stop watch, Timer, Digital clock, Alarm clock, Alarm, Time, History, Schedule, Time management, Scheduled, Hourglass, Tasks, Flow Block, Scenario, Call, Event, Microprocessor, Computer, Computers, Workgroup, PC-Web synchronization, Environment, Access, Computer access, Touch, Hard disk, USB drive, Keyboard, Hub, IP address, Network computer, Home network, Intranet, Data warehouse, Web, Entire network, Network, Network connection, Link, Router, Signal, Wireless, Wi-Fi, Radio transmitter, Radio transmitting, Radio receiving, Satellite antenna, Bluetooth, IRDA, USB, Send fax, Phone, Cellphone, Keypad, Card terminal, Answering machine, Tape, Sound, Game controller, Web camera, Camcorder, Video, Camera, Eye, Video records, Video monitor, CCTV, Focus far, Focus near, Zoom in, Zoom out, Monitor, Display, Notebook computer, Local security policy, Cable heating, Radiator, Burner, Heat equipment, Heater, Water, Water supply, Water heater, Tanks, Refrigerator, Pipe line, Pipes and fittings, Pump, Window, Home technics, Kitchen Tap, Fuel, Explosive, Electric hazard, Flame, Dangerous, Bomb, Calculator, Calendar, Engineer, Worker, Serviceman, Mechanic, Staff, Security guard, Security control, Unknown person, User account, Repair, Hammer, Screwdriver, Wrench, Tools, Working gloves, Measure, Under construction, Maintenance, Gear, Configuration, Modules, Component, Constructor, Structure, Infrastructure, Position, Filter, Parental Control, Lock, Access key, Refresh key, Protection, Finger print, Hand, Access control, Fingerprint reader, Scan fingerprint, Close barrier, Open barrier, Road, Exit, Home

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Enhance the applications with the snazziest of icons

Get hold of a set of super cool icons designed by professionals. Using the proper blend of coloring blend in addition to graphic information, all these icons are capable to loan an additional advantage to your app considering Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating-system.

When you are designing an application among the most standard issues that you could bump into is the one about receiving the right type of design to lend an aura of visual appeal for it. For this purpose you may want great artwork together with symbols that are in sync while using the back end as well as the graphical user interface, that because you properly know is difficult to obtain.

It requires hours of finely-detailed work to draw as well as finalise one picture, then when you would like numerous this kind of design the particular sheer time needed to deliver the results can be big, a case in point which by the time you actually complete them and therefore are willing to include them, the software package would have misplaced some if not completely of their overall appeal. That's the reason the key reason why the very best of programmers are now looking towards these kind of pre-developed in a position to deploy icons that you can readily include in the software package.

Now you can safely and securely concentrate on the back-end of your software program with such convenient to use icons. Accessible in the particular PNG format, the size of these icons are usually forty eight by forty-eight pixels in conjunction with inside images which can be placed in the particular center of an twenty-six by 26 pixels square. The particular snazzy manner of the particular representation of such makes them pretty interactive and straightforward to understand, even while making the software ease-of-use it provides the end user a feel of relaxation. All these designs are particularly appropriate for the MS Windows 8 operating-system and WP7 and come in the pair of 823 completely unique design which are, as said before, all set to be contributed to the software package. The best aspect must function as the large ranges of colors they come in, you may get all these incredible symbols in approximately 14 hues together with red, blue, green and the alot more uncommon silver as well as grey, and the standard monochrome.

Something that you may want for just a mobile coordinator is definitely right here. In this particular set you can find icons for virtually every usual instrument you'll find on your desktop computer, just like file, open message, link and so forth., above these you have access to quite a few formerly un-conceived as well as seldom used photos, say for example a turtle icon as well as a bird image. One among the best is actually a photo of an small front door having an arrow directed inwards that may be used to imply a logon, as well as a similar graphic with the arrow directing outwards hinting a logout. 823 of these simple and illustrative graphics are ready to be used, all you have to do would be to is to purchase these over here, download and you are therefore ready to utilize them to your benefit. Always keeping it straightforward whilst edging towards that added amount of niftiness may be the call of your day, so why recommend a boring and complicated software when you can get this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 213
  • Price: $99.95

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    download perfect automation icon pack

    About Perfect Automation Icon Pack

    When you design software, creating the graphics can be a time consuming task. The problem with ready made graphics is that most of them are inferior in quality which is why most software designers prefer to create their own graphics. Perfect icons take the guesswork out of finding high quality graphics that will enhance software design without having to worry about receiving a less then desirable result.

    With our perfect automation icons you have access to a versatile icon collection in PNG, BMP, ICO and GIF formats which are available in a variety of sizes including 16x16, 20x20, 32x32, 24x24, and 48x48. All of our icons come in three state variations which include normal, disabled, and highlighted. 256-color and True Color versions are provided with every order. This allows you to create professional looking software without having to use a graphics editor or create images from scratch.

    If you are looking for software icons that provide a diverse selection and unmatched quality, our perfect automation icons will be just what you need to create a professional looking software program. Perfect automation icons are intended for software that automates different processes such as software that works through the Internet or radio and controls house illumination, consumption of energy, and access to the house. You can access the entire set of 209 perfect automation icons for only $99.95.

    Download page: http://www.perfect-icons.com/stock-icons/perfect-automation-icons.htm

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