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Messenger Windows 7 Icon Pack

messenger windows 7 icon pack

A great set of Vista-style messenger icons!

The Vista Messenger icon set is a excellent set of icons that will breathe new life into your communications with friends across the world! The set contains a number of icons for email and instant-messaging. Vista-style with up to 256x256 pixel size!

messenger windows 7 icon pack - message, message sh, blue message, blue message sh, yellow message, yellow message sh, red message, red message sh, messages, messages sh, new message, new message sh, edit message, edit message sh, delete message, delete message sh, delayed message, delayed message sh, approve message, approve message sh, decline message, decline message sh, get message, get message sh, send message icon
messenger windows 7 icon pack - send message sh, next message, next message sh, previous message, previous message sh, import message, import message sh, export message, export message sh, html message, html message sh, infected message, infected message sh, multimedia message, multimedia message sh, sound message, sound message sh, mail, mail sh, open mail, open mail sh, read mail, read mail sh, read message, read message sh icon
messenger windows 7 icon pack - receive mail, receive mail sh, send mail, send mail sh, write e-mail, write e-mail sh, attach, attach sh, update, update sh, text data, text data sh, reports, reports sh, roll, roll sh, list, list sh, notes, notes sh, client list, client list sh, address book, address book sh1, e-mail book icon
messenger windows 7 icon pack - e-mail book sh, e-mail symbol, e-mail symbol sh, certificate, certificate sh, folder, folder sh, properties, properties sh, help, help sh, time, time sh, history, history sh, schedule, schedule sh, internet, internet sh, search computer, search computer sh, visual communication, visual communication sh, data transfer, data transfer sh icon
messenger windows 7 icon pack - internet access, internet access sh, lock, lock sh, unlock, unlock sh, open lock, open lock sh, locked user, locked user sh, users folders, users folders sh, add users, add users sh, remove user, remove user sh, check user, check user sh, key keeper, key keeper sh, login, login sh, user info, user info sh, logout icon
messenger windows 7 icon pack - logout sh, people contact, people contact sh, people contacts, people contacts sh, people online, people online sh, search contacts, search contacts sh, voice chat, voice chat sh, online, online sh, offline, offline sh, smile, smile sh, depression, depression sh, handshake, handshake sh, login form, login form sh, options, options sh icon
messenger windows 7 icon pack - settings, settings sh, recycling, recycling sh, volume, volume sh, volume down, volume down sh, volume up, volume up sh, no sound, no sound  sh, mobile sound, mobile sound sh, printer, printer sh, phone, phone sh, shield, shield sh, spam, spam sh, globe, globe sh, web icon
messenger windows 7 icon pack - web sh, home page, home page sh, switch user, switch user sh icon

Icon images:

Message, Message SH, Blue message, Blue message SH, Yellow message, Yellow message SH, Red message, Red message SH, Messages, Messages SH, New message, New message SH, Edit message, Edit message SH, Delete message, Delete message SH, Delayed message, Delayed message SH, Approve message, Approve message SH, Decline message, Decline message SH, Get message, Get message SH, Send message, Send message SH, Next message, Next message SH, Previous message, Previous message SH, Import message, Import message SH, Export message, Export message SH, Html message, Html message SH, Infected message, Infected message SH, Multimedia message, Multimedia message SH, Sound message, Sound message SH, Mail, Mail SH, Open mail, Open mail SH, Read mail, Read mail SH, Read message, Read message SH, Receive mail, Receive mail SH, Send mail, Send mail SH, Write e-mail, Write e-mail SH, Attach, Attach SH, Update, Update SH, Text data, Text data SH, Reports, Reports SH, Roll, Roll SH, List, List SH, Notes, Notes SH, Client list, Client list SH, Address book, Address book SH1, E-mail book, E-mail book SH, E-mail symbol, E-mail symbol SH, Certificate, Certificate SH, Folder, Folder SH, Properties, Properties SH, Help, Help SH, Time, Time SH, History, History SH, Schedule, Schedule SH, Internet, Internet SH, Search computer, Search computer SH, Visual communication, Visual communication SH, Data transfer, Data transfer SH, Internet access, Internet access SH, Lock, Lock SH, Unlock, Unlock SH, Open lock, Open lock SH, Locked user, Locked user SH, Users folders, Users folders SH, Add users, Add users SH, Remove user, Remove user SH, Check user, Check user SH, Key keeper, Key keeper SH, Login, Login SH, User info, User info SH, Logout, Logout SH, People contact, People contact SH, People contacts, People contacts SH, People online, People online SH, Search contacts, Search contacts SH, Voice chat, Voice chat SH, Online, Online SH, Offline, Offline SH, Smile, Smile SH, Depression, Depression SH, Handshake, Handshake SH, Login form, Login form SH, Options, Options SH, Settings, Settings SH, Recycling, Recycling SH, Volume, Volume SH, Volume down, Volume down SH, Volume up, Volume up SH, No sound, No sound SH, Mobile sound, Mobile sound SH, Printer, Printer SH, Phone, Phone SH, Shield, Shield SH, Spam, Spam SH, Globe, Globe SH, Web, Web SH, Home page, Home page SH, Switch user, Switch user SH

