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Multimedia Windows 7 Icon Pack

multimedia windows 7 icon pack

High Definition Multimedia Windows 7 Icon Pack

Enhance your multimedia project for High Definition displays with ready-made Multimedia Windows 7 Icon Pack. Cut down your project costs and speed up development by using a set of carefully crafted, high-resolution icons!

multimedia windows 7 icon pack - midi, midi sh, play, play sh, playback, playback sh, stop, stop sh, pause, pause sh, record, record sh, rewind, rewind sh, forward, forward sh, first, first sh, last, last sh, previous, previous sh, next, next sh, eject icon
multimedia windows 7 icon pack - eject sh, play music, play music sh, quotation, quotation sh, hint, hint sh, mute, mute sh, sound, sound sh, notes, notes sh, head phones, head phones sh, bluetooth, bluetooth sh, firewire, firewire sh, usb, usb sh, wi-fi, wi-fi sh, lock, lock sh icon
multimedia windows 7 icon pack - setup, setup sh, turn off, turn off sh, atomic, atomic sh, cd-disk, cd-disk sh, music disk, music disk sh, burn cd, burn cd sh, disks, disks sh, speaker, speaker sh, music, music sh, volume, volume sh, volume up, volume up sh, volume down, volume down sh, no sound icon
multimedia windows 7 icon pack - no sound  sh, sound level, sound level  sh, get sound, get sound sh, send sound, send sound sh, sound regulator, sound regulator sh, equalizer, equalizer sh, sound settings, sound settings sh, sound file, sound file sh, mobile phone, mobile phone sh, mobile sound, mobile sound sh, computer sound, computer sound  sh, voice chat, voice chat sh, user, user sh icon
multimedia windows 7 icon pack - woman, woman sh, users, users sh, user group, user group sh, somebody, somebody sh, globe, globe sh, earth, earth sh, world, world sh, voip, voip sh, address book, address book sh, card file, card file sh, terminal, terminal sh, desktop, desktop sh, data transmission icon
multimedia windows 7 icon pack - data transmission sh, data synchronization, data synchronization sh, visual communication, visual communication sh, device, device sh, oscilloscope, oscilloscope sh, gallery, gallery sh, picture, picture sh, pictures, pictures sh, add pictures, add pictures sh, remove pictures, remove pictures sh, color palette, color palette sh, paint, paint sh, component, component sh icon
multimedia windows 7 icon pack - filmclapper, filmclapper sh, radio, radio sh, games, games sh, gear, gear sh, gears, gears sh, settings, settings sh, color balance, color balance sh, options, options sh, screwdriver, screwdriver sh, question, question sh, statistics, statistics sh, star, star sh, hit parade icon
multimedia windows 7 icon pack - hit parade sh, gold star, gold star sh, performer, performer sh, movie, movie sh, music note, music note sh, treble clef, treble clef sh, synthesizer, synthesizer sh, piano, piano sh, drum, drum sh, head-phones, head-phones sh, microphone, microphone sh, key, key sh, coins, coins sh icon
multimedia windows 7 icon pack - refresh, refresh sh, revert, revert sh, go back, go back sh, go down, go down sh, go forward, go forward sh, go up, go up sh, left, left sh, up, up sh, down, down sh, right, right sh, top, top sh, no, no sh, light button icon
multimedia windows 7 icon pack - light button sh, green button, green button sh, blue button, blue button sh, smile, smile sh, time, time sh, gauge, gauge sh, camera, camera sh, photo, photo sh, webcam, webcam sh, shield, shield sh, database, database sh, switch, switch sh, power, power sh icon
multimedia windows 7 icon pack - battery, battery sh, energy, energy sh, holiday, holiday sh, forum, forum sh, ear, ear sh, red flag, red flag sh, feather, feather sh, christmas, christmas sh, new year, new year sh, new year tree, new year tree sh, santa claus, santa claus sh, christmas bell, christmas bell sh, blue christmas bell icon
multimedia windows 7 icon pack - blue christmas bell sh, heart, heart sh, favourites, add to favourites, remove from favourites, camcorder, camera v2, download, upload, film, head phones v2, loud speaker, increase volume, decrease volume, no sound v2, sound v2, music notes v2, pinion, web-camera, web, bell, holiday v2, music document, sound document icon
multimedia windows 7 icon pack - properties, frame, music frame, painter, palette v2, burn cd v2, cd-disk v2, cd-disks v2, karaoke icon

