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Large Button Icon Pack

large button icon pack

Large Button Icon Pack for a modern application

If you are looking for a modern and stylish design for you application`s toolbar, consider using icons in large sizes. Large Button Icon Pack collection by Aha-Soft is just what you need. This set will help you add a modern touch to your applications.

large button icon pack - check, remove, close, turn on, turn off, plus, minus, road sign, problem, error, black list, warning, attention, ok, cancel, question, info, about, text, dollar, money, cash register, back, refresh, sync icon
large button icon pack - undo, redo, chemistry, atomic, lightning, water, globe, timer, computer, computers, 3d chart, e-mail, phone number, address book, contacts, accounts, client list, pencil, folder, find, calendar, list, edit list, portfolio, briefcase icon
large button icon pack - repair, key, pin, photo, diploma, certificate, download, search, favs, awards, gift, ok smile, good mark icon

Icon images:

Check, Remove, Close, Turn on, Turn off, Plus, Minus, Road sign, Problem, Error, Black list, Warning, Attention, OK, Cancel, Question, Info, About, Text, Dollar, Money, Cash register, Back, Refresh, Sync, Undo, Redo, Chemistry, Atomic, Lightning, Water, Globe, Timer, Computer, Computers, 3d chart, E-mail, Phone number, Address book, Contacts, Accounts, Client list, Pencil, Folder, Find, Calendar, List, Edit list, Portfolio, Briefcase, Repair, Key, Pin, Photo, Diploma, Certificate, Download, Search, Favs, Awards, Gift, OK smile, Good mark

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Jazz up the Apps with one of These Absolutely Free Windows Metro Icons

Grab the excellent symbols for your Microsoft Windows mobile and also enhance the utilities that has a selection of these kind of incredible icons to help make your components seem much more snazzy. The particular good thing is, that everyone of these 135 designs come at no cost, right now there ain’t a lot more you are able to demand at this point, are you able to. Keep reading to be aware of more.

Making the applications look awesome as well as stylish was not ever it simple. Most of the people find yourself compromising navigation and also efficiency while wishing to include that extra quantity of niftiness, but that most changes if you take advantage of the new Microsoft Windows Metro icons.

A number of facts about those to commence with- the particular designs have got a measurements of forty eight by forty-eight pixels, that features a group in conjunction with an image of size twenty six by 26 pixels centred inside. These PNG data files have a clear background, and can be transferred without or with the circles. For sale in white and black hues, they're appropriate for Windows mobile and Windows 8 os.

By using all these symbols inside your assignments you can guarantee an boosted amount of effectiveness for your app. Straightforward, getting descriptive nevertheless beneficial to see, they have definitely almost everything looking for on their own. You can creatively put them in precisely the appropriate areas and save yourself the problem of writing many many lines of code whilst staying away from the clutter it might otherwise result in, and the best part is that you could get and employ them free of charge.

Be it for your mp3 music player, or maybe a fresh picture for that trash can, a brand new file image, or simply new things to interchange the great old clear tabs, this can be filled with one of a kind icons for anything you presumably want to be. The 135 designs included in this particular set, cover every fathomable demand you will have in terms of visuals for tools could be concerned. It's time to retreat to being a indigenous along with turning to utilizing of design all over again, because they’ll help to make using your application a lot exciting that you'd under no circumstances need to go back to all of those uninteresting connects again. As opposed to getting these icons for need, they have been made for any sheer plan to be inventive. More than anything you might require, for instance , icons you might need to develop an excuse for.

Most of these symbols, as mentioned formerly, are works with your own Microsoft Windows 8 operating systems as well as your Microsoft Windows phone. Keep it simple, ensure that it stays trendy, ensure that it stays snazzy and make apps and interfaces entertaining. Research says that folks understand 1 shot much better than one thousand text, and also every little thing lies in the particular description. Through the use of all of these you’ll by no means fall short of profile, surprise consumers by allowing these to have a look at things in a brand new approach, everything that and more can be achieved effortlessly when you're utilizing the favorite icons. Take a peek, trust me, an individual wouldn’t have got to search long for areas which you could fit them this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 63
  • Price: $49.00

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    About Large Button Icon Pack

    Times of tiny, barely visible interface icons are gone. If you are looking for a modern and stylish design for you application`s toolbar, consider using icons in large sizes. Large Button Icon Pack collection is just what you need. This set had been specially created to provide the best possible appearance to all your programs, web sites and even personal desktops.

    The set contains symbols for Info, Dollar, Attention, Check, Undo and Redo, Back, Refresh, Turn off and many other. All of images are created by professional graphic designers. They shine with bright colors and present smooth, well-rounded edges.

    The set can be easily used for Web sites, as all the icons come in PNG, BMP, and, of course, ICO format. The color scheme is 32-bit formats. The sizes are 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256. Free demo version of three icons is available for instant download.

    Aha-Soft plans to release more icon sets in the nearest future: Social Icons For Blog, Social Media Icons Set, Cute Dock Icons, Free Icons For Websites, Text Dock Icons, Social Icons Pack, 3d Flag Icons and Portfolio Icon Package.