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Glossy Business Icon Pack

glossy business icon pack

Glossy Icons for Business Developers

If you need a great-looking set of toolbar icons for your new business application, make sure to try Glossy Business Icon Pack! It is a set of pro-level and high-quality interface icons that will suit any modern business application.

glossy business icon pack - dollar, finance, bank, buy, coin, coins, credit cards, bank cards, financial insurance, market, money bag, money, payment, price list, sales, money turnover, conversion of currency, sale, pay, bundle, tax, fire damage, medical insurance, mortgage loan, piggy bank, safe, atm, 3d bar chart, 3d chart, graph icon
glossy business icon pack - 3dchart, statistics, diagram, stock, stock down, stock up, 2d pie chart, pie chart, 3d pie chart, auction, scales, barcode, barcode scanning, barcode scanner, cash register, calculator, calc stakes, abacus, card terminal, buyer bag, goods, full basket, check out cart, hand truck, shopping cart, metal shopping cart, product basket, products, loading, unloading icon
glossy business icon pack - pallet, pallet 3d, pick, put away, transfer, storehouse, warehouse, logistics, marketer, agent, appointment, client list, book-keeper, boss, clients, coffee break, conference, customers, driver, engineer, worker, event manager, expert, family, children, female, mechanic, meeting, online contacts, personal loan icon
glossy business icon pack - police officer, postman, security control, publicity agent, receptionist, secretary, security guard, social network, spy, staff, storekeeper, pirate, thief, traffic protection, unemployed, user group, admin, black list, user login, user logout, user, users, demography, audience, bank service, access, computer acces, earnings, provider, support icon
glossy business icon pack - good mark, bad mark, hand, index, handshake, working gloves, city, company, office, desk, office chair, briefcase, card index, open card index, card file, car card index, case, directory, attach, translation, fax, laser printer, print preview, print, printer, scanner, busy, call up, call, dial icon
glossy business icon pack - hangup, telephone receiver, telephone, phones, contact, phone and monitor, dialing, iphone, cellphone, mobile phone, smart phone, monitor and phone, office phone, phone, phone number, phone support, telephone directory, voip, flow block, flowchart, chart, tables, datasheet, table, gantt chart, gantt charts, period end, tear-off calendar, calendar, appointment calendar icon
glossy business icon pack - new file, text file, all reports, copy, notes, accept changes, stamp, sign, black pencil, pencil, sign document, notebook, tasks, blank, blanks, forms, book of records, book, help book, how to, case history, card, cards, cheque, certificate seal, certificate, certification, digital signature, clipboard, note icon
glossy business icon pack - new note, delete note, next note, previous note, diary, documents, envelope, final document, inventory, list, market report, newspaper, paste document, paste, personal smartcard, preview, report, reports, account, accounts, address book, email, mail, send, mailbox, compass, map, maps, global web, globe icon
glossy business icon pack - internet, world, web, www, online store, internet access, recycling, intranet, pc-web synchronization, remote access, web statistics, alarm clock, alarm, clock, date and time, desk clock, credit, income, history, schedule, stop watch, time management, time, timer, timetable, watch, scheduled, hourglass, add, remove icon
glossy business icon pack - delete, create, ok, cancel, no, stop sign, logout, turn off, location, go back, go forward, apply, down, up, update, downward pointer, pointer, back, forward, go, first, undo, redo, refresh, sync, balloon, hints, chat, about, hint icon
glossy business icon pack - help, question, query, warning, info, information, copyright, favourites, love, cut, wizard, buoy, door, exit, view, find in folder, find on computer, find, search, inquiry, category, hierarchy, open folder, open, new, free, save, home, key, keys icon
glossy business icon pack - update password, lamp, electric, protection, login, open lock, registration, lock, secrecy, insurance, shield, structure, resources, news source, sum, percent, text, units, wrench, tools, hammer, tooling, electronics, data server, database, display, monitor, my computer, computer, notebook computer icon
glossy business icon pack - keyboard, ipad, battery, trash, microsoft flag, beverage, gift, holidays, music notes, music, tv, ipod, sports, sporting goods, wedding, xxx, journey, travel, air tickets, baggage, airplane, air cargo, helicopter, transport, yacht, boat, ship, cargo ship, road, bike icon
glossy business icon pack - courier, auto insurance, automobile loan interest payment, automobile loan, car, black car, cabriolet, pickup, taxi, jeep, police car, car expenses, car crash, black bus, bus, cars, cargo, delivery, freight charges, lorry, order tracking, panel truck, shipping, tank truck, taxi-lorry, trailer, car key, car repair, fuel, hangar icon
glossy business icon pack - freight car, freight container, open barrier, toll, forklift truck, wheeled tractor, road roller, bulldozer, tow truck, crane truck, construction, crawler crane, excavator, hoisting crane, sandbag, wheelbarrow, baby carriage, instrument, driil, under construction, maintenance, helmet, medical store, medical supplies, medical, first aid, drugs, chemistry, genealogy, fruits icon
glossy business icon pack - food, advertising, banner, cd, burn cd, burn text, camera, reflex camera, camcoder, cosmetics, t-shirt, clothes, weather, umbrella, hotel, building, buildings, factory, coffee, kitchen, home technics, interior, stairs, furniture, ecology, petroleum industry, dashboard, content, closed package, package icon
glossy business icon pack - store, box, usa flag, european flag, target, curve points, skull, dustbin, smile icon

