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People Windows 7 Icon Pack

people windows 7 icon pack

Icons depicting people and their occupations

People Windows 7 Icon Pack depict people of various jobs, groups and family status. They are crafted in Windows 7 style and come with or without shadows. Icons are delivered in various formats in sizes 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48 in 256 colors and 32-bit.

people windows 7 icon pack - people, people sh, boss, boss sh, chief, chief sh, engineer, engineer sh, user, user sh, users, users sh, user group, user group sh, add users, add users sh, check user, check user sh, user info, user info sh, remove user, remove user sh, conference, conference sh, meeting icon
people windows 7 icon pack - meeting sh, large group, large group sh, party, party sh, festival, festival sh, female profile, female profile sh, agent, agent sh, client, client sh, client list, client list sh, clients, clients sh, client group, client group sh, customers, customers sh, staff, staff sh, official, official sh icon
people windows 7 icon pack - captain, captain sh, army officer, army officer sh, soldier, soldier sh, soldiers, soldiers sh, fireman, fireman sh, policeman, policeman sh, police officer, police officer sh, judge, judge sh, themis, themis sh, hacker, hacker sh, security, security sh, editor, editor sh, copywriter icon
people windows 7 icon pack - copywriter sh, detective, detective sh, einstein, einstein sh, scientist, scientist sh, professor, professor sh, historian, historian sh, lecturer, lecturer sh, teacher, teacher sh, student, student sh, worker, worker sh, workers, workers sh, builder, builder sh, motor mechanic, motor mechanic sh icon
people windows 7 icon pack - cleaner, cleaner sh, driver, driver sh, pilot, pilot sh, air traffic controller, air traffic controller sh, astronaut, astronaut sh, doctor, doctor sh, physician, physician sh, stomatologist, stomatologist sh, dentist, dentist sh, surgeon, surgeon sh, hospital nurse, hospital nurse sh, optometrist, optometrist sh, immunologist icon
people windows 7 icon pack - immunologist sh, cardiologist, cardiologist sh, computer doctor, computer doctor sh, druggist, druggist sh, search nurse, search nurse sh, doctor info, doctor info sh, doctor appointment, doctor appointment sh, psychoanalyst, psychoanalyst sh, psychologist, psychologist sh, receptionist, receptionist sh, waitress, waitress sh, market woman, market woman sh, pizza man, pizza man sh icon
people windows 7 icon pack - japanese cook, japanese cook sh, chinese cook, chinese cook sh, barber, barber sh, geisha, geisha sh, marketer, marketer sh, appointment, appointment sh, auditor, auditor sh, publicity agent, publicity agent sh, car salesman, car salesman sh, secretary, secretary sh, accountant, accountant sh, personal loan, personal loan sh, financier icon
people windows 7 icon pack - financier sh, businessman, businessman sh, book-keeper, book-keeper sh, notary, notary sh, lawyer, lawyer sh, postman, postman sh, realtor, realtor sh, mexican salesman, mexican salesman sh, religious figure, religious figure sh, global manager, global manager sh, cowboy, cowboy sh, hunter, hunter sh, farmer, farmer sh icon
people windows 7 icon pack - electrician, electrician sh, agronomist, agronomist sh, decorator, decorator sh, singer, singer sh, web designer, web designer sh, graphic designer, graphic designer sh, admin, admin sh, programmer, programmer sh, computer administrator, computer administrator sh, network administrator, network administrator sh, writer, writer sh, photographer, photographer sh, painter icon
people windows 7 icon pack - painter sh, sculptor, sculptor sh, king, king sh, queen, queen sh, fool, fool sh, wizard, wizard sh, santa claus, santa claus sh, footballer, footballer sh, jockey, jockey sh, retiree, retiree sh, key keeper, key keeper sh, spy, spy sh, ninja, ninja sh icon
people windows 7 icon pack - unemployed, unemployed sh, thief, thief sh, hitman, hitman sh, prisoner, prisoner sh, pirate, pirate sh, pirates, pirates sh, woman, woman sh, women, women sh, blonde, blonde sh, female, female sh, man, man sh, men, men sh, girl icon
people windows 7 icon pack - girl sh, boy, boy sh, children, children sh, family, family sh, pregnancy, pregnancy sh, green user, green user sh, baby, baby sh, tourist, tourist sh, hiker, hiker sh, coffee break, coffee break sh, mexican, mexican sh, american indian, american indian sh, afro-american, afro-american sh icon
people windows 7 icon pack - arab, arab sh, uncle sam, uncle sam sh, barbarian, barbarian sh, knight, knight sh, superman, superman sh, batman, batman sh, clever monkey, clever monkey sh, angel, angel sh, devil, devil sh, alien, alien sh, mummy, mummy sh, orc, orc sh, playboy icon
people windows 7 icon pack - playboy sh, skull, skull sh, death, death sh, anatomy, anatomy sh, sculpture, sculpture sh, linux penguin, linux penguin sh, freebsd, freebsd sh, robot, robot sh, login, login sh, logout, logout sh, people contact, people contact sh, people contacts, people contacts sh, people online, people online sh icon
people windows 7 icon pack - handshake, handshake sh, bad mark, good mark, ok, palm, fingers, petition, index icon

