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Glossy Data Icon Pack

glossy data icon pack

Glossy Icons for Data Processing Software

If you need a great-looking set of toolbar and menu icons for your new database application, make sure to try Glossy Data Icon Pack! It is a collection of pro-level and high-quality interface icons that will suit any modern database projects.

glossy data icon pack - database, data storage, copy database, new database, add database, delete database, apply database, destroy database, find data, search data, data security, lock database, unlock database, db events, remote database, connect database, disconnect database, edit data, database configuration, repair database, backup data, restore data, backup database, restore database, database access, data server, session, dataset provider, data cube, data icon
glossy data icon pack - data mining, data gathering, data warehouse, xml data, raw data, excel, datasheet, datasheets, table, tables, nested table, sql, sql query, update sql, db, data source, data set, query results, merge tables, batch move, stored proc, run sql, etl, etl process, relations, add record, delete record, remove record, first record, last record icon
glossy data icon pack - previous record, next record, refresh table, update table, database table, previous table, next table, send table, revert table, attach table, mark table, pin table, point table, choose table, view table, find table, look table, cut table, create table, add table, table wizard, new table, edit table, correct table, save table, delete table, erase table, clear table, table eraser, check table icon
glossy data icon pack - accept table, repair table, remove table, forbidden table, table exclamation, table problem, table error, table warning, ok table, table info, about table, print table, trash table, no table, favourites table, money table, credit card table, lock table, table key, filter table, table options, table settings, system table, copyright table, calculate table, email field, letter table, table letter, phone field, phone table icon
glossy data icon pack - call table, pie chart for table, pie chart for grid, 3d diagram for table, 3d chart for table, table figures, table query, query table, table comment, table hint, table question, table meter, rss table, global table, web table, fast table, table events, table bomb, table glossary, table navigation, table objects, todo table, credit table, income table, table phone, music table, sound table, percent value, calculated field, table font icon
glossy data icon pack - table user, user table, timetable, gantt chart, gantt charts, stock table, import table, export table, flowchart builder, grid, grid 4x4, grid 3x3, grid 2x2, grid cell, index, filter, data filter, filters, find text, view, find, lookup, modify, edit, cut, save, save as, open, open folder, closed folder icon
glossy data icon pack - documents, find in folder, data synchronization, pc-web synchronization, data transmission, backup, restore, refresh backup, pc-pda synchronization, server synchronization, remote access, cd, dvd, burn cd, usb drive, sync, refresh, undo, redo, cancel, no, add, remove, plus, minus, delete, erase, clear, empty dustbin, full dustbin icon
glossy data icon pack - burn recycle bin, trash, apply, post, tick, ok, yes, check boxes, back, forward, go back, go forward, go down, go up, previous, next, down, up, first, last, bottom, top, fast back, fast forward, update, pointer, move, close, error, alerts icon
glossy data icon pack - info, help, support, about, comment, execute, go, stop, hourglass, run, turn off, terminate, abort, forbidden, warning, question, query, hint, help book, questionnaire, new file, binary data, text file, graphic file, clip, image, events, list, report, reports icon
glossy data icon pack - forms, certificate, form, task list, tasks, notes, object, object manager, copy, properties, how to, script, blank, blanks, lists, edit document, accept changes, clear document, export text, import text, refresh document, order form, prices, scroll list, signature, inventory, cards, card, card file, card index icon
glossy data icon pack - open card index, case history, account, bookmark, clipboard, paste, paste document, preview, address book, book, books, web site, mail, search, search next, search previous, user, users, user group, clients, add user, add users, add user group, remove user, remove users, remove user group, create user, create users, create user group, appointment icon
glossy data icon pack - user login, user logout, black list, locked users, key keeper, admin, event manager, user stats, security guard, police officer, customers, editor, security control, account card, photo, person, access, print, print preview, printer, laser printer, phone number, phone receiver, telephone, mobile phone, calculator, phone, monitor and phone, contact, phone and monitor icon
glossy data icon pack - phones, phone support, fax, pda, local security policy, network computer, network group, computer access, monitor, find on computer, computer, send data, upload, scanner, keyboard, dollar, sales, conversion of currency, price list, credit card, personal smartcard, bank cards, money, credit cards, pay, stock, payment, client list, barcode, barcode scanner icon
glossy data icon pack - barcode scanning, cash register, shopping cart, hand cart, product basket, delivery, download, internet, internet application, link, login form, key, access key, open lock, lock, keys, key copy, registration, secrecy, refresh key, finger print, login, logout, sign, shield, firewall, network, new, percent, mining icon
glossy data icon pack - repair, wrench, settings, pinion, configuration, tools, check options, navigator, wizard, connect, disconnect, computer network, provider, socket, network connection, handshake, hand, earth, globe, web, cloud, time, history, schedule, clock, credit, calendar, week, date and time, book of records icon
glossy data icon pack - chart xy, pie chart, 2d pie chart, 3d pie chart, graph, statistics, 3d bar chart, flow block, flowchart, objects, system, registry, pin, internet access, office, close barrier, open barrier, component, closed door, open door, exit, home, function, text, formula, sum, email, abc, letters and digits, spell checking icon
glossy data icon pack - replace, digits, number, numbers, sorting 1-9, sorting 9-1, sorting a-z, sorting z-a, inquiry, automatic, diagram, 3d chart, macro, book-keeping, tip of the day, balance, id, library, container, briefcase, product, archive, pack, unpack, box, put, extract icon