Icon images:

Midi, Midi SH, Play, Play SH, Playback, Playback SH, Stop, Stop SH, Pause, Pause SH, Record, Record SH, Rewind, Rewind SH, Forward, Forward SH, First, First SH, Last, Last SH, Previous, Previous SH, Next, Next SH, Eject, Eject SH, Play music, Play music SH, Quotation, Quotation SH, Hint, Hint SH, Mute, Mute SH, Sound, Sound SH, Notes, Notes SH, Head phones, Head phones SH, Bluetooth, Bluetooth SH, Firewire, Firewire SH, USB, USB SH, Wi-fi, Wi-fi SH, Lock, Lock SH, Setup, Setup SH, Turn off, Turn off SH, Atomic, Atomic SH, CD-disk, CD-disk SH, Music disk, Music disk SH, Burn cd, Burn cd SH, Disks, Disks SH, Speaker, Speaker SH, Music, Music SH, Volume, Volume SH, Volume up, Volume up SH, Volume down, Volume down SH, No sound, No sound SH, Sound level, Sound level SH, Get sound, Get sound SH, Send sound, Send sound SH, Sound regulator, Sound regulator SH, Equalizer, Equalizer SH, Sound settings, Sound settings SH, Sound file, Sound file SH, Mobile phone, Mobile phone SH, Mobile sound, Mobile sound SH, Computer sound, Computer sound SH, Voice chat, Voice chat SH, User, User SH, Woman, Woman SH, Users, Users SH, User group, User group SH, Somebody, Somebody SH, Globe, Globe SH, Earth, Earth SH, World, World SH, VOIP, VOIP SH, Address book, Address book SH, Card file, Card file SH, Terminal, Terminal SH, Desktop, Desktop SH, Data transmission, Data transmission SH, Data synchronization, Data synchronization SH, Visual communication, Visual communication SH, Device, Device SH, Oscilloscope, Oscilloscope SH, Gallery, Gallery SH, Picture, Picture SH, Pictures, Pictures SH, Add pictures, Add pictures SH, Remove pictures, Remove pictures SH, Color palette, Color palette SH, Paint, Paint SH, Component, Component SH, Filmclapper, Filmclapper SH, Radio, Radio SH, Games, Games SH, Gear, Gear SH, Gears, Gears SH, Settings, Settings SH, Color balance, Color balance SH, Options, Options SH, Screwdriver, Screwdriver SH, Question, Question SH, Statistics, Statistics SH, Star, Star SH, Hit parade, Hit parade SH, Gold star, Gold star SH, Performer, Performer SH, Movie, Movie SH, Music note, Music note SH, Treble clef, Treble clef SH, Synthesizer, Synthesizer SH, Piano, Piano SH, Drum, Drum SH, Head-phones, Head-phones SH, Microphone, Microphone SH, Key, Key SH, Coins, Coins SH, Refresh, Refresh SH, Revert, Revert SH, Go back, Go back SH, Go down, Go down SH, Go forward, Go forward SH, Go up, Go up SH, Left, Left SH, Up, Up SH, Down, Down SH, Right, Right SH, Top, Top SH, No, No SH, Light button, Light button SH, Green button, Green button SH, Blue button, Blue button SH, Smile, Smile SH, Time, Time SH, Gauge, Gauge SH, Camera, Camera SH, Photo, Photo SH, Webcam, Webcam SH, Shield, Shield SH, Database, Database SH, Switch, Switch SH, Power, Power SH, Battery, Battery SH, Energy, Energy SH, Holiday, Holiday SH, Forum, Forum SH, Ear, Ear SH, Red flag, Red flag SH, Feather, Feather SH, Christmas, Christmas SH, New Year, New Year SH, New Year Tree, New Year Tree SH, Santa Claus, Santa Claus SH, Christmas Bell, Christmas Bell SH, Blue Christmas Bell, Blue Christmas Bell SH, Heart, Heart SH, Favourites, Add to favourites, Remove from favourites, Camcorder, Camera v2, Download, Upload, Film, Head phones v2, Loud speaker, Increase volume, Decrease volume, No sound v2, Sound v2, Music notes v2, Pinion, Web-camera, Web, Bell, Holiday v2, Music document, Sound document, Properties, Frame, Music frame, Painter, Palette v2, Burn CD v2, CD-disk v2, CD-disks v2, Karaoke

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Supplement your own apps when using the snazziest of symbols

Get a hold of a collection of out of this world icons created by gurus. While using perfect mixture of colour collaboration as well as pictorial information, all these icons have the capability to loan an additional edge to the app in relation to Windows Phone 7 os.