Icon images:

People, People SH, Boss, Boss SH, Chief, Chief SH, Engineer, Engineer SH, User, User SH, Users, Users SH, User group, User group SH, Add users, Add users SH, Check user, Check user SH, User info, User info SH, Remove user, Remove user SH, Conference, Conference SH, Meeting, Meeting SH, Large group, Large group SH, Party, Party SH, Festival, Festival SH, Female profile, Female profile SH, Agent, Agent SH, Client, Client SH, Client list, Client list SH, Clients, Clients SH, Client group, Client group SH, Customers, Customers SH, Staff, Staff SH, Official, Official SH, Captain, Captain SH, Army officer, Army officer SH, Soldier, Soldier SH, Soldiers, Soldiers SH, Fireman, Fireman SH, Policeman, Policeman SH, Police officer, Police officer SH, Judge, Judge SH, Themis, Themis SH, Hacker, Hacker SH, Security, Security SH, Editor, Editor SH, Copywriter, Copywriter SH, Detective, Detective SH, Einstein, Einstein SH, Scientist, Scientist SH, Professor, Professor SH, Historian, Historian SH, Lecturer, Lecturer SH, Teacher, Teacher SH, Student, Student SH, Worker, Worker SH, Workers, Workers SH, Builder, Builder SH, Motor mechanic, Motor mechanic SH, Cleaner, Cleaner SH, Driver, Driver SH, Pilot, Pilot SH, Air traffic controller, Air traffic controller SH, Astronaut, Astronaut SH, Doctor, Doctor SH, Physician, Physician SH, Stomatologist, Stomatologist SH, Dentist, Dentist SH, Surgeon, Surgeon SH, Hospital nurse, Hospital nurse SH, Optometrist, Optometrist SH, Immunologist, Immunologist SH, Cardiologist, Cardiologist SH, Computer doctor, Computer doctor SH, Druggist, Druggist SH, Search nurse, Search nurse SH, Doctor info, Doctor info SH, Doctor appointment, Doctor appointment SH, Psychoanalyst, Psychoanalyst SH, Psychologist, Psychologist SH, Receptionist, Receptionist SH, Waitress, Waitress SH, Market woman, Market woman SH, Pizza man, Pizza man SH, Japanese cook, Japanese cook SH, Chinese cook, Chinese cook SH, Barber, Barber SH, Geisha, Geisha SH, Marketer, Marketer SH, Appointment, Appointment SH, Auditor, Auditor SH, Publicity agent, Publicity agent SH, Car salesman, Car salesman SH, Secretary, Secretary SH, Accountant, Accountant SH, Personal loan, Personal loan SH, Financier, Financier SH, Businessman, Businessman SH, Book-keeper, Book-keeper SH, Notary, Notary SH, Lawyer, Lawyer SH, Postman, Postman SH, Realtor, Realtor SH, Mexican salesman, Mexican salesman SH, Religious figure, Religious figure SH, Global manager, Global manager SH, Cowboy, Cowboy SH, Hunter, Hunter SH, Farmer, Farmer SH, Electrician, Electrician SH, Agronomist, Agronomist SH, Decorator, Decorator SH, Singer, Singer SH, Web designer, Web designer SH, Graphic designer, Graphic designer SH, Admin, Admin SH, Programmer, Programmer SH, Computer administrator, Computer administrator SH, Network administrator, Network administrator SH, Writer, Writer SH, Photographer, Photographer SH, Painter, Painter SH, Sculptor, Sculptor SH, King, King SH, Queen, Queen SH, Fool, Fool SH, Wizard, Wizard SH, Santa Claus, Santa Claus SH, Footballer, Footballer SH, Jockey, Jockey SH, Retiree, Retiree SH, Key keeper, Key keeper SH, Spy, Spy SH, Ninja, Ninja SH, Unemployed, Unemployed SH, Thief, Thief SH, Hitman, Hitman SH, Prisoner, Prisoner SH, Pirate, Pirate SH, Pirates, Pirates SH, Woman, Woman SH, Women, Women SH, Blonde, Blonde SH, Female, Female SH, Man, Man SH, Men, Men SH, Girl, Girl SH, Boy, Boy SH, Children, Children SH, Family, Family SH, Pregnancy, Pregnancy SH, Green user, Green user SH, Baby, Baby SH, Tourist, Tourist SH, Hiker, Hiker SH, Coffee break, Coffee break SH, Mexican, Mexican SH, American Indian, American Indian SH, Afro-American, Afro-American SH, Arab, Arab SH, Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam SH, Barbarian, Barbarian SH, Knight, Knight SH, Superman, Superman SH, Batman, Batman SH, Clever monkey, Clever monkey SH, Angel, Angel SH, Devil, Devil SH, Alien, Alien SH, Mummy, Mummy SH, Orc, Orc SH, Playboy, Playboy SH, Skull, Skull SH, Death, Death SH, Anatomy, Anatomy SH, Sculpture, Sculpture SH, Linux penguin, Linux penguin SH, FreeBSD, FreeBSD SH, Robot, Robot SH, Login, Login SH, Logout, Logout SH, People contact, People contact SH, People contacts, People contacts SH, People online, People online SH, Handshake, Handshake SH, Bad mark, Good mark, OK, Palm, Fingers, Petition, Index

