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Online Icon Pack

online icon pack

An awesome set of web-site and online icons!

The Aha-Soft Online icon set is an excellent set of icons that will help you change the way your site looks. Crystal-crisp and utterly attractive, these icons will always keep your site fresh and elegant. Available in a variety of resolutions.

online icon pack - web page v1, web page v2, web page v3, web page v4, web page v5, favourites v1, favourites v2, favourites v3, favourites v4, favourites v5, edit page v1, edit page v2, edit page v3, edit page v4, edit page v5, search text v1, search text v2, search text v3, search text v4, search text v5, check page v1, check page v2, check page v3, check page v4, check page v5 icon
online icon pack - restricted page v1, restricted page v2, restricted page v3, restricted page v4, restricted page v5, add page v1, add page v2, add page v3, add page v4, add page v5, remove page v1, remove page v2, remove page v3, remove page v4, remove page v5, lock page v1, lock page v2, lock page v3, lock page v4, lock page v5, home page v1, home page v2, home page v3, home page v4, home page v5 icon
online icon pack - site map v1, site map v2, site map v3, site map v4, site map v5, edit v1, edit v2, edit v3, edit v4, edit v5, search v1, search v2, search v3, search v4, search v5, print v1, print v2, print v3, print v4, print v5, mail v1, mail v2, mail v3, mail v4, mail v5 icon
online icon pack - read mail v1, read mail v2, read mail v3, read mail v4, read mail v5, edit comment v1, edit comment v2, edit comment v3, edit comment v4, edit comment v5, add comment v1, add comment v2, add comment v3, add comment v4, add comment v5, remove comment v1, remove comment v2, remove comment v3, remove comment v4, remove comment v5, user comment v1, user comment v2, user comment v3, user comment v4, user comment v5 icon
online icon pack - sound v1, sound v2, sound v3, sound v4, sound v5, no sound v1, no sound v2, no sound v3, no sound v4, no sound v5, sound volume v1, sound volume v2, sound volume v3, sound volume v4, sound volume v5, music v1, music v2, music v3, music v4, music v5, music note v1, music note v2, music note v3, music note v4, music note v5 icon
online icon pack - download music v1, download music v2, download music v3, download music v4, download music v5, download data v1, download data v2, download data v3, download data v4, download data v5, folder v1, folder v2, folder v3, folder v4, folder v5, search folder v1, search folder v2, search folder v3, search folder v4, search folder v5, add folder v1, add folder v2, add folder v3, add folder v4, add folder v5 icon
online icon pack - delete folder v1, delete folder v2, delete folder v3, delete folder v4, delete folder v5, user v1, user v2, user v3, user v4, user v5, user group v1, user group v2, user group v3, user group v4, user group v5, user contact v1, user contact v2, user contact v3, user contact v4, user contact v5, authorize v1, authorize v2, authorize v3, authorize v4, authorize v5 icon
online icon pack - authorize v6, authorize v7, authorize v8, authorize v9, authorize v10, add user v1, add user v2, add user v3, add user v4, add user v5, add user v6, add user v7, add user v8, add user v9, add user v10, remove user v1, remove user v2, remove user v3, remove user v4, remove user v5, delete user v1, delete user v2, delete user v3, delete user v4, delete user v5 icon
online icon pack - login v1, login v2, login v3, login v4, login v5, login v6, login v7, login v8, login v9, login v10, logout v1, logout v2, logout v3, logout v4, logout v5, logout v6, logout v7, logout v8, logout v9, logout v10, download v1, download v2, download v3, download v4, download v5 icon
online icon pack - upload v1, upload v2, upload v3, upload v4, upload v5, credit card v1, credit card v2, credit card v3, credit card v4, credit card v5, buyer bag v1, buyer bag v2, buyer bag v3, buyer bag v4, buyer bag v5, buy item v1, buy item v2, buy item v3, buy item v4, buy item v5, buy item v6, buy item v7, buy item v8, buy item v9, buy item v10 icon
online icon pack - delete item v1, delete item v2, delete item v3, delete item v4, delete item v5, delete item v6, delete item v7, delete item v8, delete item v9, delete item v10, shopping cart v1, shopping cart v2, shopping cart v3, shopping cart v4, shopping cart v5, check out cart v1, check out cart v2, check out cart v3, check out cart v4, check out cart v5, check out bag v1, check out bag v2, check out bag v3, check out bag v4, check out bag v5 icon
online icon pack - check out bag v6, check out bag v7, check out bag v8, check out bag v9, check out bag v10, check out bag v11, check out bag v12, check out bag v13, check out bag v14, check out bag v15, check out item v1, check out item v2, check out item v3, check out item v4, check out item v5, pie chart v1, pie chart v2, pie chart v3, pie chart v4, pie chart v5, bar chart v1, bar chart v2, bar chart v3, bar chart v4, bar chart v5 icon
online icon pack - house v1, house v2, house v3, house v4, house v5, add v1, add v2, add v3, add v4, add v5, delete v1, delete v2, delete v3, delete v4, delete v5, heart v1, heart v2, heart v3, heart v4, heart v5, remove v1, remove v2, remove v3, remove v4, remove v5 icon
online icon pack - apply v1, apply v2, apply v3, apply v4, apply v5, star v1, star v2, star v3, star v4, star v5, key v1, key v2, key v3, key v4, key v5, hierarchy v1, hierarchy v2, hierarchy v3, hierarchy v4, hierarchy v5, lock v1, lock v2, lock v3, lock v4, lock v5 icon
online icon pack - globe v1, globe v2, globe v3, globe v4, globe v5, comment v1, comment v2, comment v3, comment v4, comment v5, dollar v1, dollar v2, dollar v3, dollar v4, dollar v5, delivery v1, delivery v2, delivery v3, delivery v4, delivery v5, no entry v1, no entry v2, no entry v3, no entry v4, no entry v5 icon
online icon pack - restricted v1, restricted v2, restricted v3, restricted v4, restricted v5, cancel v1, cancel v2, cancel v3, cancel v4, cancel v5, e-mail v1, e-mail v2, e-mail v3, e-mail v4, e-mail v5, question v1, question v2, question v3, question v4, question v5, compass v1, compass v2, compass v3, compass v4, compass v5 icon
online icon pack - settings v1, settings v2, settings v3, settings v4, settings v5 icon

