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Glossy Toolbar Icon Pack

glossy toolbar icon pack

Eye-catching glossy icons for new interfaces

If you need a great-looking set of glossy icons for your brand-new of redesigned application, make sure to try Glossy Toolbar Icon Pack! It is a set of pro-level and high-quality interface icons that will suit any modern business application.

glossy toolbar icon pack - open folder, closed folder, documents, open, open file, up folder, hierarchy, folder tree, floppy, save, save all, save as, save picture, save data, cut, copy, paste, paste text, copy document, undo, redo, red undo, green redo, refresh, update, explore, zoom, zoom in, zoom out, actual size icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - preview, view, hide, search, search previous, search next, printer, print, print preview, full recycle bin, recycle bin, burn recycle bin, full dustbin, empty dustbin, trash, graphic tools, graphic design, rgb, palette, color palette, color balance, color layers, color profile, create, add, ok, accept, apply, yes, check boxes icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - remove, delete, cancel, no, close, erase, problem, disaster, start, play, go, execute, warning, error, abort, stop, turn off, no entry, single problem, multiple problems, registered problem, out of service, previous, next, hourglass, pointer, downward pointer, go back, go forward, go up icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - go down, up, down, left-right, up-down, back, forward, first, last, top, bottom, sync, synchronize, revert, rotation, rotate, rotate cw, rotate ccw, rotate left, rotate right, flip horizontally, flip vertically, index, lookup, question mark, question, how to, support, help, help book icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - questionnaire, hint, inquiry, information, info, about, balloon, hints, edit, modify, pencil, pen, brush, dropper, notes, notebook, paper, new file, text file, blank, blanks, form, list page, list, lists, todo list, task list, done tasks, items, events icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - report, market report, reports, all reports, edit document, clear document, check file, order form, rename document, binary data, site map, video file, picture file, graphic file, object file, import text, export text, accept changes, text file error, certificate document, file properties, object manager, grid, datasheet, table, tables, import table, export table, flowchart builder, flow block icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - flowchart, scenario, roll, tasks, align left, align center, align right, text, frame, frames, eraser, clear, address book, e-mail, attach, mail, letter, open letter, send mail, get mail, send letter, message, envelope, contact, web form, web site, picture, pictures, image, upload image icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - download image, resize picture, certification, script, knowledge, copyright, attribute, calendar, period end, news, newspaper, book of records, case history, book, books, book library, bookmark, card index, open card index, case, brief case, first aid, desktop, notebook computer, display, monitor, local security policy, intranet, web camera, webcam icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - camcoder, reflex camera, camera, photo, mobile phone, telephone, cellphone, phone, call, telephone directory, phones, pda, fax, card terminal, keypad, gamepad, music notes, drum, sound, no sound, music, volume level, forum, megaphone, loud speaker, sound regulator, volume, volume down, volume up, sound file icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - multimedia file, head phones, microphone, tv, my computer, computer, computers, workgroup, web server, server, data server, phone support, inventory, find on computer, find in folder, find, keyboard, calculator, chip, options, tools, helmet, repair, equipment, scales, measure, units, check options, gear, configuration icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - clock, timer, time, history, schedule, alarm, time machine, scheduled, archive, pack, unpack, upload, download, pc-web synchronization, data synchronization, data transmission, send data, data transfer, remote access, restore, backup, refresh backup, percent, spell checking, stock, graph, bar graph, 3d bar chart, 3d chart, statistics icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - demography, chart xy, 2d pie chart, pie chart, figures, objects, resources, structure, pin, finance, dollar, price list, money, money bag, coins, income, credit, personal smartcard, credit cards, bank cards, bank account, tax, gift, payment, stamp, page signature, bank service, handshake, signature, wedding icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - umbrella, insurance, card file, account card, account cards, person details, accounts, product basket, full basket, products, online store, shopping cart, check out cart, pallet, package, barrel, barrels, put, put away, pick, transfer, extract, trailer, delivery, ambulance car, airplane, travel, boss, people, user icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - users, user group, social network, staff, conference, meeting, large group, postman, receptionist, secretary, police officer, spy, security guard, big brother, soldier, key keeper, black list, user login, user logout, admin, mechanic, chief medical officer, computer doctor, doctor, physician, hospital nurse, event manager, publicity agent, logistics, marketer icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - personal loan, unemployed, client list, customers, genealogy, skull, somebody, good mark, bad mark, hand, chat, battery, energy, electric, tip of the day, counter, cd-disk, music disk, cd, dvd, burn cd, usb drive, mouse, wizard, bell, coffee, water drop, retort, certificate, protection icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - lock, open lock, registration, secrecy, access, computer access, keys, key, car key, internet access, login, logout, tag, db, database, connect, disconnect, filter, sorting 1-9, sorting 9-1, sorting a-z, sorting z-a, microsoft flag, gauge, red flag, languages, usa flag, british flag, european flag, start flag icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - start flags, weather, heart, favourites, star, new, free, smile, sad, emotion icons, closed door, exit, open door, house, home, hotel, city, building, buildings, factory, location, position, target, wind rose, navigator, steering wheel, compass, map, maps, world icon
glossy toolbar icon pack - internet, home page, entire network, internet explorer, globe, earth, time zone, recycling, petroleum industry icon

