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Hardware Icon Pack

hardware icon pack

Collection of hardware-related icons

Hardware Icon Set is a collection of hardware icons, distributed in BMP, PNG, GIF and ICO formats and 16x16, 24x24 and 32x32 sizes. The collection features both 256-color icons (for old Windows versions) and full-color icons for Windows XP and Vista.

hardware icon pack - computer, monitors, notebook, visual communication, server, printer, printer v2, print preview, keyboard, login, keyboard v2, mouse, hard disk, secured hard disk, microprocessor, web-camera, web-camera v2, scanner, shredder, atm, bar-code scanner, card terminal, finger-print scanner, camcorder, camera icon
hardware icon pack - cash register, cash register v2, fax, gamepad, game-pad v2, access, calculator, calculator v2, cell phones, cellphone, portable radio transmitter, phone, telephone, telephone receiver, phone support, voice identification, gps-navigator, pda, pda v2, palm, mp3-player, head-phones, microphone, microphone v2, microphone v3 icon
hardware icon pack - subwoofer, speaker, radio, radio v2, monitor and phone, audio cable header, wire, cable, network connection, wireless, bluetooth, gear, monkey wrench, screwdriver, wrench, options, settings, repair, repair computer, tools, repairman, computer doctor, admin, user, database icon
hardware icon pack - disconnect database, tv, open file, save file, cd-disk, cd, dvd, burn cd, usb-drive, usb-drive v2, radio transmitter, radio transmitter v2 icon

Icon images:

Computer, Monitors, Notebook, Visual communication, Server, Printer, Printer v2, Print preview, Keyboard, Login, Keyboard v2, Mouse, Hard disk, Secured hard disk, Microprocessor, Web-camera, Web-camera v2, Scanner, Shredder, ATM, Bar-code scanner, Card terminal, Finger-print scanner, Camcorder, Camera, Cash register, Cash register v2, Fax, Gamepad, Game-pad v2, Access, Calculator, Calculator v2, Cell phones, Cellphone, Portable radio transmitter, Phone, Telephone, Telephone receiver, Phone support, Voice identification, GPS-navigator, PDA, PDA v2, Palm, MP3-player, Head-phones, Microphone, Microphone v2, Microphone v3, Subwoofer, Speaker, Radio, Radio v2, Monitor and phone, Audio cable header, Wire, Cable, Network connection, Wireless, Bluetooth, Gear, Monkey wrench, Screwdriver, Wrench, Options, Settings, Repair, Repair computer, Tools, Repairman, Computer doctor, Admin, User, Database, Disconnect database, TV, Open file, Save file, CD-disk, CD, DVD, Burn CD, USB-drive, USB-drive v2, Radio transmitter, Radio transmitter v2

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Supplement your own softwares considering the snazziest of symbols

Get hold of some super cool icons designed by experts. While using proper mix of coloring mix as well as pictorial content, these kinds of designs have the capability to provide an additional benefit to the software package in relation to Windows Phone 7 os.

If you are developing an app one of the most common problems that you could bump into is that of getting the right kind of visuals to give an air of visual appeal for it. For this purpose you require fantastic images together with designs which might be synchronized with the business logic along with the ui, which in turn because you perfectly understand is difficult to accomplish.

You will need hours of detail work to sketch and also complete 1 image, and when you need countless these types of illustrations or photos the particular sheer period needed to accomplish the task would be large, a case in point that by the point you actually finalise them and so are ready to put these, the application would have lost a handful of if not completely of their appeal. That's the reason exactly why the best of computer programmers are actually looking at most of these pre-developed equipped to utilize icons you could simply incorporate through the software.

It's easy to safely and securely focus on the back-end of your software program with one of these ease-of-use symbols. Obtainable in the particular PNG formatting, the dimensions of all of these symbols are generally forty eight by forty-eight pixels together with internal images which have been placed in the actual heart of an 26 by twenty-six pixels square. The actual snazzy style of the actual portrayal of them makes them really fun and simple to understand, when creating the software package convenient it gives the user a sense of comfort and ease. These types of designs are especially compatible with your Microsoft Windows 8 operating system as well as WP7 and are available within a pair of 823 unique images that are, as mentioned earlier, ready to be added to the software package. The most effective element must function as the huge ranges of colours these come in, you can get these astounding icons in as many as fourteen colours including red, blue, green additionally, the a lot more unique silver and also grey, and also the common white and black.

Anything that you might need for the mobile organizer is definitely right here. Through this set up you can find designs for any typical instrument you might find at your own computer's desktop, for example folder, open message, link and so forth., above all of these you can find numerous previously un-conceived and also seldom used pictures, for example a turtle image as well as a bird symbol. One of my favourite is a photo of the compact entrance with the arrow pointing inwards which could be utilized to suggest a sign in, as well as a related graphic using the arrow directed outwards implying a logout. 823 of these basic and detailed images will be ready to be used, all that you should do would be to is to purchase all of them over here, download and install and you will be ready to utilize these to your benefit. Always keeping this easy while edging in direction of that additional bit of niftiness would be the call for the day, why recommend a boring and complex software whenever you can get it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal
  • Icon amount: 87
  • Price: $64.00

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    About Hardware Icon Pack

    Hardware Icon Set is a collection of pre-made high quality icons representing various hardware items: computer, laptop, monitor, floppy drive, sound card, USB flash drive and others. All pictures share the same consistent classic style with prevalence of blue colors.

    The collection is distributed in the BMP, PNG, GIF and ICO formats. Each icon was produced in 16x16, 24x24 and 32x32 sizes. The collection includes both 256-colors (suitable for old Windows versions) and full-color transparent icons (for Windows XP and Vista).

    Here is some ideas of possible uses of Hardware Icon Set: - System utilities; - Computers and components accounting applications; - Online computer shops.

    Hardware Icon Set is available at the following address: http://www.aha-soft.com/stock-icons/hardware-icons.htm

    You can purchase the entire Hardware Icon Set or individual icons for $1 each.

    Icons included in Hardware Icon Set are of excellent quality and have been created by professional designers. They are an excellent choice for individual software developers and small businesses willing to use modern high quality icons in their applications without having to hire a designer to draw them.

    Aha-Soft plans to release the next icon sets also: Desktop Toolbar Icons, Flag Toolbar Icons, Aero Toolbar Icons, Web Toolbar Icons, Office Toolbar Icons, Weather Toolbar Icons, Computer Toolbar Icons, Folder Toolbar Icons, Software Toolbar Icons, Design Toolbar Icons.