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Medical Windows 7 Icon Pack

medical windows 7 icon pack

Add style to your medical website or software

Medical Windows 7 Icon Pack has been created to eliminate any misconceptions arising while viewing a medical webpage or operating a medical program. The variety of icons on the medicine-related topic will help the user to get the right meaning instantly.

medical windows 7 icon pack - health care, health care sh, health care shield, health care shield sh, shield, shield sh, insurance, insurance sh, ambulance car, ambulance car sh, medical bag, medical bag sh, first-aid, first-aid sh, medical insurance, medical insurance sh, boss, boss sh, head physician, head physician sh, physician, physician sh, doctor, doctor sh, surgeon icon
medical windows 7 icon pack - surgeon sh, hospital nurse, hospital nurse sh, appointment, appointment sh, optometrist, optometrist sh, cardiologist, cardiologist sh, urologist, urologist sh, stomatologist, stomatologist sh, veterinary, veterinary sh, psychoanalyst, psychoanalyst sh, druggist, druggist sh, search nurse, search nurse sh, search doctor, search doctor sh, doctor info, doctor info sh icon
medical windows 7 icon pack - receptionist, receptionist sh, secretary, secretary sh, hygienist, hygienist sh, scientist, scientist sh, professor, professor sh, computer doctor, computer doctor sh, tooth, tooth sh, bad tooth, bad tooth sh, check tooth, check tooth sh, remove tooth, remove tooth sh, delete tooth, delete tooth sh, temporary tooth, temporary tooth sh, tooth status icon
medical windows 7 icon pack - tooth status sh, sound tooth, sound tooth sh, tooth-brush, tooth-brush sh, tooth-paste, tooth-paste sh, hollywood smile, hollywood smile sh, mouth, mouth sh, heart, heart sh, patient-man, patient-man sh, patient-woman, patient-woman sh, pregnancy, pregnancy sh, baby boy, baby boy sh, baby girl, baby girl sh, patient-boy, patient-boy sh icon
medical windows 7 icon pack - patient-girl, patient-girl sh, adult patient-boy, adult patient-boy sh, adult patient-girl, adult patient-girl sh, patients, patients sh, add patient, add patient sh, edit patient, edit patient sh, check patient, check patient sh, remove patient, remove patient sh, delete patient, delete patient sh, patient info, patient info sh, search patient, search patient sh, patient warning, patient warning sh, deseased icon
medical windows 7 icon pack - deseased sh, angel, angel sh, anatomy, anatomy sh, thermometer, thermometer sh, syringe, syringe sh, vaccination, vaccination sh, vaccinations, vaccinations sh, ampoule, ampoule sh, ampoules, ampoules sh, test tubes, test tubes sh, blood test, blood test sh, tablets, tablets sh, pill, pill sh icon
medical windows 7 icon pack - pills, pills sh, drugs, drugs sh, tablet, tablet sh, viagra, viagra sh, propecia, propecia sh, drug, drug sh, natural drug, natural drug sh, phial, phial sh, drug basket, drug basket sh, empty basket, empty basket sh, retort, retort sh, structure, structure sh, atom icon
medical windows 7 icon pack - atom sh, dna, dna sh, genetics, genetics sh, spray, spray sh, microscope, microscope sh, search, search sh, balance, balance sh, stethoscope, stethoscope sh, cut, cut sh, documents, documents sh, case history, case history sh, books, books sh, book library, book library sh icon
medical windows 7 icon pack - mail, mail sh, address book, address book sh, card file, card file sh, questionnaire, questionnaire sh, calendar, calendar sh, report, report sh, reports, reports sh, all reports, all reports sh, blanks, blanks sh, list, list sh, medical invoice, medical invoice sh, medical invoice information, medical invoice information sh, medical invoice paid icon
medical windows 7 icon pack - medical invoice paid sh, cheque sh, cheque, bar-code, bar-code sh, bar-code scanner, bar-code scanner sh, account, account sh, accounts, accounts sh, sick-list, sick-list sh, certificate, certificate sh, knowledge, knowledge sh, label, label sh, cardiogram, cardiogram sh, baby carriage, baby carriage sh, wheelchair, wheelchair sh icon
medical windows 7 icon pack - medical store, medical store sh, store, store sh, box, box sh, brief case, brief case sh, tag, tag sh, call bell, call bell sh, emergency, emergency sh, call, call sh, dark hand, dark hand sh, ok, ok sh, good mark, good mark sh, bad mark, bad mark sh, palm icon
medical windows 7 icon pack - palm sh, index, index sh, ear, ear sh, brain, brain sh, brain probe, brain probe sh, eye, eye sh, view, view sh, eye chart, eye chart sh, spectacles, spectacles sh, genealogy, genealogy sh, demography, demography sh, university, university sh, hospital, hospital sh icon
medical windows 7 icon pack - drugstore, drugstore sh, green cross 3d, green cross 3d sh, green cross, green cross sh, red cross, red cross sh, red cross and crescent, red cross and crescent sh, disaster, disaster sh, bio hasard, bio hasard sh, radiation, radiation sh, x-ray, x-ray sh, poison, poison sh, death, death sh, skull, skull sh, coffin icon
medical windows 7 icon pack - coffin sh, grave, grave sh, gift, gift sh, recycling sh, recycling, food, food sh, porridge, porridge sh, apple, apple sh, four-leafed clover, four-leafed clover sh, hemp leaf, hemp leaf sh, tree, tree sh, relaxation, relaxation sh, flower, flower sh, bacteria, bacteria sh icon
medical windows 7 icon pack - rat, ratsh, bug, bug sh, mosquito, mosquito sh, health, health sh, pets, pets sh, allergy, allergies, drug allergy, egg allergy, wheat allergy, fish  allergy, milk allergy, sea food allergy, nut allergy, peanut allergy, problems, chart notes, past medical history, surgical history, attachments icon
medical windows 7 icon pack - electronic lab results, scheduling appointments, billing, government billing, patient billing, referring doctors, circumference, care, blood pressure, height, weight, waist, hips icon