Icon images:

Open folder, Closed folder, Documents, Open, Open file, Up folder, Hierarchy, Folder tree, Floppy, Save, Save all, Save as, Save picture, Save Data, Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste text, Copy document, Undo, Redo, Red undo, Green redo, Refresh, Update, Explore, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out, Actual size, Preview, View, Hide, Search, Search previous, Search next, Printer, Print, Print preview, Full recycle bin, Recycle bin, Burn recycle bin, Full dustbin, Empty dustbin, Trash, Graphic tools, Graphic design, RGB, Palette, Color palette, Color balance, Color layers, Color profile, Create, Add, OK, Accept, Apply, Yes, Check boxes, Remove, Delete, Cancel, No, Close, Erase, Problem, Disaster, Start, Play, Go, Execute, Warning, Error, Abort, Stop, Turn off, No entry, Single problem, Multiple problems, Registered problem, Out of service, Previous, Next, Hourglass, Pointer, Downward pointer, Go back, Go forward, Go up, Go down, Up, Down, Left-right, Up-down, Back, Forward, First, Last, Top, Bottom, Sync, Synchronize, Revert, Rotation, Rotate, Rotate CW, Rotate CCW, Rotate left, Rotate right, Flip horizontally, Flip vertically, Index, Lookup, Question mark, Question, How to, Support, Help, Help book, Questionnaire, Hint, Inquiry, Information, Info, About, Balloon, Hints, Edit, Modify, Pencil, Pen, Brush, Dropper, Notes, Notebook, Paper, New file, Text file, Blank, Blanks, Form, List page, List, Lists, Todo list, Task list, Done tasks, Items, Events, Report, Market report, Reports, All reports, Edit document, Clear document, Check file, Order form, Rename document, Binary data, Site map, Video file, Picture file, Graphic file, Object file, Import text, Export text, Accept changes, Text file error, Certificate document, File properties, Object manager, Grid, Datasheet, Table, Tables, Import table, Export table, Flowchart builder, Flow block, Flowchart, Scenario, Roll, Tasks, Align left, Align center, Align right, Text, Frame, Frames, Eraser, Clear, Address book, E-mail, Attach, Mail, Letter, Open letter, Send mail, Get mail, Send letter, Message, Envelope, Contact, Web form, Web site, Picture, Pictures, Image, Upload image, Download image, Resize picture, Certification, Script, Knowledge, Copyright, Attribute, Calendar, Period end, News, Newspaper, Book of records, Case history, Book, Books, Book library, Bookmark, Card index, Open card index, Case, Brief case, First aid, Desktop, Notebook computer, Display, Monitor, Local security policy, Intranet, Web camera, Webcam, Camcoder, Reflex camera, Camera, Photo, Mobile phone, Telephone, Cellphone, Phone, Call, Telephone directory, Phones, PDA, Fax, Card terminal, Keypad, Gamepad, Music notes, Drum, Sound, No sound, Music, Volume level, Forum, Megaphone, Loud speaker, Sound regulator, Volume, Volume down, Volume up, Sound file, Multimedia file, Head phones, Microphone, TV, My computer, Computer, Computers, Workgroup, Web server, Server, Data server, Phone support, Inventory, Find on computer, Find in folder, Find, Keyboard, Calculator, Chip, Options, Tools, Helmet, Repair, Equipment, Scales, Measure, Units, Check options, Gear, Configuration, Clock, Timer, Time, History, Schedule, Alarm, Time machine, Scheduled, Archive, Pack, Unpack, Upload, Download, PC-Web synchronization, Data synchronization, Data transmission, Send data, Data transfer, Remote access, Restore, Backup, Refresh backup, Percent, Spell checking, Stock, Graph, Bar graph, 3d bar chart, 3d chart, Statistics, Demography, Chart xy, 2d pie chart, Pie chart, Figures, Objects, Resources, Structure, Pin, Finance, Dollar, Price list, Money, Money bag, Coins, Income, Credit, Personal smartcard, Credit cards, Bank cards, Bank account, Tax, Gift, Payment, Stamp, Page signature, Bank service, Handshake, Signature, Wedding, Umbrella, Insurance, Card file, Account card, Account cards, Person details, Accounts, Product basket, Full basket, Products, Online Store, Shopping cart, Check out cart, Pallet, Package, Barrel, Barrels, Put, Put away, Pick, Transfer, Extract, Trailer, Delivery, Ambulance car, Airplane, Travel, Boss, People, User, Users, User group, Social network, Staff, Conference, Meeting, Large group, Postman, Receptionist, Secretary, Police officer, Spy, Security guard, Big brother, Soldier, Key keeper, Black list, User login, User logout, Admin, Mechanic, Chief medical officer, Computer doctor, Doctor, Physician, Hospital nurse, Event manager, Publicity agent, Logistics, Marketer, Personal loan, Unemployed, Client list, Customers, Genealogy, Skull, Somebody, Good mark, Bad mark, Hand, Chat, Battery, Energy, Electric, Tip of the day, Counter, CD-disk, Music disk, CD, DVD, Burn CD, USB drive, Mouse, Wizard, Bell, Coffee, Water drop, Retort, Certificate, Protection, Lock, Open lock, Registration, Secrecy, Access, Computer access, Keys, Key, Car key, Internet access, Login, Logout, Tag, DB, Database, Connect, Disconnect, Filter, Sorting 1-9, Sorting 9-1, Sorting A-Z, Sorting Z-A, Microsoft flag, Gauge, Red flag, Languages, USA flag, British flag, European flag, Start flag, Start flags, Weather, Heart, Favourites, Star, New, Free, Smile, Sad, Emotion icons, Closed door, Exit, Open door, House, Home, Hotel, City, Building, Buildings, Factory, Location, Position, Target, Wind rose, Navigator, Steering wheel, Compass, Map, Maps, World, Internet, Home page, Entire network, Internet Explorer, Globe, Earth, Time zone, Recycling, Petroleum industry

