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Large Business Icon Pack

large business icon pack

large business icon pack - business, boss, coffee break, customers, conference, dollar, coins, coin, credit, taxes, money, wallet, earnings, bank service, payment, gift, compass, clock, bank, atm, cash register, brief case, calculator, calendar, date and time icon
large business icon pack - notes, order, card file, singanuture, cars, delivery, office, company, factory, construction, handshake, contact, email, mobile phone, phone, stock market, structure icon

Icon images:

Business, Boss, Coffee break, Customers, Conference, Dollar, Coins, Coin, Credit, Taxes, Money, Wallet, Earnings, Bank service, Payment, Gift, Compass, Clock, Bank, ATM, Cash register, Brief case, Calculator, Calendar, Date and time, Notes, Order, Card file, Singanuture, Cars, Delivery, Office, Company, Factory, Construction, Handshake, Contact, Email, Mobile phone, Phone, Stock market, Structure

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Perk up Your Own Applications with These Free MS Windows Metro Icons

Have the perfect icons for your Windows mobile as well as complement the programs using a variety of these kind of wonderful icons to make your components look even more snazzy. The good thing is, that all of these one hundred thirty five designs can come without cost, right now there ain’t more greatly you possibly can demand now, is it possible to. Continue reading to learn a lot more.

Making your software programs seem awesome and fashionable wasn't that straightforward. Most people finish up sacrificing navigation and also features when trying to include that supplementary volume of niftiness, but that most shifts any time you makes use of the brand-new Microsoft Windows Metro icons.

A number of information about these to start off along with- the actual icons have got a dimensions of forty-eight by 48 pixels, along with a circle together with an image of size 26 by twenty six pixels centred within. These kinds of PNG data files have a very see-thorugh back ground, and can be transferred with or without the circles. Accessible in white and black colorings, these are suitable for MS Windows mobile and Windows 8 operating-system.

By using all these designs on your projects you can insure the increased level of functionality for that application. Clear and understandable, getting detailed but good to look at, they may have completely every little thing looking for by themself. You'll be able to nicely place them in only the best areas and thus escape the hassle of composing several lines of program code whilst steering clear of the clutter it may in any other case lead to, the best of this is you can attain and utilize them totally free.

Whether it's for ones mp3 music player, or just a brand new photo with the recycle bin, a fresh directory image, or just something new to switch the good old clear tab, that is filled with one of a kind icons for all you possibly want to be. The particular a hundred thirty five designs taken care of through this set, include every fathomable demand you will have so far as design for tools could be troubled. It's about time to get back to be a local as well as resorting to making use of of visuals once more, due to the fact they’ll help make making use of your software a lot exciting that you might certainly not desire to go back to all of those uninteresting interfaces anymore. Rather than developing these icons for need, they are constructed with the utter need to be creative. Even more than that which you may require, for instance , symbols you might need to invent an excuse for.

These types of designs, as I have said previously, are suitable for the Windows 8 os's as well as your Windows phone. Keep it simple, ensure that it stays neat, keep it snazzy and make apps as well as interfaces fun. Knowledge says that individuals recognize one image much better than 1,000 words, as well as everything is based on the description. By utilizing these you’ll in no way fall short of profile, astonish consumers by getting these to take a look at areas in a new way, all that and much more is possible easily when you're utilizing the preferred icons. Take a look, believe me, a person wouldn’t must investigation long for areas where one can fit these it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256, 512x512 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 42
  • Price: 49.00

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