Icon images:

Health care, Health care SH, Health care shield, Health care shield SH, Shield, Shield SH, Insurance, Insurance SH, Ambulance car, Ambulance car SH, Medical bag, Medical bag SH, First-aid, First-aid SH, Medical insurance, Medical insurance SH, Boss, Boss SH, Head physician, Head physician SH, Physician, Physician SH, Doctor, Doctor SH, Surgeon, Surgeon SH, Hospital nurse, Hospital nurse SH, Appointment, Appointment SH, Optometrist, Optometrist SH, Cardiologist, Cardiologist SH, Urologist, Urologist SH, Stomatologist, Stomatologist SH, Veterinary, Veterinary SH, Psychoanalyst, Psychoanalyst SH, Druggist, Druggist SH, Search nurse, Search nurse SH, Search doctor, Search doctor SH, Doctor info, Doctor info SH, Receptionist, Receptionist SH, Secretary, Secretary SH, Hygienist, Hygienist SH, Scientist, Scientist SH, Professor, Professor SH, Computer doctor, Computer doctor SH, Tooth, Tooth SH, Bad tooth, Bad tooth SH, Check tooth, Check tooth SH, Remove tooth, Remove tooth SH, Delete tooth, Delete tooth SH, Temporary tooth, Temporary tooth SH, Tooth status, Tooth status SH, Sound tooth, Sound tooth SH, Tooth-brush, Tooth-brush SH, Tooth-paste, Tooth-paste SH, Hollywood smile, Hollywood smile SH, Mouth, Mouth SH, Heart, Heart SH, Patient-man, Patient-man SH, Patient-woman, Patient-woman SH, Pregnancy, Pregnancy SH, Baby boy, Baby boy SH, Baby girl, Baby girl SH, Patient-boy, Patient-boy SH, Patient-girl, Patient-girl SH, Adult patient-boy, Adult patient-boy SH, Adult patient-girl, Adult patient-girl SH, Patients, Patients SH, Add patient, Add patient SH, Edit patient, Edit patient SH, Check patient, Check patient SH, Remove patient, Remove patient SH, Delete patient, Delete patient SH, Patient info, Patient info SH, Search patient, Search patient SH, Patient warning, Patient warning SH, Deseased, Deseased SH, Angel, Angel SH, Anatomy, Anatomy SH, Thermometer, Thermometer SH, Syringe, Syringe SH, Vaccination, Vaccination SH, Vaccinations, Vaccinations SH, Ampoule, Ampoule SH, Ampoules, Ampoules SH, Test tubes, Test tubes SH, Blood test, Blood test SH, Tablets, Tablets SH, Pill, Pill SH, Pills, Pills SH, Drugs, Drugs SH, Tablet, Tablet SH, Viagra, Viagra SH, Propecia, Propecia SH, Drug, Drug SH, Natural drug, Natural drug SH, Phial, Phial SH, Drug basket, Drug basket SH, Empty basket, Empty basket SH, Retort, Retort SH, Structure, Structure SH, Atom, Atom SH, DNA, DNA SH, Genetics, Genetics SH, Spray, Spray SH, Microscope, Microscope SH, Search, Search SH, Balance, Balance SH, Stethoscope, Stethoscope SH, Cut, Cut SH, Documents, Documents SH, Case history, Case history SH, Books, Books SH, Book library, Book library