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Large Mobile Icon Pack

large mobile icon pack

Mobile icons for phone-related applications

Enhance the look and functionality of your mobile-related application or website with Large Mobile Icon Pack. This collection includes 64 unique mobile icons in 5 resolutions and 4 file formats for easy integration into any software or online system.

large mobile icon pack - mobile phone, telephone, phones, dial, hangup, redial, signal, no signal, very low signal, low  signal, medium signal, high signal, excellent signal, wireless, bluetooth, gps, sms, new sms, add sms, edit sms, delete sms, send sms, sms list, send letter, send contact icon
large mobile icon pack - data transfer, download, clock, alarm, timer, apply, error, sync, turn off, find, exit, book, address book, calendar, todo, tasks, calculator, bank, bank service, games, sport, print, camera, video camera, news icon
large mobile icon pack - television, applications, system, home, time zone, view, lock, keyboard, tone dialing, bell, music, mute, sound, ring tone icon

Icon images:

Mobile phone, Telephone, Phones, Dial, Hangup, Redial, Signal, No signal, Very low signal, Low signal, Medium signal, High signal, Excellent signal, Wireless, Bluetooth, GPS, SMS, New SMS, Add SMS, Edit SMS, Delete SMS, Send SMS, SMS list, Send letter, Send contact, Data transfer, Download, Clock, Alarm, Timer, Apply, Error, Sync, Turn off, Find, Exit, Book, Address book, Calendar, Todo, Tasks, Calculator, Bank, Bank service, Games, Sport, Print, Camera, Video camera, News, Television, Applications, System, Home, Time zone, View, Lock, Keyboard, Tone dialing, Bell, Music, Mute, Sound, Ring tone

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Jazz up Your Own Applications with Such No Cost Windows Metro Icons

Find the ideal icons for the Microsoft Windows mobile and supplement your tools that has a array of these kind of fantastic designs to make your components appear all the more snazzy. The particular best benefit is, that all these 135 designs are provided at no cost, there ain’t very much more you can look for at this point, is it possible to. Read on to learn more.

Getting your own applications look awesome and also cool was not ever this easy. A lot of people wind up sacrificing navigation and functionality while wishing to include that extra volume of niftiness, but that all changes if you use the brand-new Microsoft Windows Metro designs.

A number of information about those to start off with- the particular symbols have got a dimensions of forty-eight by forty eight pixels, along with a circle in conjunction with an image of dimension twenty six by twenty-six pixels centred within. These kinds of PNG data files employ a translucent back ground, and can be published without or with the circles. Available in white and black shades, they can be appropriate for MS Windows mobile and also MS Windows 8 operating system.

Through the use of all these symbols inside your jobs you are able to confirm the superior degree of interactivity to the application. Clear to see, getting descriptive and yet effective to see, they've already certainly every thing looking for by themself. You may creatively stick them in just the appropriate areas and thus stay away from the hassle of writing several lines of program code whilst staying away from the actual clutter it may otherwise end in, and the best part is you can attain and use these without spending a dime.

Whether it be for your mp3 player, or merely the latest photo for your recycle bin, a brand new file icon, or maybe something new to switch the great old clear tab, this really is packed full of unique icons for all you could probably look into. The particular one hundred thirty five icons taken care of through this set, include each fathomable requirement you may have as far as visuals for tools could possibly be concerned. It is time to revisit being a native and turning to utilizing of images yet again, due to the fact they’ll make with your programme a lot enjoyable that you would in no way need to go back to all those monotonous interfaces again. Rather than getting all these designs for require, they've been constructed for any absolute wish to be creative. Even more than anything you might need, for instance , icons you might have to invent an excuse for.

These types of symbols, as I have said in the past, are suitable for your Microsoft Windows 8 systems plus your Windows phone. Keep it simple, keep it trendy, maintain it snazzy and make apps and interfaces active. Experience states that people fully grasp a single image superior to 1000 text, as well as everything is based on the particular outline. By utilizing all these you’ll by no means miss criteria, amaze consumers by allowing these to take a look at things in a brand-new way, everything that and more can be carried out without difficulty when you're using our favourite icons. Take a peek, less costly than repairing, an individual wouldn’t must searches long for areas where you can fit them it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, BMP, GIF
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 64
  • Price: $49.00

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    About Large Mobile Icon Pack

    Designing an application for a mobile device takes all sorts of icons. The navigation and authorisation ones are certainly needed, as well as the connection, call status and multimedia icons. Ordering all those separately might leave you with a pretty impressive check to pay. But luckily, you can gett every image you need in one place now! And you don't even need to worry about the color formats and screen resolutions of all those devises. The Large Mobile Icon Pack set holds images in a great variety of formats, sizes and states. Let's look at the details.

    Large Mobile Icon Pack is a collection of royalty-free icons representing a wide variety of concepts, objects and notions related to mobile communications. Each of the 64 unique images in this set is supplied in 5 resolutions (16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256 pixels), 2 color depths (256 colors and 16.7 million colors with alpha-channel transparency) and 4 file formats (ICO, BMP, PNG and GIF). The collection includes icons for signal strength (from very low to excellent), various kinds of phones, SMS messages and actions on them and many other icons.

    Large-icons.com plans to release the following icon sets: Free Icon Set, Cool Windows Icons, Fire Icon Collection, Large Message Icons, Image Icon Library etc.