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Large Portfolio Icon Pack

large portfolio icon pack

A nice set of high-res portfolio icons

Large Portfolio Icon Pack set includes all icons a freelancer may need: whether you're a designer, a 3d artist or a photograph you'll find the most appropriate icons for your online portfolio or for a personal art gallery. Illustrator sources included.

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Icon images:

Portfolio, Image portfolio, Photo portfolio, Freelancer portfolio, Briefcase, Artist, Graphic designer, Freelancer, Decorator, Web design, Icon design, Paint, Painter palette, Paint tools, Gallery, Pictures, Photo, Graphic tablet, Certification, Knowledge, Certificate, Resume, Phone number, Address book, Contact, Order, Client list, Download, Search, Star, Award, Present, Palette, OK smile, Good mark, Blue pin, About, 3d design

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Getting the tools look awesome and also cool was never it easy. A lot of people turn out compromising the navigation as well as overall performance whilst planning to add that extra degree of niftiness, nevertheless that all alters when you use the fresh Windows Metro symbols.

A few facts about those to commence with- the particular symbols have got a dimensions of forty eight by 48 pixels, with a circle in conjunction with a picture of measurement 26 by 26 pixels centred within. These kinds of PNG files have a very translucent back ground, and might be uploaded without or with the particular circles. Obtainable in white or black hues, they are works with Microsoft Windows mobile and Microsoft Windows 8 main system.

Through the use of these designs in your tasks you are able to make sure some sort of elevated level of interaction with the software package. Clear and understandable, being detailed but beneficial to consider, they may have absolutely every little thing going for by themself. It is possible to creatively stick them in only the best locations and escape the difficulty of writing several outlines of computer code as well as avoiding the actual muddle it may otherwise result in, and the best part is that you may acquire and make use of all of them without spending a dime.

Be it for the mp3 music player, or perhaps a new picture with the trash can, a fresh directory image, or merely new things to switch the nice old clear tab, this can be filled with completely unique icons for all you presumably look into. The actual one hundred thirty five icons covered in this particular set, cover every fathomable need you could have with regards to design for applications could be concerned. It is time to revisit to be a local along with turning to making use of of images another time, due to the fact they’ll help to make using your software so much enjoyable that you might under no circumstances need to come back to all of the uninteresting interfaces anymore. As opposed to getting these kinds of symbols for require, they are made for that utter strive to be inventive. Much more than what you might need, these include icons you might have to create a need for.

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Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256, 512x512 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 38
  • Price: 49.00

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    About Large Portfolio Icon Pack

    The freelance market has tough competition. If you're working in that field, every single aspect of your activity may turn the scales to your advantage. And the design of your website or a personal digital art gallery is far from being the least factor in this race. Each icon, each picture adds a bit of authority to you in the eyes of your potential customers. Overlooking the visual style of your portfolio may result in disastrous consequences in terms of your professional success.

    Large Portfolio Icon Pack set includes all icons a freelancer may need to build a stainless portfolio in all possible sizes starting from legacy 16x16 to modern Vista-powered 256x256 and 512x512 pixels, in PNG, BMP and ICO formats. Browsing the set, you may find an icon for every type of freelance job and dozens of other freelance-related icons as well. Whether you're a designer, a 3d artist or a photographer you'll find a graphical presentation of all and every single aspect of your work - a contact form, a portfolio, a gallery or an address book.

    Each icon in the set is made by pixel-art professionals with utter attention to even the smallest detail of a picture. The smooth design of icons, not overloaded with unnecessary trifles, focuses the attention on the main part of an icon clearly indicating the underlying concept. Icons are easy to comprehend; they even don't need any text comments! And several slight strokes on each icon underscore and support the central idea, making the picture look catchy and remarkable. The color solution of icons gives them a refreshing look thanks to a vivid, bright color-set.

    To add a bit more, the set includes full sources made in Adobe Illustrator, so you can adjust any icons of the set to your needs.

    If you want icon sets for some other theme, you can find various collections at large-icons.com. The site offers an easy way to buy a single icon as well as the entire collection.