Icon images:

Database, Data storage, Copy database, New database, Add database, Delete database, Apply database, Destroy database, Find data, Search data, Data security, Lock database, Unlock database, DB events, Remote database, Connect database, Disconnect database, Edit data, Database configuration, Repair database, Backup data, Restore data, Backup database, Restore database, Database access, Data server, Session, Dataset provider, Data cube, Data, Data mining, Data gathering, Data warehouse, XML data, Raw data, Excel, Datasheet, Datasheets, Table, Tables, Nested table, SQL, SQL query, Update SQL, DB, Data source, Data set, Query results, Merge tables, Batch move, Stored proc, Run SQL, ETL, ETL process, Relations, Add record, Delete record, Remove record, First record, Last record, Previous record, Next record, Refresh table, Update table, Database table, Previous table, Next table, Send table, Revert table, Attach table, Mark table, Pin table, Point table, Choose table, View table, Find table, Look table, Cut table, Create table, Add table, Table wizard, New table, Edit table, Correct table, Save table, Delete table, Erase table, Clear table, Table eraser, Check table, Accept table, Repair table, Remove table, Forbidden table, Table exclamation, Table problem, Table error, Table warning, OK table, Table info, About table, Print table, Trash table, No table, Favourites table, Money table, Credit card table, Lock table, Table key, Filter table, Table options, Table settings, System table, Copyright table, Calculate table, Email field, Letter table, Table letter, Phone field, Phone table, Call table, Pie chart for table, Pie chart for grid, 3d diagram for table, 3d chart for table, Table figures, Table query, Query table, Table comment, Table hint, Table question, Table meter, RSS table, Global table, Web table, Fast table, Table events, Table bomb, Table glossary, Table navigation, Table objects, Todo table, Credit table, Income table, Table phone, Music table, Sound table, Percent value, Calculated field, Table font, Table user, User table, Timetable, Gantt chart, Gantt charts, Stock table, Import table, Export table, Flowchart builder, Grid, Grid 4x4, Grid 3x3, Grid 2x2, Grid cell, Index, Filter, Data filter, Filters, Find text, View, Find, Lookup, Modify, Edit, Cut, Save, Save as, Open, Open folder, Closed folder, Documents, Find in folder, Data synchronization, PC-Web synchronization, Data transmission, Backup, Restore, Refresh backup, PC-PDA synchronization, Server synchronization, Remote access, CD, DVD, Burn CD, USB drive, Sync, Refresh, Undo, Redo, Cancel, No, Add, Remove, Plus, Minus, Delete, Erase, Clear, Empty dustbin, Full dustbin, Burn recycle bin, Trash, Apply, Post, Tick, OK, Yes, Check boxes, Back, Forward, Go back, Go forward, Go down, Go up, Previous, Next, Down, Up, First, Last, Bottom, Top, Fast back, Fast forward, Update, Pointer, Move, Close, Error, Alerts, Info, Help, Support, About, Comment, Execute, Go, Stop, Hourglass, Run, Turn off, Terminate, Abort, Forbidden, Warning, Question, Query, Hint, Help book, Questionnaire, New file, Binary data, Text file, Graphic file, Clip, Image, Events, List, Report, Reports, Forms, Certificate, Form, Task list, Tasks, Notes, Object, Object manager, Copy, Properties, How to, Script, Blank, Blanks, Lists, Edit document, Accept changes, Clear Document, Export text, Import text, Refresh document, Order form, Prices, Scroll list, Signature, Inventory, Cards, Card, Card file, Card index, Open card index, Case History, Account, Bookmark, Clipboard, Paste, Paste document, Preview, Address book, Book, Books, Web site, Mail, Search, Search next, Search previous, User, Users, User group, Clients, Add user, Add users, Add user group, Remove user, Remove users, Remove user group, Create user, Create users, Create user group, Appointment, User login, User logout, Black list, Locked users, Key keeper, Admin, Event manager, User stats, Security guard, Police officer, Customers, Editor, Security control, Account card, Photo, Person, Access, Print, Print preview, Printer, Laser printer, Phone Number, Phone receiver, Telephone, Mobile phone, Calculator, Phone, Monitor and phone, Contact, Phone and monitor, Phones, Phone Support, Fax, Pda, Local security policy, Network computer, Network group, Computer access, Monitor, Find on computer, Computer, Send data, Upload, Scanner, Keyboard, Dollar, Sales, Conversion of currency, Price List, Credit card, Personal smartcard, Bank cards, Money, Credit cards, Pay, Stock, Payment, Client list, Barcode, Barcode scanner, Barcode scanning, Cash register, Shopping cart, Hand cart, Product basket, Delivery, Download, Internet, Internet Application, Link, Login form, Key, Access key, Open lock, Lock, Keys, Key copy, Registration, Secrecy, Refresh key, Finger print, Login, Logout, Sign, Shield, Firewall, Network, New, Percent, Mining, Repair, Wrench, Settings, Pinion, Configuration, Tools, Check options, Navigator, Wizard, Connect, Disconnect, Computer network, Provider, Socket, Network connection, Handshake, Hand, Earth, Globe, Web, Cloud, Time, History, Schedule, Clock, Credit, Calendar, Week, Date and time, Book of records, Chart xy, Pie chart, 2d pie chart, 3d pie chart, Graph, Statistics, 3d bar chart, Flow Block, Flowchart, Objects, System, Registry, Pin, Internet access, Office, Close barrier, Open barrier, Component, Closed door, Open door, Exit, Home, Function, Text, Formula, Sum, Email, ABC, Letters and digits, Spell checking, Replace, Digits, Number, Numbers, Sorting 1-9, Sorting 9-1, Sorting A-Z, Sorting Z-A, Inquiry, Automatic, Diagram, 3d chart, Macro, Book-keeping, Tip of the day, Balance, ID, Library, Container, Briefcase, Product, Archive, Pack, Unpack, Box, Put, Extract

