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Medical Toolbar Icon Pack

medical toolbar icon pack

Over 300 medical and health care icons

Develop professional-looking applications for hospitals, medical and health care specialists with a set of Medical Toolbar Icon Pack. The set contains icons depicting medical objects (ampoule, syringe) and professions (doctor, nurse, dentist) and more.

medical toolbar icon pack - health care, acute care, snake cup, medicine, ambulance car, first aid box, medical bag, medical symbol, shield, health insurance, medical insurance, protection, head physician, chief medical officer, doctor, physician, lady doctor, nurse, hospital nurse, surgeon, male cardiologist, female cardiologist, optometrist, female oculist, diatist, dentist, stomatologist, speech therapist, chiropractor, veterinary icon
medical toolbar icon pack - psychoanalyst, psychologist, appointment, computer doctor, search doctor, doctor info, vaccination, blood-donor, insurance agent, secretary, phone support, receptionist, businessman, student, professor, male, female, patient-man, patient-woman, inpatient male, inpatient female, out patient female, out patient male, patients, search patient, edit patient, patient warning, patient info, add patient, remove patient icon
medical toolbar icon pack - mark patient, deceased, family insurance, family, children, baby, retiree, patient folder, customers, tooth, teeth, mark tooth, add tooth, remove tooth, delete tooth, tooth info, tooth status, edit tooth info, temporary tooth, search tooth, bad tooth, sound tooth, tooth brush, tooth-paste, food, microscope, dna helix, genetics, nh3 molecule, cell culture dish icon
medical toolbar icon pack - waste tray, chemistry, retort, test tube, syrup, test tubes, ampoule, ampoules, baby bottle, cod-liver oil, drug, spray, phial, poison, pipette, syringe, thermometer, ointment, baby pacifier, baby toy, baby shoes, patient id, aids, band-aid, plaster, cotton roll, stethoscope, tweezers, scissor, cut icon
medical toolbar icon pack - medicine dropper, balance, bath soap, pill, capsule, pills, capsules, tablet, drugs, pills pack, emergency, emergency on, bell-push, inhaler, handwash, male symbol, female symbol, fertility, sex, safe sex, condom, green cross, red cross, blue cross, ok, no, electrodes, ecg monitor, cardiogram, demography icon
medical toolbar icon pack - bp checker, weight checker, stretcher, nurse cap, account, accounts, personal smartcard, empty basket, drug basket, shopping cart, medical store, donation, cash register, calculator, bar-code, bar-code scanner, credit cards, dollar, price list, book of record, check out item, cheque, medical invoice paid, medical invoice, case history, address book, notes, signature, diary, news icon
medical toolbar icon pack - telephone directory, reference book, table, tables, reports, list, form, image document, calendar, appointments, properties, favourites, questionnaire, label, certificate, diploma, certificate seal, letter, new letter, report, lab report, prescription, knowledge, education, brief case, books, database, card file, edit, folder icon
medical toolbar icon pack - print, phone, find, zoom, search, text, prescription symbol, rx, blood donate, blood bag, blood test, heart, cardiology, wheelchair, crutches, ring buoy, no smoking, allergy, handicap, bed, phone number, male wc, female wc, emergency exit, x-ray, radiology, tomography, radiation, biohazard, danger icon
medical toolbar icon pack - problem, warning, info, mark, add, delete, remove, stop, abort, crystal sphere, water drop, timer, time, history, schedule, alarm, call, navigator, funnel, green pin, anatomy, ear, ear machine, brain, brain probe, lungs, mouth, artificial teeth, eye, contact lens icon
medical toolbar icon pack - spectacles, sunglasses, eye chart, scull, death, human skeleton, bones, foot, bandage, rubber glove, thumb up, thumb down, fingers, arm, pets, dog, cat, horse, bee, health, bacteria, virus, clover leaf, hemp leaf, ecology, genealogy, hospital, drugstore, laboratory, company icon
medical toolbar icon pack - home, exit icon

Icon images:

