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Large User Icon Pack

large user icon pack

Flawless large user icons with style.

Glossy and smooth Large User Icon Pack can help your program stand out to users and will allow them to navigate your menu or list of options with intuitive styling. Our Large User Icon set is a big collection that's big on style.

large user icon pack - user group, users, user, search user, user login, locked user, edit user, check user, remove user, user warning, authorise, add user, delete user, user logout, user profile, user info, search users, add users, users folder, locked users, accounts, account, account card, auditor, policeman icon
large user icon pack - general, captain, army officer, soldier, army, black lst, astronaut, book-keeper, alien, appointment, agent group, agents, agent, accountant, admin, security guard, boss, staff, receptionist, secretary, bureaucrat, businessman, publicity agent, chief, coffee break icon
large user icon pack - detective, doctor, demography, customers, customer, large group, conference, visual communication, computer doctor, computer administrator, programmer, web designer, client group, clients, client, client list, copywriter, people contacts, people contact, people online, order tracking, notary, professor, official, managers icon
large user icon pack - network administrator, postman, personal loan, manager, king, uncle sam, devil, magician, key keeper, global manager, hacker, thief, spy, pirate, editor, people, females, female, blonde, man, family, children, baby, unknown person, somebody icon
large user icon pack - nobody icon

Icon images:

User group, Users, User, Search user, User login, Locked user, Edit user, Check user, Remove user, User warning, Authorise, Add user, Delete user, User logout, User profile, User info, Search users, Add users, Users folder, Locked users, Accounts, Account, Account card, Auditor, Policeman, General, Captain, Army officer, Soldier, Army, Black lst, Astronaut, Book-keeper, Alien, Appointment, Agent group, Agents, Agent, Accountant, Admin, Security guard, Boss, Staff, Receptionist, Secretary, Bureaucrat, Businessman, Publicity agent, Chief, Coffee break, Detective, Doctor, Demography, Customers, Customer, Large group, Conference, Visual communication, Computer doctor, Computer administrator, Programmer, Web designer, Client group, Clients, Client, Client list, Copywriter, People contacts, People contact, People online, Order tracking, Notary, Professor, Official, Managers, Network administrator, Postman, Personal loan, Manager, King, Uncle Sam, Devil, Magician, Key keeper, Global manager, Hacker, Thief, Spy, Pirate, Editor, People, Females, Female, Blonde, Man, Family, Children, Baby, Unknown person, Somebody, Nobody

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256, 512x512 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 101
  • Price: $49.00

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    About Large User Icon Pack

    A program's looks are made up of far more than the company logo and a smattering of graphics. The use of icons within a program is one of its most important elements, and neglecting this essential area can lead to projects that leave users wanting a lot more. You can please your users and ease the hassle of your development process by choosing an icon collection that represents the functions you'd like to include in your program while also portraying a fresh and attractive look.

    Our set of Large User Icon Pack can help you create an application that instantly draws in users and improves their usability experience at every turn. This collection features a large number of icons representing users of many different types, from basic men and women to families, professionals, and people from many different ethnic backgrounds. You can opt for an icon depicting a tutor or work with an icon that represents an Asian woman. No matter the specific intention of your application, you can find the perfect graphics in this set.

    Searching endlessly for the best icon for a specific function can be a significant drain on time, and it's important to choose a competent icon set to allow your development team to focus on their work. Great development work matched by superb professional icons creates products that gain attention and keep it over long periods.

    These Large User Icon Pack feature expertly drawn lines that evoke a contemporary style. The colors, available in True Color mode, are bright and easily identifiable. When you want to indicate that a given icon is of special import or is being activated, or you want to signal to users that a certain function is not available, our icon set allows for both "hot" and "disabled" versions of every logo in the collection.

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