Icon images:

Web page v1, Web page v2, Web page v3, Web page v4, Web page v5, Favourites v1, Favourites v2, Favourites v3, Favourites v4, Favourites v5, Edit page v1, Edit page v2, Edit page v3, Edit page v4, Edit page v5, Search text v1, Search text v2, Search text v3, Search text v4, Search text v5, Check page v1, Check page v2, Check page v3, Check page v4, Check page v5, Restricted page v1, Restricted page v2, Restricted page v3, Restricted page v4, Restricted page v5, Add page v1, Add page v2, Add page v3, Add page v4, Add page v5, Remove page v1, Remove page v2, Remove page v3, Remove page v4, Remove page v5, Lock page v1, Lock page v2, Lock page v3, Lock page v4, Lock page v5, Home page v1, Home page v2, Home page v3, Home page v4, Home page v5, Site map v1, Site map v2, Site map v3, Site map v4, Site map v5, Edit v1, Edit v2, Edit v3, Edit v4, Edit v5, Search v1, Search v2, Search v3, Search v4, Search v5, Print v1, Print v2, Print v3, Print v4, Print v5, Mail v1, Mail v2, Mail v3, Mail v4, Mail v5, Read mail v1, Read mail v2, Read mail v3, Read mail v4, Read mail v5, Edit comment v1, Edit comment v2, Edit comment v3, Edit comment v4, Edit comment v5, Add comment v1, Add comment v2, Add comment v3, Add comment v4, Add comment v5, Remove comment v1, Remove comment v2, Remove comment v3, Remove comment v4, Remove comment v5, User comment v1, User comment v2, User comment v3, User comment v4, User comment v5, Sound v1, Sound v2, Sound v3, Sound v4, Sound v5, No sound v1, No sound v2, No sound v3, No sound v4, No sound v5, Sound volume v1, Sound volume v2, Sound volume v3, Sound volume v4, Sound volume v5, Music v1, Music v2, Music v3, Music v4, Music v5, Music note v1, Music note v2, Music note v3, Music note v4, Music note v5, Download music v1, Download music v2, Download music v3, Download music v4, Download music v5, Download data v1, Download data v2, Download data v3, Download data v4, Download data v5, Folder v1, Folder v2, Folder v3, Folder v4, Folder v5, Search folder v1, Search folder v2, Search folder v3, Search folder v4, Search folder v5, Add folder v1, Add folder v2, Add folder v3, Add folder v4, Add folder v5, Delete folder v1, Delete folder v2, Delete folder v3, Delete folder v4, Delete folder v5, User v1, User v2, User v3, User v4, User v5, User group v1, User group v2, User group v3, User group v4, User group v5, User contact v1, User contact v2, User contact v3, User contact v4, User contact v5, Authorize v1, Authorize v2, Authorize v3, Authorize v4, Authorize v5, Authorize v6, Authorize v7, Authorize v8, Authorize v9, Authorize v10, Add user v1, Add user v2, Add user v3, Add user v4, Add user v5, Add user v6, Add user v7, Add user v8, Add user v9, Add user v10, Remove user v1, Remove user v2, Remove user v3, Remove user v4, Remove user v5, Delete user v1, Delete user v2, Delete user v3, Delete user v4, Delete user v5, Login v1, Login v2, Login v3, Login v4, Login v5, Login