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Complement your own softwares using the snazziest of icons

Get your hands on some of out of this world symbols designed by pros. While using right combination of coloration blend and pictorial information, these kinds of designs have the capability to lend any more benefit in your software package based on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 os.

While you are creating an application one of the most basic problems that you could possibly come across is that of acquiring the right type of illustrations or photos to lend an aura of overall look with it. For this purpose you might need perfect design together with designs which might be synchronized while using back-end along with the gui, that because you well realize is tough to attain.

It will take several hours of finely-detailed work to draw and also finalise one shot, when you need 100s of these types of artwork the absolute time necessary to deliver the results could be enormous, a case in point that by the time a person complete all of them and therefore are prepared to include these, the actual app would have dropped a bit of if not all of its overall appeal. That's why the best of programmers are currently embracing these kinds of pre-developed in a position to utilize designs that one could quickly integrate within the software package.

Anyone can safely concentrate on the back end on the program using these convenient designs. Available in the particular PNG format, the figures on these types of icons tend to be forty eight by forty-eight pixels along with inside images that happen to be set in the actual center of an twenty-six by twenty-six pixels sq .. The snazzy manner of the portrayal for these ensures they are incredibly fun and simple to decipher, while making the software package user-friendly and uncomplicated it gives the user a sense of coziness. These designs are particularly compatible with your own Microsoft Windows 8 main system as well as WP7 are available in a very set of 823 unique illustrations or photos which may be, as said before, ready to be added to the software. The best attribute will have to function as the vast degrees of colours they come in, you can get all of these amazing symbols in up to fourteen shades including red, blue, green and the much more uncommon silver plus grey, along with the common grayscale.

Something that you may want for the cell Phone organizer is definitely on this page. In this particular set up you'll find designs for any typical tool you may find upon the computer's desktop, for example folder, open message, link etcetera., greater than a lot of these you can find several formerly un-conceived and unused pictures, for example a turtle icon or even a bird image. Certainly one of my favourite is really a photo of an small entry with the arrow directing inwards that may be used to mean a logon, in addition to a comparable image together with the arrow pointing in an outward direction implying a logout. 823 of these easy and detailed pictures will be ready to be used, all that you should do should be to is to purchase these right here, download and install and you will be ready to work with them to your benefit. Keeping this uncomplicated while edging towards that extra little bit of niftiness may be the call of the day, exactly why recommend a boring and complex application whenever you can get it.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 507
  • Price: 129.95

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    About Glossy Data Icon Pack

    Glossy Data Icon Pack is a collection of royalty-free ready-made icons for use in various database products, including software applications, information websites and presentations.

    Stand out of the crowd by giving pretty looks to your database application! Develop one of the few databases that are not boring to look at with Glossy Data Icon Pack. Fitting the right icons is not an easy task when developing a database. Data-related applications put specific requirements on the graphics, and require icons that are not commonly available in generic sets of icons.

    These database icons have been carefully created pixel by pixel by professional designers. They shine with a bright palette of colors, smooth and good-rounded edges. These ready-made icons will help a developer to place a truly professional feel to his project's interfaces without the need to hire a designer or spend days and even weeks on designing icons on his own.

    Your web products and database software will look more modern and attractive with Glossy Data Icon Pack. Color formats include GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO file formats. Available sizes are 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48. This icon set includes database related icons: edit record, add record, delete record, login, database, user, administrator, card file, add user, remove user, binary data, backup, restore and others.

    You can download glossy icons at http://www.toolbar-icons.com/

    Toolbar-Icons.com plans to release the following icon sets also: Small Icon Library for iPAD, Sport Android Icon Library, Website iphone Iconsy, Android Development Icon Library, Android Education Icon Library, iPad Game Icon Library, iPad Music Icon Library, Building Icon Set, Internet Icon Set, School Icon Set.

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