Health care, Acute care, Snake cup, Medicine, Ambulance car, First aid box, Medical bag, Medical symbol, Shield, Health insurance, Medical insurance, Protection, Head physician, Chief medical officer, Doctor, Physician, Lady doctor, Nurse, Hospital nurse, Surgeon, Male cardiologist, Female cardiologist, Optometrist, Female oculist, Diatist, Dentist, Stomatologist, Speech therapist, Chiropractor, Veterinary, Psychoanalyst, Psychologist, Appointment, Computer doctor, Search doctor, Doctor info, Vaccination, Blood-donor, Insurance agent, Secretary, Phone support, Receptionist, Businessman, Student, Professor, Male, Female, Patient-man, Patient-woman, Inpatient male, Inpatient female, Out patient female, Out patient male, Patients, Search patient, Edit patient, Patient warning, Patient info, Add patient, Remove patient, Mark patient, Deceased, Family insurance, Family, Children, Baby, Retiree, Patient folder, Customers, Tooth, Teeth, Mark tooth, Add Tooth, Remove tooth, Delete tooth, Tooth info, Tooth status, Edit tooth info, Temporary tooth, Search tooth, Bad tooth, Sound tooth, Tooth brush, Tooth-paste, Food, Microscope, DNA helix, Genetics, NH3 molecule, Cell culture dish, Waste tray, Chemistry, Retort, Test tube, Syrup, Test tubes, Ampoule, Ampoules, Baby bottle, Cod-liver oil, Drug, Spray, Phial, Poison, Pipette, Syringe, Thermometer, Ointment, Baby pacifier, Baby toy, Baby shoes, Patient ID, Aids, Band-Aid, Plaster, Cotton roll, Stethoscope, Tweezers, Scissor, Cut, Medicine dropper, Balance, Bath soap, Pill, Capsule, Pills, Capsules, Tablet, Drugs, Pills pack, Emergency, Emergency ON, Bell-push, Inhaler, Handwash, Male symbol, Female symbol, Fertility, Sex, Safe sex, Condom, Green cross, Red cross, Blue cross, OK, NO, Electrodes, ECG monitor, Cardiogram, Demography, BP checker, Weight checker, Stretcher, Nurse cap, Account, Accounts, Personal Smartcard, Empty basket, Drug basket, Shopping cart, Medical store, Donation, Cash register, Calculator, Bar-code, Bar-code scanner, Credit cards, Dollar, Price list, Book of record, Check out item, Cheque, Medical invoice paid, Medical invoice, Case history, Address book, Notes, Signature, Diary, News, Telephone Directory, Reference book, Table, Tables, Reports, List, Form, Image document, Calendar, Appointments, Properties, Favourites, Questionnaire, Label, Certificate, Diploma, Certificate seal, Letter, New letter, Report, Lab report, Prescription, Knowledge, Education, Brief case, Books, Database, Card file, Edit, Folder, Print, Phone, Find, Zoom, Search, Text, Prescription symbol, Rx, Blood donate, Blood bag, Blood test, Heart, Cardiology, Wheelchair, Crutches, Ring buoy, No smoking, Allergy, Handicap, Bed, Phone number, Male WC, Female WC, Emergency exit, X-ray, Radiology, Tomography, Radiation, Biohazard, Danger, Problem, Warning, Info, Mark, Add, Delete, Remove, Stop, Abort, Crystal sphere, Water drop, Timer, Time, History, Schedule, Alarm, Call, Navigator, Funnel, Green pin, Anatomy, Ear, Ear machine, Brain, Brain probe, Lungs, Mouth, Artificial teeth, Eye, Contact lens, Spectacles, Sunglasses, Eye chart, Scull, Death, Human skeleton, Bones, Foot, Bandage, Rubber glove, Thumb up, Thumb down, Fingers, Arm, Pets, Dog, Cat, Horse, Bee, Health, Bacteria, Virus, Clover leaf, Hemp Leaf, Ecology, Genealogy, Hospital, Drugstore, Laboratory, Company, Home, Exit

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 302
  • Price: $99.95

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    About Medical Toolbar Icon Pack

    Develop professional-looking applications for hospitals, medical and health care specialists with a set of Medical Toolbar Icon Pack. The set contains over 300 icons representing various medical objects including Ampoule, Syringe, Ointment, Thermometer and many more. A number of icons representing health care professions such as Doctor, Nurse, Dentist, Cardiologist, and Patient, are also available.

    The readily available Medical Toolbar Icon Pack will enhance the appearance any health care application or medical-related software. The images are immediately available in various states, sizes, resolutions, color depths and file formats, and can be used to design Web sites, software, and database applications. The set contains icons representing numerous objects, symbols, social roles and professions such as First Aid Box, Blood Donor, Optometrist, Insurance Agent, Receptionist, Band Aid, Cotton Roll, Stethoscope, Tweezers, DNA, Pills, Stretcher, Funnel, and many more.

    Hospitals, test labs and offices of health care professionals all have different equipment and varying software requirements. Whether they use UNIX, Mac or Windows PC systems, Medical Toolbar Icon Pack are readily available. The set comes in a variety of formats. Each icon is available as a Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF, and PNG file.

    Various sizes and resolutions, different color depths and styles of the graphics are often used in the same or different projects. Medical Toolbar Icon Pack are available in sizes of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels, and come in 16 or 256 colors, and 32-bit True Color versions. Each icon from the medical set comes in three states: normal, disabled, and highlighted. Full-size previews of Medical Toolbar Icon Pack are available on the Toolbar Icons Web site.

    Product page: http://www.toolbar-icons.com/stock-icons/medical-toolbar-icons.htm