v6, Login v7, Login v8, Login v9, Login v10, Logout v1, Logout v2, Logout v3, Logout v4, Logout v5, Logout v6, Logout v7, Logout v8, Logout v9, Logout v10, Download v1, Download v2, Download v3, Download v4, Download v5, Upload v1, Upload v2, Upload v3, Upload v4, Upload v5, Credit card v1, Credit card v2, Credit card v3, Credit card v4, Credit card v5, Buyer bag v1, Buyer bag v2, Buyer bag v3, Buyer bag v4, Buyer bag v5, Buy item v1, Buy item v2, Buy item v3, Buy item v4, Buy item v5, Buy item v6, Buy item v7, Buy item v8, Buy item v9, Buy item v10, Delete item v1, Delete item v2, Delete item v3, Delete item v4, Delete item v5, Delete item v6, Delete item v7, Delete item v8, Delete item v9, Delete item v10, Shopping cart v1, Shopping cart v2, Shopping cart v3, Shopping cart v4, Shopping cart v5, Check out cart v1, Check out cart v2, Check out cart v3, Check out cart v4, Check out cart v5, Check out bag v1, Check out bag v2, Check out bag v3, Check out bag v4, Check out bag v5, Check out bag v6, Check out bag v7, Check out bag v8, Check out bag v9, Check out bag v10, Check out bag v11, Check out bag v12, Check out bag v13, Check out bag v14, Check out bag v15, Check out item v1, Check out item v2, Check out item v3, Check out item v4, Check out item v5, Pie chart v1, Pie chart v2, Pie chart v3, Pie chart v4, Pie chart v5, Bar chart v1, Bar chart v2, Bar chart v3, Bar chart v4, Bar chart v5, House v1, House v2, House v3, House v4, House v5, Add v1, Add v2, Add v3, Add v4, Add v5, Delete v1, Delete v2, Delete v3, Delete v4, Delete v5, Heart v1, Heart v2, Heart v3, Heart v4, Heart v5, Remove v1, Remove v2, Remove v3, Remove v4, Remove v5, Apply v1, Apply v2, Apply v3, Apply v4, Apply v5, Star v1, Star v2, Star v3, Star v4, Star v5, Key v1, Key v2, Key v3, Key v4, Key v5, Hierarchy v1, Hierarchy v2, Hierarchy v3, Hierarchy v4, Hierarchy v5, Lock v1, Lock v2, Lock v3, Lock v4, Lock v5, Globe v1, Globe v2, Globe v3, Globe v4, Globe v5, Comment v1, Comment v2, Comment v3, Comment v4, Comment v5, Dollar v1, Dollar v2, Dollar v3, Dollar v4, Dollar v5, Delivery v1, Delivery v2, Delivery v3, Delivery v4, Delivery v5, No entry v1, No entry v2, No entry v3, No entry v4, No entry v5, Restricted v1, Restricted v2, Restricted v3, Restricted v4, Restricted v5, Cancel v1, Cancel v2, Cancel v3, Cancel v4, Cancel v5, E-mail v1, E-mail v2, E-mail v3, E-mail v4, E-mail v5, Question v1, Question v2, Question v3, Question v4, Question v5, Compass v1, Compass v2, Compass v3, Compass v4, Compass v5, Settings v1, Settings v2, Settings v3, Settings v4, Settings v5

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Maximize the program encounter by using aero tool bar symbols

Even the many sophisticated of software packages often lose out on prevalent open public appeal they warrant caused by a below average user interface, just remember to prevent that little impediment by using the super cool aero tool bar symbols.