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Complement your own apps while using snazziest of icons

Get a hold of a few super cool designs designed by pros. When using the right mix of coloration blend along with graphic content, most of these designs are capable to provide an extra benefit in your app based on MS Windows Phone 7 operating-system.

When you find yourself developing an application one of the most basic problems that you could come across is that of getting the appropriate images to lend an air of visual appeal with it. For this function you're looking for perfect images together with symbols which can be synchronized with the back-end along with the graphical user interface, which in turn as you may well understand is challenging to realize.

You will need hours of detail work to sketch and also complete a image, then when you need hundreds of these kinds of images the particular utter time necessary to accomplish the task is substantial, so much so which the time an individual finalise all of them and so are wanting to include these, the actual software would have lost a handful of if not all of the overall appeal. That is the reason the reason why the very best of computer programmers now are checking out these pre-developed in a position to use designs that one could readily combine through the software.

Now you can safely and securely concentrate on the back end on the application with one of these convenient to use symbols. Obtainable in the particular PNG formatting, the figures on these icons tend to be forty-eight by forty eight pixels alongside inner images that happen to be placed in the particular middle of an 26 by twenty six pixels sq.. The actual snazzy means of the rendering of them means they are very interactive and straightforward to figure out, even while making the app ease-of-use it provides customer a feel of comfort and ease. Most of these symbols are especially compatible with your Windows 8 operating system and WP7 are available in a pair of 823 one of a kind visuals which are, as said before, prepared to be added to the application. The most effective attribute must function as the huge degrees of hues they are available in, you can receive all these amazing symbols in as much as fourteen hues including red, blue, green also, the more unique silver and also grey, and the typical black and white.

Something that you might need for just a cell Phone coordinator is definitely right here. Through this set up you'll find designs for virtually every common instrument you'll find at your desktop, for example file, open message, link etcetera., more than all these you have access to quite a few previously un-conceived in addition to seldom used photos, such as a turtle icon or perhaps a bird symbol. Certainly one of the best is really a picture of an small front door with an arrow directing inwards which often can be utilized to signify a logon, and also a similar image using the arrow pointing in an outward direction implying a logout. 823 of these easy and descriptive photos are ready to be utilized, all you need to do is always to is to purchase all of them right here, download and install and you will be ready to work with them to your benefit. Attempting to keep it uncomplicated while edging in the direction of that added bit of niftiness may be the call of your day, so why submit a lusterless and complicated application when you can have this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 180
  • Price: $99.00

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    About Messenger Windows 7 Icon Pack

    For most Internet users, communication with their family, friends and general public via email or IMs is the one of the major tasks they attend to daily. As technologies evolve, more and more sophisticated applications hit the market, but the core remains the same. We still type our messages. Text can be very informative, but when it comes to expressing emotions, text messages start lacking something. The Messenger Windows 7 Icon Pack is here to change this situation! The set delivers a number of rich-colored icons for email and instant-messaging software (like ICQ or Yahoo Messenger). This collection focuses on communications and contains corresponding icons and smileys. Apart from being an excellent choice for regular Internet users, Messenger Windows 7 Icon Pack may be the choice of professionals building their own applications. These icons will come handy for creating first-class toolbars that will literally magnetize users with their vivid colors and visual depth at the same time.

    The creators of Messenger Windows 7 Icon Pack have spent many an hour working on the product that was intended for the most meticulous clients. The level of detail and the exquisite look of each icon reflect the desire of the developers to provide their customers with a single option of immediately integrating the icons into the application or start using them right away. The set has been created in the Windows Windows 7 style, which makes it immediately ready to be used for next generation of Vista-ready applications. The icons come with and without shadow for different types of interfaces and are available in the following formats: BMP, ICO, PNG and GIF in sizes of 16x16,24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256 pixels in 256 colors and 32-bit True Color.

    Let your competitors envy you, smile to your friends with a brand new e-smile and rest assured that the interfaces of your projects are safe with these icons and the team of professionals who do not simply design icons, but do it the way you want!