When you are creating an app among the most basic conditions that you could encounter is the one about receiving the appropriate visuals to give a cloak of appearance to it. For this function you're looking for perfect artwork and symbols that happen to be in sync with all the business logic together with the graphical user interface, which because you perfectly realize is tough to achieve.

You will need hrs of finely-detailed work to sketch and also finalise one photo, so when you may need 100s of these visuals the particular absolute moment needed to deliver the results can be large, so much so that the moment you actually complete them and are ready to put them, the app might have shed a handful of if not completely of the charm. That's why the best of software engineers are now looking towards these kinds of pre-developed ready to set up symbols that one could readily add from your application.

You can now safely concentrate on the back-end on the software using these convenient to use symbols. Accessible in the PNG data format, the size of these designs tend to be 48 by 48 pixels alongside internal images which might be set in the particular center of an twenty-six by twenty six pixels square. The actual snazzy style of the rendering of these causes them to be pretty interactive and simple to understand, when helping to make the app simple to use it provides user an understanding of comfort and ease. These symbols are specially suitable for your Microsoft Windows 8 os in addition to WP7 are available in a list of 823 particular images which may be, as said before, ready to be included to the app. The ideal element would need to be the wide amounts of hues these come in, you can get all these wonderful symbols in approximately fourteen shades together with red, blue, green and also the a lot more extraordinary silver as well as grey, also, the traditional white or black.

Something that you might want for your cellular organizer is right here. In this particular set up you can get icons for virtually any common device you will probably find upon the pc, such as folder, open message, hyperlink and so on., much more than a lot of these you can find numerous previously un-conceived along with unused illustrations or photos, like a turtle icon or a bird image. Certainly one of my favourite is really a photograph of the small entrance having an arrow pointing inwards that could be used to signify a login, together with a related graphic together with the arrow pointing outwards implying a logout. 823 of these simple and detailed images are ready to be taken, all that you should do will be to is to purchase them right here, down load and then you're ready to utilize them to your benefit. Attempting to keep it simple whilst edging in the direction of that additional bit of niftiness could be the call for the day, so why recommend a unexciting and complicated application when you can actually have this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 40x40, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 309
  • Price: $99.00

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    About Multimedia Windows 7 Icon Pack

    Speed up product development with ready-made icons! Why spend your time commissioning a designer to draw your icons when you can get a professionally designed, readily available package instantly and for less cost? Cut project costs and speed up development by using Multimedia Windows 7 Icon Pack!

    Add a professional look to your multimedia sites and applications: Multimedia Windows 7 Icon Pack are designed by professionals and carefully crafted in Windows 7 style making your Web sites and applications look modern and up-to-date, in line with the highest quality standards set by Windows Vista. The set includes icons with and without shadows, in 256 colors or 32-bit format with alpha channel support. The icons come in PNG, ICO, and GIF formats.

    Enhance your Windows Vista multimedia project for High Definition: Microsoft raised its standards in visual design once again with the release of Windows Vista. The new operating system maintains support for an alpha channel semi-transparency effect introduced in earlier versions, and defines a new, high resolution icon size for use with new High Definition displays. Using higher resolution icons allows for a slicker, sharper interface with vivid graphics.

    This set of multimedia icons allows you to design software that looks and feels right on standard and High Definition displays in Windows Vista. With this package, you get all icon sizes and resolutions, including the standard 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128, and the new high-resolution 256x256 format.

    Mobile ready: Multimedia Windows 7 Icon Pack come in additional formats useful for mobile application developers, including the sizes of 20x20, 24x24, 40x40, and 64x64.

    Windows XP compatibility: All our icons are backwards compatible with Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows.

    Unlike the competition, we are happy to offer our icons a la carte for $1 each. Choose as many as you like, or get the whole set of 101 icons for for just $99!