Icon images:

Dollar, Finance, Bank, Buy, Coin, Coins, Credit cards, Bank cards, Financial insurance, Market, Money bag, Money, Payment, Price List, Sales, Money turnover, Conversion of currency, Sale, Pay, Bundle, Tax, Fire damage, Medical insurance, Mortgage loan, Piggy bank, Safe, ATM, 3D bar chart, 3d chart, Graph, 3Dchart, Statistics, Diagram, Stock, Stock down, Stock up, 2D pie chart, Pie chart, 3D pie chart, Auction, Scales, Barcode, Barcode scanning, Barcode scanner, Cash register, Calculator, Calc stakes, Abacus, Card terminal, Buyer bag, Goods, Full basket, Check out cart, Hand truck, Shopping cart, Metal shopping cart, Product basket, Products, Loading, Unloading, Pallet, Pallet 3d, Pick, Put away, Transfer, Storehouse, Warehouse, Logistics, Marketer, Agent, Appointment, Client list, Book-keeper, Boss, Clients, Coffee break, Conference, Customers, Driver, Engineer, Worker, Event manager, Expert, Family, Children, Female, Mechanic, Meeting, Online contacts, Personal loan, Police officer, Postman, Security control, Publicity agent, Receptionist, Secretary, Security guard, Social Network, Spy, Staff, Storekeeper, Pirate, Thief, Traffic protection, Unemployed, User group, Admin, Black list, User login, User logout, User, Users, Demography, Audience, Bank service, Access, Computer Acces, Earnings, Provider, Support, Good mark, Bad mark, Hand, Index, Handshake, Working gloves, City, Company, Office, Desk, Office chair, Briefcase, Card index, Open card index, Card file, Car card index, Case, Directory, Attach, Translation, Fax, Laser printer, Print Preview, Print, Printer, Scanner, Busy, Call up, Call, Dial, Hangup, Telephone receiver, Telephone, Phones, Contact, Phone and monitor, Dialing, IPhone, Cellphone, Mobile Phone, Smart phone, Monitor and phone, Office phone, Phone, Phone Number, Phone Support, Telephone directory, VOIP, Flow Block, Flowchart, Chart, Tables, Datasheet, Table, Gantt chart, Gantt charts, Period end, Tear-off calendar, Calendar, Appointment calendar, New file, Text File, All reports, Copy, Notes, Accept changes, Stamp, Sign, Black pencil, Pencil, Sign document, Notebook, Tasks, Blank, Blanks, Forms, Book of records, Book, Help book, How to, Case History, Card, Cards, Cheque, Certificate seal, Certificate, Certification, Digital signature, Clipboard, Note, New note, Delete note, Next note, Previous note, Diary, Documents, Envelope, Final document, Inventory, List, Market report, Newspaper, Paste document, Paste, Personal smartcard, Preview, Report, Reports, Account, Accounts, Address book, Email, Mail, Send, Mailbox, Compass, Map, Maps, Global web, Globe, Internet, World, Web, Www, Online Store, Internet access, Recycling, Intranet, PC-Web synchronization, Remote access, Web statistics, Alarm clock, Alarm, Clock, Date and time, Desk clock, Credit, Income, History, Schedule, Stop watch, Time management, Time, Timer, Timetable, Watch, Scheduled, Hourglass, Add, Remove, Delete, Create, OK, Cancel, No, Stop sign, Logout, Turn off, Location, Go back, Go forward, Apply, Down, Up, Update, Downward pointer, Pointer, Back, Forward, Go, First, Undo, Redo, Refresh, Sync, Balloon, Hints, Chat, About, Hint, Help, Question, Query, Warning, Info, Information, Copyright, Favourites, Love, Cut, Wizard, Buoy, Door, Exit, View, Find in folder, Find on computer, Find, Search, Inquiry, Category, Hierarchy, Open folder, Open, New, Free, Save, Home, Key, Keys, Update password, Lamp, Electric, Protection, Login, Open lock, Registration, Lock, Secrecy, Insurance, Shield, Structure, Resources, News source, Sum, Percent, Text, Units, Wrench, Tools, Hammer, Tooling, Electronics, Data server, Database, Display, Monitor, My computer, Computer, Notebook computer, Keyboard, IPad, Battery, Trash, Microsoft flag, Beverage, Gift, Holidays, Music notes, Music, TV, IPod, Sports, Sporting goods, Wedding, XXX, Journey, Travel, Air tickets, Baggage, Airplane, Air cargo, Helicopter, Transport, Yacht, Boat, Ship, Cargo ship, Road, Bike, Courier, Auto insurance, Automobile loan interest payment, Automobile loan, Car, Black car, Cabriolet, Pickup, Taxi, Jeep, Police car, Car expenses, Car crash, Black bus, Bus, Cars, Cargo, Delivery, Freight charges, Lorry, Order tracking, Panel Truck, Shipping, Tank truck, Taxi-lorry, Trailer, Car key, Car repair, Fuel, Hangar, Freight car, Freight Container, Open barrier, Toll, Forklift truck, Wheeled tractor, Road roller, Bulldozer, Tow truck, Crane truck, Construction, Crawler crane, Excavator, Hoisting crane, Sandbag, Wheelbarrow, Baby carriage, Instrument, Driil, Under construction, Maintenance, Helmet, Medical Store, Medical supplies, Medical, First aid, Drugs, Chemistry, Genealogy, Fruits, Food, Advertising, Banner, CD, Burn CD, Burn Text, Camera, Reflex camera, Camcoder, Cosmetics, T-shirt, Clothes, Weather, Umbrella, Hotel, Building, Buildings, Factory, Coffee, Kitchen, Home technics, Interior, Stairs, Furniture, Ecology, Petroleum industry, Dashboard, Content, Closed package, Package, Store, Box, USA flag, European flag, Target, Curve points, Skull, Dustbin, Smile