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Complement the applications using the snazziest of icons

Get hold of a few super cool icons produced by specialists. Using the right combination of coloration blend plus pictorial information, all these symbols have the capability to lend a supplementary benefit for a app considering Microsoft Windows Phone 7 os.

If you find yourself designing an software package on the list of most common conditions that you may bump into is that of acquiring the correct type of design to provide an air of overall look with it. For this specific purpose you may want perfect artwork as well as symbols which can be in sync with the back end in addition to the user interface, which usually as you may very well understand is hard to obtain.

You will need several hours of finely-detailed work to sketch and finalise I image, so when you need hundreds of this sort of design the actual pure time forced to get the job done would be massive, a case in point that by the point a person finalise these and are prepared to put all of them, the particular app would have misplaced a handful of if not completely of their overall appeal. That's exactly why the very best of web programmers now are turning to these kinds of pre-developed in a position to utilize icons that one could simply integrate from your app.

Now you can safely focus on the back-end of your computer software with one of these easy to use symbols. Accessible in the particular PNG data formatting, the size of these types of designs tend to be 48 by 48 pixels together with interior design which might be placed in the center of the 26 by 26 pixels sq .. The actual snazzy manner of the rendering of them means they are very interactive and straightforward to understand, when creating the software user-friendly and uncomplicated it provides user a feel of relaxation. All these symbols are especially suitable for your own MS Windows 8 operating-system and also WP7 and are available in a list of 823 particular images which are, as mentioned previously, prepared to be included to the software. The right characteristic have to function as the wide ranges of colours they are available in, you obtain all these amazing symbols in up to a whopping 14 colours together with red, blue, green along with the more uncommon silver along with grey, additionally, the conventional white and black.

Anything that you might need for just a cell Phone coordinator is actually on this site. Through this set up you could find symbols for virtually every usual tool you might find at the desktop, for instance folder, open message, link and so forth., above these you can get several previously un-conceived and seldom used images, such as a turtle image as well as a bird icon. One among the best is a image of a compact entry with the arrow pointing inwards that may be utilized to suggest a login, together with a related picture using the arrow directing in an outward direction hinting a logout. 823 of those basic and detailed graphics are ready to be applied, all you need to do should be to is to purchase all of them over here, down load and you will be ready to utilize them to your advantage. Always keeping it straightforward whilst edging in the direction of that further little bit of niftiness will be the call for the day, why recommend a uninteresting and complicated software whenever you can get this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 359
  • Price: $49.00

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    About People Windows 7 Icon Pack

    People Windows 7 Icon Pack is a rich-colored set of toolbar icons displaying various people. These icons define a person's occupation, family status, social group and gender. Also the set has a collection of icons depicting hands. All icons are crafted in a modern Vista-like style that makes them a perfect choice for any software designed for Windows Vista. Icons shine with a bright palette of colors creating distinctive and eye-catching appearance. They are crafted with such a skill that will become an essential part of any project aiming to score a success.

    These fine icons are ready-made, so you can get them right away as you order them. No time spending, no expensive design artists, but still the best possible result - adorable icons. Icons come in variants with and without shadows. They are delivered in ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP formats in sizes 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48 pixels. The set has two color solutions: 256 colors and True Color with semi-transparency. Take full advantage of these attractive icons to embellish the toolbar of your software. People Windows 7 Icon Pack will make your project stand out.

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