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Large Symbol Icon Pack

large symbol icon pack

Popular stock icons for standard apps symbols

Large Symbol Icon Pack package of professionally drawn clipart and basic toolbar icons. Suitable for any application, user interface (UI icons), these icons are ideal for web design (social networking and business use) and in the creation of templates.

large symbol icon pack - folder, documents, closed folder, folders, floppy, save, save as, save image, recycle bin, full recycle bin, undo, redo, refresh, zoom, zoom in, zoom out, create, add, plus, ok, apply, accept, check boxes, remove, minus icon
large symbol icon pack - delete, erase, clear, cancel, no, close, problem, start, go, warning, error, abort, stop, turn off, no entry, back, forward, repeat, help, info, question, printer, print, notes, blank icon
large symbol icon pack - report, reports, all reports, inventory, properties, list, tasks, person details, items, attach, mail, email, message, note, chat, newspaper, book, books, case history, book library, contacts, telephone directory, mobile phone, cellphone, call icon
large symbol icon pack - volume, movie, options, tools, application, settings, configuration, find, search, view, clock, timer, date and time, calendar, gauge, graph, 3d bar chart, 3d graph, briefcase, money, credit cards, payment, dollar, pound, euro icon
large symbol icon pack - cash, cash register, safe, client list, invoice, handshake, signature, certification, pallet, delivery, cargo, taxi, horse, airplane, ship, road, metal barrels, gas, large group, social network, user login, admin, computer doctor, student, vet icon
large symbol icon pack - spy, boss, brunette, blonde, man, woman, children, family, people, policeman, worker, teacher, head physician, marketer, motor mechanic, retired, lock, unlock, key, exit, database, download, upload, filter, heart icon
large symbol icon pack - zoom place, earth, globe, compass, travel, atom, test tubes, labs, food, network connection, health care, red pin, red flag, cloud computing, home, city, company, hotel, buildings, commercial building, bank, industry, tree icon

Icon images:

Folder, Documents, Closed folder, Folders, Floppy, Save, Save as, Save image, Recycle bin, Full recycle bin, Undo, Redo, Refresh, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out, Create, Add, Plus, OK, Apply, Accept, Check boxes, Remove, Minus, Delete, Erase, Clear, Cancel, No, Close, Problem, Start, Go, Warning, Error, Abort, Stop, Turn off, No entry, Back, Forward, Repeat, Help, Info, Question, Printer, Print, Notes, Blank, Report, Reports, All reports, Inventory, Properties, List, Tasks, Person details, Items, Attach, Mail, Email, Message, Note, Chat, Newspaper, Book, Books, Case history, Book library, Contacts, Telephone directory, Mobile phone, Cellphone, Call, Volume, Movie, Options, Tools, Application, Settings, Configuration, Find, Search, View, Clock, Timer, Date and time, Calendar, Gauge, Graph, 3d bar chart, 3d graph, Briefcase, Money, Credit cards, Payment, Dollar, Pound, Euro, Cash, Cash register, Safe, Client list, Invoice, Handshake, Signature, Certification, Pallet, Delivery, Cargo, Taxi, Horse, Airplane, Ship, Road, Metal barrels, Gas, Large group, Social network, User login, Admin, Computer doctor, Student, Vet, Spy, Boss, Brunette, Blonde, Man, Woman, Children, Family, People, Policeman, Worker, Teacher, Head physician, Marketer, Motor mechanic, Retired, Lock, Unlock, Key, Exit, Database, Download, Upload, Filter, Heart, Zoom place, Earth, Globe, Compass, Travel, Atom, Test tubes, Labs, Food, Network connection, Health care, Red pin, Red flag, Cloud computing, Home, City, Company, Hotel, Buildings, Commercial building, Bank, Industry, Tree

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Making your software programs seem neat plus hip wasn't this uncomplicated. Most of the people end up restricting navigation and also operation though wanting to include that additional volume of niftiness, nevertheless that all changes if you make use of the fresh MS Windows Metro icons.

A number of information about these to start off along with- the actual designs have a measurements of forty eight by forty eight pixels, that features a group together with an image of dimension 26 by twenty six pixels centred within. These kinds of PNG files use a transparent back ground, and may be transferred without or with the particular circles. Obtainable in black or white hues, there're works with MS Windows mobile and Windows 8 main system.

Through the use of all these symbols inside your assignments you could potentially make sure some sort of enhanced amount of functionality to the software package. Clear and understandable, staying detailed yet good to look at, they've got totally everything looking for by themselves. It is possible to nicely position them in just the appropriate spots and save yourself the problem of writing many many lines of code whilst avoiding the litter it might or else cause, and the best part is perhaps you can get and use all of them for free.

Whether it be for the mp3 music player, or merely a new shot for that trash can, a whole new folder icon, or simply something new to interchange the great old clear tabs, that is packed full of completely unique icons for anything you possibly want to be. The particular 135 designs taken care of through this set, include every fathomable requirement you may have as far as images for utilities is likely to be concerned. It's time to go back to to be a local and turning to working with of artwork another time, mainly because they’ll help make making use of your programme much enjoyable that you'd under no circumstances would like to revisit all of the monotonous connects ever again. Instead of developing these types of icons for require, they have been made with the absolute wish to be artistic. Much more than that which you may require, such as icons you might need to develop a need for.

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 173
  • Price: 49.00

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    About Large Symbol Icon Pack

    Large Symbol Icon Pack package is the perfect choice for any web designer looking to maintain high quality UI graphical representation but looking to save time. Developed by Aha-Soft, an expert in icon graphical rendering, the Large Symbol Icon Pack package is perfectly suitable for basic toolbars, user interfaces, website template customization, business and social media use.

    The package is a must-have tool for developing an efficient and user-friendly interface for a website or mobile application. It is best practice for web designers to have a an icon package toolset available before developing an application or website to save time and money. The set includes icons with 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 100x100, 256x256, 512x512 sizes.

    Aha-Soft has developed a wide range of interface icons, of which the Large Symbol Icon Pack package is one example. All icon packages are developed with the end user in mind, so website, mobile and application developers have a ready-to-use solution to enhance site functionality with a mouse click.

    This package of icons will work "right out of the box" for virtually any UI element; each and every icon comes in a number of popular graphic formats (ICO, BMP and PNG). All icons have a transparent background for fast and hassle-free integration into existing designs. Aha-Soft are recognized experts in the area of creating interface graphics and thematic icon sets, this package of small icon clipart will be a perfect choice for any web designer wishing to save time but insisting on high quality.

    If you want to create a more efficient navigation system or user interface that users will enjoy using, Large Symbol Icon Packs is the icon clipart tool for you. With dozens of small icons available, in different sizes and colors to choose from, it will help you create a user interface that will really stand out of the crowd! Make the Large Symbol Icon Pack package part of your web toolkit today!

    Product page: http://www.large-icons.com/