Producing the suitable graphical user interface is not a very easy undertaking, enormous volume of work typically enters into organizing and even making use of the actual ui to suit the fundamental requirements and features your app fulfils and sustain a level of synchronization together with the client base. Young adults might find an ordinary and easy user interface to be unexciting while when you find yourself building a website that serves high end business enterprise men tomfoolery through way too many colorings as well as flash pictures may possibly backfire. It is very essential to reach the actual right harmony, all these aero tool bar symbols try to make your venture much less difficult.

All these eye-catching icons are ideal for application creation and are suitable for virtually any software package you could be creating windows, macintosh OS, iOS and even Android os's. Now you can illustrate every one of the normal functions for example redo, undo-options, back, forward, restore, zoom in, zoom out along with everthing else you could quite possibly comprehend with the aid of all of these vivid and fashionable designs. More than that you get numerous with it icons like ones for web-cam, scanning device, music functions, mobile, appointments, know-how and many others., it is practically as though the actual creative designers sat right down to think of what you might actually need when you need it and spent the time off to manufacture them.

The entire selection offers 281 designs in total and are available in numerous platforms as well as ICO, PNG, BMP in addition to GIF. You don't have to wait with regard to weeks in the act of implementing your software for the reason that these images are readily available in short amount of time and that on top of that in absolutely deployable state. Coming in five sizes, you can get them in 256 x 256, forty-eight x forty eight, thirty two x thirty-two, twenty-four x 24 plus sixteen x sixteen pixels.

These types of designs offer an additional positive doing work in their support, and that is their particular detailed and also looks. Positioning all these in focused position throughout ones software package gives you a quite thorough and in depth overall look. Getting these types of readymade icons enable you to give full attention to getting the back end of one's program, and in addition helps you to save the particular extended stays you will or else need to spend in developing these types of images separately. The pictures are found in 2 variants of coloring degree, 256 colors in addition to 32 bit colors.

The years have confirmed the best of applications have a simple design and style and therefore are simple to travel through; needless to say benefits perform a vital role within by itself. Save yourself the problems linked to the tiresome formulation of all of the pictures, buy them right here and additionally save enormous period of time to focus on building the actual back end. It's a mixture of colours as well as extremely descriptive photos are their own biggest Usp, with such increases the app a streamlined and trendy look, that makes the application look professional.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 405
  • Price: $59.00

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    About Online Icon Pack

    Creation of a simple, yet functional web interface is a task equally puzzling for novices and professionals. The task becomes even more complicated when a close deadline factors in and design issues are forced to the background, giving way to functionality. Nonetheless, a functional, but unattractive application or web site will not be as popular as a site demonstrating a healthy equilibrium of features, style, user-friendliness, ease of navigation and visual appeal.

    If you are building a web-based application with lots of features that require user input and active navigation, good icons may come very handy in showing users the way to the necessary menu items, features and site areas. Designing them on your own may be a very time consuming meticulous job that may take too much time that you really don't have. If this is the case and you are actively searching for a set of stylish Internet-related icons, make sure you don't let the Aha-Soft Online Icon set out of your sight. The set delivers a number of rich-colored and detailed icons for any application related to online presence and actions.

    The creators of Aha-Soft Online icon set have spent many an hour working on the product that was intended for the most meticulous clients. The level of detail and the exquisite look of each icon reflect the desire of the developers to provide their customers with a single option of immediately integrating the icons into the application or start using them right away. The set has been created with regard to various areas of application, which makes it utterly universal. This icon set is supplied in the following formats: BMP, ICO, PNG and GIF in sizes 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48 in 256 colors and 32-bit with transparency.

    Let your rivals envy you, keep your customers and visitors satisfied and rest assured that the interfaces of your projects are safe with Aha-Soft icons and the team of professionals who do not simply design icons, but do it the way you want!