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Accentuate your applications using the snazziest of designs

Get your hands on some of out of this world icons produced by professionals. Considering the appropriate mix of color collaboration as well as pictorial information, all these designs have the capability to loan another advantage for a software based on MS Windows Phone 7 operating-system.

When you are developing an application on the list of most general conditions that you could possibly stumble upon is the one about obtaining the right type of visuals to bring an air of visual appeal for it. For this specific purpose you may want ideal visuals together with symbols that happen to be in sync while using the business logic in addition to the graphical user interface, which in turn because you very well recognize is hard to obtain.

It will take hours of detail work to draw plus finalise one shot, and when you may need countless such visuals the sheer time required to get the job done would be massive, so much in fact that by the time anyone finalise these and are prepared to add these, the particular app might have misplaced some if not completely of its appeal. That's the reason precisely why the best of web developers are currently checking out all these pre-developed in a position to use symbols that you could effortlessly add in the app.

Anyone can safely and securely focus on the back-end of your software package with these simple to use symbols. Accessible in the PNG data format, the dimensions of these types of icons are generally 48 by 48 pixels along with interior design which are placed in the particular center of your 26 by twenty six pixels sq. The particular snazzy method of the representation of such ensures they are pretty interactive and simple to decipher, while creating the software package convenient to use it provides end user an understanding of relaxation. Most of these symbols are particularly suitable for your MS Windows 8 operating system and WP7 are available in a pair of 823 particular images which may be, as mentioned previously, ready to be contributed to the software. The ideal characteristic will have to function as the vast degrees of shades these come in, you obtain all these wonderful symbols in up to a whopping 14 colours along with red, blue, green also, the a lot more extraordinary silver and also grey, plus the common grayscale.

Something that you need for your mobile manager is definitely on this page. In this particular set you can get symbols for just about any typical device you will probably find at your pc, such as folder, open message, hyperlink and many others., much more than all these you have access to a lot of formerly un-conceived and also unused images, say for example a turtle image or a bird symbol. One among my favourite is actually a photograph of the small front door with an arrow directed inwards that could be utilized to imply a login, and also a very similar image along with the arrow directing in an outward direction implying a logout. 823 of those basic and detailed pictures will be ready to be utilized, all you need to do is to is to buy these over here, down load and you really are ready to make use of these to your benefit. Always keeping this uncomplicated even while edging in direction of that extra amount of niftiness could be the call of your day, exactly why recommend a lusterless and complicated app whenever you can get this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 519
  • Price: $129.95

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    About Glossy Toolbar Icon Pack

    Countless applications never reached commercial success and never became winners in the competition race for a rather simple reason - developers focused on features only and totally overlooked the exterior. Negligence in respect to design and the quality of the user interface is a grave mistake that many developers still do - dooming their hits-to-be to complete oblivion. Today's market sets a high standard for the quality of application frontends, which makes design a crucial part of the development process. If your deadline is approaching too fast and you realize that you won't be able to get the design part done on a proper level, use a ready set of icons that will add a final touch to your product!

    Glossy Toolbar Icon Pack is a set of pro-level, high-quality interface icons that will fit any modern application regardless of its type. The style of this icon collection is cool, reserved and business-oriented, so you can rest assured that it will not scare off serious clients. The range of actions and items covered by this icon set is very broad and will be well sufficient for a typical toolbar of a general-purpose application: file operations, undo/redo actions, printing, lists and reports, emailing, confirmations, options and user settings, searching, working online and much, much more!

    All glossy icons come in a variety of sizes - 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20 and 16x16 - and color depths - 256 and True Color. To help you create more dynamic interfaces, the authors of Glossy Toolbar Icon Pack provided icons in three basic states - normal, disabled and highlighted. The icon collection is available in ICO, GIF, PNG and BMP formats, so you don't need to convert anything on your own!

    If you are searching for a great-looking set of toolbar icons for your brand-new of redesigned application, make sure to try Glossy Toolbar Icon Pack! A rare value for their price, they will add a refreshing final touch to your product and will greatly improve the overall user experience.