SH, Mail, Mail SH, Address book, Address book SH, Card file, Card file SH, Questionnaire, Questionnaire SH, Calendar, Calendar SH, Report, Report SH, Reports, Reports SH, All reports, All reports SH, Blanks, Blanks SH, List, List SH, Medical invoice, Medical invoice SH, Medical invoice information, Medical invoice information SH, Medical invoice paid, Medical invoice paid SH, Cheque SH, Cheque, Bar-code, Bar-code SH, Bar-code scanner, Bar-code scanner SH, Account, Account SH, Accounts, Accounts SH, Sick-list, Sick-list SH, Certificate, Certificate SH, Knowledge, Knowledge SH, Label, Label SH, Cardiogram, Cardiogram SH, Baby carriage, Baby carriage SH, Wheelchair, Wheelchair SH, Medical store, Medical store SH, Store, Store SH, Box, Box SH, Brief case, Brief case SH, Tag, Tag SH, Call bell, Call bell SH, Emergency, Emergency SH, Call, Call SH, Dark hand, Dark hand SH, OK, OK SH, Good mark, Good mark SH, Bad mark, Bad mark SH, Palm, Palm SH, Index, Index SH, Ear, Ear SH, Brain, Brain SH, Brain probe, Brain probe SH, Eye, Eye SH, View, View SH, Eye chart, Eye chart SH, Spectacles, Spectacles SH, Genealogy, Genealogy SH, Demography, Demography SH, University, University SH, Hospital, Hospital SH, Drugstore, Drugstore SH, Green cross 3d, Green cross 3d SH, Green cross, Green cross SH, Red cross, Red cross SH, Red Cross and Crescent, Red Cross and Crescent SH, Disaster, Disaster SH, Bio hasard, Bio hasard SH, Radiation, Radiation SH, X-ray, X-ray SH, Poison, Poison SH, Death, Death SH, Skull, Skull SH, Coffin, Coffin SH, Grave, Grave SH, Gift, Gift SH, Recycling SH, Recycling, Food, Food SH, Porridge, Porridge SH, Apple, Apple SH, Four-leafed clover, Four-leafed clover SH, Hemp leaf, Hemp leaf SH, Tree, Tree SH, Relaxation, Relaxation SH, Flower, Flower SH, Bacteria, Bacteria SH, Rat, RatSH, Bug, Bug SH, Mosquito, Mosquito SH, Health, Health SH, Pets, Pets SH, Allergy, Allergies, Drug allergy, Egg allergy, Wheat allergy, Fish allergy, Milk allergy, Sea food allergy, Nut allergy, Peanut allergy, Problems, Chart notes, Past medical history, Surgical history, Attachments, Electronic lab results, Scheduling appointments, Billing, Government billing, Patient billing, Referring Doctors, Circumference, Care, Blood pressure, Height, Weight, Waist, Hips

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Accentuate the software packages while using snazziest of symbols

Get hold of some of out of this world icons developed by specialists. When using the proper mix of colour mixture plus pictorial information, all these symbols have the capability to loan any more benefit to your app based on MS Windows Phone 7 operating system.