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Complement your software packages with the snazziest of designs

Get your hands on some of super cool symbols designed by professionals. Using the appropriate combination of colour mixture in addition to pictorial information, all these designs have the capability to loan another advantage to your software package based on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 main system.

When you are styling an application one of several most typical conditions that you may stumble upon is the one about obtaining the right type of design to bring a cloak of appearance for it. For this purpose you may want ideal illustrations or photos as well as designs that happen to be synchronized while using the back end together with the interface, which in turn as you perfectly recognize is hard to achieve.

You will need hrs of detail work to sketch and complete 1 image, when you would like 100s of these kinds of design the actual utter time forced to accomplish the task will be huge, a case in point that the moment you actually finalise them and are prepared to include them, the actual software package would've shed a bit of if not all of its appeal. That's the reason the key reason why the best of website developers are now checking out all these pre-developed in a position to use symbols you could easily incorporate through the application.

Anyone can securely concentrate on the back end of the program using these convenient icons. Available in the particular PNG formatting, the size of these types of symbols are forty eight by forty eight pixels coupled with inside illustrations or photos which can be set in the centre of a twenty-six by twenty-six pixels square. The particular snazzy style of the representation of them ensures they are incredibly fun and simple to understand, whilst creating the app easy to use it provides user an understanding of ease. All these designs are especially works with your Windows 8 os as well as WP7 and are available in the group of 823 unique visuals which can be, as mentioned previously, ready to be included in the software package. The right attribute would need to function as the huge amounts of hues these come in, you obtain all of these incredible symbols in as much as fourteen colours along with red, blue, green additionally, the much more unique silver and also grey, plus the common monochrome.

Whatever you need for your mobile Phone coordinator is actually right here. In this particular set up you can find designs for virtually any normal tool you may find at the desktop, like folder, open message, hyperlink etcetera., greater than a lot of these you can find several previously un-conceived and untouched graphics, for instance a turtle symbol or maybe a bird icon. One among the best is a picture of an tiny entrance having an arrow directing inwards which may be used to suggest a sign in, in addition to a comparable graphic along with the arrow pointing outwards implying a logout. 823 of those basic and descriptive graphics are ready to be used, all you need to do is always to is to buy them right here, download and install and you really are ready to utilize those to your benefit. Keeping it easy while edging in the direction of that extra amount of niftiness is the call for the day, exactly why recommend a unexciting and complex software package when you can actually get this.

Library features

  • Image sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixels
  • File formats: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon states: normal, hot, disabled
  • Icon amount: 489
  • Price: 129.95

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    About Glossy Business Icon Pack

    Countless applications never reached commercial success and never became winners in the competition race for a rather simple reason - developers focused on features only and totally overlooked the exterior. Negligence in respect to design and the quality of the user interface is a grave mistake that many developers still do - dooming their hits-to-be to complete oblivion. Today's market sets a high standard for the quality of application frontends, which makes design a crucial part of the development process. If your deadline is approaching too fast and you realize that you won't be able to get the design part done on a proper level, use a ready set of icons that will add a final touch to your product!

    Glossy Business Icon Pack is a collection of over 400 top-quality icons that will fit any modern application. The style of this icon collection is cool, reserved and business-oriented, so you can rest assured that it will not scare off serious clients. The range of actions and items covered by this icon set is very broad and will be well sufficient for a typical toolbar of a general-purpose application: file operations, undo/redo actions, printing, lists and reports, emailing, confirmations, options and user settings, searching, working online and much, much more!

    All glossy icons come in a wide range of sizes - 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20 and 16x16 - and color depths - 256 and True Color. To help you create more dynamic interfaces, the authors of Glossy Business Icon Pack provided icons in three basic states - normal, disabled and highlighted. The icon collection is available in ICO, GIF, PNG and BMP formats, so you don't need to convert anything on your own!

    If you are searching for a great-looking set of toolbar icons for your brand-new of redesigned application, make sure to try Glossy Business Icon Pack! A rare value for their price, they will add a refreshing final touch to your product and will greatly improve the overall user experience.