When you find yourself designing an application one of the most typical issues that you may come across is the one about getting the right type of design to bring an air of appearance to it. For this purpose you may want perfect visuals as well as symbols which can be synchronized using the business logic as well as the ui, which as you effectively understand is difficult to realize.

It will take several hours of accurate work to sketch and finalise a picture, then when you may need countless these types of illustrations or photos the actual pure period required to get the job done will be enormous, so much in fact which by the time an individual finalise them and so are prepared to add all of them, the particular app would've shed some if not all of its appeal. That is the reason the key reason why the best of programmers are generally looking towards these kinds of pre-developed ready to set up icons you can simply integrate in the app.

Anyone can securely focus on the back end of the software package with one of these simple to use symbols. Obtainable in the PNG format, the size of these types of icons tend to be forty-eight by forty eight pixels coupled with inner illustrations or photos which have been placed in the particular center of the 26 by twenty-six pixels sq .. The particular snazzy method of the particular representation for these causes them to be extremely interactive as well as simple to decipher, even while helping to make the app convenient to use it provides the individual an understanding of comfort and ease. All these designs are specially suitable for the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system along with WP7 are available within a set of 823 one of a kind artwork which are, as mentioned previously, ready to be contributed to the software package. The ideal function must be the large amounts of colors they come in, you can receive all these astounding designs in approximately 14 colorings together with red, blue, green additionally, the alot more unusual silver and also grey, along with the typical grayscale.

Anything that you might want for just a cellular organizer is actually on this site. In this particular set up you can find symbols for virtually any common instrument you may find on your own desktop computer, for instance file, open message, link and many others., greater than all of these you can get quite a few hitherto un-conceived as well as seldom used images, like a turtle icon or perhaps a bird image. Certainly one of my favourite is actually a picture of the small front door with an arrow pointing inwards which may be utilized to suggest a logon, along with a related picture using the arrow directing in an outward direction implying a logout. 823 of those simple and detailed graphics are ready to be utilized, all you need to do should be to is to buy these right here, download and install and you will be ready to make use of these to your benefit. Always keeping it straightforward whilst edging in the direction of that added bit of niftiness may be the call for the day, exactly why recommend a unexciting and complex software when it's possible to get this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 388
  • Price: $129.00

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    About Medical Windows 7 Icon Pack

    Medical Windows 7 Icon Pack provides an almost unlimited selection of various icons on medicine-related topics, such as conventional signs of professions in healthcare, medical equipment and insurance, veterinary, etc. The icons will relieve designers and software developers of the burdensome task of creating icons for websites and desktop software on their own.

    Facing a certain medical term, one cannot always work out its meaning. For such cases Medical Windows 7 Icon Pack has been created. The application offers a huge amount of descriptive icons on medical-related topics which will help the user of a medical website or program not to get sidetracked by incomprehensible terms. Moreover, the eye-catching icons will help the user to notice the information everywhere.

    The icons are delivered in the following sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 40x40, 48x48, 64x64 and 256x256 used for Windows Vista also. Also they are presented in two color variants: 256 colors and True Color with semi-transparency. Besides, several file formats, such as ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP are supported.

    Furthermore, you are welcome to order a collection of icons with only some of the available sizes (e.g. 24x24 and 32x32). In this case a discount is offered. You can also buy individual icons to suit your needs. Each icon is $1 when purchased separately.

    Find out the latest news about Windows 7 icon design standards at alliconstore.com.